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[MT]Number One PlayerWhen the game reappeared in reality, the world went crazy. Shang Yinhe originally thought he was just playing games, until he horribly discovered: All the games he has played are reproduced in the rea...
[MT]Number One Player is a Adventure manga created by Nánshān Hé Mù,read the latest chapters of [MT]Number One Player online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 295: Time and cause and effect [End of full text]

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《[MT]Number One Player》Latest chapter

Chapter 295: Time and cause and effect [End of full text]
Chapter 294: predestined game
Chapter 293: famine of civilization
Chapter 292: Civilization "suture monster"
Chapter 291: restored memory
Chapter 290: last game
Chapter 289: Big Bang
Chapter 288: time-reversal story
Chapter 287: "The World: Four"
Chapter 286: Joint Office for Earth Civilizations
Chapter 285: Creator civilization
Chapter 284: Devil's guess
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《[MT]Number One Player》all chapters

Chapter 1: Confused Demon King
Chapter 2: The devil with a hot conscience
Chapter 3: The well-studied Demon King
Chapter 4: Demon king who conquered the world
Chapter 5: The Demon King of Prosperity and Beauty
Chapter 6: A changing reality
Chapter 7: seemingly normal reality
Chapter 8: An anchor full of dreams
Chapter 9: An unskilled presenter
Chapter 10: The hidden reality
Chapter 11: Desperately bursting anchor
Chapter 12: The victorious anchor
Chapter 13: Topics that exploded
Chapter 14: The protagonist with a cold sweat
Chapter 15: The video that dominates the whole network
Chapter 16: complacent major general
Chapter 17: Crazy interpretation expert
Chapter 18: war on the verge of
Chapter 19: The hero who keeps dying
Chapter 20: handsome warrior
Chapter 21: The brave warrior
Chapter 22: beyond reality
Chapter 23: Unexpected Demon King
Chapter 24: Endless terror
Chapter 24: Endless terror
Chapter 25: worldwide panic
Chapter 26: Blessing from the wind
Chapter 27: low fever protagonist
Chapter 28: Appearance of the brave
Chapter 29: magic charm
Chapter 30: Disappearing mutation
Chapter 31: harbinger of the times
Chapter 32: China's exploration
Chapter 33: mundane reality
Chapter 34: the rules of the game
Chapter 35: Brave Support
Chapter 36: shield get
Chapter 37: Gamers Conference
Chapter 38: layout
Chapter 39: Who is the brave?
Chapter 40: Creator
Chapter 41: eradication
Chapter 42: God of Human Destruction
Chapter 43: small cloak
Chapter 44: cute hero
Chapter 45: Variation of the Sahara
Chapter 46: doomsday countdown
Chapter 47: "The Doomsday Program"
Chapter 48: United Nations sends troops
Chapter 49: hard news
Chapter 50: new video
Chapter 51: Troubled times use heavy code
Chapter 52: Cthulhu!
Chapter 53: soothe the heart
Chapter 54: global research
Chapter 55: Intuitionism
Chapter 56: Supreme Lord
Chapter 57: major discovery
Chapter 58: so-called spirit stone
Chapter 59: national interest
Chapter 60: The Ten Thousand Frost and Sky Agreement
Chapter 61: Long live humanity!
Chapter 62: world carnival
Chapter 63: causal inversion
Chapter 64: Tang Poetry Group
Chapter 65: "Quick Rescue"
Chapter 66: fear of heights
Chapter 67: Climb and Save
Chapter 68: freedom and ability
Chapter 69: materialized reality
Chapter 70: sudden love
Chapter 71: interpret
Chapter 72: make big news
Chapter 73: Explosive confession
Chapter 74: Mutant chicken farm?
