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[MT]Reborn In the Tokyo Bubble EraReborn in Tokyo in 1986, Tao Zhiming rose gracefully in the bubble era. Starting from Tokyo, he is the most important young man behind the bustling times. Wealth, woman; power, fame. Tao Zhiming is li...
[MT]Reborn In the Tokyo Bubble Era is a Action Fantasy manga created by Half an Mu Nanshan,read the latest chapters of [MT]Reborn In the Tokyo Bubble Era online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:: The new book "1993 Fenghua at a Glance" has been released

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《[MT]Reborn In the Tokyo Bubble Era》Latest chapter

: The new book "1993 Fenghua at a Glance" has been released
: The new book "Great Mercy and Great Compassion Cyber ​​Immortal" has been released
: Finish this testimonial
Chapter 600: Gou Dalang is still drinking medicine (end of the book)
Chapter 599: Be the queen of internet media
Chapter 598: At the moment of the decisive battle, Tao Zhiming, who lost the red eye, was stripped naked
Chapter 597: On the Skills of Selling Big Fishing Boats
Chapter 596: I want to see you in red
: Busy today, working overtime
Chapter 595: attack the heart, seek the country
Chapter 594: Li Ju's robbery, butterfly wings
Chapter 593: he gave too much
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《[MT]Reborn In the Tokyo Bubble Era》all chapters

Chapter 1: Dalang died early
Chapter 2: future raptors
Chapter 3: Tokyo is about to get hot (for collection)
Chapter 4: The benefits of a degree
Chapter 5: People who are very boring in their small days (please collect and ask for tickets)
Chapter 6: life's playground
Chapter 7: Inexplicable discrimination (reward and ticket)
Chapter 8: performance fee
Chapter 9: Runa Onodera's decision
Chapter 10: special interview
Chapter 11: Housewife? (please support)
Chapter 12: Open an account
Chapter 13: Bet (thanks to the leader Midnight Moore's reward)
Chapter 14: Zhentang Group
Chapter 15: power of words
Chapter 16: unpredictable man
Chapter 17: Impressed (please ask for votes)
Chapter 18: amazing performance
Chapter 19: The Flower of Kendo Club (please ask for a ticket)
Chapter 20: counting money
Chapter 21: Self-closing yakuza
Chapter 22: The stocks that I'm speculating are actually my own
Chapter 23:
Chapter 24: 100 billion
Chapter 25: bewitched
Chapter 26: Encounter in a foreign country (recommended ticket)
Chapter 27: Hi Pi?
Chapter 28: Waiting for an amateur
Chapter 29: Romance by chance
Chapter 30: just tonight
Chapter 31: The right way to use money?
Chapter 32: miss peaches
Chapter 33: Do you like housewives?
Chapter 34: Task
Chapter 35: i live with him
Chapter 36: Special agreement (vote request)
Chapter 37: The right way to squeeze a house
Chapter 38: father or brother
Chapter 39: hidden heart
Chapter 40: young man's ambition
Chapter 41: Bland yakuza battle
Chapter 42: Premium Client
Chapter 43: noble son
Chapter 44: Jiu Mina's flesh hurts (please ask for votes)
Chapter 45: terminal
Chapter 46: mixed blood
Chapter 47: undercurrent
Chapter 48: Resurrection of old love? (seeking votes)
Chapter 49: Dedicated ATM (please ask for a ticket)
Chapter 50: I want to play sword with you
Chapter 51: rogue means
Chapter 52: Hack him!
Chapter 53: There is a taste (please ask for a ticket)
Chapter 54: Their opponent is me!
Chapter 55: layout
Chapter 56: Mogami Kekakucho
Chapter 57: Manage beautiful girls
Chapter 58: butterfly wings
Chapter 59: here comes the fried fish
Chapter 60: Yangmou
Chapter 61: heartbeat
Chapter 62: i want to open a ballroom
Chapter 63: each has ghosts
Chapter 64: control the fourth
Chapter 65: Make huge profits (seeking votes)
Chapter 66: I want to eat this dish
Chapter 67: Confessions to Reuna
Chapter 68: more cards
Chapter 69: Research the Sword of Finance
Chapter 70: Arrived! (seeking votes)
Chapter 71: Tao Jun likes this type?
Chapter 72: After the robbery...
