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[MT]Rebirth: Fight For LifeThe new book “Rebirth in the Tokyo Bubble Era” has been uploaded and is collected by Urban Business Literature. Gu Song, a graduate of Yan University, was reborn back to his sophom...
[MT]Rebirth: Fight For Life is a Romance manga created by Half an Mu Nanshan,read the latest chapters of [MT]Rebirth: Fight For Life online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:: New book "Reborn Tokyo Bubble Era" has been signed

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《[MT]Rebirth: Fight For Life》Latest chapter

: New book "Reborn Tokyo Bubble Era" has been signed
: New book "I picked up a reborn cat" for collection
: Finish this testimonial
Chapter 835: end
Chapter 834: Advent (3/4)
Chapter 833: Global Unrest (2/4)
Chapter 832: Adventure Leap (1/4)
Chapter 831: seeds of hatred
Chapter 830: Goblin's Enemy
Chapter 829: The truth about the Enlightenment Program
Chapter 828: heady situation
Chapter 827: Extremely hot pair
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《[MT]Rebirth: Fight For Life》all chapters

Chapter 1: Xueba returns to 2001, regret and ambition
Chapter 2: Small goals, starting with convincing parents
Chapter 3: Go back to class 1 and take the Yanda exam again
Chapter 4: I'm here to apply for a teacher
Chapter 5: Doubi Erha's Ambition
Chapter 6: What is the Flint Project?
Chapter 7: The take-off of reading men starts with borrowing money
Chapter 8: Talk about money to enhance feelings
Chapter 9: million is just around the corner
Chapter 10: have me from now on
Chapter 11: Cengong's expectations
Chapter 12: I just want to go to the yard immediately
Chapter 13: Hao Qiuyun with headache
Chapter 14: exposed again
Chapter 15: plant a tree
Chapter 16: family dinner
Chapter 17: was visited
Chapter 18: been taxed
Chapter 19: Then have a fight
Chapter 20: Mullinfi is here
Chapter 21: Master Gu's class
Chapter 22: to Yanjing
Chapter 23: Trafficking champion
Chapter 24: The chosen way
Chapter 25: Aolong Technology
Chapter 26: inhuman
Chapter 27: opening eve
Chapter 28: Looking for Yongning Gold Typists
Chapter 29: finally broke out
Chapter 30: Xu Jiahui's story
Chapter 31: woman heart
Chapter 32: light and dark road
Chapter 33: 1 billion business
Chapter 34: hungry hunter
Chapter 35: Is he really a high school student?
Chapter 36: no calamity
Chapter 37: A wonderful family
Chapter 38: Gather in Yongning
Chapter 39: The protagonist of the dinner
Chapter 40: morning farewell
Chapter 41: return the goods
Chapter 42: smash shop
Chapter 43: crazy
Chapter 44: Lots of sand sculptures
Chapter 45: must find out
Chapter 46: turn the tide
Chapter 47: Hongmen Banquet
Chapter 48: talk broke
Chapter 49: Lectures make me happy
Chapter 50: Sister Hao Sister Hao
Chapter 51: Knock on the wrong door
Chapter 52: terrible boss
Chapter 53: Returning God
Chapter 54: unrestrained female man
Chapter 55: boring otaku
Chapter 56: The old driver doesn't stop at all
Chapter 57: buy buy buy
Chapter 58: stop being rude
Chapter 59: happy penny
Chapter 60: Son of man
Chapter 61: The knight dare not move the knife
Chapter 62: hard rock?
Chapter 63: days at home
Chapter 64: Mulberry's concern
Chapter 65: Tired brother
Chapter 66: The pain of liberal arts tyrants
Chapter 67: better dance
Chapter 68: Shonen Lang
Chapter 69: new plan
Chapter 70: five to five
Chapter 71: Shuttle Fright
Chapter 72: love travel online
Chapter 73: man on horse
Chapter 74: Is this to be low-key?
Chapter 75: hard to buy car
Chapter 76: Daddy is out
Chapter 77: turnaround
Chapter 78: I don't drive a black car
Chapter 79: a little free
Chapter 80: first guitar lesson
Chapter 81: I came to class on Monday.
Chapter 82: Donate two classrooms
Chapter 83: Assistant check-in
Chapter 84: Bad apprenticeship
Chapter 85: i'm just a child
Chapter 86: There is evil fire
Chapter 87: Is this the answer?
Chapter 88: self-esteem
Chapter 89: in the dark
Chapter 90: And this kind of operation?
Chapter 91: Help
Chapter 92: Can't do it alone
Chapter 93: to split the money
Chapter 94: Everyone is drunk, I wake up alone
Chapter 95: all good
Chapter 96: Totally blocked
Chapter 97: have clues
Chapter 98: each show his powers
Chapter 99: Kneel or not?
