Chapter 253: Tina's request! Venom Thirty-One!(1 / 2)


"Then why did the will of Kane's world choose Blue Star?"

Xu Chengfeng said curiously.

"It may be a last resort, there is no other better choice, or it may be that Blue Star has enough population!" Paradis said uncertainly, "The subordinate world of Kane World should have also been captured."

"You have no intention of surrendering to the abyss?"

"No!" Paradis shook his head, "I can't surrender."

"It's very personable!"

Xu Chengfeng smiled and nodded.

He still remembered how proud Paradis was when he forced Paradis to sign a master-servant contract.

Paradis, who is not afraid of death, does not look like a surrender.

"When you come back to life, can you win?"

"It may also be another death!" Paradis shrugged, "If there is no accident, I still feel that there is no chance of winning."


Xu Chengfeng couldn't help but laugh.

"But if you lose, you have to fight!"


Paradis looked at the gray sky and said as the sun began to set in the west.

"Because... the night is mine!"


The night really belongs to the goddess of the night.

In the evening, Xu Chengfeng asked the angel of tears to take the mermaid Tina over.

Tina greeted respectfully: "Sir Island Master, hello!"

Xu Chengfeng smiled and said, "I have already arrived at Xingye Dao."

"That's good!"

Tina nodded.

"You are free now!"

Xu Chengfeng announced.


Suddenly being declared free, Tina was still a little uncomfortable.

It seems that she has been a guest in the past two days.

"Can you go back to the Kerban Islands?"

Xu Chengfeng asked.

"This... a little difficult!"

Tina smiled awkwardly.

Star Leaf Island is actually a bit far from the Kerban Islands.

Even the mermaid family is very strong in the sea.

But she, who only has gold-level strength, wants to go back alone, it is still very dangerous!

There is a high probability that it will be torn to pieces by the abyss demonized beast...

Xu Chengfeng said with a smile: "If you want me, tomorrow morning, I will send a subordinate to **** you back safely."

Xu Chengfeng estimated that he may have to stay at Xingye Island for a few days.

Every member of the ordinary Venom Corps has sss-level combat talent, and it is not a problem to deal with ordinary emperor-level abyss demonized beasts.

Anyone who picks one out will be able to **** Tina back safely.

Tina hesitated for a moment, but nodded anyway: "Then thank you, Lord Island Master!"

The location of the Kerban Islands is no secret.

The island owner of Star Leaf Island knows the approximate location, and there is nothing to hide.

Moreover, Xu Chengfeng's subordinates should not be able to pose a threat to their mermaid clan.

"Right!" Xu Chengfeng asked suddenly, "What do you want?"

"What do I want?"

Tina was surprised.

"Yes!" Xu Chengfeng explained, "As my guide, you took me away from Xingye Island. I can't help but pay you, right?"

Hearing Xu Chengfeng's words, Tina was suddenly moved.

The depression of the past two days was swept away by Xu Chengfeng's small words.

"Otherwise, the island owner will give me some stewed meat from the clan?"

Tina asked tentatively.

As a "captive", she naturally did not dare to make any excessive demands.

She was afraid of accidentally angering Xu Chengfeng.

She still remembers the reason why Xu Chengfeng killed the murloc Fields.

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