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[MT]The Boss Wears a Book To a Woman(Quick time travel + heroine + book wear + one-to-one sweet pet) In the last century, Feng Ai, the boss of the last century, was so sad after losing his love that he actually traveled to the world of ...
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Latest chapter:Chapter 337: Conclusion

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《[MT]The Boss Wears a Book To a Woman》Latest chapter

Chapter 337: Conclusion
Chapter 337: Conclusion
Chapter 337: Conclusion
Chapter 336: Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 335: I see
Chapter 334: Cherish the people in front of you
Chapter 333: Men are meant to be pampered
Chapter 332: but i care about you more
Chapter 331: protect the calf one by one
Chapter 330: she said she loved me
Chapter 329: i only have you
Chapter 328: I have a favorite person
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Chapter 1: magnolia
Chapter 2: even wearing a book
Chapter 3: Prince Pingnan's daughter Nanjun
Chapter 4: she says
Chapter 5: love at first sight
Chapter 6: mother and child
Chapter 7: Long way to go
Chapter 8: share weal and woe
Chapter 9: I have already eaten
Chapter 10: follow me
Chapter 11: good for children
Chapter 12: can't be urgent
Chapter 13: I will not marry Lin Yan'er
Chapter 14: From Zhengjun to Outer Chamber
Chapter 15: Sister and wife
Chapter 16: Insatiable
Chapter 17: confusing
Chapter 18: Make people haggard for Yixiao
Chapter 19: An eyesore
Chapter 20: unlucky person
Chapter 21: Lin Yan'er
Chapter 22: Belonging
Chapter 23: why angry
Chapter 24: only you
Chapter 25: Suspect
Chapter 26: don't even think about it
Chapter 27: Retirement storm
Chapter 28: I don't believe those
Chapter 29: kicked out of the palace
Chapter 30: got closer
Chapter 31: Golden House Cangjiao
Chapter 32: Who is it for?
Chapter 33: favorite lotus
Chapter 34: Nanyuan entered the assassin
Chapter 35: sister yun er is so scared
Chapter 36: sneak back to Pingnan Palace
Chapter 37: Pingnan Palace Secret Guard
Chapter 38: Visit Pingnan Palace
Chapter 39: Love rivals are extremely jealous
Chapter 40: take the opportunity to divorce
Chapter 41: family
Chapter 42: lovesickness
Chapter 43: right from wrong black and white
Chapter 44: each flower into each eye
Chapter 45: He is the king of the palace
Chapter 46: no one is good enough
Chapter 47: Malingering
Chapter 48: i like you more
Chapter 49: palace banquet
Chapter 50: Three questions to solve husband's problems
Chapter 51: find that old lady
Chapter 52: face to face
Chapter 53: the truth came out
Chapter 54: double happiness
Chapter 55: Take away people's innocence
Chapter 56: marry me
Chapter 57: The king wants to marry him
Chapter 58: I do not deserve
Chapter 59: She is a banished fairy sent by God
Chapter 60: stop wishful thinking
Chapter 61: the regent is getting married
Chapter 62: jealous
Chapter 63: She is Prince Regent Nan Jun
Chapter 64: Are you waiting for the king to personally send you out?
Chapter 65: Does breakfast have to be this rich?
Chapter 66: How can the world be at peace when the house is restless
Chapter 67: Afraid of embarrassing her
Chapter 68: it was him
Chapter 69: Entering the palace banquet for the first time
Chapter 70: debut
Chapter 71: match made in heaven
Chapter 72: matching
Chapter 73: When the snipe and the clam compete, the fisherman gains
Chapter 74: Why are these things in the dowry?
Chapter 75: Nothing to do with Nanjun
Chapter 76: Didn't you say that I'll protect you?
Chapter 77: It's all the money-losing goods.
Chapter 78: Why does he have a bed to sleep in
Chapter 79: mistook him for someone else
Chapter 80: don't need your help
Chapter 81: repeat the old trick
Chapter 82: Prudence in words and deeds
Chapter 83: I think you are dirty
Chapter 84: reap the consequences
Chapter 85: As You Like It
Chapter 86: Lianqing
Chapter 87: you saved me
Chapter 88: you remember
Chapter 89: The Eighth Prince Returns to Beijing
Chapter 90: You only have love with that kid from the Qiao family
Chapter 91: Marriage
Chapter 92: she agreed
Chapter 93: The decree came too suddenly
Chapter 94: Suspect
Chapter 95: have we ever seen
Chapter 96: Mr. Lian fainted
Chapter 97: Greet relatives
Chapter 98: separate marriages have nothing to do with each other
Chapter 99: The Unfavored Eight Princes
Chapter 100: There is no good person in the Eight Princes' Mansion
Chapter 101: I am the husband she is marrying
Chapter 102: Are you not afraid of retribution?
Chapter 103: You finally came
Chapter 104: Do you believe in love at first sight
Chapter 105: Namjoon is an idiot
Chapter 106: Young master, Hong Xing is out of the wall, right?