Chapter 73: complete collapse
Chapter 74: bubble bath event
Chapter 75: Undercover for three years
Chapter 76: After all, you are not a devil (please ask for votes)
Chapter 77: Want to get you!
Chapter 78: I can't stay here any longer (please ask for a ticket)
Chapter 79: Runa's heart
Chapter 80: Tsundere vs Rogue
Chapter 81: Thank you Mr. Yamamoto
Chapter 82: taste of hometown
Chapter 83: sonorous Lin Qiyu
Chapter 84: thesis signature
Chapter 85: teach you swordsmanship
Chapter 86: Mr. Shana, do it again
Chapter 87: night party housewife
Chapter 88: Lin Qiyu's suggestion (vote request)
Chapter 89: what is the big secret
Chapter 90: What kind of bed is in the research room?
Chapter 91: A piece of land worth 2 trillion
Chapter 92: Opportunities in National Railway Privatization
Chapter 93: Why can't Dalang think about it?
Chapter 94: It feels so good to grow leeks
Chapter 95: mellow and delicious
Chapter 96: Participate in real estate wars
Chapter 97: inexplicable anger
Chapter 98: Tokyo is surging
Chapter 99: "Cinderella" boy
Chapter 100: Another million points
Chapter 101: Sun Zhengyi at a low point in life?
Chapter 102: Special planning briefing
Chapter 103: The great potter?
Chapter 104: An inch of land and an inch of gold
Chapter 105: the focus of contention
Chapter 106: Ueda Shana's request
Chapter 107: help me beat my fiancé
Chapter 108: Make a decision
Chapter 109: center of storm
Chapter 110: coming soon
Chapter 111: professional manager
Chapter 112: Good attitude Ryu Inoue
Chapter 113: Friends and start action
Chapter 114: trembling in the dark
Chapter 115: Strong and self-confidence
Chapter 116: Testimonials
Chapter 117: Action upgrade (please order first)
Chapter 118: Desperate (for the first order)
Chapter 119: The things that big people pay attention to (please order first)
Chapter 120: Crazy Money Game (please order first)
Chapter 121: No sleep tonight (please order first)
Chapter 122: Unlock? (for the first order)
Chapter 123: A man with tens of billions of yen (please order first)
Chapter 124: The boss is fierce (please order first)
Chapter 125: yakuza is also a normal person (please order first)
Chapter 126: Current situation (please order first)
Chapter 127: Zhao's holding? (please subscribe 1/4)
Chapter 128: Tao Zhiming's first move (2/4)
Chapter 129: Doubt and Decision (3/4)
Chapter 130: The water is starting to get muddy (4/4 ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 131: Why are you only interested in these? (1/4)
Chapter 132: The first fire of payment day (2/4 for subscription)
Chapter 133: Consortium Shake (3/4)
Chapter 134: Face-to-face Takanao Takeda (4/4)
Chapter 135: The truth (1/4 for subscription)
Chapter 136: The best solution (2/4)
Chapter 137: Dirty Means (3/4)
Chapter 138: Day Club Housewives (4/4)
Chapter 139: Shocking news (1/4 for subscription)
Chapter 140: Blurred (2/4 for votes)
Chapter 141: Finally got it (3/4 for subscription)
Chapter 142: Take Control (4/4)
Chapter 143: Weaving the Web (1/4 for subscription)
Chapter 144: Close the net (2/4 for subscription)
Chapter 145: Closing and Assignment (3/4)
Chapter 146: Top Pleasure of Twelve Single Kings (4/4)
Chapter 147: The dust settles (1/4)
Chapter 148: Fame grows (2/4)
Chapter 149: Ueda Masahiro is invited (3/4)
Chapter 150: Break Defense (4/4)
Chapter 151: Road Encounter Sister
Chapter 152: Sing to me?
Chapter 153: first open condition
Chapter 154: Get in my car (please subscribe)
Chapter 155: In the future, we ourselves will be a consortium!
Chapter 156: approach him
Chapter 157: chat with me
Chapter 158: chess piece
Chapter 159: He will not be a good husband (please subscribe)
Chapter 160: What's on the third floor?
Chapter 161: The best hot springs in Kusatsuyu
Chapter 162: Heavenly Enjoyment and Hell's Dilemma (please subscribe)
Chapter 163: Tao Zhiming and Sun Zhengyi
Chapter 164: roar of fate
Chapter 165: Invited by the chairman of Mitsubishi
Chapter 166: VIP
Chapter 167: Reckless etiquette
Chapter 168: Dominance is status (please subscribe)
Chapter 169: sacrifice heart
Chapter 170: Is there something wrong with this woman?
