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[MT]Warhammer InquisitorAt the end of the dark 40,000 years, the enemies in the Milky Way launched their final offensive. When the end of the Era comes, the eternal war will come to an end. The human empire has now reached i...
[MT]Warhammer Inquisitor is a Sci-fi manga created by VITERI,read the latest chapters of [MT]Warhammer Inquisitor online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 531: Lion Rising: Blood and Fire

Update:2022-12-30 08:11:22

《[MT]Warhammer Inquisitor》Latest chapter

Chapter 531: Lion Rising: Blood and Fire
Chapter 530: Rise of the Lion: Here Is the Title (Loyalty)
Chapter 529: The Lion Rising: Loyalty Title (Confirmed)
Chapter 528: Rise of the Lion King: Title, What Title (Skin)
Chapter 527: Rise of the Lion: No More, No Less
Chapter 526: The Lion Rises: First Trouble
Chapter 525: Rise of the Lion King: Law-abiding
Chapter 524: Rise of the Lion: Trackers on the Skyblades
Chapter 523: Rise of the Lion King: A New Route
Chapter 522: Rise of the Lion King: Preface
Chapter 521: Rising from the Ashes: Nirvana from the Ashes
Chapter 520: Rising from the Ashes: Medical Work
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《[MT]Warhammer Inquisitor》all chapters

Chapter 1: prelude
Chapter 2: Imperial Frontiers:
Chapter 3: Frontiers of Empire: Blackwatch
Chapter 4: Frontiers of Empire: Thunderhawk Gunship
Chapter 5: Frontiers of Empire: The First Question
Chapter 6: Imperial Frontier: Imperial Space Station
Chapter 7: Imperial Frontier: Helping People
Chapter 8: Frontiers of Empire: Intelligence and Trust
Chapter 9: Imperial Frontiers: Reclaiming Property
Chapter 10: Frontiers of Empire: A New Lead
Chapter 11: Imperial Frontier: Shuttle
Chapter 12: Frontiers of Empire: Hive Victoria
Chapter 13: Frontiers of Empire: Voice of the Emperor
Chapter 14: Frontiers of Empire: Faith of the Emperor
Chapter 15: Frontiers of Empire: Intelligence, Opportunity
Chapter 16: Frontiers of Empire: The Underhive Wars
Chapter 17: Frontiers of the Empire: The Order of the Lower Hive
Chapter 18: Frontiers of Empire: Compensation and Benefits
Chapter 19: Imperial Frontier: Express Freighter
Chapter 20: Frontiers of Empire: A Debate of Faith
Chapter 21: Frontiers of Empire: Planning Begins
Chapter 22: Frontiers of Empire: Closer to the Truth
Chapter 23: Frontiers of Empire: Gift of the Mechanicum
Chapter 24: Frontiers of Empire: Shadows Come
Chapter 25: Frontiers of Empire: Undercover vs. Undercover
Chapter 26: Frontiers of Empire: Glory and Home
Chapter 27: Imperial Frontier: Deathstrike
Chapter 28: Frontiers of Empire: The Crimson Secret
Chapter 29: Imperial Frontier: Another World
Chapter 30: Imperial Frontiers: Governor
Chapter 31: Imperial Frontier: Midnight Dating
Chapter 32: Imperial Frontiers: Allies of the Empire
Chapter 33: Frontiers of Empire: Old-fashioned drama
Chapter 34: Imperial Frontiers: Association
Chapter 35: Frontiers of Empire: The Gathering of Desecration
Chapter 36: Frontiers of Empire: Tyranid Behemoths
Chapter 37: Frontiers of Empire: To Live! live!