Chapter 100: only one hand
Chapter 101: It's all king
Chapter 102: I really want to go to heaven
Chapter 103: partner
Chapter 104: Attitude towards talent
Chapter 105: Wanderer's Sincerity
Chapter 106: something to do one day
Chapter 107: Footprints in the first snow
Chapter 108: my flint project
Chapter 109: apostasy, reunion
Chapter 110: close, bottom line
Chapter 111: slave, distribute
Chapter 112: argue, investigate
Chapter 113: you stole his woman
Chapter 114: lie down and fry
Chapter 115: Testimonials
Chapter 116: All for me
Chapter 117: The messy and high-profile ones are all low-end (2/4 for subscription)
Chapter 118: Some boys are sensible late (3/4 for subscription)
Chapter 119: Disappointed, looking forward to (4/4 for more subscription)
Chapter 120: will i sell? (Both are ordered to break 10 plus more)
Chapter 121: It seems a little fragrant
Chapter 122: 500 million? OK!
Chapter 123: I will do it!
Chapter 124: The taste of getting rich overnight
Chapter 125: cheers to greatness
Chapter 126: backtrack
Chapter 127: play bigger
Chapter 128: Both are 250
Chapter 129: betrayal, cooperation
Chapter 130: goodbye 2001
Chapter 131: hand of fate
Chapter 132: Let the old man win a prize first
Chapter 133: Home delivery, home service
Chapter 134: The depth of love, the cut of the pit
Chapter 135: door to a new world
Chapter 136: Give me back your sister!
Chapter 137: twists and turns
Chapter 138: next big chess game
Chapter 139: Bring food for my brother!
Chapter 140: Start as a Director
Chapter 141: Song for Xie Xiaobao
Chapter 142: Sign up after the exam
Chapter 143: laugh like a fart
Chapter 144: Gathering in Yanjing
Chapter 145: contract M&A
Chapter 146: flint capital
Chapter 147: youngest billionaire
Chapter 148: let Gu Song die
Chapter 149: big move in the dark
Chapter 150: buy low
Chapter 151: Hanging Garden
Chapter 152: Visit Academician Ni
Chapter 153: Tiger at heart
Chapter 154: For fear of how tired the beauties are
Chapter 155: The Ultimate Romance for Men
Chapter 156: Capture the future pig boss
Chapter 157: I drink a lot and love to sing
Chapter 158: clean up uncle
Chapter 159: There are always villains who want to harm me
Chapter 160: was cut off
Chapter 161: Chat by the hot pot
Chapter 162: Mr. Lu is sorry
Chapter 163: Dipper net E
Chapter 164: big guy to take off
Chapter 165: If the factory has good land, it will be good.
Chapter 166: for a woman
Chapter 167: Hormones are still needed
Chapter 168: Philosophy caused by california babes
Chapter 169: singing on the beach
Chapter 170: technical opening
Chapter 171: You hang up, I have a dad
Chapter 172: Tell secrets in the middle of nowhere
Chapter 173: Be careful when going to the toilet
Chapter 174: I have been practicing childgong for several months.
Chapter 175: Foreign girls are crazy
Chapter 176: Go chic with Loli
Chapter 177: brave warrior
Chapter 178: uninvited guests
Chapter 179: We're not marketing
Chapter 180: Sister-in-law is the best!
Chapter 181: The haunted Zhang Zhiye
Chapter 182: Appreciate Zhang's family with a shocking thunder
Chapter 183: New Year's Eve on both sides of the ocean
: Update time adjustment instructions
Chapter 184: Walk the way for heaven, rob the rich and help the poor
Chapter 185: Wang Tao's show
Chapter 186: All parties shake
Chapter 187: door opener
Chapter 188: Docking, Survival
Chapter 189: I am a chick?
Chapter 190: face work
Chapter 191: Oppression from Gu Song
Chapter 192: Bow down to Mr. Gu
Chapter 193: Rover, enjoy the future (birthday burst update 1/5)
Chapter 194: Firefighters, bargain hunters (birthday update 2/5)
Chapter 195: The spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground (birthday explosion update 3/5)
Chapter 196: Yongning Outstanding Young Entrepreneur (Birthday Update 4/5)
Chapter 197: The catastrophe of Mu Linfei (birthday update 5/5)
Chapter 198: escape, die
Chapter 199: exposed
Chapter 200: Mu Guowei's decision
Chapter 201: a bolt from the blue
Chapter 202: Zhang Yongnian's grief
Chapter 203: Giants fall, fertile land
Chapter 204: young and fearless hooligan
Chapter 205: Successfully entered 3721
Chapter 206: Peerless beauty
Chapter 207: Mu Guowei's thoughts
Chapter 208: prosperity and shadow
Chapter 209: Want to see the little brother?
Chapter 210: five-digit qq number
Chapter 211: I've been down for so long
Chapter 212: A glass of wine and wild songs of rivers and lakes
Chapter 213: make yourself happy
Chapter 214: straight to the jackpot
Chapter 215: 173 Naive Thoughts
Chapter 216: very conservative estimate
Chapter 217: Brother Gu Song, how was your test?
Chapter 218: Yanjing New Headquarters
Chapter 219: fire in the night
Chapter 220: Tears of regret in the morning
Chapter 221: Don't get entangled when you have done a good deed (supplement)
Chapter 222: Heroes deserve honor
Chapter 223: Instruct brothers and sisters to fill in the volunteers
Chapter 224: Take the old man on board first
Chapter 225: Sisters come to me!
