Chapter 4: Someone is screaming!(1 / 2)


"not yet eat?"

Chang Ming looked at the baked sweet potato in his hand.

I don't know how long the sweet potatoes have been stored, and they are not very fresh at first glance.

The boy didn't make a sound, and retracted his hands behind his back.

Chang Ming took out a plate of fresh bamboo shoots and fish fillets from the stove, scooped up some leftover rice, and put it on the table.

The food is cold, and if you want to eat something warm, you have to add more firewood to light the fire, Chang Ming is too lazy to do it.

Those who want to embark on the road of cultivation, who has not gone through hardships and obstacles, besides, it is better to eat leftovers than baked sweet potatoes that have been stored for an unknown amount of time.

As expected, the young man stared straight at the food, stuffed the roasted sweet potato into his arms, and threw himself on the table, not even using the chopsticks, and started to gobble it up. He didn't know how long he had been hungry.

When he finished eating and raised his head, he realized that Chang Ming was gone.

The young man wiped his mouth with his sleeve, hesitated for a moment, got up and washed the dishes and chopsticks, opened the door to leave, but couldn't help standing still.

Under the moonlight, two paper figurines were taking turns chopping and collecting firewood, their movements were extremely agile, and the other was squatting on the ground with his back to him, peeling peanuts.

And Chang Ming, who was supposed to be working, sat on the reclining chair by the table, drinking tea and looking at the moon, lazily and carefree.

The teenager was dumbfounded.

He also heard that a newcomer came to Chef He's side. He is diligent and able to do all kinds of work, and he is fast and good. work method.

Whoever changes this can be fast and good!

"What's your name?"

Chang Ming suddenly spoke, and brought back the boy's fascination with staring at the puppet villain.

The boy whispered: "Xiaoyun."

Chang Ming: "Which cloud?"

Boy: "Clouds in the blue sky and white clouds."

Not only do they look exactly alike, but even their names have a cloud in them.

Chang Ming really wanted to suspect that this man was the illegitimate son of his unworthy gangster.

"Who are your parents? Your father's surname is Yun?"

Boy: "My parents are hunters in the mountains, they are both dead, and the housekeeper is my distant cousin. Seeing how pitiful I am, let me come in and do some chores."

Chang Ming frowned: "Then have you heard of the name Yun Weisi?"

The young man shook his head without hesitation, not seeming to be fake.

He stood with his hands tied for a long time, and seeing that Chang Ming hadn't made a sound, he couldn't help but look at him quietly. He felt that no matter what kind of expression he made, even if he raised his forehead in thought and kept silent, he was more beautiful than anyone he had ever seen.

But the young man didn't dare to stay for too long, for fear of arousing the other party's disgust, he hesitated for a while, and couldn't help but speak in a low voice.

"If senior has nothing to say, I'll go back first. Many, thank you for helping me today..."

"Where do you live?" Chang Ming came back to his senses.

"It's just halfway up the back mountain."

It's not far away.

Chang Ming: "I remember there is a forest halfway up the mountain, and there are some delicious mushrooms in it."

Boy: "There are some. You have to get up early to pick them. There is a morning dew mushroom that only appears before sunrise and disappears after sunrise."

Chang Ming: "I did hear from Lao He that morning dew mushrooms are hard to pick but delicious. It's getting late, so go and rest."

The boy left in response.

He walked a long way and couldn't help looking back again.

Through the leaves, the other party's figure under the moonlight was already somewhat blurred, but it seemed to be clearly imprinted in his eyes.

The young man didn't know why he couldn't forget Chang Ming so much.

Maybe it's a long-lost reunion somewhere.

Or the glass phantom that lingers in the dream.

Tonight was destined to be an adventure in his barren life.

Early the next morning, as soon as Chang Ming opened the door, he saw a basket full of morning dew mushrooms on the table in the yard.

The dew on the surface of the mushroom umbrella has not dispersed, and the grass and trees are fragrant, which shows that it has not been long since it was picked.

There is only one person who will send this basket of mushrooms.

There was no one outside the yard, so it could be seen that the other party had no intention of staying to ask for credit.

With a snap of his fingers, Chang Ming directed the two puppet paper figures to stay and clean up the house, while he carried the basket to Chef He.

This kind of mushroom is common but hard to pick. Chef He thought about using it for cooking several times, and he was very happy to see this basket.

As for the two puppets, as long as someone gets a little closer, the puppets will automatically return to their original shape without being noticed.

This kind of art of controlling objects and transforming forms is difficult to say, but there are not many people in the world who really master the tricks, and all of them are mountain masters who founded sects. Unless they have seen it with their own eyes like Xiaoyun, no one will be able to guess such a brilliant technique. The shape of the imperial object came from the hands of a helper.

After going to Chef He's place, I learned an important piece of news that made Qixianmen panic -

Seeing that Xu Jingxian, the leader of Lingbo Peak under the blood suzerain, was ordered by the suzerain to come to congratulate Liu Xiaoyu on her wedding, and asked Qixianmen for a person by the way.

"We are a small family, who are they looking up to?"

When Chang Ming arrived, he heard Chef He asking someone else.

"I heard that what they want is Uncle Liu!"

The other party lowered his voice, but he didn't notice that Chang Ming was beside him.

Chef He jumped up immediately.

"What? Our Qixian Sect has finally produced a talented person, and they still dare to take Liu Shishu's idea?! What does it mean to want Liu Shishu?"

"Are you really stupid or fake stupid? Seeing that the blood suzerain, the demon head, men and women, who are not jealous of meat and vegetables, who was wanted by him in the past, which one came back? Either they were used as a furnace and practiced to ashes, or they became his seat." I'm a spoiled pet! What can we do with Uncle Liu if we go?"

"Then, Uncle Liu is the best choice for the next head! Also, he is about to get married, so why... Seeing the Blood Sect Master is really inhumane?!"

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