Chapter 117: Concern and encouragement from Boss Xu!(1 / 2)


Clay figurines and rock spirits are working **** the island.

Xu Chengfeng was blowing the sea breeze, bathed in the early morning sun, and was in a good mood.

He just likes it.

Opening the island world communication channel, Xu Chengfeng found that the increase in his meritorious value has alarmed those new island owners.

But Xu Chengfeng didn't feel strange at all.

Due to the intervention of Shikoku, the data of the third list of newcomers in the island world is now updated by the media in real time.

Every day there are professional analysts who analyze the speed growth of Xu Chengfeng, Wilson, Tong Mu, Grant, and Kazuo Tang Ze in the three lists.

A slight change in the data will be noticed.

"Boss Xu's Merit Value has grown so fast. Yesterday's growth rate has surpassed that of Wilson, Tong Mu, and Grant. Do you want to be so exaggerated? Better than a warship?"

"In the island world, warships do not have the upper hand. Have you ever seen warships use torpedoes and artillery to blow up fish? Boss Xu must have a lot of strong aborigines in his hands, but I don't know how many he has."

"I feel that if Wilson, Tong Mu, and Grant don't send more warships, they will want to be out like Kazuo Tang Ze on the merit list!"

"Everyone thinks so!"

"Wonderful to hear it!"

"Come on, Boss Xu!"


At the same time, Wilson, Tong Mu 14, and Grant all had serious expressions on their faces.

What analysts can notice, they certainly know.

After all, behind them are the official power and consortium elites!

Wilson asked Colonel Logan, "Can we send more ships?"

Colonel Logan shook his head: "There is no foreseeable benefit, it is impossible for a short time, many people in the parliament are against it... We also lost a warship yesterday!"

Tong Mu looked at Zhou Xianmin, and Zhou Xianmin shook his head directly: "It's impossible for the time being!"


The warships are all released to the island world, and the homeland is not defended?

A warship is not a luxury car, you can buy more if you have nothing to do, just put it in the garage and not drive it...

Right now, among the four kingdoms, Kazuo Tang Ze, who had just got up from the hospital bed with a pale face, secretly encouraged Xu Chengfeng in his heart.

He very much hopes that Xu Chengfeng can overturn the other three countries.

As long as Xu Chengfeng can stay ahead in the Merit List, surpassing Beautiful Country, Long Country, and Great Baby Country, then their Sakura Country can still save a bit of face.

After all, if Beautiful Country and Long Country both lost to Xu Chengfeng, it seems normal for them to lose!

Xu Chengfeng, who was in a good mood, spoke directly to Wilson, Tong Mu, and Grant:

Xu Chengfeng of the Dragon Country: "Tong Mu of the Dragon Country, Wei Er of the Beautiful Country, and Grant of the Great Baby Country: I just sent dozens of additional troops to hunt down the abyss demonized beasts yesterday. You must do your best."

As soon as Xu Chengfeng spoke, the entire world communication channel boiled again.

"I admire Boss Xu, and I went crazy to death. This time, even Miss Tong Mu didn't let go... Hahaha!"

"Is this Chi Guoguo's provocation?"

"It's not provocation, it's encouragement, it's concern and encouragement from Boss Xu!"

"Laughing at me... I can also prove to be an encouragement!"

"Stinky brothers, I don't feel it, use some force!"

"In terms of guts, if I refuse to accept anyone, I will accept Boss Xu!"

"The President of the Blue Star Warlord doesn't dare to imitate Boss Xu, right?"

"Absolutely not! Everyone knows who is standing behind the three of them!"


Seeing that he was named by Xu Chengfeng, Tong Mu stomped his feet angrily:

"This boss Xu is too much, why me?"

Zhou Xianming smiled and said, "It really is a young man!"

"Grandpa Zhou, how do you teach him a lesson?"

"...You work hard!"

Zhou Xianming said perfunctorily.


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