Chapter 38: Frontiers of Empire: Anthem of Loyalty
Chapter 39: Frontiers of Empire: Before Destruction
Chapter 40: Frontiers of Empire: Past Glory
Chapter 41: Frontiers of Empire: Champions of the Emperor
Chapter 42: Frontiers of Empire: Battle for the Tyranids
Chapter 43: Frontiers of Empire: Brothers Together
Chapter 44: Frontiers of Empire: Dire Situation
Chapter 45: Frontiers of Empire: Courage
Chapter 46: Frontiers of Empire: Hunter and Prey in Section 44
Chapter 47: Frontiers of Empire: The End Is Near
Chapter 48: Frontiers of Empire: Help from the "Gods"
Chapter 49: Frontiers of Empire: Hour of Redemption
Chapter 50: Frontiers of Empire: Gang Warfare
Chapter 51: Frontiers of Empire: Sea of ​​Bugs
Chapter 52: Frontiers of Empire: The End Has Begun
Chapter 53: The Last Era: Dream of the Star Sea
Chapter 54: works say
Chapter 55: The Last Age: The Prophet's Prophecy
Chapter 56: End of Ages: Great People
Chapter 57: The Last Era: The Priest
Chapter 58: End of Ages: Execution Weapons
Chapter 59: End of Age: Ready to Attack
Chapter 60: The Last Era: Through the Sea of ​​Fire
Chapter 61: The Last Era: Reaching the Ground
Chapter 62: The Last Era: Inside the Tomb
Chapter 63: The Last Era: The Endless. Traasin
Chapter 64: End of Ages: Land of the Tombs
Chapter 65: End Yan Era: Escape
Chapter 66: Last Age: Into the Storm
Chapter 67: End Age: Memory
Chapter 68: Last Age: The Realm of Slaanesh
Chapter 69: The Last Era: God
Chapter 70: The Last Era: Pre-Battle Briefing
Chapter 71: Last Age: World of Shrines
Chapter 72: End of Ages: Battle Sisters
Chapter 73: Last Age: Planetary Infection
Chapter 74: End of Ages: Continuation of the Ancient War
Chapter 75: The Last Era: The Battle of Slaying Demons
Chapter 76: Last Age: Warmaster
Chapter 77: Last Age: Warmaster - Abaddon
Chapter 78: End Age: Sail To Hell
Chapter 79: The Last Era: The Uninvited Guest
Chapter 80: The Last Era: The Eldar
Chapter 81: Last Age: The Ark
Chapter 82: The Last Era: Parliamentary Inquiries
Chapter 83: The Last Era: Visiting Prison
Chapter 84: The Last Age: Prophecies and Decisions
Chapter 85: End of Ages: Call for Help
Chapter 86: End Age: Plan B
Chapter 87: The Last Age: Vito and Iyana
Chapter 88: Last Age: Victory Escape
Chapter 89: The Last Era: After One Night
Chapter 90: End Yan Era: Misfortune Comes from Heaven
Chapter 91: End of Ages: Sisters' Rivalry
Chapter 92: End of Ages: Visitors of Faith
Chapter 93: The Last Era: The Living Saint
Chapter 94: The Last Age: Sons of Dorne
Chapter 95: The Last Era: The Last Line of Defense
Chapter 96: End Yan Era: Battle of the Mountain Array (Part 1)
Chapter 97: The Last Era: The Battle of the Mountain Array (Part 2)
Chapter 98: The Last Era: The Battle of the Mountain Array (Part 2)
Chapter 99: Last Age: To Cadia
Chapter 100: End Yan Era: Destruction
Chapter 101: Last Age: The Law of Darkness
Chapter 102: Last Era: Fangs of Firemane
Chapter 103: End Yan Era: Actions That Never Return
Chapter 104: Last Age: The Calm Before the Assault
Chapter 105: End Age: Astartes Mission
Chapter 106: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (1)
Chapter 107: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (2)
Chapter 108: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (3)
Chapter 109: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (4)
Chapter 110: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (5) The Last Defense
Chapter 111: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (6) The Great Sacrifice
Chapter 112: End Yan Era: Blackstone Fortress (7)
Chapter 113: The Last Era: Blackstone Fortress (8) Farewell
Chapter 114: The Last Era: Memories of the Old Times
Chapter 115: End of Age: Wasteland World
Chapter 116: Last Age: The Mysterious Army
Chapter 117: End of Ages: His Invitation
Chapter 118: End of Age: Scourge in the Desert
Chapter 119: End Yan Era: Desert Tribes
Chapter 120: The End of Yan Era: On How to Go From Digging the Ground to Shocking the Whole Village
Chapter 121: End of Ages: Preparing for Retirement
