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[MT]Tokyo Literature and Art TimesYakuza, originally refers to the most stinky card in the Japanese flower letter, whoever gets it will inevitably curse. A young director traveled to Japan in the 1980s, and he inexplicably became a Ya...
[MT]Tokyo Literature and Art Times is a Romance manga created by Black bicycle,read the latest chapters of [MT]Tokyo Literature and Art Times online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:: The new book "Huayu Times" has been uploaded!

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《[MT]Tokyo Literature and Art Times》Latest chapter

: The new book "Huayu Times" has been uploaded!
Vol 2 Chapter 546: Thief Family The lost time
Vol 2 Chapter 545: Thief Family Mother
Vol 2 Chapter 544: Thief Family Ryoko Hirosue
Vol 2 Chapter 543: Side Story: Thief Family
Vol 2 Chapter 542: Start a new era of cinema! (season finale)
Vol 2 Chapter 541: coffin bearer
Vol 2 Chapter 540: Meeting Kusano Director
Vol 2 Chapter 539: How Magical Hour should be?
Vol 2 Chapter 538: Returning to the Heart, Takeshi Iwata
Vol 2 Chapter 537: The fastest Japanese movie to reach one billion box office!
Vol 2 Chapter 536: That little impulse of spring water
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《[MT]Tokyo Literature and Art Times》all chapters

Chapter 1: demon martial arts
Chapter 2: Although it is Yakuza, I will still choose the hot one
Chapter 3: Gotta pay more!
Chapter 4: Ten million! "Ferocious Man"
Chapter 5: Violent man filming "Ferocious Man"!
Chapter 6: Shinobi
Chapter 7: It all starts with kicking ass
Chapter 8: One light
Chapter 9: If you can't sing, be my heroine
Chapter 10: Sister Beauty's Attack!
Chapter 11: You look down on movies too much!
Chapter 12: Wall bang! fickle sister
Chapter 13: Red romance, what kind of romance is it?
Chapter 14: Yamaichi Contest! The 'Killer' Matsushige Hitoshi!
Chapter 15: See you again, Shinobu, Ai Iwata
Chapter 16: Xiao Ren's first acting journey
Chapter 17: Happy daily life; Sachiko Puchi?
Chapter 18: It's called Sakai Spring.
Chapter 19: From murderers to devils, the four evil men!
Chapter 20: Kagawa: Our crew is 'awesome'!
Chapter 21: The girl of the extreme way, what a big butterfly!
Chapter 22: Road to Iwanami
Chapter 23: Do not! You are a good person!
Chapter 24: 'Hope' is delivered!
Chapter 25: "Ferocious Man" should be so direct!
Chapter 26: 'Ferocious man' enjoy the applause!
Chapter 27: Takeshi Iwata, what does he know about "Ferocious Man"!
Chapter 28: 'Cut' the inner ghost!
Chapter 29: Sisters chatting about 'Uncle' at night
Chapter 30: Director Iwata's 'new work'
Chapter 31: Incessantly
Chapter 32: Kiryu one horse? 'Like a Dragon' in my movie
Chapter 33: Iwata, is to open up a field on the stone!
Chapter 34: A 'gift' for Shinobu
Chapter 35: Do you like this gift?
Chapter 36: Your name is Takeshi Iwata!
Chapter 37: Uncle and Xiao Ren are in Venice... Ming Cai?
Chapter 38: My first encounter with Akina
Chapter 39: Actor? Special Jury Prize!
Chapter 40: Meet Ming Cai again, "Ferocious Man" is back with an award!
Chapter 41: Show! Big dark horse! Earn a million first!
Chapter 42: Sakai Spring's movie viewing experience, "Infernal Affairs" Takeshi Iwata
Chapter 43: Perfect linkage! 'Special' invitation from Director Iwata
Chapter 44: Akina's decision...
Chapter 45: Miho VS Akina? Supervisor Iwata was suppressed by seniors
Chapter 46: Use movies to shut up those seniors!
Chapter 47: "Uninterrupted" starts shooting, Buddha's head comes out of the water!