Chapter 171: The means of the beasts
Chapter 172: help me!
Chapter 173: Check your body first
Chapter 174: firm heart
Chapter 175: proposal not envisaged
Chapter 176: The True Purpose of Mitsubishi (2/4)
Chapter 177: You also know I'm getting stronger (3/4)
Chapter 178: He can't beat himself (4/4 for subscription)
Chapter 179: Follow me and have meat
Chapter 180: Invitation to buy hearts (2/4)
Chapter 181: Rival PK farce (3/4 for subscription)
Chapter 182: Ambush 500 swordsmen to cut you
Chapter 183: wily riddle man
Chapter 184: Sun Zhengyi pulls investment?
Chapter 185: One by one is very confident (please subscribe)
Chapter 186: Investing in SoftBank
Chapter 187: My wife and daughter you raise them (please subscribe)
Chapter 188: I raise your wife and daughter
Chapter 189: Before the storm (please subscribe)
Chapter 190: real world
Chapter 191: However, I refuse! (please subscribe)
Chapter 192: I'll marry the Ueda family! (please subscribe)
Chapter 193: Riddler Defensive Expert
Chapter 194: Punishment
Chapter 195: Some people are stupid if they are brave (for the hall master)
Chapter 196: pledge
Chapter 197: confrontation
Chapter 198: Unexpected appearance
Chapter 199: This is the main character script!
Chapter 200: show embarrassing cancer
Chapter 201: Special training begins
Chapter 202: I'm on TV (plus ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 203: Request camera support!
Chapter 204: Hokazu Uri and Tohoshin
Chapter 205: Seeing the Blood Sign (seeking Subscription Request Monthly Pass)
Chapter 206: Next steps (big
Chapter 207: Dalang, it's time to take medicine
Chapter 208: I can't let go
Chapter 209: Advertising offensive
Chapter 210: Perfect solution
Chapter 211: Pantao Club (seek Subscription for Monthly Pass)
Chapter 212: Fan meeting?
: The boutique is coming, ask for a subscription and a monthly pass
Chapter 213: How about a stage name?
Chapter 214: Suspicion of all parties (please subscribe)
Chapter 215: The magic of that name
Chapter 216: unexpected woman
Chapter 217: The secret of the fourth floor of the shrine
Chapter 218: real goal
Chapter 219: reception briefing
Chapter 220: Ask the University of Tokyo to expel him (2/5 ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 221: Is the daughter going to lie? (3/5 ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 222: Shackles and Means (4/5 ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 223: There is a reason to be a Riddler (5/5 ask for a monthly pass)
: Extras: background notes
Chapter 224: Exchange of information (ask for a guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 225: The consciousness of sacrifice (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 226: Crush your self-esteem! (Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 227: Concentrate on being a prodigal
Chapter 228: expulsion inquiry
Chapter 229: Profile of Kenta-senpai
Chapter 230: Iwasaki Kuranosuke
Chapter 231: behind the scenes
Chapter 232: Big boss exclusive pit (please subscribe)
Chapter 233: No regrets
Chapter 234: reading comprehension
Chapter 235: Hardcore shock (3/4 for subscription)
Chapter 236: Shana's determination (boutique plus more)
Chapter 237: best time
Chapter 238: really grow up
Chapter 239: victim and suspect
Chapter 240: The undercurrent behind the arrest
Chapter 241: the controller's means
Chapter 242: once-in-a-lifetime drama
Chapter 243: Nocturne: Prelude
Chapter 244: Nocturne: Drumming
Chapter 245: Nocturne: Beauty
Chapter 246: Nocturne: Drama
Chapter 247: rally to the battlefield
Chapter 248: It's not a title party this time
Chapter 249: see the picture
Chapter 250: Want to be decent?
Chapter 251: The end of the road (end asking for subscription)
: The second volume of testimonials summed up
Chapter 252: Preparations before the grand debut (beginning to subscribe)
Chapter 253: It's fun and hot here, I don't think about Tokyo
Chapter 254: Shana wants to turn over to be the master
Chapter 255: big man in remote place
Chapter 256: Sister Quan Shui is afraid
Chapter 257: Back to hot Tokyo
Chapter 258: The peaches are good in the peach club
Chapter 259: You have to know the tricks!