Chapter 122: Last Age: Hunting Party
Chapter 123: Last Age: Iron Dragon
Chapter 124: The Last Era: Preparations
Chapter 125: The Last Era: Railway Guerrillas
Chapter 126: The Last Era: The Battle of the Dragon Slayer
Chapter 127: The Last Era: Old Owners, New Businesses
Chapter 128: The Last Era: Lost Again
Chapter 129: The Last Era: The End of a Story, and the Expedition
Chapter 130: The Last Era: The Last Shadow Moon Wolf
Chapter 131: Last Age: Feudal Planet
Chapter 132: Last Age: Knights of War
Chapter 133: The End of the Era: Visitors from Outer Space
Chapter 134: The Last Era: The Emperor's Envoy
Chapter 135: The Last Era: Divine Grace
Chapter 136: Last Age: Knight Lords
Chapter 137: The End Age: Digging Skills of the Mechanicum
Chapter 138: The Last Era: The Path of the Knights
Chapter 139: Last Age: Resting Place of the Loyal
Chapter 140: Last Age: Where the Ravens Belong
Chapter 141: Last Age: City of Faith
Chapter 142: The Last Era: Everyday Life in the Age of Expeditions
Chapter 143: Last Age: Expedition Contest Winners
Chapter 144: End of Ages: Autumn of Hope
Chapter 145: End of Ages: Death of Hope
Chapter 146: Last Age: Tomb of Angels
Chapter 147: End of Ages: Friends
Chapter 148: End Yan Era: Inheritance and Protection
Chapter 149: Last Age: Set Sail
Chapter 150: Ruinstorm: Autumn of Cadia
Chapter 151: Storm of Destruction: Belisarius Kaur's Quest
: Supplementary information: Vito's relationship with the state religion of the Empire and history
Chapter 152: Ruinstorm: Champions of the Emperor
Chapter 153: Ruinstorm: Choice of Mission
Chapter 154: Ruinstorm: Bloodlands
Chapter 155: Ruinstorm: Warmaster Abaddon
Chapter 156: Ruinstorm: Emperor's Custodian
Chapter 157: Ruinstorm: The failure of the Warmaster, cannot be accepted
Chapter 158: Ruinstorm: An Elegy of Loyalty, the curtain is about to fall
Chapter 159: Ruinstorm: An Excruciating Evacuation
Chapter 160: Ruinstorm: The War Is Not Over
Chapter 161: Ruinstorm: Journey through the Warp
Chapter 162: Ruinstorm: Lower Deck
: Supplementary information: Vito's biography (1)
Chapter 163: Ruinstorm: The Galaxy and Her Fate
Chapter 164: Ruinstorm: Navigator's Sanctuary
Chapter 165: Ruinstorm: Travel to Demon World
Chapter 166: Ruinstorm: Demon's City Daily
Chapter 167: Ruinstorm: Strange Champion of the Blood God
: Reporting Conference
Chapter 168: Ruinstorm: Mistress of the Pleasures
Chapter 169: Ruinstorm: Vito's Daughter
: Supplementary information: The relationship between Lilith and Slaanesh, what is she?
Chapter 170: Doomstorm: Parent-child activities for the whole family
Chapter 171: Ruinstorm: Tzeentch's Sanctuary
Chapter 172: Ruinstorm: Tournament of Champions of Khorne
Chapter 173: Ruinstorm: I still have teeth!
: Extra Story: Investigation of Judge Phillips - Chapter of Ragnar
Chapter 174: Son of Russ (1)
Chapter 175: Son of Russ (2)
Chapter 176: Son of Destruction Storm Russ (3) Morkai's Practice
Chapter 177: Ruinstorm: Son of Russ (4)
Chapter 178: Ruinstorm: Sons of Russ, Birth of the Wolf Lord (
Chapter 179: Storm of Destruction: Cooperation with Tzeentch Followers (Mutual Pit
Chapter 180: Ruinstorm: The Bizarre Adventure of the Chimera
Chapter 181: Ruinstorm: Warriors and Blood
Chapter 182: Ruinstorm: "Blast" (physically) the courier
Chapter 183: Ruinstorm: Temple of Mystery
Chapter 184: Ruinstorm: The Death of Hope and the Last Word
Chapter 185: Ruinstorm: Lord of Change
Chapter 186: Ruinstorm: The Book of Vitor
Chapter 187: Ruinstorm: Return of the Marshal
Chapter 188: Ruinstorm: Heresy and Truth
Chapter 189: Ruinstorm: The Marshal's Tale
Chapter 190: Doomstorm: The Fortieth Palm Tzeentch's Surprise
Chapter 191: Ruinstorm: Escape from Heaven and New Destinations
Chapter 192: Ruinstorm: Forty Two
Chapter 193: Storm of Destruction: The Forty-Third Palm Do as the Romans do
Chapter 194: Ruinstorm: Arena
Chapter 195: Ruinstorm: Intermission and Alien Guests
Chapter 196: Doomstorm: World War One Clearance
Chapter 197: Ruinstorm: Vito's...ex-girlfriend?
