Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of War

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Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of WarYi Feng traveled to the world of cultivation, but unfortunately he could only be a mortal. He had no choice but to open a small martial arts hall to support his life. Until one day, Xiaowuguan became ...
Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of War is a Action Fantasy manga created by Feng Ling North,read the latest chapters of Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of War online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 1096: What a treasure

Update:2022-06-21 05:07:04

《Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of War》Latest chapter

Chapter 1096: What a treasure
Chapter 1095: bullying
Chapter 1094: Devil's Perfect Chicken Soup
Chapter 1093: water cold star mutation
Chapter 1092: Terrible gloves!
Chapter 1091: unforgiving
Chapter 1090: One thought is born, all evil is done
Chapter 1089: Tianjiao emerges
Chapter 1088: giant legs
Chapter 1087: trivial matter
Chapter 1086: Such a terrifying brick-moving palm!
Chapter 1085: Why don't you give my husband a try?
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《Fantasy: It Turns Out That I Am a Peerless God of War》all chapters

Chapter 1: Be a generational master
Chapter 2: A peerless master disguised as a mortal
Chapter 3: Thank you Master for the reward
Chapter 4: This book is from the hand of the predecessors
Chapter 5: I'm guessing he's a super old geek
Chapter 6: The Sky Devourer Wolf as a wild dog
Chapter 7: Not a single breath of breath was leaked, this realm...
Chapter 8: This senior, actually got a Sky Devouring Demon Wolf to drink?
Chapter 9: hiss! Terrible kitchen knife
Chapter 10: Seniors have such high requirements for kitchen knives?
Chapter 11: The big guy who pretends to be a waste game
Chapter 12: Just stay and watch the door for me
Chapter 13: I must escape from the evil hands of this human being
Chapter 14: It turns out that the seniors cultivated me
Chapter 15: It is my dream to be able to join the Qingshanmen practice
Chapter 16: To be able to borrow the senior's sword, Xuanwu, but that's it...
Chapter 17: Who are you looking down on?
Chapter 18: Senior's slight punishment
Chapter 19: Senior is in the next game of shocking chess!
Chapter 20: Yi Feng's charcoal in the snow
Chapter 21: You old man, you have to see if I can support it!
Chapter 22: This kitchen knife is completely destroyed.
Chapter 23: The stingy old ancestor of Qingshan
Chapter 24: Alien version of the little sun
Chapter 25: The old man who exudes the atmosphere of middle school
Chapter 26: This man's scheming is beyond my expectations!
Chapter 27: What the hell, holy rake?
Chapter 28: oath
Chapter 29: Battle of Wuwang
Chapter 30: just bully you
Chapter 31: Willows and Flowers Mingyou Village
Chapter 32: Who is this Mr. Yi?
Chapter 33: unprecedented response
Chapter 34: beautiful woman full of melancholy
Chapter 35: nice poem...
Chapter 36: Raise your head to look at the bright moon, and bow your head to think of your hometown!
Chapter 37: A slender lady, a gentleman is good
Chapter 38: Too bad he doesn't read books
Chapter 39: It turns out that Young Master Yi also read this book
Chapter 40: Is ten thousand gold coins a lot?
Chapter 41: Remember to dress up nicely
Chapter 42: Xuanwuzong's actions
Chapter 43: What a disappointment!
Chapter 44: Something is wrong!
Chapter 45: How can you be in such a place
Chapter 46: sir, you're surprised
Chapter 47: you are not qualified...
Chapter 48: dutiful dog
Chapter 49: Where did you get the rags?
Chapter 50: The man in the martial arts hall is too deceiving!
Chapter 51: Still want to kill
Chapter 52: I don't care too much
Chapter 53: Evaluation error, it's a mortal
Chapter 54: These old men look so friendly!
Chapter 55: I must not let down the kindness of my seniors...
Chapter 56: Fight with mortals
Chapter 57: Sad Ning Xuanwu
Chapter 58: That's an embarrassment
Chapter 59: Yi Feng's meaning
Chapter 60: I make you push
Chapter 61: Do everything possible to seduce him
Chapter 62: This is Mr. Kaien
Chapter 63: The movement in that door
Chapter 64: Grudge
Chapter 65: Why is this so?
