Chapter 103: Chang Ming couldn't help but come up with a bizarre and terrifying idea.(2 / 2)


But Chun Chaojian couldn't speak.

Yun Weisi's footsteps slowed down.

He heard voices coming from ahead.

They are two disciples of Wanjian Xianzong.

"Senior brother, why are there so many people missing in our door? It's empty, and I haven't seen anyone after walking for a long time. I'm not used to it!"

"They were sent out one after another. A few days ago, I went to the outer door to look for Elder Liu, only to find that Elder Liu had also been transferred."

"Senior brother, I always feel a little strange recently. You said that I have learned astrology since I was a child. Although I can't be called a master, I know a little bit. Today, there are frequent visions coming from the direction of Wanshen Mountain. Is there going to be a war in this world? Is Luo country fighting You country, or You country is fighting Luo country? My family is still in Luo country!"

"It's a trivial matter to fight a war. I heard that Wanlian Buddha Land is gone!"


"Keep your voice down!" The elder disciple seemed to be in a hurry to cover his junior brother's mouth, and lowered his voice to warn. "The news just came. The suzerain summoned our master. After the master came back, he told the elder brother. I just listened to it."

"Woo... I see, you let go and almost smothered me to death! What happened to Wanlian Buddha Land?"

"I don't know. I heard that two days ago at the Shangyuan Fa Conference, thousands of ghosts suddenly appeared in Youdu and massacred the city. The land of Wanlian Buddha was destroyed, and even the emperor of Youguo died. Now Youguo is in turmoil, and the dragons have no leader. It may be an excuse to send the master south, and the master also said that there is a vision in the sky today, and there may be a big change in the direction of Wanshen Mountain, and I don’t know if it will affect us."

"Probably not, it's still far away from Wanshen Mountain, no matter how the sky falls, there's still a tall one to hold it up!"

"Okay, okay, don't talk nonsense, if we don't finish patrolling the back mountain tonight, we don't even want to rest!"

The two walked and chatted, gradually drifting away, and their figures quickly disappeared behind the vegetation.

They are all low-level disciples in the sect, and they don't have enough cultivation base to learn high-level spells. Yun Weisi doesn't even need to hide himself deliberately, and he won't be noticed by the other party.

Yun Weisi stopped in her tracks.

He felt a movement of his divine sense, and Chun Chaojian suddenly disobeyed and came out of his body, hanging in front of him, glowing slightly, as if trying to stop him.

Yun Weisi recited the formula silently, but the sword seemed to have never been heard, and refused to go back.

At this moment, another voice sounded.

"Friend Daoist Yun, you are here."

Xuanming Tianyin directly reached the Lingtai.

Not only Yun Weisi, but Chang Ming also heard it.

He only felt Chun Chaojian tremble slightly because of this.

The other party's cultivation base is by no means inferior to him and Yun Weisi.

"You and I haven't seen each other for many years, and Jiang misses him very much, so he invited Fellow Daoist Yun to go up the mountain to reminisce about the past."

In the tone of voice, he was calm and relaxed, as if he and Yun Weisi were happy to reunite after a long absence.

Chang Ming even heard a hint of confidence in Zhizhu's grasp from it.

He suddenly felt that he was so close to the truth that he could reveal it immediately, but he didn't want to do it right away.

Yun Wei's thoughts must also be able to detect the turbulent undercurrent hidden under this peace.

But since the other party will speak, it means that Yun Weisi has no way out.

He can only keep going.

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