Chapter 226: Gu Songzhongju
Chapter 227: Gu's family surrounded by reporters
Chapter 228: Exclusive interview
Chapter 229: Fate does not change
Chapter 230: I reward myself
Chapter 231: The exclusive interview is broadcast, and it is fully exposed
Chapter 232: unexpected guest
Chapter 233: The promise of a lifetime, the grand banquet
Chapter 234: real education giant
Chapter 235: too much psychological pressure
Chapter 236: chat with giants
Chapter 237: Go to the center of the stage (end)
Chapter 238: The strongest freshman in the history of Yan University? (on)
Chapter 239: 123, 36th floor, easy to remember, right?
Chapter 240: Cool cute rich handsome Tianyuan F4
Chapter 241: Tao Shuang is my sister
Chapter 242: Tianyuan Xueba Class
Chapter 243: Freshman speech at the opening ceremony?
Chapter 244: Fear of being dominated by GPA
Chapter 245: Academician-level lobbyist
Chapter 246: The poor Liu Daqing
Chapter 247: Centennial Lecture Hall, Opening Ceremony
Chapter 248: Stars and seas, live up to this life
Chapter 249: Talk to the school about a small condition
Chapter 250: Why not a female secretary?
Chapter 251: Do you want to start an aerospace society?
Chapter 252: The curiosity of the manned spaceflight boss
Chapter 253: All-round attack
Chapter 254: 253rd New Top Secret Project
Chapter 255: attack rover
Chapter 256: Prepare dairy cows in advance
Chapter 257: someone who wants to go to heaven
Chapter 258: Rover U Disk Shockwave
Chapter 259: Acceptance of the new headquarters
Chapter 260: Crazy self-rescue under the world-class shock wave
Chapter 261: The media tycoon who hears the waves (1/5)
Chapter 262: The pain and itching of the lithography machine (2/5)
Chapter 263: Endorsements of big stars (3/5)
Chapter 264: I have a song, please listen carefully (4/5)
Chapter 265: High energy ahead, evil demon king haunts (5/5)
Chapter 266: The future of artificial intelligence
Chapter 267: Trading Point Cutting Edge Results
Chapter 268: Patriot's Choice
Chapter 269: Preparing for the establishment of Xinghai Club
Chapter 270: Top 10 most popular
Chapter 271: A business across the country
Chapter 272: The genetic map of human spaceflight
Chapter 273: A new project to ask for directions: Smart Future
: There are only two updates today, sorry to ask for a leave
Chapter 274: wow, lol, haha!
Chapter 275: A special purpose for a beautiful front desk
Chapter 276: Formulate a new international coding standard
Chapter 277: Academician, calf and reading dog
Chapter 278: Langji's heart is bitter, flint is so exciting
Chapter 279: Dota map is online
Chapter 280: Rover debuts prime time
Chapter 281: Yanjing Xinghai Club
Chapter 282: Big Mac in gaming
Chapter 283: The eve of great development
Chapter 284: The Yan University Club is recruiting new students and building a big spaceship!
Chapter 285: New starting point, new breakthrough!
Chapter 286: Better than iPod, half a step faster!
Chapter 287: What micro bumps? Why is the academician not serious?
Chapter 288: Semiconductor laboratory, another 100 million!
Chapter 289: Yanjing VS Huhai, high-end chip competition
Chapter 290: The first brick to draw the foundation stone of an empire
Chapter 291: It can be negotiated with a valuation of less than 100 million!
Chapter 292: A big change is brewing
Chapter 293: A different way, a different approach
Chapter 294: Liao Qingshan's Rover Giant Earthquake Day Tour
Chapter 295: Visit the Flint Research Institute
Chapter 296: I'm a super genius showdown!
Chapter 297: Stomping on blood-sucking lice
Chapter 298: I remember happy things
Chapter 299: Please come to the urn
Chapter 300: It's time to act the real dude
Chapter 301: Let Chen withdraw to the "peak of life"
Chapter 302: Brush up on a few dozen papers
Chapter 303: Sound the horn to the international semiconductor industry
Chapter 304: Can a quantum computer work?
Chapter 305: The temperament of a scientific researcher
Chapter 306: A research project that has never failed
Chapter 307: 20 billion, flash memory factory, big fund
Chapter 308: I am officially reporting to the Minister (1/4)
Chapter 309: Zhonghu Province, which was lifted up (2/4)
Chapter 310: The clouds are moving, the storm is rising (3/4)
Chapter 311: The President of Toshiba who was bombed (4/4)
Chapter 312: On the eve of the patent war, the deputy elders attended?
Chapter 313: The fjord is not wide, the green hills are relatively charming
Chapter 314: May I see the world return to one in my lifetime
Chapter 315: florist's seeds and florists
Chapter 316: closed-door meeting
Chapter 317: Flint Technology's Cooperation Program
Chapter 318: The iron-headed Hynix, the domineering Jianyushu
Chapter 319: 10 minutes of scientific research to understand?
