Chapter 182: Sleep in the basement! Pirates of the abyss!(1 / 2)


With tears in her eyes, Angela looked at Xu Chengfeng's back disappearing at the gate of the castle and muttered, "He actually hit me!"

Janna, Angel of Tears, and Ice Maiden stood quietly by the side, not answering Angel's words.

Angel wiped her tears again and looked at the large tombstone.

The tombstone was engraved with her familiar name.

"That tombstone... was erected by that lord?"

Janna replied calmly: "The master said that they all performed their duties faithfully at the last moment, which is worthy of admiration!"

"Alas!" Angel sighed heavily, "Can you tell me what happened during the days when I was sleeping?"

She had to admit that Xu Chengfeng's words were very reasonable!

Although people are a little rough!

Janna nodded: "Yes!"

Taking a bottle of bronze-level strength-enhancing potion, opening the gravitational chainmail to carry the weight, Xu Chengfeng ran on the dam.

These days, the spirit of the island continues to raise the dykes.

The embankment is already two meters high, and it is as wide as a ring road.

Xu Chengfeng adjusted his breathing a little, and used the dragon blood warrior and breathing method to temper his body.

He can already clearly feel that his strength is only one step away from the bronze-level high-grade!

In the evening, the exhausted Xu Chengfeng was lying on the dam, looking at the stars in the sky, gasping for breath.

Just now, his strength finally broke through to the top grade bronze!

If it weren't for the comparison of his subordinates, he might be very satisfied with the growth rate of his own strength!

To be honest, Xu Chengfeng couldn't help but want to activate himself.

However, this is just a thought.

Activating your body parts?

He will feel uncomfortable.

At this moment, a light wind blew, and Janna stood beside Xu Chengfeng.

"How is she?"

"It seems to have been accepted!"

"How do you feel about her?"

"Not bad, not bad!" Janna said.


Janna continued to ask, "Master, is she resting in the castle today?"

"Can't you?"

Xu Chengfeng is not even moving now.

Janna: "The castle is broken like that..."

"Isn't there a basement?"

When Jana heard Xu Chengfeng's reply, she blinked.

She did not expect that Xu Chengfeng would say such a thing.

"Go to the town and bring her some quilts!" Xu Chengfeng thought for a moment and said, "Tomorrow we will send ten rock spirits to help her repair the castle, and let Chen Xinping come over to take a look and help her decorate the castle. Maybe we will need it in the future. Ask her for help."

"Okay, master!"

Seeing that Jana was leaving, Xu Chengfeng hurriedly stopped her.

"What's the matter, master?"

Xu Chengfeng lay on the embankment and stretched out his hand to Janna: "By the way, take me to the town!"

During the meal, Xu Chengfeng mentioned Angel's affairs to Chen Xinping.

Chen Xinping naturally agreed.

However, Xu Chengfeng simply told Chen Xinping that Angel was an aborigines of the island world, and she was half-human and half-spider because she was cursed.

It's not cheating, it's just a little bit of concealment.

After all, Angel's identity is quite sensitive.

It's not time to leak it out yet.

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