Chapter 260: Yelang Club
Chapter 261: I'm here to do the task
Chapter 262: Secretary's Consciousness
Chapter 263: new enemy
Chapter 264: Dressed up again
Chapter 265: Infringement Prosecution
Chapter 266: Practice the profound meaning of life
Chapter 267: Dream Ballroom
Chapter 268: Shocking debut (please subscribe)
Chapter 269: atmosphere expert
Chapter 270: Palace fighting drama?
Chapter 271: Eat peaches on special days
Chapter 272: The Consciousness of Three Women
Chapter 273: Professional (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 274: One daughter and two marriages?
Chapter 275: The second battle
Chapter 276: DISCO of Tokyo Noro
Chapter 277: Look at my cake, it's big and delicious
Chapter 278: Century Scumbag (plus ask for a monthly pass)
Chapter 279: Shura Field is completed
Chapter 280: The first time I heard it was already in the song
Chapter 281: Scumbag, I'll beat it up
Chapter 282: There is no pressure to be evil
Chapter 283: Punishment scene
Chapter 284: real purpose
Chapter 285: 1 billion yuan in assets (plus a monthly ticket)
Chapter 286: i want a child too
Chapter 287: First time to Hong Island
Chapter 288: wealthy family
Chapter 289: The ambition to surprise the boss
Chapter 290: Fire Cloud Cthulhu
Chapter 291: Famous Fragrant Island
Chapter 292: official debut
Chapter 293: A soft knife stabbed at the ballroom
: take time off
Chapter 294: The three-axe chops the soft knife (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 295: The Casual Effect of the Membership Card Model
Chapter 296:
: A million-word summary, just a few words
Chapter 297: king of nightclubs
Chapter 298: The pressure of electricity
Chapter 299: Baptism of King Zhai (plus a guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 300: manga first person
Chapter 301: The mysterious potter
Chapter 302: deep meaning in wine
Chapter 303: Install until you crash
Chapter 304: Charitable family?
Chapter 305: position of strength
Chapter 306: photo queen
Chapter 307: Tao Zhiming's black pot
Chapter 308: The spring water has changed
Chapter 309: Bank help
Chapter 310: Upgrade your karaoke
Chapter 311: meat on hook
Chapter 312: Akina Nakamori's request
Chapter 313: friend tone
Chapter 314: Neon Prince
Chapter 315: Heisei no Oni's Anbu Secret
Chapter 316: self-harm
Chapter 317: to go to jail
Chapter 318: assets doubled
Chapter 319: goddess
Chapter 320: 30 times annual revenue
Chapter 321: money event
Chapter 322: The most fragrant conference hall
Chapter 323: want more
: Change the update time today
Chapter 324: Immortals are also workers
Chapter 325: The bubble era is officially here
Chapter 326: now as then
Chapter 327: Kansai STYLE
Chapter 328: trillion threshold
Chapter 329: Two women with different styles
Chapter 330: The enjoyment of triplets Athena
Chapter 331: Very fragrant pastry (replenishment for monthly ticket)
Chapter 332: Beautify yourself
Chapter 333: Crisis PR
Chapter 334: violent speech therapy
Chapter 335: Nirvana rebirth
Chapter 336: The idea of ​​resorting to the Greater Bay Area
Chapter 337: Surprises related to yachts
Chapter 338: A new member of the 1 billion yuan club
Chapter 339: Introducer? no, bargainer
Chapter 340: Yachting technology
Chapter 341: the eve of the event
Chapter 342: beyond expectations
Chapter 343: successors
Chapter 344: unexpected invitation
Chapter 345: Can also row boats
Chapter 346: Perfect match
Chapter 347: Ueda Family Events
Chapter 348: A big layout around a big bubble
Chapter 349: Good genes to spread to five continents
Chapter 350: blow bubbles, blow a big bubble
Chapter 351: skyrocketing opportunity
Chapter 352: Tokyo Girls Featured
Chapter 353: Central bank visit
Chapter 354: The richest man and stunning
Chapter 355: The richest man is actually a crammer (seeking a monthly pass)
Chapter 356: Battle of the old guys
Chapter 357: Peach True White (ask monthly pass)
Chapter 358: Dr. Rumi
Chapter 359: Neon man waving banknotes
Chapter 360: Scan the most expensive
Chapter 361: Opportunity to take a stake in Bloomberg
Chapter 362: American team
Chapter 363: american sweetheart
Chapter 364: That's how he became the cover character
Chapter 365: Set off a sensation (replenishment for votes)
Chapter 366: worldwide attention
Chapter 367: Conspiracy against Asmar
Chapter 368: the body is just a tool
Chapter 369: a woman is waiting for you
Chapter 370: What is unrestrained?