Chapter 320: Change the lithography machine?
Chapter 321: I have special cheating skills
Chapter 322: First arrived in Shanghai to be popular
Chapter 323: Talk about artificial intelligence, open a mine for the future
Chapter 324: Master, let's toss the precision
Chapter 325: Chen Tui wants to take a walk, hurry up and close the net
Chapter 326: Capsized early, struggling feebly
Chapter 327: Neon girl? It's a middle school
Chapter 328: Cooperation program for Toshiba Samsung
Chapter 329: The Wonderful Night of Jian Yushu and Miss Shiori (the first rudder)
Chapter 330: Flash Memory Community Informal Summit
Chapter 331: Patent licensing reaps dollars
Chapter 332: Appoint Jian Yushu to devote himself
Chapter 333: Unite together, cut through the waves
Chapter 334: Designing a small chip for Shenzhou 5
Chapter 335: A smart future
Chapter 336: He Qingwei's heartbeat
Chapter 337: The rich Xie Yinran
Chapter 338: Zhennanling where thousands of people listen quietly
Chapter 339: What kind of fairy company is this?
Chapter 340: Double the happiness of the Ghost and Animal Spring Festival Gala
Chapter 341: The first big ship in the sea of ​​stars
Chapter 342: Set a small goal first: buy an island
Chapter 343: 3 years, 1.5 billion
Chapter 344: Let megalomaniacs feel the power of Samsung
Chapter 345: The Pressure and Changes of Jian Yushu
Chapter 346: Sending warmth in the new year, the gift is light and affectionate
Chapter 347: Gather! Flint Group Executive Meeting
Chapter 348: unifying thoughts, clear direction
Chapter 349: Such a life, exciting, right?
Chapter 350: Four Ecosystems and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 351: Preparations before school closure
Chapter 352: Make him 2 million in half an hour
Chapter 353: Not cold, just hot
Chapter 354: i isolate myself
Chapter 355: Save the stone man Jane Yushu
Chapter 356: Can't hold a genius?
Chapter 357: Have you seen Little Dragon Man?
Chapter 358: Glowing, one is enough
Chapter 359: the old man sitting on my bunk
Chapter 360: The brightest names of this era
Chapter 361: The two little dragons of Menghua Technology
Chapter 362: Lihu Gangster Hero Association (1)
Chapter 363: Lihu Heroes Club (2)
Chapter 364: Lihu Big Hero Club (3)
Chapter 365: Lihu Gangster Hero Association (4)
Chapter 366: When Pony X is on facebook
Chapter 367: Cook the rice in advance
Chapter 368: Renovation for the Land of China (End)
Chapter 369: Technological breakthrough (1/4 open for support)
Chapter 370: Tsunami from Middle Lake (2/4)
Chapter 371: Blushing Xie Yinran (3/4)
Chapter 372: Uncle Gu in the courtyard (4/4)
Chapter 373: Dude is going to be Iron Man?
Chapter 374: unexpected scandal
Chapter 375: The world's strongest brain
Chapter 376: The smoke has risen! Just an apple on the front!
Chapter 377: The ignorant world semiconductor giants on ISSCC
Chapter 378: Declare war on all the giants here
Chapter 379: Be wary of European and American intelligence agencies
Chapter 380: Jobs sewed up a broken heart
Chapter 381: 381 Rebs wanted to drop the phone
Chapter 382: Lihu Patent Auction Conference?
Chapter 383: Jobs' heart breaks again
Chapter 384: Espionage and the Illuminati?
Chapter 385: Suspected of stealing high-tech
Chapter 386: A stone stirs up a thousand waves
: Million words for subscription, the book is already fat
Chapter 387: Public opinion war on the Internet
Chapter 388: Permanent imprisonment?
Chapter 389: find a scapegoat
Chapter 390: Stepping on the ground's strongest brain comes at a price
Chapter 391: The warmth on the other side of the ocean (add more for Li Lening
Chapter 392: Counter Charges and the PRISM Program
Chapter 393: Nouveau riche guests at Beringer winery
Chapter 394: Musk is about to blow up the first rocket
Chapter 395: The goddess invites a night tour of the valley
Chapter 396: Back home! The biggest breakthrough ever announced!
Chapter 397: Machine 0, Gu Song's artifact
Chapter 398: Revenge MAX! Dig a big hole for Europe and America
Chapter 399: The underground secret laboratory in Xiangshan Bieyuan
Chapter 400: Creator's Egg
Chapter 401: Be mentally prepared to fly
Chapter 402: Artificial intelligence touches the net: a magic weapon
Chapter 403: Sharing Secrets: The First Crew!
Chapter 404: Proper usage of artifact
Chapter 405: Play against the sea, plan the world
Chapter 406: boss's self-control
Chapter 407: Get a lot of help, sit in rows and share the fruits
Chapter 408: The new ambitions of Ren Zhengfei and Guo Wei!