Chapter 198: Ruinstorm: Savior of Comoro
Chapter 199: Frontiers of Empire: The Cabal
Chapter 200: Storm of Destruction: On How and Present, Interpretation and Former
Chapter 201: Doomstorm: Partners and Understanding
Chapter 202: Ruinstorm: Victor's Invitation
Chapter 203: Ruinstorm: Maharaja of Comoro
Chapter 204: Ruinstorm: Fifty-Five
Chapter 205: Ruinstorm: Comoros Social
Chapter 206: Ruinstorm: Banquet Episode
Chapter 207: Ruinstorm: Plan B
Chapter 208: Ruinstorm: Infiltrate the Shipyard
Chapter 209: Ruinstorm: Something Underground
Chapter 210: Ruinstorm: Peerless Infiltration
Chapter 211: Ruinstorm: The Captain and the First Mate
Chapter 212: Ruinstorm: Harlequin Troupe
Chapter 213: Ruinstorm: Comoro Brawl
Chapter 214: Ruinstorm: The Death of Evelyn
Chapter 215: Ruinstorm: Reaper
Chapter 217: Extra Story: The Investigation of Judge Phillips—Bei
Chapter 218: Rise of the Primarch: Dangerous Knowledge
Chapter 219: Rise of the Primarch: Return of the Veterans
Chapter 220: Rise of the Primarch: Sons of Vengeance
Chapter 221: Rise of the Primarch: A Veteran's Intuition
Chapter 222: Rise of the Primarch: Assassinate or Visit
Chapter 223: Rise of the Primarch: The Endless Museum
Chapter 224: Rise of the Primarch: The Last of the Luna Wolves
: Extra Story: Explanation of Loken's Story
Chapter 225: Rise of the Primarch: A "Friendly" Evacuation
Chapter 226: Rise of the Primarch: Rise of the Grand Marshal
Chapter 227: Rise of the Primarch: Reality, Hope and Mission
Chapter 228: Rise of the Primarch: Inquisitors of the Emperor
Chapter 229: Rise of the Primarch: Galactic Pursuit
Chapter 230: Rise of the Primarch: Siege of Ultramar
Chapter 231: Rise of the Primarch: Battle for Sotha
Chapter 232: Rise of the Primarch: Landing of the Greenskins
Chapter 233: Rise of the Primarch: Monastery Wars
Chapter 234: Rise of the Primarch: The Power of Vitor
Chapter 235: Rise of the Primarch: After Glory
Chapter 236: Rise of the Primarch: The Empire Strikes Back
Chapter 237: Rise of the Primarch: A Temporary Separation
Chapter 238: Rise of the Primarch: The Siege of Macragge
Chapter 239: Rise of the Primarch: Together
Chapter 240: Rise of the Primarch: A Choice of Fate
Chapter 241: Rise of the Primarch: Where the Primarch Sleeps
Chapter 242: Rise of the Primarch: Rise of Guilliman
Chapter 243: Rise of the Primarch: Warm Up After Waking Up
Chapter 244: Rise of the Primarch: The Empire Strikes Back
: Extra Story: The Investigation of Judge Phillips - Chapter of Lancelot
Chapter 245: Rise of the Primarch: Gates of Hell
Chapter 246: Rise of the Primarch: Hellpit
Chapter 247: Rise of the Primarch: War for the Awakening
Chapter 248: Rise of the Primarch: Game On
Chapter 249: Rise of the Primarch: A Prophecy About the Future
Chapter 250: Rise of the Primarch: Ten Thousand Years of Fall
Chapter 251: Rise of the Primarch: Army of the Primarch
Chapter 252: Rise of the Primarch: Relic
Chapter 253: Rise of the Primarch: Requests and Promises
Chapter 254: Rise of the Primarch: Queen of Glory
Chapter 255: Rise of the Primarch: Vanishing Plague
Chapter 256: Extra: About the Glory Queen and some questions
Chapter 257: Rise of the Primarch: City of Tears
Chapter 258: Rise of the Primarch: Monastery
Chapter 259: Rise of the Primarch: Game 1
Chapter 260: Rise of the Primarch: Trouble, and a Plan
Chapter 261: Rise of the Primarch: Woodland Race