Chapter 371: Flower care? NO, fold flowers, fold hard
Chapter 372: Attraction of 1 billion yuan new rich
Chapter 373: to marry a Mrs.
Chapter 374: Auction a date (1/4)
Chapter 375: It was me who was collected stamps (2/4)
Chapter 376: Auntie you are handsome and young (3/4)
Chapter 377: Rowing Rodeo (4/4)
Chapter 378: Mrs Leigh's Olive Branch
Chapter 379: The ubiquitous Taoya people
Chapter 380: The Ueda family breaks through the "tolerance" of imagination
Chapter 381: The ambition of the governor of Tokyo
Chapter 382: Introduce wolves
Chapter 383: I'll cut her off
Chapter 384: Tokyo Bizarre Festival
Chapter 385: bubble age girl
Chapter 386: The party of the rich list neon sub-list?
Chapter 387: Iwasaki Ryunosuke's Courage
Chapter 388: public grain battle
Chapter 389: Taoya's suspicion
Chapter 390: poison bait
Chapter 391: Riko Fukaya
Chapter 392: face fruit owner
Chapter 393: The bad taste of running dogs
: One more day off today
Chapter 394: show weakness
Chapter 395: Is the soundproofing of yachts really good?
Chapter 396: Technical adjustment (replenishment for ticket)
Chapter 397: gluttonous feast (replenishment for tickets)
Chapter 398: Ten billion yuan iron fist
Chapter 399: play the rescuer
Chapter 400: Clouds and rains thousands of miles away
Chapter 401: Giving charcoal to billionaires
Chapter 402: Who won't copy the bottom?
Chapter 403: Prime Minister's invitation
Chapter 404: scary event
Chapter 405: I don't trade logs
Chapter 406: Prepared 250 billion yen
Chapter 407: One-year 320 million yuan big deal
Chapter 408: Is Columbia Pictures interested?
Chapter 409: A behind-the-scenes mogul who fuels ambition
Chapter 410: The beginning of Heisei
Chapter 411: The sickle is raised
Chapter 412: They're all diggers
Chapter 413: The strongest and fattest pig (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 414: Miss Hong Kong appointed by Prince Merry (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 415: Inhumane Romance
Chapter 416: This wind has to take hold
Chapter 417: After the show, play here and play there (please ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 418: Ten billion yuan short the neon stock index
Chapter 419: Miserable and wronged Taoya people (seeking monthly pass)
Chapter 420: Follow-up turmoil of log trading (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 421: Your own consortium (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 422: dead bodies
Chapter 423: The ultimate plan for the harvest
Chapter 424: Three generations, three dramas
Chapter 425: Here, decide the future of neon!
Chapter 426: Above the summit (adding updates for the leader MikoyanMing)
Chapter 427: natural hunter
Chapter 428: A target worth 170 billion yuan
Chapter 429: If I were Mr. Ueda, I would be very angry
Chapter 430: he gave too much
Chapter 431: all fishermen
Chapter 432: carnival before the collapse
Chapter 433: numb, acting numb
Chapter 434: hidden treasure
Chapter 435: heart to heart
Chapter 436: debt collection to tokyo
Chapter 437: Have a heart? no, run away you idiot
Chapter 438: me from the stars
Chapter 439: Different ways, forget each other in the rivers and lakes
Chapter 440: Showa's last stunning look delivered to your door?
Chapter 441: Choose you, play the drama of life
Chapter 442: How much impact can a movie have?
Chapter 443: The brain bowl has a big hole to have this idea
Chapter 444: Ueda's father is used to being a subordinate
Chapter 445: Your son-in-law holds a star, you don't cut him?
Chapter 446: In what way am I worse than Jiro?
Chapter 447: The last one like you was Sakai Springs
Chapter 448: Oda Nobunaga's old site?
Chapter 449: This beauty plan is a bit outrageous
Chapter 450: Han Han Witch's Revenge?
Chapter 451: Shana recognized her so quickly?
