Chapter 102: That's me!(1 / 2)


Sun Buku stopped, and looked back at her with a subtle and strange expression.

"If I'm not mistaken, Fellow Daoist Xu is also a grand master. There are certainly many tyrannical masters in this world, but most of the Wanlian Buddha Land has been destroyed right now, and there are almost no monks who can fight. It is impossible for anyone to do it out of thin air Come out, as far as your ability is concerned, there is no problem."

Xu Jingxian probably doesn't remember, back then when she was fighting with a man, the other party wanted to use the poison against the Demon Sect to force her to disarm and surrender, but she found out that Xu Jingxian didn't kill the man directly, but left the other party alone. Shengsheng tortured people to the point of death, ran naked to the door of the prostitute in the city, slapped himself, collapsed and cried out of human appearance, at that time, Sun Buku watched the whole process.

She actually calls herself a weak woman like this?

Xu Jingxian wasn't embarrassed at all, on the contrary, she became more and more pitiful, and even rolled up her sleeves to show Sun Buku the scars on her arms.

"My magic weapon is gone, and now I am bare-handed, and I have suffered such a serious injury. If there is an enemy coming, I am afraid that I will be able to beat the slave family with one punch. If the slave family is gone, then there is really someone who can fight here." It's gone, Senior Jiufang, ah no, Master will be implicated too!"

Sun Buku: "Then what do you want?"

Xu Jingxian smiled sweetly and said affectionately: "Senior Brother Sun, as the head of the Qingyun Temple, must have countless magic weapons and weapons on his body, as long as one is left for the younger sister, since the younger sister has a weapon by her side, Senior Brother Sun can go find it at ease." Master, my little sister will die with all her might, and she will never suffer any damage to her jade body!"

She hit the snake with the stick, but she called her master and senior brother one by one. What she didn't know was that Jiufang Changming had an illegitimate daughter in the Demon Sect.

Just as Sun Buku was about to speak, he saw dark clouds churning in the sky. It was supposed to be dawn and the sun was rising, but a strange red color emerged from behind the clouds, showing an unusual sign.

He flew up to the roof, condescendingly looking down at the end of the horizon as the redness became thicker and thicker, leaking from behind the dark clouds, overflowing and smudged, **** and monstrous, as if someone was injured and bleeding, and the blood was splashed into the sky, which lasted for a long time.

Sun Buku lowered his head and thought for a moment, as if thinking of something, his face became more and more ugly.

Xu Jingxian has practiced for many years, and has never seen such a scene, so she couldn't help but stare dumbfounded.

"what is that?"

"The gap has been opened."

"What gap?"

"Three broken suns, plus the astrology of the sun and the moon penetrating the sky wolf, corresponding to the Liuhe candle sky formation, its momentum has been completed."

Xu Jingxian had also heard Chang Ming mention the Liuhe Candle Sky Formation before, but she always felt that it was still far away from her, and she thought it would be more practical to get a shark silk or some powerful magic weapon until the news of Zhou Ke's death came. In front of her eyes, she suddenly felt an imminent crisis. The mountain and the rain were about to come and the wind filled the building. There was a cloud hanging over everyone's heads. There might be a storm at any time, and she would get wet. She could no longer convince herself that she could Stay out of the way and stay in a corner.

"But I remember Senior Jiufang... Master said that in the new Liuhe Candle Sky Formation, the Wanlian Buddha Land should be one of them. Now that the Wanlian Buddha Land has been destroyed, the formation must have failed. How could it be?"

"No." Sun Buku shook his head, his expression unprecedentedly dignified. Over the years, in order to track down the glazed golden bead stick and the sad tree, he had traveled to many places alone, and also discovered many previously unknown secrets. The guess is similar to that of Jiufang Changming. He believes that the people hidden behind the scenes will disperse the Liuhe Candle Sky Formation into six places in the world. The huge energy consumed by the support formation.

Since Wanlian Buddha Land uses ghosts as spirits to nourish its own body, it will inevitably refine the most needed soul-gathering beads in Liuhe Zhutian Formation. The destruction of the land made Sun Buku a little puzzled. Why did the people behind the scenes remain calm and didn't show up when such a big change happened?

After much deliberation, there is only one answer, and that is that the existence of Wanlian Buddha Land is just a cover. Although Chunchi knows too much and wholeheartedly implements the plan to destroy the world, he is not the one who can really call the shots. Wanlian The Buddha land is not a corner of the formation at all, it doesn't even matter, it is just to divert Sun Buku's attention, delay time, and finally let the formation be successfully launched there.

Shesheng Peak, Jiuchongyuan, Wanxiang Palace, Huangquan, Jianxuezong, Liuhe Queyi, since it is not Luodu, nor Wanlian Buddha Land, where could it be?

No matter where it is, the formation has been activated, and the gap in Wanshen Mountain has also been opened. This world has finally come to this point.

"I'll take a step first, you stay here and don't leave even half a step!"

He flipped out his glazed golden bead stick and threw it at Xu Jingxian. After the latter subconsciously caught it, he watched Sun Buku turn around and form seals with his hands, and then disappeared in front of his eyes.

Xu Jingxian: ...

She looked at the Zen stick in her hand, and wondered if the surname Sun was planning to save herself into Buddhism? I'm afraid she won't even think about it in this life. Even if she becomes a demon, she will never become a nun.

Although the glazed golden bead stick is rare and precious, it is completely incompatible with her cultivation methods, and it will naturally be incompatible with the magic method. Xu Jingxian really can't imagine the scene of waving the Zen stick to meet the enemy.

The blood in the sky became more and more intense, almost turning the Zen stick in her hand red, she looked up for a while, and suddenly frowned.

The sky under the red light, that direction, is—

Wanshen Mountain?

Jiufang Changming discovered that his remnant soul had left his body and was attached to the Chunchao Sword when Yun Weisi was at the foot of Wanjian Xianzong Mountain.

After "killing" Changming, Yun Weisi followed the haunting voice in his mind and rushed towards Wanjian Xianzong.

He let the demonic heart wander freely in his body, and always sealed his true heart in the depths of the altar, but this sobriety was only short-lived. As the voice that wanted to dominate his mind became louder and louder, he even began to appear bloodthirsty. The desire, when passing by a village, almost couldn't help but massacre the village.

I am more and more eager to smell the breath of blood, especially killing the living beings with my own hands, seeing them begging for mercy and crying in front of my eyes, thinking about this, I feel an uncontrollable pleasure in my heart—Yun Weisi knows that these thoughts are all It was the birth of the devil's heart, but he didn't know how long he could control it, and he might lose control at any time and start killing.

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