Chapter 262: Rise of the Primarch: Guns of the Empire
Chapter 263: Rise of the Primarch: Thunderfire (Part 1)
Chapter 264: Rise of the Primarch: Thunderfire (Part 2)
: Guilt against oneself: critiques of some recent issues
Chapter 265: Rise of the Primarch: Victory, Glory, and the Return of the King
Chapter 266: Rise of the Primarch: Triumph of the King
Chapter 267: Rise of the Primarch: The Marshal's Holiday
Chapter 268: Rise of the Primarch: Vito's Dutiful Daughter
Chapter 269: Rise of the Primarch: The Coronation
Chapter 270: Rise of the Primarch: Respectively
Chapter 271: Rise of the Primarch: Neutral Ground
Chapter 272: Rise of the Primarch: The Executor
Chapter 273: Rise of the Primarch: Dead Town in the Snow
Chapter 274: Rise of the Primarch: Woodland Encounter
Chapter 275: Rise of the Primarch: Inside the Ship
Chapter 276: Rise of the Primarch: Chase
Chapter 277: Rise of the Primarch: Gods and Gods
Chapter 278: Rise of the Primarch: Kaul's Horror Workshop
Chapter 278: Rise of the Primarch: Kaul's Horror Workshop
Chapter 279: Rise of the Primarch: The Official Heist
Chapter 280: Rise of the Primarch: Route to Terra
Chapter 281: Rise of the Primarch: Ex-Girlfriend of Number N
Chapter 282: Rise of the Primarch: Break into the Lab
Chapter 283: Rise of the Primarchs: Primarchs
Chapter 284: Rise of the Primarch: Her Help
Chapter 285: Rise of the Primarch: The Feast Before the Great War
Chapter 286: Rise of the Primarch: What to meet on the lower decks?
Chapter 287: Rise of the Primarch: Mechanicus Interview
Chapter 288: Rise of the Primarch: The Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 289: Rise of the Primarch: Thousand Miles Rescue
Chapter 290: Rise of the Primarch: The Battle for Jupiter
Chapter 291: Rise of the Primarch: /Emperor's Angel of Redemption
Chapter 292: Rise of the Primarch: The State of Terra
Chapter 293: Rise of the Primarch: The Frozen Sea
Chapter 294: Rise of the Primarch: Marshal Power Bank
Chapter 295: Rise of the Primarch: Skyblade Fortress
Chapter 296: Rise of the Primarch: Rise of the Wings
: Extra article: Some answers and explanations about the current plot
Chapter 297: Rise of the Primarch: Day of Judgment
Chapter 298: Rise of the Primarch: This time, it won't be the same
Chapter 299: Rise of the Primarch: Routes of Terra
Chapter 300: Rise of the Primarch: Children of Macharius
Chapter 301: Rise of the Primarch: Mechanicum Welcome
Chapter 302: Rise of the Primarch: Mars
Chapter 303: Rise of the Primarch: Kaul's Quest
Chapter 304: Rise of the Primarch: World of Thrones
Chapter 305: Rise of the Primarch: Inquisitors and Assassins
Chapter 306: Rise of the Primarch: Dismount
Chapter 307: Rise of the Primarch: Return of the Marshal
Chapter 308: Rise of the Primarch: The End of the Highlords
Chapter 309: Rise of the Primarch: Young Warriors
Chapter 310: Rise of the Primarch: Faith and War
Chapter 311: Rise of the Primarch: God of War
Chapter 312: Rise of the Primarch: Code of the Assassins
Chapter 313: Rise of the Primarch: Walls of the Palace
: Explanation of some general problems
Chapter 314: Rise of the Primarch: Gates of the Golden Throne
Chapter 315: Rise of the Primarch: Emperor "God"
Chapter 316: Rise of the Primarch: Before the Operation
Chapter 317: Rise of the Primarch: Time of Action
Chapter 318: Rise of the Primarch: Faithful! sincerity!