Chapter 48: "Infernal Affairs" was filmed intensely, shocking Sanada's "Shura"
Chapter 49: Chiba Shinichi? Uncle's compensation to Xiaonin
Chapter 50: Are you still making movies? Famous singers fight!
Chapter 51: Akina's mind, Iwata Takeshi fights Iwanami again!
Chapter 52: Like the stage, the demon's martial arts power!
Chapter 53: "Infinity" is on! Fukasaku Shinji VS Oshima Nagisa!
Chapter 54: One hell, one heaven!
Chapter 55: The conjecture of the famous supervisor, the death of Wajiro!
Chapter 56: The villain wins? Ming Cai becomes Shura Xue Ji!
Chapter 57: The cause and effect in "Infernal Affairs" is the defeat of Shinsaku Shinji!
Chapter 58: destiny! "Kill That Man"?
Chapter 59: night, kiss! The man you want to kill is me!
Chapter 60: Violent Breaks One Billion! "Infernal Affairs" Christmas at the Spring
Chapter 61: The word of mouth is overwhelming! 500 million a day and a half!
Chapter 62: More than one movie? Stand and make money!
Chapter 63: A chance encounter with spring water, that summer, the quiet sea
Chapter 64: last day of 1988
Chapter 65: Be an 'undercover' in the ordinary world! "Infernal Affairs" 1 billion
Chapter 66: 1.2 billion breakthrough! sea ​​love storyboard
Chapter 67: The Hairy Joe Hisaishi, Shin Terajima and Masato Sakai
Chapter 68: Is it a dream? Or arrogant?
Chapter 69: Awards season is off to a good start!
Chapter 70: Sweeping the four major movie awards?
Chapter 71: Two grand prizes not enough? Takeshi Iwata is going to hit Cannes!
Chapter 72: Akina, a kiss
Chapter 73: sea, teenager, surfboard
Chapter 74: sunshine, girl, folding clothes
Chapter 75: 2.2 billion? It's alright
Chapter 76: Only beauty can kill Takeshi Iwata
Chapter 77: Silent Love,Forever Love
Chapter 78: This is the purest love! I can go to Cannes
Chapter 79: Breaking through 2.7 billion! Cannes tour, start!
Chapter 80: That summer, quiet sea, quiet love
Chapter 81: A movie with tears and laughter, but can it win an award?
Chapter 82: Must win! I said!
Chapter 83: Jury Prize!
Chapter 84: Beach, Xiao Ren, Bidong, Ming Cai, Melon?
Chapter 85: All staff in Tokyo, Hua Qiang, join forces to split the melon!
Chapter 86: How much preparation does "Kill That Man" really need?
Chapter 87: Mei Yanfang
Chapter 88: accepted! "Kill That Man" begins filming!
Chapter 89: "Sea of ​​Tranquility" 300 million yuan for the first time! Beauty elevator battle
Chapter 90: do you like me?
Chapter 91: The Aobaya War is just around the corner!
Chapter 92: Akina kills Aobaya! That man was hit hard!
Chapter 93: The ultimate showdown! After the fight, dance again
Chapter 94: Iwata Takeshi, who is hard to like, is the most anticipated
Chapter 95: Who is Shadow? Women's clothing boss, join us!
Chapter 96: separate! Akina's decision!
Chapter 97: Public opinion explodes! It's lonely to have a birthday alone, why?
Chapter 98: "Kill That Man" Premiere!
Chapter 99: The bruised bride, revenge begins! (Today will
Chapter 100: Reborn! Cut the mountain snake! The Battle of Aobaya is imminent
Chapter 101: Cool! The ultimate kill formation! Final battle! (add more
Chapter 102: Finally killed that man!
Chapter 103: The movie is on fire! Akina and Takeshi Iwata...
Chapter 104: Spring encounters Akira Kurosawa, 800 million in the first week? !
Chapter 105: 1000000000! Iwata Movie! my woman!
Chapter 106: One billion more! Are we too fast
Chapter 107: Sanjiang's testimonials
Chapter 108: Wu, I love you.
