Chapter 13: Set sail! We have to rely on the waves!(1 / 2)


John Wilson was so rude to Xu Chengfeng, in addition to the fact that the relationship between the two countries was not very friendly, largely because he believed that Xu Chengfeng was relying on **** luck to steal his title of "new king".

Most people believe that Xu Chengfeng was able to win the heart of the island in such a short period of time by relying on the two aborigines on the island!

It's not luck, what is it?

The first person to become the island owner and get the title of "New King" can get an intermediate-level island seed, a +100 plant growth rate bonus, an S-level occupation, and a drop of SSS-level Holy Spirit Spring.

But for the second person to become the island owner, the reward begins to shrink significantly!

John Wilson can only get five low-level island seeds, a bonus of +50 plant growth rate, only one A-level occupation template, and a drop of SS-level Holy Spirit Spring.

In addition to these substantial reductions in rewards, there are also various honors of the "new king", major consortia, and the official preferential sponsorship of the "new king"...

He's all gone!

In John Wilson's view, this year's "Rookie King" should obviously belong to him!

Xu Chengfeng didn't know that John Wilson would think so much.

He didn't want to know either.

He just replied lightly on the world chat channel: "You don't look like garbage, you look like a clogged toilet, and you keep spraying feces!"

His speech was instantly placed on top of John Wilson's speech.

The World Communication Channel suddenly boiled.

The two island owners actually tore them apart!

It feels so exciting!

Xu Chengfeng did not continue to ignore John Wilson's thoughts.

There was also a sense of urgency in him.

Once John Wilson accepts funding from the consortium and the official state of Beautiful Country, his island development will definitely advance by leaps and bounds, posing a threat to him.

Xu Chengfeng didn't want to be surpassed by this guy!

In other words, he didn't want to be surpassed by anyone during his rookie period.

Standing on the island, Xu Chengfeng looked at the gray sea in the distance and the scattered islands.

He slowly took out the intermediate island seed that the island world rewarded him.

Low-level island seeds can increase the island area by 1 square kilometer after use.

Intermediate island seeds can increase the island area by 10 square kilometers after use.

Advanced Island Seeds can increase the island area by 100 square kilometers after use.

Just when he planned to use the intermediate-level island seeds, he was suddenly stunned.

His eyes were attracted by the trees on the nearest island!

An idea suddenly occurred in his mind.

Why not just go and annex that island?

The island area increased by using island seeds is barren.

Not even a single weed.

But what Xu Chengfeng lacks the most right now, isn't it plants?

If he really farms the land honestly, he will easily be surpassed by the consortium and the island owner supported by the government.

If you want to develop independently, you must maintain an absolute lead.

He must use the full potential of the life activation technique to its fullest!

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