Chapter 114: don't lean on me, too close...(1 / 2)


When he was dizzy, Chang Ming didn't feel anything. When he came back to his senses, he was stopped and supported to stabilize his figure, and he realized that he had just fallen forward and couldn't control himself.

He gasped, ice and snow entered his throat, slightly relieving the scorching pain, and then he was swallowed back by the sky and covering the sky, bringing even more scalding and unbearable pain, like boiling water poured on the back of his hand, peeling off the flesh , At the same time, the body softened involuntarily, without the power to resist, and was at the mercy of others.

"You can't use spiritual power, quickly help him in!"

Yun Weisi raised his head following the sound, and a man in light blue cloth came from inside.

When his face came into sight of the two of them, Yun Weisi felt that his blood froze for a moment.

The time was short, but Chang Ming noticed it. The other party suppressed the pain and gave him a concerned look.

The man walked up to them quickly, and even reached out to help Chang Ming.

Yun Weisi subconsciously grabbed the person towards him, avoiding that hand.

The other party was taken aback, with an inexplicable expression on his face.

At this time, the shopkeeper came over to break the embarrassment of being unknown.

"Doctor Jiang is the doctor in charge of our shop, and he is a living god. He asked you to come in. You two gentlemen, come in quickly. He is right!"

Yun Weisi decided to go with the flow and wait and see what happened, he no longer resisted the other party and helped Chang Ming into the room and sat down.

The other party looked exactly the same as in memory.

Time went back more than a hundred years, and to monks, it was just a command room.

The only difference is that the majestic master of the Ten Thousand Sword Immortal Sect has become the sitting doctor in the small town.

It's not that Doctor Jiang didn't notice Yun Weisi's gaze, but he concentrated on taking Chang Ming's pulse, pondered for a while, and then raised his head.

"Old Chang, go get busy first, remember not to leave too far away from the pharmacy, it's not peaceful outside."

The shopkeeper and the clerk responded repeatedly, and it could be seen that they trusted Dr. Jiang very much.

After they left, Doctor Jiang said to Yun Weisi and the two of them: "You two are monks, I see that this fellow Taoist is not only suffering from fox poison, but also has old wounds and serious illnesses on his body. The poison has worsened and worsened. But the strange thing is that the spiritual meridian in the fellow Daoist's body is disordered, rampant, it should be difficult to walk, but now he can walk freely, obviously there are some changes that I don't know about."

Yun Weisi looked at him: "You are very similar to a monk I know."

Doctor Jiang raised his eyebrows: "Have you seen me?"

Yun Weisi: "The master of the Wanjian Immortal Sect, Jiang Li."

The other party snorted, but did not deny it: "I rarely go down the mountain, how do you recognize me, I seem to have never met a fellow Taoist."

"A few years ago, there was a relationship, and Jiang Zongzhu hurried away, and I didn't meet face to face."

Yun Weisi's words were vague and concise, but Jiang Li didn't notice the difference, so he nodded.

As the patriarch of a faction, no matter how rarely he goes down the mountain, he has been to the Qianlin Club a few times. There are lively scenes from all sects and sects. It is very common for others to see Jiang Li, but Jiang Li doesn't know each other.

"I don't know how to call the two fellow daoists?"

"Yun Weisi, he is Jiufang, my junior brother."

The other party didn't respond when they heard the two names.

"Fellow Daoist Yun, your junior brother has serious internal injuries, and with the addition of fox poison, I'm afraid it will be a little troublesome."

Yun Weisi knew about fox poison, the fox spirit fought desperately, and all the resentment was left on the three scratches on the back of Chang Ming's hand.

Foxes are good at being charming, so when the fox poison occurs, it is naturally painful. If it has not been removed, the poison will become deeper every time.

But Yun Weisi didn't know what the consequences would be if the fox poison remained in his body.

"How to detoxify the fox poison?"

Jiang Li pondered for a while, "To fight poison with poison, you need another fox with more than a hundred years of practice as a medicine, and then add ice and snow grass, and use a dragon's foot tripod to refine it. Maybe it can be interpreted."

Yun Weisi: "The Dragon Foot Cauldron of the Wanjian Immortal Sect?"

Jiang Li nodded, and said with an embarrassed smile: "It's not convenient for me to go back to the sect now, but it's okay to send a letter back and ask the disciples in the sect to lend you a dragon-foot tripod to refine the antidote for you. The elder is especially good at alchemy, you can look for him then."

He explained the antidote materials and magic weapon one by one, thoughtful and detailed, considerate and kind.

The Wanjian Immortal Sect more than a hundred years ago was originally a well-known sect. As the head teacher of the sect, Jiang Li not only did not have the slightest arrogance and aloofness, on the contrary, he was no different from the doctor sitting in an ordinary medicine shop.

Never in the past, Yun Weisi has never had a close relationship with Jiang Li, and he has no way of judging whether the other party's current behavior is normal or abnormal.

According to the established trajectory, the real Jiang Li will be taken away by his teacher Luo Mei at some point, and the real person Luo Mei will take over the identity of his disciple, walk around the rivers and lakes in the face of Jiang Li, step by step to cast a net, and eventually lead the entire world to destruction.

Now that they have returned to more than a hundred years ago, Yun Weisi originally thought that it would take some effort to get close to the mastermind behind the scenes, but he did not expect to meet Jiang Li so easily.

As long as Jiang Li is killed, nothing will happen in the future, and everything will return to the right track. Jiufang Changming doesn't need to try himself out to find out the other party's conspiracy. Jiuzhongyuan will not exist. Everyone can start again. He and Jiufang Changming , will have a different ending.

But now the question is, is this Jiang Li in front of him the real Jiang Li, or the real Luomei?

If the opponent has not been taken away by Luomei, does he know the intention of his master?

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