Chapter 109: How should the sequel to "Infernal Affairs" be written? Ming Cai: me
Chapter 110: Can't stop the 3 billion box office? Akira Kurosawa...
Chapter 111: Akira Kurosawa said the ultimate stitching monster
Chapter 112: Justice Iwata Takeshi! When Ming Cai comes back...
Chapter 113: The daily cohabitation of Tianhou and Ming supervisor
Chapter 114: 3 billion breakthrough! Iwata Takeshi also has face powder?
Chapter 115: catastrophe! Masakazu Tamura and Toshiyuki Nishida
Chapter 116: For the rest of my life, please advise
Chapter 117: The acting school of the Heisei era, there is also a witch
Chapter 118: 4 billion! Another legendary superstar joins!
Chapter 119: This is definitely not a simple gangster movie!
Chapter 120: This movie will also be engraved with the imprint of the times!
Chapter 121: Testimonials
Chapter 122: Mr. Iwata and Ms. Nakamori's supermarket take off
Chapter 123: Would you like a child? Is it good? (please order
Chapter 124: Who is the chess player? Who is the pawn? Large scene of 300 people
Chapter 125: The meaning of Sukiyaki (please subscribe)
Chapter 126: 5 billion to the top! Qinglong Cup Battle! (the fifth
Chapter 127: The perfect diva! "Infinity (Continued became
Chapter 128: Is Takeshi Iwata the future of cinema? But he's still drunk
Chapter 129: Whether the movie is good or not, listen to what the director has to say!
Chapter 130: A large collection of famous supervisors! The high standard of the sequel to "Infernal Affairs"
Chapter 131: "Infernal Affairs (Continued is a good movie!
Chapter 132: "Infernal Affairs (Continued is a wonderful movie!
Chapter 133: This is an epoch-making gangster movie! (superior)
Chapter 134: This is an epoch-making gangster movie! (Down)
Chapter 135: The Fierce Battle of a Famous Director!
Chapter 136: Killer Leon and the little girl Dashi
Chapter 137: Can I entrust you with the future of Japanese cinema?
Chapter 138: Ming Cai is back! Love, it's better to be subtle
Chapter 139: "Infernal Affairs New World"! Uncle, can you
Chapter 140: Filmmakers are dreammakers, "Infernal Affairs New World"
Chapter 141: There are cards, and Akira Kurosawa will help! Movie Tickets, Akina
Chapter 142: The movie is amazing! Akina's plan is to...
Chapter 143: Pass it on and tell my brothers to see it
Chapter 144: Over a billion! Movie tickets have become a hot commodity!
Chapter 145: Who is the worst villain? Who has seen the Yakuza bag
Chapter 146: Sublimated! Can a gangster film do this?
Chapter 147: The last night of the 80's, I miss it so much...
Chapter 148: 90's, here we come
Chapter 149:
Chapter 150: A fantastic investment!
Chapter 151: Great show of acting skills! Fish, hooked!
Chapter 152: 5 billion, explore the way first
Chapter 153: Ming Cai who wants to kidnap a younger sister
Chapter 154: Awards season is here! And a mysterious young man
Chapter 155: Shunji Iwai, 'Top 10' and 'Ten Bad'
Chapter 156: The top three lists!
Chapter 157: One more 'supervisor'! from Ming Cai
Chapter 158: To love a woman who lacks love; go back to the Academy Award
Chapter 159: Sweep the Japanese Oscars! (four more ask for subscription)
: Ten days on the shelf summary
Chapter 160: Dedicated to those I love, and those who love me
Chapter 161: The youngest ever best supervising and watching the sunrise with the diva
Chapter 162: Smoking girl, Fuqing gang attacked
Chapter 163: This time Takeshi Iwata must win! Dako's Hope! (
Chapter 164: Should good people be shot at?
Chapter 165: The charm of storyboards
Chapter 166: Morita Yoshimitsu visits, Iwata Takeshi wants to plan the 'Three Wars'
Chapter 167: The leader of new wave cinema?
Chapter 168: "This Killer Isn't Too Cold" will definitely be shortlisted at Cannes
Chapter 169: Gotta fix the week.