Chapter 319: Rise of the Primarch: The Emperor
Chapter 320: Rise of the Primarch: The Highlords of the Terran Council
Chapter 321: Rise of the Primarch: The End of the Council of the High Lords
Chapter 322: Rise of the Primarch: New Adventures, New Crusade
Chapter 323: Rise of the Primarch: A King Like a Wolf
Chapter 324: Rise of the Primarch: Warmaster, will not refuse a challenge
Chapter 325: Rise of the Primarch: The Last Wolf
Chapter 326: Rise of the Primarch: Summoned by the Palace
Chapter 327: Rise of the Primarch: Stormfall
Chapter 328: Rise of the Primarch: God of War
Chapter 329: Rise of the Primarch: The Last Legion
Chapter 330: Rise of the Primarch: Battle for the Morningstar
: Spoiler: About the differences between Vito and the Emperor
Chapter 331: Rise of the Primarch: Rain of Death
Chapter 332: Rise of the Primarch: Arrival of the Warmaster
Chapter 333: Rise of the Primarch: Chainsaw Sword and Ax (Part 1)
Chapter 334: Rise of the Primarch: Chainswords and Axes (Part 2)
Chapter 335: Rise of the Primarch: Persistence
Chapter 336: Rise of the Primarch: Hive Guerrilla
Chapter 337: Rise of the Primarch: Terra Burning
Chapter 338: Rise of the Primarch: Final Hour
Chapter 339: Rise of the Primarch: The Battle for Lionsgate
Chapter 340: Rise of the Primarch: The Emperor and Horus
Chapter 341: Rise of the Primarch: When the Moonsets
Chapter 342: Rise of the Primarch: The Beginning of a New Adventure
: Some previews before the start of the new volume
Chapter 343: Crusade Path: The Gathering of the Astartes
Chapter 344: Expedition Road: The Meeting of Mikaia
Chapter 345: Path of Expedition: Webway Alliance
Chapter 346: Crusade Road: City of the Tomb
Chapter 347: Expedition Road: Helen's Treasure
Chapter 348: Expedition Road: Plan B
Chapter 349: Expedition Road: Ambush in the Woodlands
Chapter 350: The Expedition: Fifty Years and Ten Thousand Years
Chapter 351: Crusade Road: The Legend of the Marshal
Chapter 352: The Road to Expedition: The White-Haired Army
Chapter 353: Expedition Road: The Story of the Phantasm
Chapter 354: Expedition Road: Above the Macro Cannon
Chapter 355: Expedition Road: Bar Brawl
Chapter 356: Expedition Road: Under the Night
: Extra article: About some emotional issues in the book, and myself
Chapter 357: Crusade Road: The Marshal and the Demon
Chapter 358: Expedition Road: I have an idea!
Chapter 359: The Road to Expedition: One-Eyed Ogryn
Chapter 360: Expedition Road: I, robbery!
Chapter 361: Crusade Road: Game Upgrade
Chapter 362: Expedition Road: Pirate Ship
Chapter 363: Crusade Road: Blood Lady
Chapter 364: The Road to Expedition: Master, can you please!
Chapter 365: Expedition Road: A Goodwill Visit
Chapter 366: Crusade Road: Vito's Multiple Choice Questions
Chapter 367: Crusade Road: The Conspiracy Gang
Chapter 368: Crusade Road: Beastmaster and One-Eyed Ogryn
Chapter 369: Crusade Road: The Last Throne
Chapter 370: Expedition Road: The Route of Destiny
Chapter 371: Expedition Road: Fun Disguises
Chapter 373: Crusade Road: A Game of Barbarians
Chapter 374: Expedition Road: But, I refuse
Chapter 375: The Road to Expedition: The Wolf King and the Crimson Lord
Chapter 376: Expedition Road: New Business
Chapter 377: Crusade Road: Black Fortress
Chapter 378: Crusade Road: Iyanden's Kittens
Chapter 379: Expedition Road: Escape
: Leave note (this is the first time I have asked for leave)
Chapter 380: Crusade Road: Reinforcements Needed
Chapter 381: The Road to Expedition: Messengers of Hair
Chapter 382: Crusade Road: Chogoris' Eagle
Chapter 383: Expedition Road: Aliens and Friends
Chapter 384: Crusade Road: New Troubles
Chapter 385: Crusade Road: "The Emperor owes me an overtime pay.