Chapter 66: Peng Ying's highlight moment
Chapter 67: I wipe, what the **** are you?
Chapter 68: Master, I think I understand.
Chapter 69: Master went to Yihong Courtyard to fight the landlord
Chapter 70: Was actually beaten up by a dog?
Chapter 71: Sir, shall we fight the landlord tonight?
Chapter 72: Still need props?
Chapter 73: Just, right on the table?
Chapter 74: different minds
Chapter 75: last step
Chapter 76: Stealing chicken will not lose rice
Chapter 77: The first pharmacist in Nansha
Chapter 78: cloudy sky
Chapter 79: Small door, push open.
Chapter 80: system rewards
Chapter 81: Can't even break the defense
Chapter 82: The black-robed man who suddenly appeared
Chapter 83: He is God!
Chapter 84: I just passed by
Chapter 85: Worry-free shit
Chapter 86: eye for eye
Chapter 87: behind the scenes
Chapter 88: Furious Qingshan Patriarch
Chapter 89: Unprecedented lineup
Chapter 90: sit back and relax
Chapter 91: silver gun wax head
Chapter 92: Destroyed the bombing gang
Chapter 93: sudden change
Chapter 94: unusual
Chapter 95: The knife is mine
Chapter 96: Don't put down the spinach basket?
Chapter 97: bells and whistles
Chapter 98: change the norm
Chapter 99: The life-saving straw of the fried sky gang
Chapter 100: Ye Bei's Stratagem (First Update)
Chapter 101: Become in-law? (Second more)
Chapter 102: Ye Bei, you are despicable...
Chapter 103: Be careful, sir, there is an array (fourth more)
Chapter 104: Terrible sir! (fifth more)
Chapter 105: The wind and rain in this world are not as good as his eyes
Chapter 106: Tianxindan
Chapter 107: Eighteen Demon Kings
Chapter 108: What a big bastard
Chapter 109: Night Wind Centipede
Chapter 110: lore
Chapter 111: How can there be such a powerful person?
Chapter 112: things you mortals can't imagine
Chapter 113: familiar back
Chapter 114: powerless
Chapter 115: Followed the existence of several demon emperors
Chapter 116: Heavy residual, slightly worse
Chapter 117: Quick, save the demon king
Chapter 118: System new tasks?
Chapter 119: East Wind Breaks
Chapter 120: I'm really just a mortal
Chapter 121: What a genius sir!
Chapter 122: Yi Feng's request
Chapter 123: Is it really worth it?
Chapter 124: Really happy!
Chapter 125: We have seen that one!
Chapter 126: Come meet the one with us...
Chapter 127: Look again, what the **** is that bastard?
Chapter 128: gave me a chance
Chapter 129: Almost killed a relative
Chapter 130: as the enemy
Chapter 131: How the **** did you get in?
Chapter 132: That's it, refused?
Chapter 133: Everywhere is extraordinary
Chapter 134: I'll take you to do things
Chapter 135: man in black robe
Chapter 136: Brother, girl!
Chapter 137: Unpredictable disaster!
Chapter 138: outspoken persecution
Chapter 139: accident in the mountains
Chapter 140: Humans, declare war
Chapter 141: It's sloppy, it's a Wuzong
Chapter 142: Furious Yi Feng
Chapter 143: What's wrong with this
Chapter 144: The kitchen knives in the kitchen are holy goods.
Chapter 145: special job
Chapter 146: Sad Rudasheng
Chapter 147: Brand new meridian structure
Chapter 148: the only lucky one
Chapter 149: Qingshan Patriarch, Emperor Wu!
Chapter 150: Ao Qing's past
Chapter 151: Ao Qingcheng's coercion and temptation!
Chapter 152: Ao Qing
Chapter 153: We are no longer at the same level
Chapter 154: Ao Qing needs
Chapter 155: The black-robed man who suddenly joined
Chapter 156: dog, up
Chapter 157: got it
Chapter 158: The battle of the two veins
Chapter 159: Shameless Emperor
Chapter 160: upside down black and white
Chapter 161: Mr. meaning
Chapter 162: Why don't you start, sir?