Chapter 170: Superintendent Iwata, please be careful, okay?
Chapter 171: Iwata Takeshi and Akina are impossible? Then I will create
Chapter 172: A serious love movie is about to be born
Chapter 173: Goodbye Cannes, the cooperation between Ming Cai and Xiao Ren
Chapter 174: Bertolucci's applause...
Chapter 175: This is a movie full of love
Chapter 176: This is "This Killer Is Not Too Cold"
Chapter 177: Unexpected meeting in Cannes
Chapter 178: Can Takeshi Iwata win the Palme d'Or?
Chapter 179: Boyfriend's movie, especially the Palme d'Or!
Chapter 180: I want both Palme d'Or and Ming Cai!
Chapter 181: We are in love! No, you are not!
Chapter 182: Show love to all of Japan! Yamamoto's hope is
Chapter 183: "This Killer Is Not Too Cold" is released! Great changes happen
Chapter 184: Yamamoto-gumi civil unrest begins?
Chapter 185: Target, Takeshi Iwata!
Chapter 186: History is really written by the victors (4000 words
Chapter 187: Good citizen Takeshi Iwata? Yakuza Iwata Takeshi? diva
Chapter 188: Good citizen of Tokyo, Takeshi Iwata! Akina's surprise attack
Chapter 189: "A Little Thing About Love"
Chapter 190: Scramble! A woman full of secrets
Chapter 191: Ten billion yen! ... not satisfied
Chapter 192: The script was co-written by Yakuza and his big star girlfriend
Chapter 193: Romance Movie Casting
Chapter 194: The Little Vinegar Jar and the Big Bad
Chapter 195: Akira Kurosawa: Japanese movies of the future, please!
Chapter 196: The real battle begins!
Chapter 197: Showdown!
Chapter 198: General!
Chapter 199: It was the first time and it was really fun to make a movie!
Chapter 200: Sachiko Ago and Takeyo Akina Iwata
Chapter 201: Acting like Takeshi Iwata! Rie Miyazaki's shock!
Chapter 202: Izu sunshine beach dancer
Chapter 203: The sweet daily life of a famous supervisor and a big star girlfriend, mountain
Chapter 204: Marginal Takeshi Iwata, Zhou Fang's business is all for you
Chapter 205: Shadow head! Big deal!
Chapter 206: 5 years of power?
Chapter 207: Thoughts of a celebrity girlfriend
Chapter 208: Cut a knife for me in 1990!
Chapter 209: Grand premiere! The future of Japanese cinema is...
Chapter 210: The core of comedy is tragedy, praised by Akira Kurosawa
Chapter 211: Tell me tomorrow how much I love you
Chapter 212: I remember that day, always remember (4000 words for
Chapter 213: It's not a tragic love, it can be very touching
Chapter 214: great! The first day is the viewing tide!
Chapter 215: 900,000 people watched the movie? The box office broke 1.2 billion? a piece of cake
Chapter 216: Still going public? frightened an obasan
Chapter 217: Hollywood Road? "Fast & Furious"!
Chapter 218: In less than 20 days, 3.3 billion breakthrough!
Chapter 219: a special Christmas
Chapter 220: 5 billion after Christmas! Listing accelerated?
Chapter 221: It's not enough to go public, but also to be a member of parliament?
Chapter 222: The golden screen is still there? Ming Cai official announcement: Iwata
Chapter 223: Sister Fang and Brother Fa
Chapter 224: Iwata Takeshi and Akina were finally hammered! 7 billion also
Chapter 225: The mysterious force from the east conquers the handsome guy!
Chapter 226: Wen Diesel
Chapter 227: Lovers who are not 'honest', the US drag racing program is
Chapter 228: A strong company, a strong Takeshi Iwata!
Chapter 229: The four compete for Director Iwata's profit? before a pretty girl
Chapter 230: Iwata Takeshi's Test!
Chapter 231: "Heaven and Earth" missed the award? What about Takeshi Iwata?
Chapter 232: King's return!
Chapter 233: Convince Ming Cai, the future plan (please subscribe)
Chapter 234: Universal Studios and backdoor listing!