Chapter 452: Ask God to speak to you
Chapter 453: Night raid on Miko Island?
Chapter 454: The Last Echoes of the Showa Era
Chapter 455: Explosion of program effects
Chapter 456: Kansai people are stupid
Chapter 457: Madden Insider
Chapter 458: drop her off the plane and see if she can fly
Chapter 459: Poor weak and helpless witch
Chapter 460: The trap is deep in the witch
Chapter 461: Nobuhiko Rakugawa desperately dies
Chapter 462: There must be seven fairies at the Peach Fair
Chapter 463: Prostitute 15% of the shares
Chapter 464: The title is very long, you Kang Yikang
Chapter 465: The response to the marriage news
Chapter 466: During the Tokyo Carnival
Chapter 467: Catch an old fish with a flick of the hook
Chapter 468: you don't know i don't know
Chapter 469: Do you want me to die, or do you want me to live?
Chapter 470: elusive old fox
Chapter 471: The man who wants to transform the archipelago
: I have to take a day off today
Chapter 472: Twenty years of intrigue
Chapter 473: The last craziness
Chapter 474: Invite them all to the wedding
Chapter 475: Who knows the prodigal heart?
Chapter 476: Pottery Harem Nonproliferation Plan
Chapter 477: impure wedding
Chapter 478: Harmonious honeymoon
Chapter 479: Is this Tao Zhiming credible?
Chapter 480: Wenchun Cannon launched to Tao Zhiming
Chapter 481: I also like to make big news
Chapter 482: Come check me, come check me!
Chapter 483: The joint investigation team is stationed, Tao Dalang, who is about to be abandoned
Chapter 484: like gods, incredible results
Chapter 485: walking financial mushroom
Chapter 486: Is this divine punishment?
Chapter 487: Accidental whistleblower, come and fencing!
Chapter 488: I have a daughter who is fifteen now
Chapter 489: Let the Special Search Department be dispatched!
Chapter 490: Dalang's last wave?
Chapter 491: The whole neon is solving puzzles!
Chapter 492: Besieged Tao Dalang
Chapter 493: The most luxurious scene of the cast?
Chapter 494: If the boat capsizes, the neon will be over
Chapter 495: The ghost is me
Chapter 496: Big is coming?
Chapter 497: don't make me show up
Chapter 498: Boarding or diving into the sea? The Great Wave of the Warring States Period
Chapter 499: It has been announced, the identity of God!
Chapter 500: Kidnapping a **** has serious consequences
: take a day off today
Chapter 501: The sparkling fireworks that ignite the collapse of the bubbles
Chapter 502: Shura Field? nonexistent
Chapter 503: The Divine Comedy of Nuclear Explosion for the Cross-Dimensional Ensemble of this Era
Chapter 504: The Hero of the Oni of Heisei Appears
Chapter 505: Triple wild return? No, triple wild dad!
Chapter 506: The day the bubble burst!
Chapter 507: Taosang nuclear explosion: the last trading day of the first year of Heisei
Chapter 508: Brave neon, not afraid of difficulties - by Tao Dad
Chapter 509: Squeeze on the underworld car, jump into the deep pit
Chapter 510: Taohe seven-party talks?
Chapter 511: The leek grows tall, so it can be swaggering green
Chapter 512: The first fat sheep is you
Chapter 513: It's time to stabilize Godhead!
Chapter 514: Brain hypoxia is more likely to be fooled
Chapter 515: Neon! Go in the direction I'm pointing!
Chapter 516: He was stunned! He is in a hurry! He broke the defense!
Chapter 517: Under the gram! Gene therapy!
Chapter 518: Let the world shake, a new era is coming!
Chapter 519: Cherry blossoms are like blood, Tokyo's rooftops are about to get lively
: take a day off today
: About the update and the plot, explain
Chapter 520: Last Struggles (1/3)
Chapter 521: The bullets of the times fly in the long night (2/3)
Chapter 522: It has already begun: the great storm ignited by the yakuza
Chapter 523: What kind of character are you, you want me to give face?
Chapter 524: The same is yakuza, some are dogs, some are dogs
Chapter 525: Bloody cherry blossoms, people crushed by the fingers of gods
Chapter 526: What is the richest goddess, should bow her head and have to bow her head
Chapter 527: Welfare in danger, and vitality?
Chapter 528: In the future, it is you who will be able to fight against the gods!
