Chapter 205: Treat Wentini! S-class water of life!(1 / 2)


Xu Chengfeng thought for a while and erased the word "full strength".

It means that Xu Chengfeng helped Paradis resurrect, but he did not necessarily do his best.

But Paradis must "full force" to help him develop his power, enhance his strength, and eradicate his enemies!

This change almost turned Paradis and the believers of the Evernight Church into tools in Xu Chengfeng's hands.

"This is too much!" Paradis shouted, "and I'll be yours then?"

"I can't do my best to help you develop the church and help you resurrect!" Xu Chengfeng pointed at Janna and said, "And Stia!"


Paradis looked at Stia.

"Stia is now my servant. Do you think I will do my best to help you, or will I do my best to help her?"

Paradis was silent.

With the hair on his legs, everyone knows that Xu Chengfeng is definitely more inclined to help servants who will not betray him.

The conditions she gave did not impress Xu Chengfeng at all.

To say that she is strong, it is not necessarily.

"Then we both remove 'full strength'?" Paradis raised his head and looked at Xu Chengfeng, "We will never betray each other, but every time we act, we can exchange benefits, and I will help you as much as you pay. How much are you, how are you?"

"It's not fair to me!"

Xu Chengfeng said.

"Why is it unfair?"

"Look, you are my prisoner now!"

Paradis pursed his lips and took a deep look at Xu Chengfeng: "Your dark talent is already very strong, even if you eat my divinity, it will actually increase the talent of ordinary dark magicians at most ten times. about!"

Xu Chengfeng looked at Janna.

Janna nodded: "She's right, but at the level of the master, it's not bad to be able to increase it ten times!"

Paradis: "I will find a way to help you increase the talent of ordinary dark magicians by about ten times, so that your talent in dark magic is close to thirty times, which can be written into the treaty."

Xu Chengfeng: "We need to set a time limit!"

Paradis: "Within a thousand years!"

Xu Chengfeng: "One year!"

Paradis: "A year is too short!"

"My current talent for darkness magic has only taken three months, you are a god!" Xu Chengfeng looked at Paradis and couldn't help sighing, "No wonder, the will of Kane's world wants to give up on you. "

Paradis gritted his teeth and said, "Five years, I will try my best!"

"You god, so pitiful... I promise you!"

Xu Chengfeng thought for a while, but agreed.

Five years, not too long.

Xu Chengfeng didn't want to eat it.

Kill her and waste it again.

Keeping Paradis in a fish tank takes up space.

Signed an equality agreement, at least not afraid of this stingy goddess revenge on him.

Both parties can also benefit from mutual cooperation.

Most importantly, Paradis is not like Janna.

Janna didn't dare to spy too much of Stia's memory.

But Paradis was different, she really woke up.

A rotten boat has three pounds of iron. During its heyday, the Church of the Night was also a powerful force on the mainland. Even after ten thousand years, Paradis should have mastered a lot of secrets and resources.

"Then let's sign an agreement?"

"it is good!"

Saying that, Xu Chengfeng pinched a handful of Paradis' long black hair.

"what are you doing?"

Paradis said angrily.

Xu Chengfeng: "I just want to try the feel, I don't know if I can touch it again in the future!"

Paradis' long black hair is soft and not greasy.

It's comfortable to touch and feels great in the hand!

Paradis gritted his teeth: "I can't touch it!"

"Then touch again... Janna, hold her down for me!"

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