Chapter 163: Ambush
Chapter 164: It will always come
Chapter 165: big deal again
Chapter 166: Breakthrough
Chapter 167: Solve this martial arts first (first update)
Chapter 168: withdraw? (Second more)
Chapter 169: Another world (third more)
Chapter 170: That world, that time, that youth... (fourth more)
Chapter 171: This time there will be no surprises (fifth more)
Chapter 171: Dog's highlight moment
Chapter 173: Who can save the royal family? (Second more)
Chapter 174: A new mission?
Chapter 175: Demon Lord, it's really nothing (fourth more)
Chapter 176: Surprisingly winning treasure (fifth more)
Chapter 177: Eat the might of the Emperor!
Chapter 178: Rampage pill
Chapter 179: Spicy Tensen
Chapter 180: a flavorful one
Chapter 181: let me cut him
Chapter 182: Don't fight at the entrance of my martial arts hall
Chapter 183: What the **** is this place?
Chapter 184: I'm really just a mortal
Chapter 185: Kill two birds with one stone
Chapter 186: It turned out to be the senior here?
Chapter 187: Is a dog a **** too?
Chapter 188: See how the master goes
Chapter 189: Hmph, if you want to prostitute for nothing, there is no way!
Chapter 190: what do you think sir?
Chapter 191: life is not easy
Chapter 192: alarmist
Chapter 193: Wusheng's Tomb
Chapter 194: The key to opening the stone gate
Chapter 195: Three sacred treasures
Chapter 196: accident happened
Chapter 197: looted
Chapter 198: ask again sir
Chapter 199: Unzenque's decision.
Chapter 200: ordinary road
Chapter 201: Yu Wujie's life peak
Chapter 202: The holy relic is right in front of you!
Chapter 203: special box
Chapter 204: What **** kills such a fool?
Chapter 205: Emperor Qintai
Chapter 206: calligraphy and painting
Chapter 207: Inheritor of the Martial Saint
Chapter 208: not you at all
Chapter 209: this guy is annoying
Chapter 210: come on
Chapter 211: There are peerless masters in the martial arts hall
Chapter 212: Finally got to see that one
Chapter 213: There will always be evil
Chapter 214: Wipe away the heritage of a sect with one butt
Chapter 215: big chance sir
Chapter 216: Near the water floor, first-served month
Chapter 217: your uncle or your uncle
Chapter 218: you will miss out
Chapter 219: Scumbag Skeleton Benwei
Chapter 220: no exaggeration
Chapter 221: The present is not what it used to be, the world is far away
Chapter 222: Are you going to get back with me?
Chapter 223: two brothers prey
Chapter 224: calm down
Chapter 225: Mountain experience
Chapter 226: serious situation
Chapter 227: Wuhu
Chapter 228: Who lost my gold coins?
Chapter 229: Lose money now
Chapter 230: cut it clean
Chapter 231: Hidden formation, move!
Chapter 232: spend the night under their noses
Chapter 233: What an awesome sneeze
Chapter 234: This shadow is...
Chapter 235: keep you safe
Chapter 236: you guys, don't come here
Chapter 237: Older gingers are more spicy
Chapter 238: A big man has come to Nansha
Chapter 239: black robe man in moonlight
Chapter 240: Fresh game?
Chapter 241: These wicked old men
Chapter 242: Everyone here is trash
Chapter 243: hello uncle wang
Chapter 244: fly your seven uncle
Chapter 245: It turned out that Mr. had foreseen...
Chapter 246: Ten Life Emperor Realm
Chapter 247: Who has such a big heart?
Chapter 248: Yes, that's the gentleman
Chapter 249: Only in front of you can I relax
Chapter 250: Are you too? (p. 250
Chapter 251: The collective breakthrough (p. 251
Chapter 252: chance left
Chapter 253: put down the pot in your hand
Chapter 254: do you know what i mean
Chapter 255: He is the supreme master
Chapter 256: Another peerless master?
Chapter 257: Take the risk
Chapter 258: Enemy road is narrow
Chapter 259: Prisoner's Domain
Chapter 260: Tianjianmen turmoil
Chapter 261: he appeared
Chapter 262: What does it mean
Chapter 263: The power of the road
Chapter 264: your good disciple
Chapter 265: unrepentant
Chapter 266: avid fan
Chapter 267: I finally understand
Chapter 268: whimsical
Chapter 269: role-playing
Chapter 270: only outsmarted
Chapter 271: martial arts master
Chapter 272: you heartless man
Chapter 273: graft
Chapter 274: cold kick
Chapter 275: valley ambush
Chapter 276: Co-operate as a mentally retarded?