Chapter 409: Preparing for Flint Aerospace
Chapter 410: Hook up with the mentor to recover the rocket
: Take a day off today, still in the village and can't go back
Chapter 411: robot dog
Chapter 412: In the early stage of the Lihu Conference, the situation is rising
Chapter 413: Smartphone R&D Competition
Chapter 414: Frontier Funds Pioneering a New Era
Chapter 415: The first rover phone is out!
Chapter 416: The first circle of ripples caused by a Weibo (1/5 for ordering)
Chapter 417: Create some strong winds and waves (2/5 for subscription)
Chapter 418: Leave a way out for others (3/5 for subscription)
Chapter 419: The War of the Gods opens the test (4/5 for subscription)
Chapter 420: The second wave caused by a press conference (5/5 ask
Chapter 421: Seek long-term for hometown (please subscribe)
Chapter 422: under the rose
Chapter 423: there is such a girl
Chapter 424: The president of Futu Kang feels that he is good
Chapter 425: Toshiba Samsung: I am too difficult (please subscribe)
Chapter 426: I just love watching people jump into the pit
Chapter 427: Nokia and BlackBerry don't care
Chapter 428: On the eve of the Lihu Conference, Bao Jiaqi's concerns
Chapter 429: Lihu Conference (1): Speech by the Veteran
Chapter 430: Lihu Conference (2): In order to have a good talk
Chapter 431: Lihu Conference (3): The War of the Gods is released!
Chapter 432: Lihu Conference (4): Per capita middle-aged and elderly people
Chapter 433: Lihu Conference (5): Rover Operating System Public
Chapter 434: Lihu Conference (6): Jobs completely collapsed
Chapter 435: Help from Apple
Chapter 436: 3D Tri-Gate Transistor
Chapter 437: Who was beeped, who was so heartbroken that it was hard to breathe?
Chapter 438: One is enough
Chapter 439: freaks do weird things
Chapter 440: Make rules together, and you have to abide by them too! (1/4 for order
Chapter 441: It's not time for waves (2/4 for subscription)
Chapter 442: Four uses (3/4 is lgh_OoO plus more)
Chapter 443: Internet tycoons who eat together (4/4 for subscription)
Chapter 444: Draw a circle at God Axe Lake
Chapter 445: Mother-in-law's heart
Chapter 446: The real first step in the flint project
Chapter 447: $500 million in donations
Chapter 448: Elder Xichuan can't figure it out
Chapter 449: unexpected change
Chapter 450: Receive a silly batch and release satellites
Chapter 451: The beginning of Gu Bo's flirting
Chapter 452: WeChat begins internal testing
Chapter 453: Thanks Lao Guo for the rocket order
Chapter 454: Start is king
Chapter 455: Strength pet wife (please subscribe)
Chapter 456: Acceptance of private jets
Chapter 457: Jian Yushu is tempted (please subscribe)
Chapter 458: Flirting with Elder Xichuan
Chapter 459: eve of rocket test
Chapter 460: First rocket recovery test
Chapter 461: Netizens turned around (please subscribe!)
Chapter 462: Recyclable Rocket Race
Chapter 463: food beauty beauty
Chapter 464: Apple's event ahead of schedule
Chapter 465: Jobs feels tired
Chapter 466: Such a big gift, why?
Chapter 467: The grass is green, it's time to harvest
Chapter 468: The secretly growing Go AI
Chapter 469: What does brother Gu Song mean?
Chapter 470: Xie Yinran's only limited edition
Chapter 471: The conference should be cool and lively
Chapter 472: Stunning appearance
Chapter 473: The puzzle mobile phone that shocked the audience
Chapter 474: On-site machine (please subscribe duck!)
Chapter 475: WeChat's first show (to earn it)
Chapter 476: Coveted Xueba President
Chapter 477: Mother-in-law is so worried
Chapter 478: Then get your mother-in-law first.
Chapter 479: Bearded man and beautiful girl (reward plus more)
Chapter 480: In the cinema (5/6 plus the second update)
Chapter 481: Want to help your roommate chase Gu Song's brother? (6/6)
Chapter 482: three sand sculptures
Chapter 483: Gu Song's desire to survive
Chapter 484: Both ears are red
Chapter 485: Let this girl meet her!
Chapter 486: Problems with launch site resources
Chapter 487: The first relay satellite
Chapter 488: Is the electronic panel smoking?
Chapter 489: Fast-paced new satellite program
Chapter 490: The flowers are more beautiful!
Chapter 491: President Gu is very predictable
Chapter 492: Holding hands under the sea
Chapter 493: Divided a wave of real estate dividends (please subscribe)
Chapter 494: Investing in Pengcheng Miles
Chapter 495: relay satellite launch
Chapter 496: Let the change come more drastic
Chapter 497: Online Go Challenge! start!
Chapter 498: First battle! Professional eight!
Chapter 499: Is energy black technology insurance?
Chapter 500: Rocket engine materials (please support!)
Chapter 501: Mature is ripe, money can't be less
Chapter 502: The first week of listing, the iphone that failed!
Chapter 503: Nine dan! Halfway through!
Chapter 504: Everyone, let's go!