Chapter 107: "Encounter" in the back garden
Chapter 108: You said he was my king's king
Chapter 109: who poisoned
Chapter 110: what to do with Wang Jun
Chapter 111: don't think about it
Chapter 112: Master hid a wild man
Chapter 113: Three thousand weak waters, just take a scoop to drink
Chapter 114: who does she like
Chapter 115: Who said that the prince of this king is not favored
Chapter 116: Qiao Yun protects his wife
Chapter 117: I see
Chapter 118: Speak the truth under the guise of being drunk
Chapter 119: Blessed are you
Chapter 120: Wang Jun lost...
Chapter 121: Spring breeze and jade dew meet
Chapter 122: You let me catch the dog, I will never catch the chicken
Chapter 123: son meets lover
Chapter 124: With Yun'er, what use is it for me to have this country?
Chapter 125: Assassins entered the Palace of the Eight Princes
Chapter 126: If you want to kill the king, you want to kill the king's heart
Chapter 127: Drive out of the Eight Princes' Mansion to fend for themselves
Chapter 128: She never had a coveted heart
Chapter 129: Who stipulates that children can only take their mother's surname
Chapter 130: Sisters fight each other to save the beauty
Chapter 131: don't go I'm afraid
Chapter 132: I'll take you here
Chapter 133: go forward don't look back
Chapter 134: Being a beggar is not easy
Chapter 135: I heard Mr. Qiao was hijacked
Chapter 136: How can you like a beggar
Chapter 137: you don't know how good she is
Chapter 138: saved him again
Chapter 139: marry back home earlier
Chapter 140: sorry to miss
Chapter 141: Cousin is going to marry Yun'er
Chapter 142: Unless he does not marry
Chapter 143: Palace flower feast
Chapter 144: The Peach Blossom of the Holy Majesty is here...
Chapter 145: This hall is going to marry Yun'er
Chapter 146: Is that woman really that good?
Chapter 147: how can that be
Chapter 148: He hasn't had time to thank her
Chapter 149: runaway
Chapter 150: what a beautiful boy
Chapter 151: The grace of the three salvations should be promised by the body
Chapter 152: Sister Jun is only good to Yun'er alone
Chapter 153: Yun'er has thin skin
Chapter 154: Something happened to Joe's house
Chapter 155: You've arrived at the main shrine...
Chapter 156: I only like Yuner alone
Chapter 157: In the face of disaster, fly separately
Chapter 158: what are you
Chapter 159: The winner is king, the loser is Kou
Chapter 160: can't wait to get married
Chapter 161: For a hundred years, I will protect you
Chapter 162: The regent has reached the age of marriage
Chapter 163: Your Majesty missed this king's lifelong event!
Chapter 164: I have everything
Chapter 165: I will treat Yun Er well forever
Chapter 166: he looks beautiful
Chapter 167: Sister Ji, she doesn't want him anymore...
Chapter 168: I will always guard Yun'er
Chapter 169: don't leave yuner
Chapter 170: Fortunately she is here
Chapter 171: She also said you're not normal
Chapter 172: Is Sister Jun getting married?
Chapter 173: Yun'er's is sister Yun's
Chapter 174: seems to have found something
Chapter 175: I am willing to fulfill you
Chapter 176: Obviously you bullied me
Chapter 177: you are not allowed to hug other men
Chapter 178: The holy emperor should drive himself to conquer
Chapter 179: The king is willing to go out on behalf of the holy driver
Chapter 180: Then you hug Yun'er
Chapter 181: Voluntarily enter the palace to accompany the king
Chapter 182: Beauty is like jade, sword is like rainbow
Chapter 183: Also ask the emperor to complete
Chapter 184: There is still a lack of a drummer in the Yuefu
Chapter 185: Master Sun also wants to play drums
Chapter 186: I didn't look at the almanac when I went out
Chapter 187: Confer the title of Prince of the Du family as Meijun
Chapter 188: Nan Jun missing in border accident
Chapter 189: why did you leave me
Chapter 190: He is the one she guarded with her life.
Chapter 191: Yun'er is almost going with you
Chapter 192: she really came back
Chapter 193: Welcome back to camp at the age of nine thousand
Chapter 194: Congratulations to the Empress Dowager
Chapter 195: Crown Princess Qiao Xuanjin
Chapter 196: The emperor passed away and the regent got married
Chapter 197: I'm afraid he won't be happy
Chapter 198: A few men in the harem
Chapter 199: He's already in her heart
Chapter 200: good intentions lead to disaster
Chapter 201: Serve my daily life
Chapter 202: Companion king is like companion tiger
Chapter 203: I call you Yun'er
Chapter 204: he is still clean
Chapter 205: The emperor called Qiao Shijun to sleep
Chapter 206: People can not escape from doing wrong
Chapter 207: he is always so kind
Chapter 208: then i do as you wish
Chapter 209: I want her to be nice to him only
Chapter 210: I never liked anyone but you
Chapter 211: Don't tell the emperor
Chapter 212: This is the child protecting you
Chapter 213: Daddy taught Yuner very well
Chapter 214: Regret
Chapter 215: I have Yuner enough
Chapter 216: The Prince of the North Kingdom Comes to Make a Marriage
Chapter 217: There are flowers that can be folded and straight to be folded
Chapter 218: take pity on the person in front of you
Chapter 219: adult beauty
Chapter 220: does the general care
Chapter 221: Her Highness the eldest daughter of the emperor strayed into Rushou Palace
Chapter 222: baby got it wrong
Chapter 223: allow you to be free
Chapter 224: What does my family matter have to do with you?