Chapter 75: make a reservation
Chapter 76: Openings and Omens
Chapter 77: Manifestation
Chapter 78: behind the pretense
Chapter 79: like a supernova explosion
Chapter 80: copy of white fog
Chapter 81: National Navy Competition
Chapter 82: Cubs have their own secrets
Chapter 83: first pass
Chapter 84: Iida wakes up
Chapter 85: OTZ
Chapter 86: Film and Negotiation
Chapter 87: white cut black
Chapter 88: final exam
Chapter 89: "Warrior of the Brave"
Chapter 90: human gods
Chapter 91: The Son walks in the world
Chapter 92: Copycat version of the brave
Chapter 93: The wave of fan reflection
Chapter 94: The backup club is in action
Chapter 95: "Announcement" of the Brave
Chapter 96: The post-announcement wave
Chapter 97: secretly ready to challenge
Chapter 98: Challenge White Mist
Chapter 99: A precursor to the age of awakening
Chapter 100: new game
Chapter 101: king of heroes
Chapter 102: The devil enters
Chapter 103: arrange myself
Chapter 104: Property exploration
Chapter 105: winter wind
Chapter 106: parents
Chapter 107: New Year's Eve Dinner
Chapter 108: high above the clouds
Chapter 109: Roar of the world
Chapter 110: Dawn of a new era
Chapter 111: Mu Shiming
Chapter 112: Popular Science Lectures
Chapter 113: superhumans
Chapter 114: New Era!
Chapter 115: Welcome to God of Wealth Night
Chapter 116: skin of sunshine
Chapter 117: The Demon King is in!
Chapter 118: wake up
Chapter 119: irrelevant person
Chapter 120: Yongliang City
Chapter 121: Captain Mu
Chapter 122: copy of white fog
Chapter 123: so-called forever
Chapter 124: dream
Chapter 125: The Hero Project: Three
Chapter 126: Lalang CP
Chapter 127: charity
Chapter 128: snort! Chinese!
Chapter 129: look at the face
Chapter 130: real king
Chapter 131: area of ​​thorns
Chapter 132: you are on fire
Chapter 133: Civilian and Military
Chapter 134: Country C debut
Chapter 135: real world
Chapter 136: Boom!
Chapter 137: national exam
Chapter 138: ups and downs
Chapter 139: giant scissor hand
Chapter 140: Special canteen
Chapter 141: Extraordinary Exam
Chapter 142: lottery gate
Chapter 143: mortal world
Chapter 144: "White Exam"
Chapter 145: Yongliang City Base
Chapter 146: No Responsibility: The Reborn
Chapter 147: Admission list
Chapter 148: [Weapon Bonus]
Chapter 149: sale of rabbits
Chapter 150: Lu Tinglin in the training camp
Chapter 151: Lu Tinglin wakes up
Chapter 152: annunciator bracelet
Chapter 153: new video release
Chapter 154: epic war
Chapter 155: domesticate evolutionary organisms
Chapter 156: Preparations for the whole world
Chapter 157: third world war
Chapter 158: Destiny European Emperor
Chapter 159: world of war
Chapter 160: Cursed Aura
Chapter 161: Destiny Ouhuang!
Chapter 162: world tide
Chapter 163: war
Chapter 163: war
Chapter 164: [Pet Kingdom]
Chapter 165: wish trader
Chapter 166: play games
Chapter 167: voice
Chapter 168: future
Chapter 169: Doubt
Chapter 170: game over
Chapter 171: [cause probe]
Chapter 172: back to reality
Chapter 173: Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 174: explosive orgasm
Chapter 175: hope
Chapter 176: Biotransformation: Voices from the Heart
Chapter 177: Supporters and Opposition
Chapter 178: United Nations major project
Chapter 179: Biotransformation: Hope
Chapter 180: present and future
Chapter 181: Behind the Five Rainbows
Chapter 182: Biotransformation: Hope VIII
Chapter 183: [Pleasure Garden]
Chapter 184: [Human Skin Haunted House]
Chapter 185: game clearance
Chapter 186: Interpretation and psychic powers
Chapter 187: Leverage the world
Chapter 188: The Amazing Age: Metal Roar
Chapter 189: earth age
Chapter 190: "Superhuman Management Regulations (Draft (1)
Chapter 190: "Superhumans Management Regulations (Draft (2)