Chapter 505: Mother-in-law, please hurry up
Chapter 506: Four major subsidiaries, fully prepared for listing
Chapter 507: Huaguo Summit Think Tank Conference
Chapter 508: Defense R&D is incumbent!
Chapter 509: Teachings (for subscription in November)
Chapter 510: My Yin Ran is back (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 511: first taste
Chapter 130: 10,000 characters, the first half of the testimonials
Chapter 512: The most core cutting-edge plan (end)
Chapter 513: Send proposition (open for subscription)
Chapter 514: Condition
Chapter 515: Vision
Chapter 516: alms
Chapter 517: The relationship between Girls' Day and Women's Day
Chapter 518: drone
Chapter 519: Do you believe in an afterlife?
Chapter 520: Hot Flint Island
Chapter 521: Gu Song dependence
Chapter 522: satellite detected
Chapter 523: artificial intelligence encryption
Chapter 524: penetration plan
Chapter 525: spies and idiots
Chapter 526: Form upgrade!
Chapter 527: Ready to Manipulate Quantum
Chapter 528: Intrusion and capture
Chapter 529: idiots cry
Chapter 530: important information
Chapter 531: the brightest star in the night sky
Chapter 532: catch a big fish
Chapter 533: A new phase in flint spaceflight
Chapter 534: bird of paradise
Chapter 535: The beautiful legend of Port Moresby
Chapter 536: a deal
Chapter 537: Never thought
Chapter 538: Siya's choice
Chapter 539: Be on alert
Chapter 540: high seas chase
Chapter 541: In the end what happened?
Chapter 542: Small waves in the Solomon Sea
Chapter 543: things in fairy tale are lies
Chapter 544: be offered
Chapter 545: late night talk
Chapter 546: conspiracy
Chapter 547: on the cloud
Chapter 548: in front of flowers
Chapter 549: under the moon
Chapter 550: Flint Group executives' study session
Chapter 551: Preparations for all parties
Chapter 552: an enviable stride
Chapter 553: Love because of AI
Chapter 554: AI operating system
Chapter 555: Large Orders!
Chapter 556: all the sharpness
Chapter 557: life technology
Chapter 558: Stir up a thousand waves!
Chapter 559: Robbery is all it takes!
Chapter 560: Aggressive public opinion
Chapter 561: shocked
Chapter 562: gold nuggets
Chapter 563: Shut it up first
Chapter 564: oppression
Chapter 565: drink fine
Chapter 566: banquet
Chapter 567: Just a fist
Chapter 568: Black Technology Invasion
Chapter 569: future tactics
Chapter 570: Mothership!
Chapter 571: fight for position
Chapter 572: hand a card
Chapter 573: The only one (please guarantee the end of the monthly pass)
Chapter 574: Open quantum gate
Chapter 575: The future is promising!
Chapter 576: Future "charging treasure"
Chapter 577: solid state battery
Chapter 578: times are changing
Chapter 579: Life Science Valuing Journey
Chapter 580: Flint Island side layout
Chapter 581: Magical fishery boat
Chapter 582: Somare was shocked (Breakthrough and more!)
Chapter 583: Somare's heart skipped a beat!
Chapter 584: Xiaobie wins newlyweds
Chapter 585: PhD thesis?
Chapter 586: Everyone's thoughts (don't support it, please subscribe)
Chapter 587: Quantum Computing Project Group Expansion
Chapter 588: Concentrate on scientific research, month by month
Chapter 589: 100 qubits!
Chapter 590: Operation of Atmospheric Motion Equations for 40 Billion Grid Point Columns
Chapter 591: Cold wave red alert 10 days in advance
Chapter 592: First launch on Flint Island
Chapter 593: really failed?
Chapter 594: Special "Rewards"
Chapter 595: Two big gossips!
Chapter 596: Gu Song has something on his mind
Chapter 597: The **** swings at the big engineer!
Chapter 598: aerospace plane
Chapter 599: center of eye
Chapter 600: Home use, of course, the most advanced
Chapter 601: The big engineer was hurt!
Chapter 602: all life
Chapter 603: to face
Chapter 604: Who is worried?
Chapter 605: very important task
Chapter 606: bee colony hidden in rain
Chapter 607: Gu Song needs you
Chapter 608: in the underground laboratory
Chapter 609: last time
Chapter 610: The heart of the countryman should not be cold!
Chapter 611: Set the storm
Chapter 612: special appointment
Chapter 613: A big crisis is brewing!
Chapter 614: Sub-rudder beyond the earth
Chapter 615: guest of honor
Chapter 616: eyes in the starry sky
Chapter 617: Sign a contract (to make Daojia more
Chapter 618: Sharpening the Sword for the Great Reading
Chapter 619: Going to Nasdaq? (Ask for a ticket and a subscription)
Chapter 620: magic medicine
Chapter 621: Glory moment!
Chapter 622: Everyone who can't sleep
Chapter 623: accelerate! accelerate! accelerate!
: Off topic, why write this episode
Chapter 624: The big change is on!