Chapter 386: The Way of the Expedition: The Work of a Marshal
Chapter 387: Crusade Road: Traitors and Loyalists
Chapter 388: Crusade Road: Victory Escape
Chapter 389: Crusade Road: Dangerous Forgiveness
Chapter 390: Crusade Road: The Promised Land
Chapter 391: Path of the Crusade: Humans and the Eldar
Chapter 392: Expedition Road: Set Sail
Chapter 393: Crusade Road: A Gathering of Archons
Chapter 394: Expedition Road: The Road Home
Chapter 395: Expedition Road: We will all find our way home
Chapter 396: Expedition Road: The Burning Sea of ​​Stars
Chapter 397: Crusade Road: Admiral Speyer
Chapter 398: Expedition Road: Lord of the Sharks
Chapter 399: Crusade Road: Master of the Golden Ship
Chapter 400: Crusade Road: Legacy of the Old Ones
Chapter 401: Crusade Road: Bloody Road in Fire
Chapter 402: Crusade Road: Heretic Seed: Honso
Chapter 403: Crusade Road: Lords of Gold
Chapter 404: Crusade Road: The Emperor's Path
Chapter 405: Crusade Road: Stabbing the Dagger
Chapter 406: Expedition Road: Board the Express
Chapter 407: Expedition Road: Newcomers to Warships
Chapter 408: Expedition Road: Visitors from Heaven
Chapter 409: Crusade Road: Mechanic Priest
Chapter 410: Expedition Road: The Promise of the Future
Chapter 411: Crusade Road: Portal Gate
Chapter 412: Expedition Road: New World
Chapter 413: The Path of the Expedition: A Legacy of Mantle
Chapter 414: The Crusade: Betrayal or Loyalty?
Chapter 415: Expeditionary Roads: Individual Voyages
Chapter 416: Crusade Path: The Sword of Baal
Chapter 417: The Crusade: Dante's Message
Chapter 418: Age of Legion: Then and Now
Chapter 419: Age of Legion: Battle at the Door
Chapter 420: Age of Legion: Bounty of the Blood God
Chapter 421: Age of Legion: The Price of Belief in Chaos
: Something will happen tomorrow, update in advance
Chapter 422: Age of Legion: The Emperor's Dream
Chapter 423: Age of Legion: Twilight of an Era
Chapter 424: Age of Legion: Two Years of Change
Chapter 425: Age of Legion: Chapter Master
Chapter 426: Age of Legion: New Warriors, New Warbands
Chapter 427: Age of Legion: Talk from the Deck
Chapter 428: Age of Legion: Open Positions
Chapter 429: Age of Legion: Remnants of the Past
Chapter 430: Age of Legion: Welcome Home, Wolf
Chapter 431: Age of Legion: Return of the Wolf God
Chapter 432: Age of Legion: Indomitable Crusade
Chapter 433: Age of Legion: A Day in the Crusade
Chapter 434: Age of Legion: Judgment Has Come
Chapter 435: Crusade Road: Hour of Judgment
Chapter 436: Crusade Road: War Council
Chapter 437: Age of Legion: Chaos vs Tyranids
Chapter 438: Age of Legion: Land of Whispers
Chapter 439: Age of Legion: Solving All Problems
: Supreme Marshal's Expeditionary Force Statistics (Armed Forces)
Chapter 440: Age of Legion: Wrath of the Moonwolf
Chapter 441: Age of Legion: Keeper of Secrets
Chapter 442: Age of Legion: Stormfall
Chapter 443: Age of Legion: Twenty Six
Chapter 444: Age of Legion: Twenty Seven
Chapter 445: Age of Legion: Twenty Eight
Chapter 446: Age of Legion: Twenty-Nine
Chapter 447: Age of Legion: Thirty
Chapter 448: Age of Legion: Thirty One
Chapter 449: Rising from the Ashes: How It All Begins
Chapter 450: Rising from the Ashes: After Farewell
Chapter 451: Rise from the ashes:
Chapter 452: From the Ashes: The Long Night
Chapter 453: Rising from the Ashes: The Daily Life of the Expedition
Chapter 454: From the Ashes: Rising to the Storm
Chapter 455: Rise from the ashes:
Chapter 456: From the Ashes: The Kriegs
Chapter 457: Rising from the Ashes: Redeployment
Chapter 458: From the Ashes: Hydra
Chapter 459: From the Ashes: Alpharius
Chapter 460: Reborn: Subspace Shuttle
Chapter 461: From the Ashes: A Bizarre Adventure in the Realm of Khorne
Chapter 462: From the Ashes: The Invitation
Chapter 463: Rising from the Ashes: Prophecy and Truth
