[MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin Cities

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[MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin CitiesThe prosperity of Piltover is on the surface, the barrenness of Zaun is miserable. The able men of the Twin Cities, join Noxus, and I will lead you to the light! – Ryan Meredith The League o...
[MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin Cities is a ACG manga created by autistic pistachio,read the latest chapters of [MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin Cities online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 550: Hee hee, death knocks on the door

Update:2022-09-27 08:11:02

《[MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin Cities》Latest chapter

Chapter 550: Hee hee, death knocks on the door
Chapter 549: The war-torn village of Hareno
Chapter 548: Awareness and Ahead
Chapter 547: Death's Dilemma
Chapter 546: Ryan's orders
Chapter 545: Demacia's Choice
Chapter 544: Atreus' choice
Chapter 543: Shurima Confession
: 1 day off
Chapter 542: Heart of Noxus
Chapter 541: defense war
Chapter 540: Mordekaiser, come here
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《[MT]The Mage Behind the Scenes From the Twin Cities》all chapters

Chapter 1: Mage from Noxus
Chapter 2: Choice comes from strength
Chapter 3: Peaceful Piltover
Chapter 4: The passion of the Myrdalda family
Chapter 5: Why do you feel like you can't?
Chapter 6: banquet news
Chapter 7: magic and science
Chapter 8: Zaun Victor
Chapter 9: Speech to know people's hearts
Chapter 10: Quiet night in Picheng
Chapter 11: Your ideal should not be a mere teaching assistant, Victor.
Chapter 12: Depart from Zaun
Chapter 13: first meeting Silco
Chapter 14: Happy cooperation
Chapter 15: Craftsman's Big Killer
Chapter 16: He only needs 1 stage
Chapter 17: Tranquility before the storm
Chapter 18: Stillwater Prison
Chapter 19: Gilamain Manor
Chapter 20: Rise of the Twin Cities
Chapter 21: Aftermath, the flying crow
Chapter 22: Let the wind of empire blow
Chapter 23: Dispute in Parliament
Chapter 24: Senator Philos and her first proposal
Chapter 25: Join... Glorious Evolution!
Chapter 26: physical limits
Chapter 27: My body has never been so good
Chapter 28: Blade and Water
Chapter 29: Dialogue within the Philos family
Chapter 30: Jinx's mission
Chapter 31: 2 boats on a small river
Chapter 32: first sound of night
Chapter 33: Welcome to Zaun
Chapter 34: Precise and elegant
Chapter 35: the fate of the machine
Chapter 36: Parliamentary Accountability
Chapter 37: Peace Talk Proposal
Chapter 38: Camille of Philos
Chapter 39: Twin Cities Experimental Field
Chapter 40: fresh air in Zaun
Chapter 41: Piltover in action
Chapter 42: war and glory
Chapter 43: The determination to protect Picheng
Chapter 44: heart transplant
Chapter 45: Clockwork Demon
Chapter 46: Rune Mystery
Chapter 47: soul song
Chapter 48: Requiem
Chapter 49: Zaun's Late Night Visitors
Chapter 50: Tonight, we are all Zaun
Chapter 51: Clockwork Demon
Chapter 52: Jinx's Heart
Chapter 53: Reese's garrison
Chapter 54: meet through the window
Chapter 55: Get a taste of the rocket!
Chapter 56: Have a blast tonight!
Chapter 57: end
Chapter 58: Ryan's teaching
Chapter 59: Aspiring mages love knowledge
Chapter 60: unqualified sister
Chapter 61: destiny and destiny
Chapter 62: One last thing for Zaun
Chapter 63: warehouse number two
Chapter 64: Zaun's Fire
Chapter 65: Time ticks away
Chapter 66: Execution Prologue, Ritual Begins
Chapter 67: The ceremony is over, the most gifted mage
Chapter 68: sisters meet
Chapter 69: 1 chance
Chapter 70: day of execution
Chapter 71: Choice at gunpoint
Chapter 72: Blooming the splendor of life in the place of expectation
Chapter 73: The Pylore Island Incident, the Undercurrent of the Empire
Chapter 74: My name is Myrdalda
Chapter 75: Zaun's past
Chapter 76: Zaun's Underground Expedition
Chapter 77: Lost Oshera Vazuan
Chapter 78: ancient war
Chapter 79: good experimental material
Chapter 80: First glimpse into the void
Chapter 81: Change of Empire!