Chapter 625: The bearer beside the great saint
Chapter 626: A new fulcrum of the times
Chapter 627: sharpening sword
Chapter 628: Tiny factories on the far side of the moon
Chapter 629: Backup star launch
Chapter 630: Gu Song is irrational!
Chapter 631: Rover IPO
Chapter 632: The ultimate body Fan Yuanbai (added for Sikong Haohan)
Chapter 633: Imprisoned woman (please subscribe for tickets!)
Chapter 634: Romance with spaceflight
Chapter 635: Gu Song's suggestion
Chapter 636: New puzzle (2019 last
Chapter 637: Mascot Gu Song (I wish everyone a happy 2020)
Chapter 638: Fusion (New Year's Guarantee Monthly Pass)
Chapter 639: Siya's choice
Chapter 640: one trillion
Chapter 641: Giant satellite arrives in Chauncey
Chapter 642: NASA and Musk have been bombarded
Chapter 643: turbulent new age wave
Chapter 644: Space docking, on-board add-on
Chapter 645: The moon is getting lively
Chapter 646: small solar flare
Chapter 647: Fifth generation aircraft and mothership
Chapter 648: The technology that kicks off a new century
Chapter 649: Depressed Oval Office
Chapter 650: Began to participate in the aircraft carrier project
Chapter 651: Hard core release, positive confrontation
Chapter 652: Riveted with Gu Song
Chapter 653: Plan for Gu Song
Chapter 654: A bumpy return trip
Chapter 655: unpowered forced landing
Chapter 656: Investigate and counterattack
Chapter 657: negotiating envoy
Chapter 658: lift a big rock and hit your own toes
Chapter 659: Give you the whole point of 1 trillion losses?
Chapter 660: Flint University?
Chapter 661: Lose the company?
Chapter 662: One person against one country
Chapter 663: The world's largest rocket launch
Chapter 664: Magnificent Picture Scroll (End)
Chapter 665: The highest level determines the overall situation (open)
Chapter 666: Space Development Summit
Chapter 667: Send money to Gu Song
Chapter 668: A glass of wine, a billion
Chapter 669: Digging a corner
Chapter 670: Keep up with the rhythm of the new era!
Chapter 671: Shock the world again
Chapter 672: Candle Dragon 2 launched again
Chapter 673: The first generation of Divine Might!
Chapter 674: Harvest foreign IQ tax
Chapter 675: Great Powers Fight
Chapter 676: Gu Song is going to go crazy
Chapter 677: Play you! Play you hard!
Chapter 678: God-Assisted Peace Prize
Chapter 679: Tiangong plan? I am so hard!
Chapter 680: Speak through the words, recognize the reality
Chapter 681: HSDA and ESG
Chapter 682: Battlestar Ouranos
Chapter 683: Human Fusion Engineering Experimental Reactor
Chapter 684: Spreading pancakes in space (Happy New Years)
Chapter 685: Space Age Surface Ports
Chapter 686: 25-year-old academician of the Academy of Engineering!
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Chapter 687:
Chapter 688: One test, one dismantled!
Chapter 689: Battle at every level!
Chapter 690: The first decade of the new century
Chapter 691: Alien battles in near-Earth space
Chapter 692: first contact with extraterrestrial civilization
Chapter 693: lucky primitive civilization
Chapter 694: Is Gu Song the Witness of Time and Space?
Chapter 695: Flint Space City in full bloom
Chapter 696: "Dream" to the future! The elders are terrified!
Chapter 697: Melaleuca routine (1/4 is Sikong Haohan plus more)
Chapter 698: New Industrial Revolution! (2/4 is the Douyu Ji Xiaoke plus more
Chapter 699: Times need heroes! (For subscription at the end of March/April)
Chapter 700: Fire spreader! (4/4 for subscription)
Chapter 701: Pangu Industrial Space Station! (Ask for a guaranteed monthly pass)
Chapter 702: Aeroplane Engine Test
Chapter 703: cracked result
Chapter 704: training astronauts
Chapter 705: Space Operations Training Center
Chapter 706: unicorn supercar
Chapter 707: AR glasses released
Chapter 708: Time to reap the Holy Grail?
Chapter 709: No 6666, just 5918
Chapter 710: Aerospace flight test team
Chapter 711: Space sequence?
Chapter 712: Report to the elders as soon as possible
Chapter 713: The horror data of the Yinglong space plane
Chapter 714: Ying Longwang and Quantum Supercomputing Center
Chapter 715: A training building with strong technology content and no friends
Chapter 716: Go four! Yinglong first driving experience
Chapter 717: NASA's new plan
Chapter 718: Unexpected Visitor from Ouranos
Chapter 719: Aeroplane exposed
Chapter 720: Which one is stronger in aerospace technology?
