Chapter 7 (END) - Epilogue(1 / 2)



Three months later.

November, deep into autumn.

After passing through rows of Ginkgos that had been dyed golden, Ao stopped his bicycle before the cafe in the alley and opened the door.

Hiyuki who was writing at the table besides the wall lift her head and smiled.

Sorry, the committee meeting got extended, did you wait long? Not at all.

Hiyuki shook her head lightly. She was writing a new work that would be submitted in December.

After school, he will meet Hiyuki in this cafe to chat about light novels, and discuss the work she had written so far. They will go to places like cinemas or Planetarium occasionally too.

Their classmates refer to Hiyuki as Aos girlfriend, and Ao as Hiyukis boyfriend.

Neither of them denied it.

The selection result for the entry you submitted in summer has been published on the web.

Ao sat opposite Hiyuki and said cheerfully, Hiyuki showed a delightful face too.

Yes, I saw it too.

She answered.

Watching her sparkling expression that was full of happiness, Ao returned the smile too.

Congratulations on passing the first stage of selection.

After word

Hello everyone, I am Mizuki Nomura. As the title implies, Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl: Watched over by the gentle sky, the story of the bashful ocean the main character of the story is a high school boy working as a manuscript screener.

When I worked as a screener for the first time, I was moved just like Ao was, amazed that there was such an extravagant job of making money just by reading novels! Making a living by reading manuscripts was such a wonderful thing, so I told the editor I knew:

Please give the manuscript screening job to me! I love reading! Its fine even if there are dozens! And of course, I will keep strictly to the deadline!

I asked the editor, and took on screening jobs for ten serialization, and sent more than thirty prize winners to the second stage of selection.

Some serialization reject my screener application because I am a professional writer, but the most manuscripts I had screen was 200 in one month.

Buried in manuscripts, I felt excited thinking about which one I should screen next. I had fun reading it too, I feel so fortunate to have this job.

Even though I felt happy reading them, I am not good at writing the evaluation sheets, and spent a lot of time thinking about what to write, mulling over it in front of the computer.

Submitters werent given evaluation sheets in the past, the trend started recently and was adopted by many serialization. With this change, the number of manuscripts I screen also decreases. If I dont need to write evaluation sheets, I will want to read more manuscripts.

How about being the judge for the final round of selection? Although I was invited to do that, but it was too much to ask of me!

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