Chapter 82: Reese's defense is in place!
Chapter 83: anxious chess game
Chapter 84: capture the king
Chapter 85: The weak retreat
Chapter 86: The home of glory
Chapter 87: Everything is finally water
Chapter 88: noxus ruling
Chapter 89: future empire
Chapter 90: Trefary on stage
Chapter 91: Brotherhood
Chapter 92: Vice President Darius
Chapter 93: floating castle concept
Chapter 94: Trefary Announcement
Chapter 95: magic communication
Chapter 96: Rune Wars
Chapter 97: world rune power
Chapter 98: national power gap
Chapter 99: General Vessero
Chapter 100: the teacher is wrong
Chapter 101: Summoning in the House of Representatives
Chapter 102: The God-Blessed Adventurer
Chapter 103: Empire ready to go
Chapter 104: I will go alone
Chapter 105: Hand of Noxus
Chapter 106: choose
Chapter 107: never changed
Chapter 108: Fight for Noxus!
Chapter 109: War College Admissions Day
Chapter 110: Legacy of the Empire
Chapter 111: pitiful girl
Chapter 112: Conference site
Chapter 113: Writing history the Noxian way
Chapter 114: Imperial martyrs
Chapter 115: The future is created by us at Noxus!
Chapter 116: Wind Rune Land
Chapter 117: Ezreal's performance
: Testimonials
Chapter 118: The Masked Lady and the Prophecy
Chapter 119: black and white sheltering the sky
Chapter 120: Kaga family secret meeting
Chapter 121: wing protector
Chapter 122: Jarvan's Faith
Chapter 123: The gods descended
Chapter 124: Angel and Demon Clash
Chapter 125: this is justice
Chapter 126: Might and Magic
Chapter 127: magic power
Chapter 128: Mage fights never rely on brute force
Chapter 129: Another Justice Protoss
Chapter 130: what is justice
Chapter 131: Justice in Noxus is yours
Chapter 132: Jarvan's Sorrow
Chapter 133: Meredith's 4 Souls Scroll
Chapter 134: Shadow with brilliance
Chapter 135: We have come to a crisis of survival
Chapter 136: Crown Guard's Light
Chapter 137: he's a noxian
Chapter 138: In the future, your name will be passed down with the masterpieces produced
Chapter 139: Reading is also a talent
Chapter 140: Reading is also a talent (below)
Chapter 141: Create a new magic system
Chapter 142: While the magic experiment is in progress
Chapter 143: Same brothers, different situations!
Chapter 144: Ezreal and the Curse
Chapter 145: Imperialism, hex competition
Chapter 146: Principles of Hextech
Chapter 147: You can't imagine what it takes to evolve!
Chapter 148: Silly Miss Laurent
Chapter 149: I feel like an outsider
Chapter 150: I would like to be in the dark for you
Chapter 151: Noxus Arena
Chapter 152: The Empire's original connection to Ryan
Chapter 153: The Gladiator Way of the Zaun
Chapter 154: I won't lose next time!
Chapter 155: Selfless devotees on the path of magical growth
Chapter 156: I am magic!
Chapter 157: Trefary Veteran
Chapter 158: Snow Carp Dream
Chapter 159: The elites of the two countries with a mighty army, come from Demacia
Chapter 160: Negotiations in Parliament
Chapter 161: War is not just fighting
Chapter 162: Noxus' true goal
Chapter 163: The collision of the elites of the two countries
Chapter 164: Magic and martial arts Draven
Chapter 165: victory or defeat! One word apart, the difference between heaven and earth!
Chapter 166: Demacia Change
Chapter 167: Katarina's Choice
Chapter 168: The fate of sisters, the secret between uncles and nephews!
Chapter 169: The fire dragon attacked the village, and the Castle of Dawn was discussing!
Chapter 170: Brother and sister become sisters, dragon girl and mage
Chapter 171: It's always been this way, but it shouldn't go on like this
Chapter 172: The treatment of the nobles, the man in the dungeon!
Chapter 173: The only shimmer in the dark dungeon
Chapter 174: The expectations of the mother's generation, the battle of dragon slaying will begin!
Chapter 175: Noxus got you on your feet!