Chapter 235: Complete listing! Fly to America
Chapter 236: Takeshi Iwata conditions!
Chapter 237: The Fast and the Furious is coming soon!
Chapter 238: Take Iwata's movie drag racing in the United States!
Chapter 239: From the audience's point of view! Big data pioneer?
Chapter 240: Real and fake hemp bandits? No, it's a real and fake robber!
Chapter 241: Senior Hunter, Takeshi Iwata
Chapter 242: There's nothing wrong with this plot, why are you talking about cows?
Chapter 243: "Fast and the Furious" goal to break 100 million! Dollar!
Chapter 244: Ambitious director, Takeshi Iwata!
Chapter 245: Everyone loves Takeshi Iwata?
Chapter 246: Who is the prey? Someone took advantage of it?
Chapter 247: Miho's confession? Who is that hooked fish?
Chapter 248: that thing in the office
Chapter 249: Before the release, The Weinstein Brothers Attack!
Chapter 250: Want me, Iwata Takeshi, to be a horse for them?
Chapter 251: Jedi fight back! Take Iwata's name echoes in America
Chapter 252: In the first week, $20 million!
Chapter 253: Send horse head, go back to Japan, and new work?
Chapter 254: "Bad Boy Sky"
Chapter 255: 1 billion yen! $50 million!
Chapter 256: Should it be made into a love movie?
Chapter 257: Casting, the appearance level of Iwata Movies has improved?
Chapter 258: Lineup confirmed! Even Haoji is here?
Chapter 259: "Fast and the Furious" broke 100 million in North America!
Chapter 260: Yano Hiroshi's first stage, handsome forcing lobbyists to return without success
Chapter 261: This is a super big deal!
Chapter 262: Pony and Principal
Chapter 263: The plan went well! "Bad Boy's Sky" is finished!
Chapter 264: marry me
Chapter 265: It's decided, get married!
Chapter 266: Diva marriage plan! Yakuza to be banned?
Chapter 267: Taking risks? The prodigal son is back!
Chapter 268: The mystery of Takeshi Iwata's identity!
Chapter 269: most special premiere
Chapter 270: Is Shinji Takeshi Iwata?
Chapter 271: Can the prodigal son turn back? (please subscribe)
Chapter 272: sky, blue, cold
Chapter 273: ticket stub
Chapter 274: robbery girl
Chapter 275: Ming Cai's Thoughts
Chapter 276: Can Supervisor Iwata also influence Japanese politics?
Chapter 277: Pancakes and Sunrise
Chapter 278: Split! Yamamoto team!
Chapter 279: Bet on both sides? New work "Extremely Evil"!
Chapter 280: Sukiyaki for two
Chapter 281: Really going to split! The 'old father' of the 'ex-wife'
Chapter 282: "Extremely Evil" is complete!
Chapter 283: Someone is 'getting out of jail'!
Chapter 284: The lure of money and power!
Chapter 285: A storm is coming! Oscar? real
Chapter 286: "The Unruly Sky" and "The Sky of the Bad Boys"
Chapter 287: Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film! Shortlisted!
Chapter 288: Iwata Takeshi's plan!
Chapter 289: Oscar, is there a play?
Chapter 290: Empty city plan! ?
Chapter 291: Knock on the Oscar door!
Chapter 292: The Japanese film awards season is without Takeshi Iwata! Oscar
Chapter 293: Best Foreign Language Film! Takeshi's smile shines on America!
Chapter 294: On the night of the award, he will return like lightning!
Chapter 295: The death of Takashi Yamamoto!
Chapter 296: Movie kills?
Chapter 297: About Yakuza watching Yakuza movies
Chapter 298: "Extremely Wicked" that Yakuza has applauded!
Chapter 299: Mrs. Otomo Yomurayama
Chapter 300: "Extremely Evil" is such an "evil"!
Chapter 301: 'suicide'
Chapter 302: Birth of the Yamamoto Group
Chapter 303: Mrs. Akina!
Chapter 304: Shinobi, the future
Chapter 305: This time I'm going to shoot two!
