Chapter 113: You have no shadow.(1 / 2)


His attack was quick and ruthless, and Lao He couldn't help screaming, for fear that he would hurt his daughter, but he couldn't stop it in time, so he could only watch as Chang Ming grabbed his daughter's scalp fiercely, sinking his five fingers into it, as if to After piercing through the skull, she quickly withdrew her hand, Miss He's whole body was caught, even her flesh and belt!

The imaginable **** scene didn't happen, and there wasn't even the smell of blood rushing towards his face. Under the whole body, there was a black-gray fox squatting on the bed.

The fox's fur is not bright, but a pair of eyes are shining with golden purple light, which is very strange in the dark.

Lao He even saw it grinning at him, as if showing a smile.

He had never seen an animal smile at him, and Lao He felt cold all over his body, and he could only describe this smile as evil.

Spirit monster, lifelike spirit monster!

He has traveled all over the world, and has seen many strange things. He has also seen monks who are called gods by ordinary people perform spells, but he has never seen real monsters and ghosts.

Old He would rather he had never seen it before.

There was a dog whining at the door, a small sound, but it seemed to wake up the fox suddenly. Instead of attacking Lao He or Chang Ming, it jumped up from the bed and ran towards the window!

How could Chang Ming allow the other party to escape, Jian Guang slashed over immediately, the fox wailed, blood spattered three feet, cut off its tail to survive, its body suddenly bent in mid-air, instead of hitting the window, it rushed towards Lao He!

To be exact, it rushed towards the vase in Lao He's arms!

The huge momentum caught Old He off guard and fell back, the vase slid and fell to the ground. When it shattered, the succubus reappeared, and a black shadow enveloped the two of them. Pressing down with a grinning smile, Old He felt the cold air being sucked in, and his whole body Can't speak, can only lie on the ground and play.

From the fox jumping to Lao He's trick, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

When Lao He woke up, the door of the room was wide open, and the cold wind outside was blowing in. The sky seemed to be a little brighter, allowing a little more light in the room. He got up from the ground in a daze, and supported the bedpost. , still a little cloudy.

I saw a pool of blood on the ground, and a furry fox tail.

The dog following Chang Ming kept spinning around on the bed, but Mrs. He was nowhere to be found.

Thinking of his daughter, Lao He managed to pull himself together, and saw Chang Ming coming in from the outside, dusty, with wind in his sleeves, and immediately rushed towards him.

"Sir, have you seen Ah Ling?"

Chang Ming was silent for a moment, then shook his head.

"The succubus first ate Miss He's soul, and then the fox spirit took the opportunity to occupy her body."

Just now the fox spirit was seriously injured by him, she escaped from her body, but He Ling's soul was also swallowed up, not to mention Lao He smashed the vase, the succubus escaped, and when Chang Ming chased after them, the two spirits had disappeared without a trace. without a trace.

Lao He's lips trembled, and he read the answer from the silent expression of the other party. He couldn't believe that it was only in the past half night that he and his beloved daughter were separated by yin and yang, and heaven and man were farewell forever.

He threw himself directly on the bed, and felt a hand of black hair and soft skin in the piled quilt, which was the human skin left after the spirit killed He Ling.

Old He was almost about to collapse—if it wasn't for the acupuncture points on the back of his neck being held down by Chang Ming and the spiritual power pouring in continuously, he might have gone crazy right now.

"Calm down, think about your family members, and He Ling who died in vain, don't you want to avenge her?"

The cruel voice forcibly poured into his ears, shaking Lao He's body, his face contorted and twitched for a while, and finally he shed tears.

The He family has more than one child, He Ling, and the old He has four other sons, all of whom are grown up, except for the middle-aged daughter, who is also loved by the family. Why couldn't his wife and daughter plead, so he brought his little daughter with him. Anyway, there were many guards on the way, so she was safe and sound. We only wanted to let her see the world. How could she have expected such an accident?

He shed tears, his heart was about to break, and he was full of regrets.

"Evil spirits are haunted, and the sky is dark, so there are frequent visions in Hongluo Town. Now the wind and snow are blowing, and I can't leave even if I want to."

Chang Ming was holding the fox's tail in his hand, and was about to take Lao He outside to find his guards, when another person came in from the door.

It's Yun Weisi.

"What happened?" Yun Weisi was covered in wind and snow, and her words were chilled.

"Just now the dream demon and the fox spirit came and killed Miss He." Chang Ming sighed.

Gouzi stared at Yun Weisi for a long time, and wanted to jump off the bed, but unexpectedly the bed was still a bit high for him now, and when he jumped off, his limbs hit the ground again.

No one pays attention to the dog.

Yun Weisi's eyes swept across the dull and tearful Lao He, and finally fell on Chang Ming's hands.

"What are you holding, you are too demonic."

"It's the fox's tail. I want to see if I can use it to trace the fox's trail. How is it with you?"

"Fortunately, I also encountered a succubus. When I was about to strike, I was rescued by another group of people. Come back first to see if you are all right."

Seeing that Chang Ming was fine, Yun Weisi heaved a sigh of relief, and walked in to shake off the cold snow.

"Old He, don't be too sad. When we catch that fox spirit, we can avenge the little lady... Junior brother, why do you look at me like this?"

Chang Ming's eyes were heavy, standing in the shadows, unable to see his expression clearly, his sleeves drooped, and the fluffy tail swayed slightly in his hand.

He looked more like a ghost than the succubus just now.

Yun Weisi groaned softly in her heart, unable to figure out what she said was wrong.

But the other party didn't move, so he didn't move either, raised his eyebrows, and showed concern at Chang Ming.

"do you know?"

The person on the opposite side spoke with an inexplicable strangeness.

He raised his hand, and tapped Yun Weisi's feet with his tail.

"You have no shadow."

Yun Weisi's heart skipped a beat, why did he miss this crucial point?

Chang Ming said: "Only ghosts and spirits can have no shadows. Which one are you?"

Yun Weisi showed an innocent look: "Junior brother, I don't know what you are talking about."

As he said that, he was ready to withdraw and leave in his heart, but he found that he was locked in front, back, left, and right sides by invisible shackles. blocked.

Yun Weisi's expression changed.

But Chang Ming recognized his true face early on, it was not Yun Weisi in front of him at all, but the fake Yun Weisi transformed by the fox spirit, it went and came back, it wanted to get back its tail.

This tail must be very important to it, but unfortunately it is too impatient.

Seeing that he couldn't hide it from him, "Yun Weisi" screamed twice, his body quickly shrunk into a ball in the darkness, and threw himself at Chang Ming!

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