Chapter 191: Sociology Experiments and New Videos (1)
Chapter 191: Sociology Experiments and New Videos (2)
Chapter 192: Yongliang Extraordinary College (1)
Chapter 192: Yongliang Extraordinary College (2)
Chapter 193: Fish Leaping Dragon Gate (1)
Chapter 193: Fish Leaping Dragon Gate (2)
Chapter 194: waves of change
Chapter 195: reunion
Chapter 196: The Otherworldly Age: Mountains of Fire
Chapter 197: energy change
Chapter 198: Eric Meiyi
Chapter 199: sea ​​of ​​stars
Chapter 200: wheel of the times
Chapter 201: moat passage
Chapter 202: changing world (1)
Chapter 202: changing world (2)
Chapter 203: Technology and Medical Transformation
Chapter 204: The so-called "popular war"
Chapter 205: "Two-Dimensional Scroll"
Chapter 206: Manipulate civilization
Chapter 207: the future of civilization
Chapter 208: eye from afar
Chapter 209: public opinion war
Chapter 210: chain reaction
Chapter 211: political situation
Chapter 212: New Game [World Situation]
Chapter 213: [World Situation]
Chapter 214: Thousands of roads
Chapter 215: game over
Chapter 216: Rationalize the fog
Chapter 217: Sacred tree larvae
Chapter 218: saint
Chapter 219: God tree larvae extermination war
Chapter 220: two weeks later
Chapter 221: fish tank
Chapter 222: torrential rain
Chapter 223: The mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind
Chapter 224: Video "The World: One" (1)
Chapter 224: Video "The World: One" (2)
Chapter 225: EnergyX
Chapter 226: Siberia
Chapter 227: Axe Gang
Chapter 228: Mobro
Chapter 229: Opening ceremony
Chapter 230: idealist
Chapter 231: Prelude
Chapter 232: Superman Mutual Aid Association
Chapter 233: lecture
Chapter 234: don't make too much noise
Chapter 235: a sand sculpture
Chapter 236: Axe Gang Rules
Chapter 237: war coming to an end
Chapter 238: Harmony's Symphony
Chapter 239: 528 event
Chapter 240: three bombshells
Chapter 241: hint
Chapter 242: different future
Chapter 243: spike
Chapter 244: oath
Chapter 245: die
Chapter 246: illusion
Chapter 247: Huaguo College's small organization
Chapter 248: "The Wind and Cloud: Two"
Chapter 249: The villain will really die of talking too much
Chapter 250: price and oath
Chapter 251: rub the heat
Chapter 252: Surrounding Three Que One
Chapter 253: rainbow after storm
Chapter 254: guess
Chapter 255: behind the scenes
Chapter 256: doomed impossible love
Chapter 257: National Founding and Public Judgment Conference
Chapter 258: Battle that's coming to an end
Chapter 259: "Extraordinary Earth"
Chapter 260: The end of the third world war
Chapter 261: humble hand
Chapter 262: Drop the vest?
Chapter 263: Guardian League
Chapter 264: Pre-Knowledge (1)
Chapter 264: Pre-Knowledge (2)
Chapter 265: sequelae
Chapter 266: Castle in the Sky
Chapter 267: base
Chapter 268: doomed world line
Chapter 269: three tasks
Chapter 270: Intelligence boss Nie Zhibo
Chapter 271: Awards Conference
Chapter 272: "The World: Three"
Chapter 273: secret of space
Chapter 274: The original space shifter
Chapter 275: False news?
Chapter 276: The experiment was successful
Chapter 277: Intelligence work in extraordinary times
Chapter 278: visit to China
Chapter 279: diplomatic
Chapter 280: at all costs
Chapter 281: sky-high budget
Chapter 282: Jiuqu and System
Chapter 283: Start with the Fermi Paradox
Chapter 284: Devil's guess
Chapter 285: Creator civilization
Chapter 286: Joint Office for Earth Civilizations
Chapter 287: "The World: Four"
Chapter 288: time-reversal story
Chapter 289: Big Bang
Chapter 290: last game
Chapter 291: restored memory
Chapter 292: Civilization "suture monster"
Chapter 293: famine of civilization
Chapter 294: predestined game
Chapter 295: Time and cause and effect [End of full text]