Chapter 306: happy death day
Chapter 307: golden screen, smile
Chapter 308: 'I can't take it' becomes a buzzword
Chapter 309: wedding
Chapter 310: deal! You are the future of Japanese cinema!
Chapter 311: white wedding dress
Chapter 312: Why did you get a leg guy?
Chapter 313: Shinobi, the biggest challenge!
Chapter 314: Where does life not meet
Chapter 315: VCD (first update)
Chapter 316: There is also a luxury lineup at a small cost?
Chapter 317: Sweetheart is also bold? (fourth more)
Chapter 318: They do VCDs, I do DVDs!
Chapter 319: TV TOKYO, big trouble!
Chapter 320: Buy a TV station (third more)
Chapter 321: To make a movie, build a city! (fourth more)
Chapter 322: Hongmen brothers? Let's go ashes
Chapter 323: Fast and furious, go racing in Japan!
Chapter 324: Autumn famous mountain, there is a car god
Chapter 325: America's seriousness? The Evil Queen's Mission!
Chapter 326: Recommendation from the Queen!
Chapter 327: Halloween time, get it!
Chapter 328: Good news from the delivery room
Chapter 329: Izumi Iwata
Chapter 330: Ming Cai's future? A little boy riding a broom
Chapter 331: The war is about to begin!
Chapter 332: "Happy Death Day" is released! Lost at midnight?
Chapter 333: Are there going to be a counterattack? !
Chapter 334: Sometimes it's better not to explain
Chapter 335: Xiao Ren, a big star!
Chapter 336: DVD era!
Chapter 337: Yakuza and the Mafia
Chapter 338: The death of autumn famous mountain bike god
Chapter 339: Revenge Snow Hate!
Chapter 340: Xiao Ren: I'm not easy to bully either
Chapter 341: Why am I winning? Why didn't I win!
Chapter 342: "Breaking Bad" and Shinobi's pressure
Chapter 343: Shinobi: The Road Never Envisioned
Chapter 344: The two sisters are very different, and Takeshi Iwata reproduces god-level exercises
Chapter 345: Gary Oldman
Chapter 346: Is this "Breaking Bad" or "Titanic"
Chapter 347: It's broken, I've become Takeshi Kitano!
Chapter 348: I've thought about it once
Chapter 349: Lost a billion? Still too little!
Chapter 350: Mr. Iwata's notes
Chapter 351: Ming Cai plans to acquire B company?
Chapter 352: "Nobody Knows"
Chapter 353: that's a scar
Chapter 354: An Unexpected Person, a "Jing Ke Assassinating the King of Qin"
Chapter 355: Awesome, awesome, **** awesome!
Chapter 356: Get company B! Ryoko?
Chapter 357: pants, old white, little plum
Chapter 358: happy everyday
Chapter 359: Old Bai's story
Chapter 360: Honest people also kill
Chapter 361: Iwata Takeshi's Heart? Dongbao Cinema!
Chapter 362: an unimagined path
Chapter 363: I must cooperate with Takeshi Iwata! eyeball?
Chapter 364: Leave a huge suspense! Fox is coming!
Chapter 365: cherry blossom viewing
Chapter 366: Breaking Bad is here! Looking for Big Brother Longdai
Chapter 367: Miyazawa Rie's Decision
Chapter 368: The lady is yours
Chapter 369: Grammy?
Chapter 370: TV Tokyo's turnaround
Chapter 371: These little guys are the future
Chapter 372: Is this a left wing movie?
Chapter 373: "Nobody Knows" Nobody Knows What Happened
Chapter 374: Again, Venice Film Festival
Chapter 375: Harry Potter, comes out
Chapter 376: Novelist Ming Cai, officially launched?
Chapter 377: Japan's most hated couples are not in Japan
Chapter 378: congratulations from the prime minister
Chapter 379: The Iwata Girl Controversy? The red carpet in Venice!
Chapter 380: Golden Lion Award!
Chapter 381: Master Iwata! Emmys after the Golden Lion!
Chapter 382: a funny guy
Chapter 383: Beans and webcast, unexpected harvest!