Chapter 529: Cruel and vicious master and howling dog
Chapter 530: devil
Chapter 531: Come on, Renba, the acting explodes
: Take a vacation with a severe cold
Chapter 532: When President Horikawa came down from the seat and called Dad
Chapter 533: The preaching of God, the shackles of a nation!
: No pigeons... just no empty yards...
Chapter 534: Desperate crowds, new suicide shrines
Chapter 535: The richest man who killed, the superman who warned him (asking for a monthly pass)
Chapter 536: His smile is not protective, he is really happy (
Chapter 537: Central Bank Independence, Financial Supervisory Office Establishment: More Violent
Chapter 538: Times BGM (Happy New Year to everyone)
Chapter 539: Orange is very good (please ask for a guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 540: The biggest haunted house in Tokyo
: New Year's party, already drunk
Chapter 541: Whoever sins against his women will be cold
Chapter 542: Make arrangements, you can collect the network
Chapter 543: real **** bastard
Chapter 544: A man who can come up with 100 billion yuan!
Chapter 545: The sacrifice of the era he dominated: the fall of the five dynasties
Chapter 546: I wanted to be in general, in exchange for my father
: I'm on a business trip, hiccup~
Chapter 547: Mass attack from beauties
Chapter 548: Unprecedented Christmas present
Chapter 549: The Last Offering at the Gates of Heaven
Chapter 550: Sleepless night, or long sleep?
Chapter 551: Eat a solid meal before hitting the road
: Ichiji Hara
: make a negotiation
Chapter 552: Generations change, "heroes" hit the floor (Happy New Year)
: New Year's Eve and Drinks
Chapter 553: people all over the world
: I'm guilty
Chapter 554: Off-book debt
Chapter 555: Who are you planning to cheat?
Chapter 556: Let some of the neon people roll up first
Chapter 557: Those who come out will be hacked one day
Chapter 558: Yui Irie is so scary
Chapter 559: why is it you again? Why is it always you?
Chapter 560: no lower limit
Chapter 561: Unexpected expansion
Chapter 562: Ultimate Shura Field
Chapter 563: Family and state affairs are done together
Chapter 564: Tao Zhiming
Chapter 565: numb and numb
: I owe it today
Chapter 566: family meeting
Chapter 567: The tenth person in the millennium to block the big battle
Chapter 568: It's true human nature
Chapter 569: The former richest man who was ruined
Chapter 570: Who is the enemy and who is the friend?
Chapter 571: bargain, gain
Chapter 572: The final weapon Yukiko Ueda
Chapter 573: Storm escalation, treacherous future
Chapter 574: Wang Zhai is actually me
Chapter 575: Live out the value of united front
Chapter 576: Banzawa, he came with the stereo on his back
Chapter 577: I want that big fishing boat
Chapter 578: 5 billion yuan of bait
Chapter 579: Sumitomo: The enemy is actually me?
Chapter 580: Neon's last sword?
: Extra Story: The Rise and Fall of Changxin Bank
Chapter 581: end of an era
Chapter 582: Only profit is Tu Tao Dalang
Chapter 583: I am for the Blues and also the Black Hand
Chapter 584: The organization sent you to lurk beside me?
Chapter 585: that doesn't make any sense
Chapter 586: Xia people do not lie to Xia people
Chapter 587: The official birth of the Sanyou Foundation
: wilted today
Chapter 588: upheaval
Chapter 589: God's return
Chapter 590: The Great Mercy, Great Compassion, Dalang Bodhisattva, the Era of Great Dreamers
Chapter 591: master swordsman
Chapter 592: Turn your hands for the cloud and cover your hands for the rain
: I need to think about this episode
: Extra: Plot description of the special operation
Chapter 593: he gave too much
Chapter 594: Li Ju's robbery, butterfly wings
Chapter 595: attack the heart, seek the country
: Busy today, working overtime
Chapter 596: I want to see you in red
Chapter 597: On the Skills of Selling Big Fishing Boats
Chapter 598: At the moment of the decisive battle, Tao Zhiming, who lost the red eye, was stripped naked
Chapter 599: Be the queen of internet media
Chapter 600: Gou Dalang is still drinking medicine (end of the book)
: Finish this testimonial
: The new book "Great Mercy and Great Compassion Cyber ​​Immortal" has been released
: The new book "1993 Fenghua at a Glance" has been released