Chapter 204: The Equal Contract of Paradis, the Goddess of the Night!(1 / 2)


"Angel of Light, go and call Janna over."

"Angel of Tears, take her out!"

"Okay, master!"

Angel of tears just took out the fish tank when Janna and Angel of Light arrived.

In the fish tank, the divinity of the Evernight Goddess is not as active as it was some time ago.

Instead, he looked at Janna and Xu Chengfeng quietly.

Xu Chengfeng sat on the sofa and said, "Jana, she seems to have something to say to me!"

Janna: "Aren't you going to eat?"

"Listen to what she wants to say first!"

Janna nodded and opened the coffin of the abyss.

The divinity of the Evernight Goddess has only king-level strength, and her strength has not recovered.

However, there were four emperor-level combat powers present.

Two angels, Janna, and Aegis.

Janna is still the goddess of the storm, so Xu Chengfeng is not particularly worried about safety issues.

The coffin of the abyss opened, and her head slowly surfaced, but she did not escape.

This makes sense.

Xu Chengfeng asked slowly: "Tear, do you have something to say to me?"


Paradis nodded.

"Tell me!"

Paradis glanced at Janna, and finally sighed and said, "Can you please not eat me?"


Paradis said: "This is the last divinity. If you eat me, I will never be resurrected!"

With Janna in 440, Paradis doesn't even have the idea of ​​lying and threatening Xu Chengfeng!

"The last divinity?"

Xu Chengfeng recalled the knowledge about Kane's world divine fire, divine nature, divine personality, clergy, and divine kingdom.

The **** of Kane's world, the most important thing is divinity.

God fire, can be ignited again.

Godhead, can be condensed again.

Priesthood, can be taken again.

The kingdom of God can be rebuilt again!

But divinity is like the human soul.

The complete loss of divinity is the same as the loss of human soul.

Even if there are still believers, even if God is reborn from the worship of believers.

The new deity is no longer the deceased deity before, but the deity in the minds of believers.

Once the final divinity of the Evernight goddess is gone.

Even if she is resurrected again, she may not be her anymore.

Moreover, in the current situation, once the goddess of the night disappears, and she wants to be resurrected, it may take tens of thousands of years.

In the past tens of thousands of years, either the continent of Kane was completely defeated by the abyss, or it is very likely that a new powerhouse will ignite the fire, condense the godhead, and seize the dark priesthood.

The emergence of a new **** will never allow the resurrection of the old god.

Paradis nodded, "Originally, I still have two divinities distributed in the Kane Continent and accepted the worship of two Evernight Churches, but now of those two beliefs, only one of them still exists, and the belief in that place is the only one left. The strength has also been greatly reduced, and my two divinities have also disappeared..."

Xu Chengfeng said in a low voice, "Maybe it was swallowed by the abyss!"

"should be!"

"Then what are your plans?"

Paradis gritted his teeth and said: "We can sign an equal contract under the will of Kane's world, you help me cultivate believers, help me restore my status, and I will help you eradicate all enemies!"

Xu Chengfeng lowered his head in thought and tapped the coffee table lightly.

The whole hall was dead silent.

Wentini held her breath.

She stood beside Xu Chengfeng in an orderly manner, daring not to make any sound.

Even the divinity of the goddess of the night, Paradis, has tension in her eyes.

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