Chapter 464: Rising from the Ashes: A Dangerous Purpose
Chapter 465: From the Ashes: Dream Girl
Chapter 466: Rising from the Ashes: The Wartime Conference (Part 1)
Chapter 467: From the Ashes: Eighteen
Chapter 468: From the Ashes: Nineteen
Chapter 469: Rising from the Ashes: Twenty
Chapter 470: From the Ashes: Twenty One
Chapter 471: Rising from the Ashes: Candlelight Dinners, Gifts, Majesty
Chapter 472: Rising from the Ashes: Candlelight Dinners, Gifts, Majesty
: Manual reminder after infinity swallowed
Chapter 473: Rising from the Ashes: Promises, Missions and Right Decisions
Chapter 474: Reborn from the Ashes: Report, Past Worlds (Part 1)
Chapter 475: Reborn from the Ashes: Things from the Past (Part 2)
Chapter 476: Rising from the ashes: a different Corsonia
Chapter 477: Rebirth from the Ashes: The Age of Alliance
Chapter 478: From the Ashes: Primarch Bakery
Chapter 479: Rising from the Ashes: In Spring
Chapter 480: From the Ashes: The Pointed Land
Chapter 481: From the Ashes: What Fell From Heaven
Chapter 482: From the Ashes: Sister Sarah
Chapter 483: Rising from the Ashes: Petronilla's Field Records (Part 1)
Chapter 484: Rising from the Ashes: Battlefield Diary (Part 2) Navigation on the Battlefield
Chapter 485: Rising from the Ashes: Lies of the Emperor
Chapter 486: Rising from the Ashes: The Emperor's Lies (Part 2)
Chapter 487: Rising from the Ashes: Heir to the Governor
: Manual reminder update
Chapter 488: From the Ashes: Bugs on the Ceiling
Chapter 489: From the Ashes: Legion
Chapter 490: Rising from the Ashes: Winyanal
Chapter 491: Rising from the Ashes: Before the Big Show
Chapter 492: From the Ashes: The Bystander
Chapter 493: From the Ashes: Midnight Moonlight
Chapter 494: From the Ashes: On Stage
Chapter 495: From the Ashes: Act I: Blood and Fire (and a
Chapter 496: From the Ashes: Act II - Olivia's Death
Chapter 497: From the Ashes: The Closing Show
Chapter 498: Rising from the Ashes: The Arrival of Guilliman (something in the afternoon
Chapter 499: Rising from the Ashes: The Sixth Cthulhu
Chapter 500: Reborn from the Ashes: A Journey for Three (Two updates today)
Chapter 501: Rising from the Ashes: The Constantines
Chapter 502: From the Ashes: Destiny
Chapter 503: Rising from the Ashes: The Admiral's Path
Chapter 504: Rising from the Ashes: Preparations
Chapter 505: Rising from the Ashes: Meet an Iron Friend
Chapter 506: From the Ashes: Mystery of the Infinity
Chapter 507: From the Ashes: Friends
Chapter 508: From the Ashes: Little Angels
Chapter 509: From the Ashes: Battle for Vigilus
Chapter 510: From the Ashes: How the Wolves Roar
Chapter 511: From the Ashes: Iron Knight
Chapter 512: Rising from the Ashes: Sea of ​​Fire
Chapter 513: From the Ashes: Vengeful Spirit (1)
: I have to break it because I'm sunburned
Chapter 514: From the Ashes: The Vengeful Spirit (2) Assault
Chapter 515: From the Ashes: The Battle of the Vengeance (3) Double Trapped
Chapter 516: From the Ashes: The Battle of Vengeful Spirits (4) Shadow Hunting
Chapter 517: From the Ashes: The Battle of Vengeful Souls (5) Warmaster and
Chapter 518: From the Ashes: Battle of the Vengeful Spirit (6) Escape
Chapter 519: Reborn: The Battle of the Vengeful Soul (7) Four Gods
Chapter 520: Rising from the Ashes: Medical Work
Chapter 521: Rising from the Ashes: Nirvana from the Ashes
Chapter 522: Rise of the Lion King: Preface
Chapter 523: Rise of the Lion King: A New Route
Chapter 524: Rise of the Lion: Trackers on the Skyblades
Chapter 525: Rise of the Lion King: Law-abiding
Chapter 526: The Lion Rises: First Trouble
Chapter 527: Rise of the Lion: No More, No Less
Chapter 528: Rise of the Lion King: Title, What Title (Skin)
Chapter 529: The Lion Rising: Loyalty Title (Confirmed)
Chapter 530: Rise of the Lion: Here Is the Title (Loyalty)
Chapter 531: Lion Rising: Blood and Fire