Chapter 277: tourist attraction
Chapter 278: make a table
Chapter 279: Honorable Favor
Chapter 280: This is my bodyguard
Chapter 281: self-inflicted
Chapter 282: give you a gourd baby
Chapter 283: Chaos
Chapter 284: Chaos of the Five Elements
Chapter 285: close call
Chapter 286: son of luck
Chapter 287: sir, who is
Chapter 288: do you think you are god
Chapter 289: Then play music, then dance
Chapter 290: This woman who beat her legs is...
Chapter 291: I'm the little brother
Chapter 292: It was a mortal man!
Chapter 293: fairy brothers
Chapter 294: am I familiar with you?
Chapter 295: I won't let you hear
Chapter 296: Destiny cannot be violated
Chapter 297: no way
Chapter 298: break your heart
Chapter 299: God stick master
Chapter 300: Can this be surprising to the master and apprentice?
Chapter 301: so inconvenient
Chapter 302: This is the Diamond Sutra
Chapter 303: Mission accomplished
Chapter 304: escape marriage
Chapter 305: Where is the old lady's man?
Chapter 306: Do a lot
Chapter 307: Remember to be a teacher
Chapter 308: Crossing the Shiwanda Mountain
Chapter 309: you bitch
Chapter 310: lock your throat
Chapter 311: two options
Chapter 312: There are still humans
Chapter 313: Fairy Ruins
Chapter 314: You think too much
Chapter 315: new account old hatred
Chapter 316: who is he
Chapter 317: Dimension reduction coercion
Chapter 318: Mosquito legs are also meat
Chapter 319: What does this guy mean?
Chapter 320: you owe me two million
Chapter 321: Hope rests on mortals
Chapter 322: Reduced housing requirements
Chapter 323: treasure man
Chapter 324: How much beef jerky do you have?
Chapter 325: recalculate
Chapter 326: Is this slow?
Chapter 327: System new tasks
Chapter 328: Zongmen planning
Chapter 329: That's it
Chapter 330: Finalize the big deal
Chapter 331: the body disappeared
Chapter 332: Three gods?
Chapter 333: The thickest iron plate
Chapter 334: Wu Zun coolie
Chapter 335: System new features
Chapter 336: another punch
Chapter 337: Immortal Irrigation
Chapter 338: Qingyu Xianzhou
Chapter 339: never ending
Chapter 340: This is the peerless master?
Chapter 341: what a magic trick
Chapter 342: Qualification
Chapter 343: Doves occupy magpie nests?
Chapter 344: greatest secret
Chapter 345: 100 million avatars
Chapter 346: Standard for firing red bricks
Chapter 347: expert
Chapter 348: This bear is promising
Chapter 349: You have reached the pinnacle of your life
Chapter 350: pile?
Chapter 351: Layout is important.
Chapter 352: Break this broken skeleton into pieces
Chapter 353: Old three hold on
Chapter 354: It's finally here
Chapter 355: How could I join forces with you?
Chapter 356: Hit me hard, hit me hard
Chapter 357: debut
Chapter 358: People are demon emperors
Chapter 359: i was just kidding
Chapter 360: Immortal
Chapter 361: I'm really helpless
Chapter 362: Turning fighters into jade and silk
Chapter 363: Loyal Black Feather
Chapter 364: never give in
Chapter 365: here we are here
Chapter 366: escape from poison
Chapter 367: ignorant of strength
Chapter 368: catch up
Chapter 369: Challenge Tianwei
Chapter 370: good day
Chapter 371: This person's goal is actually...
Chapter 372: I'm back
Chapter 373: Is this again?
Chapter 374: Is he the boss?
Chapter 375: thank goodness
Chapter 376: that's weird
Chapter 377: of destruction
Chapter 378: start date
Chapter 379: bad luck
Chapter 380: feast
Chapter 381: mass disappearance
Chapter 382: goodbye sir
Chapter 383: news of ancient statues
Chapter 384: do you want to do it
Chapter 385: Injustice has the head and the debt has the owner
Chapter 386: Just a bunch of spicy chicken?