Chapter 721: 10 questions about space planes
Chapter 722: Virtual Reality Online Game: "Spaceman"
Chapter 723: The Guiding Jiangshan Association of the Cultural Development Commission
Chapter 724: future earth capital
Chapter 725: Crisis around Flint Island
Chapter 726: Infrastructure maniac goes to space
Chapter 727: Yinglong's Secret Mission
Chapter 728: The boring journey to the moon
Chapter 729: courier on the moon
Chapter 730:
Chapter 731: Talk to Tejing about the future of the bear
Chapter 732: The great storm that is about to spread across the world
Chapter 733: The new speed of construction of Flint Space City
Chapter 734: Crisis in Port Moresby
Chapter 735: Final warning (add more for the little girl)
Chapter 736: 2A42 30mm turret
Chapter 737: the water is more muddy
Chapter 738: The place where Gu Song's secret is hidden
Chapter 739: Attack from deep space
Chapter 740: out of control! fear!
Chapter 741: Intimidating Analysis, Accurate Capture
Chapter 742: unmanned wingman
Chapter 743: next ultimatum
Chapter 744: The national quintessence of languages
Chapter 745: The best thing in Gu Song's hand
Chapter 746: Astronaut training center begins to pick up passengers
Chapter 747: Amei Rumang is on her back
Chapter 748: Storm on the doorstep
Chapter 749: shattered dream
Chapter 750: Deportation from a height of 40 kilometers
Chapter 751: The four seas are one
Chapter 752: The big ship slashed the raging waves, flattened the waves
Chapter 753: Science fiction movie-like black technology exercise
Chapter 754: Test flight of nuclear-powered space plane
Chapter 755: Carnival yearning for another moon landing
Chapter 756: Amy can't take it
Chapter 757: bustling spaceport
Chapter 758: The first visitors to Flintspace City
Chapter 759: The lunar rover with a biased style
Chapter 760: The Spaceman game is so scary
Chapter 761: boss of the sun
Chapter 762: Nailed in the eyes of the void
Chapter 763: Moon landing live broadcast (seeking tickets at the end of the month)
Chapter 764: full body dragon king
Chapter 765: Taboo black technology (please guarantee the monthly pass)
Chapter 766: The most advanced method of drilling wood to make fire
Chapter 767: It is related to the improvement of the level of human civilization (seeking the end of the month
Chapter 768: Full of pessimism and murky debate
Chapter 769: Gu Song boarded the ship, the Eye of Deep Space was activated
Chapter 770: Earth's top emergencies
Chapter 771: No one knows Cassini better than me
Chapter 772: hard decryption
Chapter 773: Is it war or peace, defending or fleeing?
Chapter 774: The storm of the ticket
Chapter 775: Stage Breakthrough of Signal Decryption
Chapter 776: Amy panicked
Chapter 777: billions of dollars
Chapter 778: Choking Mushroom Risk
Chapter 779: Operation "Dark Room"
Chapter 780: Immediately!
Chapter 781: Space Licking Squad
Chapter 782: Verdict against Aramco
Chapter 783: Global Broadcast of Alien Civilizations
Chapter 784: The hottest super topic in history
Chapter 785: Gu Song's Honey Brain Circuit
Chapter 786: The most special seat in HSDA
Chapter 787: Spin it! Space City!
Chapter 788: Whole body! (Finish)
Chapter 789: Space City Syndrome (On)
Chapter 790: One veto, one tick
Chapter 791: cards for the future
Chapter 792: A flirt before leaving
Chapter 793: If you want to board the ship, you must listen to me
Chapter 794: Go to the sea of ​​stars, and smile forever
Chapter 795: boarding
Chapter 796: set sail
Chapter 797: The first voyage of the solar system
Chapter 798: The most dazzling gesture of the Earth fleet
Chapter 799: Unprecedented wealth empire!
Chapter 800: sequence
Chapter 801: Gravitational perturbations of unknown stars?
Chapter 802: New discoveries that will turn the solar system upside down
Chapter 803: Teenagers soar to the sky, flutter firefly
Chapter 804: try to survive
Chapter 805: Gu Song is a fairy
Chapter 806: remnants of civilization
Chapter 807: huge city ruins
Chapter 808: 810 If something goes wrong, there must be a demon
Chapter 809: 10,000-ton space battleship
Chapter 810: Gu Song, who became interested in violent weapons
Chapter 811: Arrive at Saturn
Chapter 812: The primary selection process is about to begin
Chapter 813: I will do this!
Chapter 814: Nightmare returns
Chapter 815: Gu Song went mad, and the big guys were frightened
Chapter 816: human alliance
Chapter 817: How do humans survive in the universe?
Chapter 818: Up to five years, making fusion controllable
Chapter 819: Give a room temperature superconducting material first
Chapter 820: turning point in history
Chapter 821: Humans stand on a new starting line
Chapter 822: man with a planet
Chapter 823: Top-level important tasks
Chapter 824: supermathematics
Chapter 825: Kuafu No.1
Chapter 826: world line binding
Chapter 827: Extremely hot pair
Chapter 828: heady situation
Chapter 829: The truth about the Enlightenment Program
Chapter 830: Goblin's Enemy
Chapter 831: seeds of hatred
Chapter 832: Adventure Leap (1/4)
Chapter 833: Global Unrest (2/4)
Chapter 834: Advent (3/4)
Chapter 835: end
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