Chapter 128: Island World Hotel! Advocate for yourself!(2 / 2)


Talk to the tree of life, Xu Chengfeng planted it behind his stone house.

The tree of life is best planted in the middle of the island.

In this way, its natural ability can be maximized.

Glancing at the Spirit of Holy Spring who was still bullying Xiao Shuiling, Xu Chengfeng asked Wen Dini, "Aren't you learning to swim? How are you doing?"

"I haven't learned it all the time!" Wentini said in distress, "There are so many little water spirits recently, and the Holy Spring Spirit doesn't teach me to swim anymore... The people of the island owner, am I being rejected by the Holy Spring Spirit?"

The Spirit of the Holy Spring just loves the new and hates the old!

"If you are bored alone, you can go to the Temple of Storms, or go to the town to play." Xu Chengfeng said, "I may be a little busy recently."


Xu Chengfeng glanced at the leaderboard.

Today's ranking list, began to update again.

He remains at the top of the Merit and Aboriginal rankings.

But on the island area list, he has dropped to fifth place.

In front of him are Tong Mu, Wilson, Grant, and Kazuo Tang Ze!

He glanced at the World Communication Channel, and unsurprisingly, the World Communication Channel was frying again.

"What is Boss Xu doing? The area of ​​the island has changed from 64 square kilometers to 185 square kilometers?"

"It's... a slapstick operation!"

"After getting the reward for the first place, I slipped away... At the end of the next month, maybe he will jump to the first place again!"

"You can go up the leaderboard if you want, go down if you want, do whatever you want, and the operation is a bit of a show!"

"I can't learn!"

"I think Tong Mu will be so angry that he vomits blood!"

"If I don't accept anyone, I will accept Boss Xu!"

"From the moment Boss Xu won the top three rankings, he will always be my idol!"


Xu Chengfeng smiled and spoke on the World Channel:

"If you are really my fans, you can take care of my business! I only ate the demonized beast meat in my shop to be so strong!"

Recently, his demonized beast meat has been out of stock!


"Shit! Boss Xu has appeared!"

"It's still the same taste, Boss Xu is here to advertise again!"

"Boss Xu himself speaks for the demonized beast meat in his shop, and there is a smell of inferior advertising... Hahaha!"

"Then I'll take care of Boss Xu's business!"

"A tree, don't dislike idols!"

"Yes, take care of Boss Xu's business and eat the same type of demonized beast meat as Boss Xu!"


As a result, Xu Chengfeng found that the prompt sound of successful transaction continued to appear.

The various grades of demonized beast meat he had accumulated in the trading area began to disappear.

Especially the black iron-grade demonized beast meat, which is the most abundant, but the cheapest.

Many small orders are closing quickly.

It didn't take long for him to receive more than 2,000 trees...

It was so delicious!

He quickly released the trees, one by one.

Every time a hundred trees are activated, Xu Chengfeng tells them:

"Go to the island and find a place to take root!"

The tree people all nodded, their roots wriggled to their feet, and climbed down the mountain road to the distance.

Xu Chengfeng calculated that if the business continued to be so good, he might really have to expand the area of ​​the island.

By the afternoon, Xu Chengfeng had received more than 6,000 trees.

In order to activate them, almost half of the energy stored by Xu Chengfeng was consumed.

This is really... happy trouble!

Seeing that it was almost time, Xu Chengfeng left the island world and appeared in the hotel.

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