Chapter 176: Dragon, disappointing!
Chapter 177: The kingship is gone, and the heart is a little light
Chapter 178: Shuangcheng transit experience, the undercurrent between the light shields
Chapter 179: The Demacian Parade, Ezreal's Expedition
Chapter 180: You and I are 1 body
Chapter 181: Beyond the mausoleum, the collision of Xeon magic
Chapter 182: The might of the world runes
Chapter 183: Little Guy's Voyage to the Void
Chapter 184: The man who came back from the void, Ryan who merged the runes of the world
Chapter 185: Void and past
Chapter 186: Teacher, thank you for letting me go to my last whims
Chapter 187: teacher's teacher, student's student
Chapter 188: Orianna's masterpiece
Chapter 189: Everyone has the most beautiful melody in their hearts
Chapter 190: The Void Sacrifice has begun!
Chapter 191: They are all nutrients, how can they be separated from each other?
Chapter 192: Void, greetings to you!
Chapter 193: The perfect night for sipping tea
Chapter 194: The stars also have a day to fall
Chapter 195: The Prince's Apprenticeship, Announcement to Cui Farley of the Crown Guard
Chapter 196: The Crown Guard's Stance, The Lost Past
Chapter 197: Glory of the Ascended, Sylas' Liberation
Chapter 198: People's Referendum Day
Chapter 199: Demacia's 1st Acting Minister of Magic
Chapter 200: Disappointing 1st Parliament
Chapter 201: Empire's decision
Chapter 202: My name is Poppy and I'm looking for a hero!
Chapter 203: Laxana, is that the one she's looking for?
Chapter 204: Meredith Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 205: Forbidden stone statue, glorious debut
Chapter 206: Song of Light and Earth
Chapter 207: Glorious Xiongdu
Chapter 208: Knock Murch Banquet
Chapter 209: Seraphine's next destination
Chapter 210: It's killing us, it knows what we're afraid of
Chapter 211: Flower of Fear, wither 0
Chapter 212: The glory of the past, come back!
Chapter 213: Demons, Kingdoms, Heroes
Chapter 214: Face the fear, the whispers of the devil
Chapter 215: The collision of magic and demons
Chapter 216: In pursuit of magic, it never stops
Chapter 217: Battle in the Castle of Dawn
Chapter 218: A friendly exchange between Noxus and Demacia
Chapter 219: empire in action
Chapter 220: when the wind blows
Chapter 221: The deeply rooted Trifali Council
Chapter 222: darius and galen
Chapter 223: The Prestige of Senator Trefary
Chapter 224: follower of the crown guard
Chapter 225: Demacia's Raging Undercurrent
: 1 day off
Chapter 226: Private visit to Demacia
Chapter 227: Demacia in Ziben's eyes
Chapter 228: carnage on ice
Chapter 229: Opening of the Closing Song
Chapter 230: The first snowflake before the avalanche
Chapter 231: Light Shield
Chapter 232: war, an extension of politics
Chapter 233: A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter 234: Ice bird spreads its wings, the power of the Freljord gods
Chapter 235: Aid from Noxus
Chapter 236: Noxus' Appeal
Chapter 237: Reliable Ally - Noxus
Chapter 238: Magic, World Runes, Void
Chapter 239: The "Ascension Ceremony" unique to Noxus!
: 1 day off
Chapter 240: Crown Guard Queen, at your service!
Chapter 241: The Demacian National Assembly through the eyes of the returnees
Chapter 242: Fight outside Xiongdu
Chapter 243: the passing of glory
Chapter 244: Shadows of Noxus
Chapter 245: The beginning of ruin
Chapter 246: Teacher, you taught me so well
: End of volume testimonials
Chapter 247: Book of Ascension
Chapter 248: Back to Noxus! empire!
Chapter 249: The one that happened to be selected
Chapter 250: The Lord of the Shadow Isle...1 must not be a vulgar person!
Chapter 251: the beginning of the collapse
Chapter 252: Intriguing team members
Chapter 253: Leaper - Darius!
Chapter 254: Zaun can't climb high now
Chapter 255: Sivir's Thoughts
Chapter 256: Clash of gods
Chapter 257: There's nothing money can't do
Chapter 258: 00,000 roads
Chapter 259: Black alley, long time no see
Chapter 260: Captain Seraphine, set sail!
