Chapter 2: Revitalize the heart of the island! Become an island owner!(1 / 2)


Every year, Blue Star's eighteen-year-old alternate island owner enters the world of Kane Island, and the top ten newcomers who become island owners will receive generous rewards from the island world.

And the first person to become the island owner is the new king!

Don't think that by becoming the official island owner, everything will be fine.

Becoming an island owner is just the beginning, and there will be even greater challenges in the future!

Every year, veteran island owners are ruthlessly eliminated by the island world.

But if you can successfully squeeze into the top ten in the world in the early stage of becoming an island owner, and get rich rewards from the island world, you can gain a great advantage in the early stage!

In the history of Blue Star, there were a total of fifty-three rookie kings.

Of these fifty-three new kings, there are still thirty-five left.

Now, they have either developed into giants on one side, or have been drawn over by major forces to become the dazzling stars of Blue Star.

If there is no awakening life activation technique, Xu Chengfeng feels that he can become the official island owner, which is God's blessing.

But now that he has the innate ability to surpass sss+, it is possible that he will become the king of newcomers!

Xu Chengfeng recovered a little physical strength, then walked back to the beach with difficulty and sat on the reef.

It was taught in the textbook that the location where he first entered the island world was the safest location on the entire island.

Without recovering his physical strength, Xu Chengfeng turned on the regional channel.

In the regional channel, there are 2,000 alternate island owners participating in the island owner qualifiers.

The current world channel is too messy, there is no need to watch it!

Dragon Kingdom Zhulong: "Do you have the ability to awaken your talent? I just awakened an F-rank strength talent!"

Long Guo Zhou Dahai: "I'm really envious, I don't have any talent or ability, but I still have to fight, I don't want to live in a slum where the sun never sees the light, anyway, even if we alternate island owners are killed, it's not true will die!"

Long Guo Tan Ying: "I'm lucky, I have awakened the B-level speed talent ability!"

Beautiful Country John News: "Longguo people, don't be complacent! I have awakened the A-level strength talent!"

Sakura Country Village: "John, you are definitely the strongest in our region, you will definitely become the island owner, and when we all become island owners, we will go to those Dragon Kingdom people to trouble, I heard that plundering other people's islands in the early stage is development. The fastest way!"

Beautiful Country John News: "Wait until you become the island owner first!"


Gaul Oder: "I don't know who will be the new king this year!"

Bangziguo An Chengxuan: "Needless to say, of course it's our Bangziguo!"


Xu Chengfeng glanced at the regional communication channel and lost interest.

The Dragon Kingdom is still targeted by many old Western countries.

Sakura Country still likes to lick their big brother, Bang Zi Country is still so arrogant!

In the early stage, after successfully becoming an island owner, plundering the resources of other island owners was indeed the fastest way to develop.

But that was after becoming the island owner.

Xu Chengfeng looked back at the island, where there were dense forests.

This satisfied him.

What he is most afraid of is that there is nothing on the island!

After becoming the official island owner, the plants on the island will become an important resource for him in the early stage.

In the woods, there is some gray mist lingering.

This is the breath of the abyss!

A very ominous atmosphere!

In the world of Kane Island, except for the island with the island owner, almost all other areas are shrouded in this breath.

Living in the range shrouded in the abyss for a long time, even intelligent creatures will gradually lose their minds, and ordinary plants will gradually wither and die.

Xu Chengfeng took out another energy bar and chewed it in a big mouth.

About ten minutes later, Xu Chengfeng suddenly sensed that the clay figurine was rapidly approaching.

Generally, the islands acquired by newcomers are at most one to two square kilometers, which is indeed not big!

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