Chapter 225: I promise you to assassinate Nan Jun in peace
Chapter 226: you can trust me
Chapter 227: Forget the past
Chapter 228: nothing more
Chapter 229: The little prince in the Zhennan Prince's Mansion
Chapter 230: little fool
Chapter 231: Do you like that kind of boy?
Chapter 232: I don't want to poison her
Chapter 233: King Zhennan has reached the age of marriage
Chapter 234: will you always be nice to me
Chapter 235: I will call you sister from now on
Chapter 236: House seemingly endless rain
Chapter 237: Distribution according to work
Chapter 238: Assassinated again
Chapter 239: Joe House has one more survivor
Chapter 240: Turned out to be a thief
Chapter 241: Every man is innocent and pregnant with crime
Chapter 242: it was her
Chapter 243: then you know his real identity
Chapter 244: Kill the enemy
Chapter 245: Already have one heart and one mind
Chapter 246: she was raised by him
Chapter 247: i am your brother
Chapter 248: Things like killing chickens let me do it
Chapter 249: I can take care of you
Chapter 250: Absolutely no ordinary people's house
Chapter 251: I'll do the rough work later
Chapter 252: The money at home belongs to you
Chapter 253: duplicity guy
Chapter 254: life is much better
Chapter 255: she treats you so well
Chapter 256: just blinded
Chapter 257: how can you get into my bed
Chapter 258: life is ordinary
Chapter 259: Why didn't one of her ears freeze off?
Chapter 260: matchmaker
Chapter 261: I will take good care of you
Chapter 262: Misunderstand
Chapter 263: make a deal first
Chapter 264: I already have someone I like
Chapter 265: I want to hold you to sleep so I won't be cold
Chapter 266: it's me who wants to occupy you
Chapter 267: no one can tear us apart
Chapter 268: why can't we be together
Chapter 269: Gratitude
Chapter 270: what did you find
Chapter 271: Nan Jun's life experience
Chapter 272: Where did the thief come from?
Chapter 273: It's a pity to match you
Chapter 274: Being my husband must be happier than yours
Chapter 275: Kaikyo
Chapter 276: Miss Yi is back home
Chapter 277: Kung fu is not weak
Chapter 278: Mouth good intentions bad mouth honey belly sword
Chapter 279: country girl
Chapter 280: future young master
Chapter 281: go away or die
Chapter 282: on purpose
Chapter 283: what are you
Chapter 284: no harm without comparison
Chapter 285: complete
Chapter 286: slap in the face
Chapter 287: Nanjia has a female name in the world
Chapter 288: Hikijaide Cave
Chapter 289: come to light
Chapter 290: Dust settled big wedding
Chapter 291: You can recognize him at a glance
Chapter 292: And the prince is so arrogant
Chapter 293: what is she trying to draw
Chapter 294: cute or not cute
Chapter 295: Yuanjia road is narrow
Chapter 296: Nothing to do
Chapter 297: assassinated by the river
Chapter 298: First Arrive at Nine Princes Mansion
Chapter 299: uninvited guest
Chapter 300: The drunk little prince loves to act like a baby
Chapter 301: Mission to Jiangnan
Chapter 302: Looking for Miracle Doctor Xue Shengbai
Chapter 303: A chance encounter with a delicate young man
Chapter 304: Seeing Xue Shengbai for the first time
Chapter 305: marry my apprentice
Chapter 306: It's good to be happy
Chapter 307: The little prince forced marriage
Chapter 308: i would like
Chapter 309: just want him
Chapter 310: It's really not a good thing
Chapter 311: As You Like It
Chapter 312: The new transfer student is beautiful and sassy
Chapter 313: Students should help each other
Chapter 314: Evened out
Chapter 315: please eat
Chapter 316: Reciprocity
Chapter 317: why not do the last big question
Chapter 318: little fool answer the phone
Chapter 319: because i like you
Chapter 320: dare not like
Chapter 321: But I'm more afraid that something will happen to you
Chapter 322: Take it out on him
Chapter 323: take him away
Chapter 324: I'm willing to do anything for you
Chapter 325: see you at university
Chapter 326: Qiao Yun who was "nurtured"
Chapter 327: I'm not looking for her money
Chapter 328: I have a favorite person
Chapter 329: i only have you
Chapter 330: she said she loved me
Chapter 331: protect the calf one by one
Chapter 332: but i care about you more
Chapter 333: Men are meant to be pampered
Chapter 334: Cherish the people in front of you
Chapter 335: I see
Chapter 336: Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 337: Conclusion
Chapter 337: Conclusion
Chapter 337: Conclusion