: 1 day off
Chapter 261: Cannons are the truth!
Chapter 262: Teacher, my talent is very poor
Chapter 263: It's a joy to feel unhappy like that...
Chapter 264: Bilgewater news
Chapter 265: Bilgewater Horror Legend
Chapter 266: The mind of the pirate queen
Chapter 267: It feels so good to let everyone calm down and talk!
Chapter 268: We are sincere pirates!
Chapter 269: Imperial conspiracy, disputes will arise
Chapter 270: The conspiracy on the ship is all for the money!
Chapter 271: For the land of birth!
Chapter 272: Ionian Song
Chapter 273: mother kindness son filial piety
Chapter 74: Bilgewater Expedition
Chapter 275: The collision of black fog and magic
Chapter 276: Seraphine's Path
Chapter 277: What the Empire Wants, the Past of Fuguang Island
Chapter 278: The Bilgewater Conspiracy
Chapter 279: Bet on a better future!
Chapter 280: Arise, no more cowardly vastaya!
Chapter 281: Empire, the beginning of prosperity
Chapter 282: Lady Luck is smiling
Chapter 283: If you have money, you can do whatever you want!
Chapter 284: Hammer-shaped cannon!
Chapter 285: An epic prologue
Chapter 286: When the storm rises, when the empire rises
Chapter 287: Be with each other, no matter life or death
Chapter 288: suffocating despair
Chapter 289: Love and Beloved
Chapter 290: It's not accidental, the spirit of the pirate queen
Chapter 291: Gunpowder in the slaughter dock
Chapter 292: Different positions, different needs
Chapter 293: sing for the soul
Chapter 294: Seraphine's bold conjecture, everything is a conspiracy!
: 1 day off
Chapter 295: 1 pair of fists is enough!
Chapter 296: Proof of Strength
Chapter 297: Soul Light on the Shadow Isles
Chapter 298: She will destroy the black mist!
Chapter 299: give you a chance
Chapter 300: On the Practicality of Magic
Chapter 301: still need to get stronger
Chapter 302: I want... instead!
Chapter 303: Please listen to a song of sleep
Chapter 304: 1 battle in the dark
Chapter 305: in the end
Chapter 306: Times have changed, Lord Uzul!
Chapter 307: Practice the road ahead, let go of the past
Chapter 308: Buried the secret of 0 years
Chapter 309: Things get interesting...
Chapter 310: You are not qualified to be my teacher
Chapter 311: Meredith's Requiem
Chapter 312: Seraphine's graduation gift to herself
Chapter 313: Who is the betrayal?
Chapter 314: A story only the wind knows
Chapter 315: Farewell is for the next encounter
Chapter 316: Dark fog, go again
Chapter 317: island in the sky
Chapter 318: but the regrets left
Chapter 319: a desperate disparity
Chapter 320: say goodbye to the past
Chapter 320: gradually clear battle situation
Chapter 321: hesitant heart
: 1 day off
Chapter 322: 0 love
Chapter 323: 1st conversation after 0 years!
Chapter 324: Sorry... Foyego!
Chapter 325: Love is eternal in life, love is eternal sleep after death
Chapter 326: The Way of All Things Returning to 1
Chapter 327: 2 servants in the shadows
Chapter 328: shadow, work
Chapter 329: Ionian Winds
Chapter 330: Vastaya Bereaved
Chapter 331: Empire and the Vastaya
Chapter 332: The wind blowing, there is a smell of loneliness
Chapter 333: The Awakening of the Betrayal
Chapter 334: tough opponent
Chapter 335: will of the crown
Chapter 336: Assemble! Strike! Acacia!
Chapter 337: The killing begins!
Chapter 338: Void Soldier
Chapter 339: A feast of magic and technology
Chapter 340: Magic, catharsis!
Chapter 341: Imprisoned Void
Chapter 342: Void creatures that tear apart space
Chapter 343: Hello from Runeterra!
Chapter 344: The desire to evolve goes beyond fear itself
Chapter 345: The glory of the past, the pace of the future
: I wish you all a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!