Chapter 384: pulp Fiction
Chapter 385: The big director is playing tricks?
Chapter 386: Are you all eyeing next year's Oscars?
Chapter 387: Hollywood, roll away
Chapter 388: What? I've become a jingke?
Chapter 389: Tongue twister? Mi's?
Chapter 390: Looking for acquaintances
Chapter 391: Find a guy who can shoot swords and halberds to teach yourself
Chapter 392: good guy like bad guy
Chapter 393: Do anything to win
Chapter 394: Spring water enters the theater again
Chapter 395: tears welling up
Chapter 396: The storm is back!
Chapter 397: The key is 'time'!
Chapter 398: Shortlisted!
Chapter 399:
Chapter 400: The little ninja beauty awakens, "School" is still "Nobody"
Chapter 401: Unexpected Old Man at the Film Academy Awards
Chapter 402: Best Picture "Nobody Knows"!
Chapter 403: Go to the Oscars! Miyazawa Rie
Chapter 404: Best Foreign Language Film Again!
Chapter 405: a talk
Chapter 406: There is one more "Jing Ke stabs the King of Qin"!
Chapter 407: "Mobile Police 2", Assassin Jing Ke
Chapter 408: Jing Ke stabs, the little blind girl stabs!
Chapter 409: The change of the palace
Chapter 410: Theater reform? Good abacus from Director Iwata
Chapter 411: assassination conspiracy
Chapter 412: kill!
Chapter 413: cultural invasion?
Chapter 414: The cusp of public opinion? The Iwata couple are not afraid
Chapter 415: broken
Chapter 416: To infiltrate the political world?
Chapter 417: Aren't you going to say something about that eyeball?
Chapter 418: Mystery revealed
Chapter 419: rotten tomatoes
Chapter 420: The decision of the future and spring water!
Chapter 421: Second baby is coming
Chapter 422: Takeshi Iwata is everywhere in Hollywood!
Chapter 423: Iwata Shinobu, or Iwata Yui?
Chapter 424: How much does it take for a man to really grow up
Chapter 425: The real transformation of Laobai and Xiaofan!
Chapter 426: Jingwu hero, dragon five?
Chapter 427: pressure is coming
Chapter 428: "Jing Ke Assassinating the King of Qin" was released on the 1st of 1995!
Chapter 429: "Jing Ke Assassinates the King of Qin" and "Seven Warriors"
Chapter 430: A real assassination!
Chapter 431: life thorn
Chapter 432: President Sakai Izumi?
Chapter 433: A nice guy card?
Chapter 434: Are you going to make a big fuss? Turn around!
Chapter 435: Premiere! Brainwashing ads?
Chapter 436: This is a rich turnaround!
Chapter 437: Box office turmoil
Chapter 438: Kobe Earthquake
Chapter 439: Yakuza's image has been reversed!
Chapter 440: New crisis!
Chapter 441: Tokyo Sarin Incident
Chapter 442: Fight! Yakuza against the cult!
Chapter 443: Politics!
Chapter 444: 60 million box office is happy like this
Chapter 445: Are there any dark horses at the Oscars?
Chapter 446: History is changed at this moment!
Chapter 447: Forrest Gump and Shawshank
Chapter 448: Director Chen A came up!
Chapter 449: Play GG so fast?
Chapter 450: Victory and defeat! Fountain fainted
Chapter 451: Izumi Yomeina
Chapter 452: please don't do this
Chapter 453: sisterhood
Chapter 454: Looking back and smiling? No more waiting!
Chapter 455: "firework"
Chapter 456: This movie is bad
Chapter 457: Zhongshan Sisters, "Love Letter"
Chapter 458: lonely little ninja
Chapter 459: A man should have several 'wives'
Chapter 460: The ambition of the director!
Chapter 461: The heart-to-heart talk between Ming Cai and Xiao Ren
Chapter 462: The heroine is confirmed!
Chapter 463: Although the famous flower has a master, I will loosen the soil
Chapter 464: Happy side dish
Chapter 465: turn crisis into opportunity
Chapter 466: Big storm! Fountain, she has always liked you
Chapter 467: That woman named Spring is about to shine!
