Chapter 10: planting! The surrounded vice-principal Bai!(1 / 2)


The oak forest on the south side of the island, Xu Chengfeng did not plan to move for the time being.

Tall trees, even ordinary plants, can provide a lot of life energy.

Xu Chengfeng's goal is still the flat land in the middle of the island and the rocky beach in the north.

Twenty-six clay figurines lined up in a row, and wherever they passed, the land rolled over.

Weeds were buried under the soil layer, and all the stones on the surface of the soil layer were removed by them.

Occasionally bumped into large rocks, they can easily toss aside.

Twenty-six clay figurines, twenty-five high-grade black iron figurines, and one clay figurine leader is a low-grade silver figurine, all these rocks can be kneaded into powder!

Xu Chengfeng felt that it only took half a day for these clay figurines to plough their island.

Efficiency is simply not too scary!

Xu Chengfeng took out the gold-level blood tree seeds.

The blood tree is an extremely precious tree species that bears **** fruits when grown up.

This blood fruit can be taken directly to strengthen the body.

Taking it for a long time can make the able person have the physical strength to compete with the gold-level monster.

Xu Chengfeng expended a little energy to directly activate the blood tree seeds, making it a low-grade black iron.

"Master, hello!"

The little life in the seed greeted.

"What kind of environment do you like?"


Xu Chengfeng buried the blood tree seed in the soil: "Is it good here?"

"It's so wet!"

"What about here?"

"feels good!"

"How deep is the burial? Is this okay?"

"A little further down!"

"Is it alright?"

"It's too deep!"

"how about this?"

"Um... this location is awesome!"

"What kind of fertilizer do you like?"

"Blood with energy!"


So Xu Chengfeng buried it ten meters away from the spring.

"You're about to sprout. When you sprout, you can move it yourself wherever you like!"

"Okay, master!"

This is why Xu Chengfeng is reluctant to hire special plant cultivation personnel.

Even a master of special plant cultivation, must be able to know what these special plants need?


They never know what special plants they want!

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