Chapter 346: Storm is coming to Ionia
Chapter 347: unrest begins
Chapter 348: Feather Blades from Vastaya
Chapter 349: The essence of anger is incompetence towards oneself
Chapter 350: new game breaker
Chapter 351: You taught me so well
Chapter 352: The way of balance exists in all things
Chapter 353: their respective missions
Chapter 354: figure walking out of the desert
Chapter 355: come
Chapter 356: Is the glory of the past still alive?
Chapter 357: A corner of history revealed
Chapter 358: lost to time
Chapter 359: Shurima Empire, glory still
Chapter 360: Xerath and Azir
Chapter 361: Trade in exchange for 1 name
Chapter 362: Current status and future
Chapter 363: 1 commission, 1 plan
Chapter 364: unexpected visitor to the library
Chapter 365: Empire is always the only one
Chapter 366: The first meeting of Cassiopeia and Sivir
Chapter 367: Game between 3 people
Chapter 368: sand of homeland
Chapter 369: Cassiopeia's Law of Survival
Chapter 370: Strength buried in sand
Chapter 371: Take the money and do the work!
Chapter 372: Meeting with the descendants of the deceased
Chapter 373: 1 way gallop
Chapter 274: Shocking changes after the mausoleum was opened
Chapter 275: ancestor
: 1 day off
Chapter 376: First time, Xerath!
Chapter 277: Seal opened
Chapter 378: The glory of Shurima, reappeared
Chapter 379: Demigods are not enough
Chapter 380: ambition!
Chapter 381: Strength welcomes respect
Chapter 382: return of the dead
Chapter 383: Shurima, your emperor is back!
Chapter 384: Aatrox's Teachings
Chapter 385: Under the stars
: 1 day off!
Chapter 386: Sivir's commission
Chapter 387: Cassiopeia's purpose
Chapter 388: Analysis and Ambition
Chapter 389: Protoss - Verdict
Chapter 390: Gravel that gathers towards Nerima Jie
Chapter 391: May Shurima be immortal!
Chapter 392: I do not deserve
Chapter 393: When I meet with MPs, I feel flustered
Chapter 394: Calculate and fight
Chapter 395: I would love to accept this gift!
Chapter 396: Battle of Ascension and Senator Trifali
Chapter 397: Disabled? Silo
Chapter 398: Empire Road
Chapter 399: I'm with you
: 1 day off
Chapter 400: Shurimans
Chapter 401: home for home
Chapter 402: Manipulate Shurima's hand
Chapter 403: Is magic a special talent?
Chapter 404: war knows its meaning
Chapter 405: In order to live up to His Highness Sivir's expectations!
Chapter 406: Which she are you talking about?
Chapter 407: The radiance of the sun and the remnants of blood
Chapter 408: This time, please do your best
Chapter 409: Meredith's Scroll
Chapter 410: new guest
Chapter 411: unwelcome climber
Chapter 412: The first level at the foot of the mountain
Chapter 413: unexpected intruder
Chapter 414: Protoss crisis
Chapter 415: Airship returning from Noxus
Chapter 416: Secret chat in boudoir
Chapter 417: Shurima, is about to rise again!
Chapter 418: gaze from heaven
Chapter 419: Protector Protoss - Tariq!
Chapter 420: keep me, need my consent
Chapter 421: exit
Chapter 422: I want all!
Chapter 423: Tiny creatures in heaven
Chapter 424: A leisurely figure walking out of the heaven
Chapter 425: old rhetoric
Chapter 426: Confused Kayn
Chapter 427: Crow's Shadow
Chapter 428: Familiar but unpleasant feeling
Chapter 429: Admit it, you don't have the power!
Chapter 430: From the dead, strong and weak
Chapter 431: Brothers are different
: 1 day off
Chapter 432: Inspired by Aurelion
Chapter 433: Energy and... Scorpions
Chapter 434: Come on an enjoyable adventure!
Chapter 435: Information transfer
Chapter 436: Ezreal, I adore you so much!
Chapter 437: Procrastination is victory
Chapter 438: Cave Survival
Chapter 439: surrounded danger
Chapter 440: reinforcements finally arrived
Chapter 441: imperial battle flag
Chapter 442: Permissions and the Shell People
Chapter 443: Crystal Scar
Chapter 444: perfect fit
Chapter 445: A surefire way to fall
Chapter 446: Shell People - Skarner
Chapter 447: Order from the Empire
Chapter 448: I am enough
Chapter 449: It's time to show the real technology
Chapter 450: Did you forget your goal?