Chapter 468: heartbroken
Chapter 469: laughter in despair
Chapter 470: "Fireworks" is interesting for some reason
Chapter 471: The 'Secret' of 'Titanic'
Chapter 472: "Chinese on the Titanic"
Chapter 473: A different love story
Chapter 474: Takeshi Iwata, you are so awesome!
Chapter 475: Iwata and his wife each have a choice!
Chapter 476: Arigado, uncle!
Chapter 477: Audition was successful!
Chapter 478: Los Angeles night
Chapter 479: firework
Chapter 480: "Legend of Heaven and Dragon Slayer: The Decisive Battle of Shaolin"
Chapter 481: A clever adaptation
Chapter 482: Twenty-eight points
Chapter 483: wave chaser
Chapter 484: "Fireworks" premiere!
Chapter 485: A man named Xi had a hard time
Chapter 486: antecedent
Chapter 487: Superintendent's acting!
Chapter 488: blue sea
Chapter 489: Kuwa Iwata, Arita
Chapter 490: sea ​​and spring
Chapter 491: Back to the Japanese Oscars!
Chapter 492: Weeping Zhongshan sisters, actress!
Chapter 493: Takeshi Iwata who won all the major prizes!
Chapter 494: Xiao Ren, she will be like this forever!
Chapter 495: "Kikujiro summer"
Chapter 496: Shinobu's boyfriend!
Chapter 497: Boyfriend meets sister
Chapter 498: Uncle is here to disrupt the situation?
Chapter 499: Domineering uncle!
Chapter 500: Can Xiao Ren and Uncle meet for the first time?
Chapter 501: The box office is a big hit! Big love?
Chapter 502: Ming Cai's gas field is full!
Chapter 503: Sisters break!
Chapter 504: "Breaking Bad" Fights Flies
Chapter 505: The daily life of Uncle and Xiaonin
Chapter 506: Why did you wear Akina's clothes?
Chapter 507: Miho's thanks
Chapter 508: I lost my bet, what should I do?
Chapter 509: Uncle and Xiaonin Travels
Chapter 510: Uncle is too much!
Chapter 511: Uncle cares about me!
Chapter 512: The policewoman Xiao Ninja joins!
Chapter 513: In the past, filming was to walk, but now it is to run!
Chapter 514: Great Uncle Masao Konin
Chapter 515: Prajna reappears! funny again and again
Chapter 516: What the **** is this movie about?
Chapter 517: night and tears
Chapter 518: just like the sea
Chapter 519: together or not
Chapter 520: Who made you my sister?
Chapter 521: magic moment
Chapter 522: really magical
Chapter 523: Xiao Ren affectionately
Chapter 524: "Summer of Kikujiro", let's meet you first
Chapter 525: This is a movie about growing up
Chapter 526: Akira Kurosawa's 'view' on the film
Chapter 527: The real growth of a little boy
: Push a book "I just want to be a big star"
Chapter 528: here comes the devil
Chapter 529: Conversation between men!
Chapter 530: Takeshi Iwata's efforts!
Chapter 531: Everything has been done!
Chapter 532: Buying a theatrical chain for a movie?
Vol 2 Chapter 1: blocked
Vol 2 Chapter 533: The new version of the ship Titanic
Vol 2 Chapter 534: The showdown of the sci-fi kings!
Vol 2 Chapter 535: A super box office feast!
Vol 2 Chapter 536: That little impulse of spring water
Vol 2 Chapter 537: The fastest Japanese movie to reach one billion box office!
Vol 2 Chapter 538: Returning to the Heart, Takeshi Iwata
Vol 2 Chapter 539: How Magical Hour should be?
Vol 2 Chapter 540: Meeting Kusano Director
Vol 2 Chapter 541: coffin bearer
Vol 2 Chapter 542: Start a new era of cinema! (season finale)
Vol 2 Chapter 543: Side Story: Thief Family
Vol 2 Chapter 544: Thief Family Ryoko Hirosue
Vol 2 Chapter 545: Thief Family Mother
Vol 2 Chapter 546: Thief Family The lost time
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