Chapter 451: Imperial Experiment
Chapter 452: Zoe is so angry!
Chapter 453: I will protect you!
: 1 day off
Chapter 454: Scanner's last madness
Chapter 455: The palm of the tearing space
Chapter 456: next turmoil
Chapter 457: 1 trial
Chapter 458: balance meaning
Chapter 459: Controversy within the tribe
Chapter 460: different ideas
Chapter 461: not a world
Chapter 462: Empire Image
Chapter 463: Shocking gap
Chapter 464: For the tribe!
Chapter 465: meeting in the mountains
Chapter 466: Try to be strong (2 in 1)
Chapter 467:
Chapter 468: transaction list
Chapter 469: The tribe needs to be armed
Chapter 470: Kuzan's Conspiracy
Chapter 471: make a choice
Chapter 472: The Encounter of Nikurdo
Chapter 473: on board
Chapter 474: Pride of Piltover!
Chapter 475: Why Noxus is full of talent
Chapter 476: The Ionians enter the city
Chapter 477: Myrdalda Store
Chapter 478: meet
Chapter 479: The key to countering a balanced denomination
Chapter 480: Happy cooperation
Chapter 481: unexpectedly arrived MP
Chapter 482: Arya's request
Chapter 483: Camille's warning
Chapter 484: unending war
Chapter 485: The war has begun!
Chapter 486: Kayn's suggestion
Chapter 487: Proactive Liaison with Equilibrium
Chapter 488: Internal strife in Noxus
Chapter 489: moving empire
Chapter 490: Shurima status
Chapter 491: Ritual of the Shurima Empire
Chapter 492: Battle of Ogure
Chapter 493: See you after 0 years
Chapter 494: The power of judgment, the desire for strength!
Chapter 495: sane sivir
Chapter 496: Bachelor, we can be on your side
Chapter 497: 2 conditions
Chapter 498: Ascension plan in progress
Chapter 499: Judgment Protoss, there will be a battle
Chapter 500: Cassiopeia's Doubt
: 1 day off
Chapter 501: The plans of the parties
Chapter 502: Betrayal and sacrifice
Chapter 503: Protoss Whisper
Chapter 504: The Future of Protoss, Magic and Arcane
Chapter 505: Equivalent exchange
Chapter 506: The war begins, Darius' determination
Chapter 507: The multi-faceted influence of the empire
Chapter 508: Irelia and the future of Ionia
Chapter 509: conversation on the border
Chapter 510: Void God of War - Darius
Chapter 511: differences between civilizations
Chapter 512: The shock of the void
Chapter 513: Aftermath of the war
Chapter 514: Orianna's Crazy Ideas
: 1 day off
Chapter 515: behind the scenes
Chapter 516: Crimson's Conspiracy
Chapter 517: Determined Atreus
Chapter 518: falling into self-doubt
Chapter 519: the direction of the war
Chapter 520: brothers meet
Chapter 521: LeBlanc's idea
Chapter 522: Shurima's Core Competencies
Chapter 523: Ixtar, Ixoken!
Chapter 524: Instructing Qiyana
Chapter 525: Accidentally met Vastaya
Chapter 526: Yuntar Raiders
Chapter 527: Conversation under Taki
Chapter 528: new emperor ascends the throne
Chapter 529: Arrangement by Nerima
Chapter 530: meeting again with the crew
Chapter 531: Reunion on the Asgarth
Chapter 532: Sivir's mind
: 1 day off
Chapter 533: Audience Nicole
Chapter 534: The world is so scary!
Chapter 535: The wind brought by Sivir
Chapter 536: Both sides reach a consensus
Chapter 537: Teacher, I have business!
Chapter 538: You are so hidden...
Chapter 539: It's exactly what the teacher thought
Chapter 540: Mordekaiser, come here
Chapter 541: defense war
Chapter 542: Heart of Noxus
: 1 day off
Chapter 543: Shurima Confession
Chapter 544: Atreus' choice
Chapter 545: Demacia's Choice
Chapter 546: Ryan's orders
Chapter 547: Death's Dilemma
Chapter 548: Awareness and Ahead
Chapter 549: The war-torn village of Hareno
Chapter 550: Hee hee, death knocks on the door