Chapter 387: Three knives
Chapter 388: Dongsheng Oiran
Chapter 389: A traveler?
Chapter 390: who has the last laugh
Chapter 391: who is he
Chapter 392: cloudy water
Chapter 393: The art of divination
Chapter 394: Small things, see more
Chapter 395: ready
Chapter 396: Can't stand it?
Chapter 397: familiar voice
Chapter 398: mysterious woman
Chapter 399: he found it
Chapter 400: send you a flower
Chapter 401: This farewell is forever!
Chapter 402: What a big altar
Chapter 403: Lich mythical beast
Chapter 404: women's clothes
Chapter 405: It's a surprise this time
Chapter 406: How can it be so serious
Chapter 407: bells and whistles
Chapter 408: you touch me?
Chapter 409: you are a genius
Chapter 410: mystical organization
Chapter 411: the clown is himself
Chapter 412: can't wait
Chapter 413: System Upgrade
Chapter 414: What a coincidence
Chapter 415: one night thing
Chapter 416: It's just leftovers
Chapter 417: pass on love
Chapter 418: lucky person
Chapter 419: Even if the gods come
Chapter 420: Who is it?
Chapter 421: super tonic
Chapter 422: I have a showdown
Chapter 423: Another mortal?
Chapter 424: The lord of the Qingniu Sect
Chapter 425: The mighty Zhu Shiguang
Chapter 426: you are a devil
Chapter 427: we are a kind of people
Chapter 428: we have a good relationship
Chapter 429: I brought you an elixir
Chapter 430: I'm such a piece of shit
Chapter 431: Follow the night energy and watch it change
Chapter 432: come out come out
Chapter 433: hate it!
Chapter 434: heart ache
Chapter 435: Shadow of the Continent
Chapter 436: Three gold coins have fallen
Chapter 437: Zhu Shiguang's Confusion
Chapter 438: myocardial infarction...
Chapter 439: very heavy taste
Chapter 440: Lingxu Realm
Chapter 441: Jagged means
Chapter 442: Apprentice +2
Chapter 443: soul nail, back
Chapter 444: Mr. Guidance
Chapter 445: game of two
Chapter 446: Even if he came in person, he could only kneel down
Chapter 447: Is this the power of Mr.
Chapter 448: did you miss out, sir?
Chapter 449: Survival
Chapter 450: horror lineup
Chapter 451: a piece of waste paper
Chapter 452: lifeless request
Chapter 453: Don't you want to see and see my master's wood carvings?
Chapter 454: Immortal method, oh TM take kidney sweet
Chapter 455: Take advantage of numbers against him
Chapter 456: windy man...
Chapter 457: Another worthy follower
Chapter 458: Great idea
Chapter 459: Then, not then
Chapter 460: you go first
Chapter 461: I want to go home
Chapter 462: Heaven and Earth Gate
Chapter 463: I have a showdown
Chapter 464: Godsend opportunity
Chapter 465: talent requirements
Chapter 466: Recipe Daquan
Chapter 467: This apprentice, not for nothing
Chapter 468: a place
Chapter 469: Dip in the light of the emperor
Chapter 470: cattle dealer
Chapter 471: One turn to Nirvana
Chapter 472: Protect your people.
Chapter 473: annoyed
Chapter 474: shut up
Chapter 475: death comes
Chapter 476: Isn't he?
Chapter 477: Yi Feng's promise
Chapter 478: Unreliable disciple.
Chapter 479: God Phoenix Bloodline
Chapter 480: The daily life of Tiandimen
Chapter 481: The 18th Junior Brother who blew himself up at every turn
Chapter 482: three years? Three days is enough.
Chapter 483: cow flying in the sky
Chapter 484: My son has the wealth of the emperor
Chapter 485: fuel the flames
Chapter 486: It's my turn.
Chapter 487: The way of the person is also the body of the person
Chapter 488: I can't control you, Lord Hong
Chapter 489: Find a bag to put the bones of the younger brother
Chapter 490: If you want to fight, you said earlier
Chapter 491: What kind of magic are you doing?
Chapter 492: The goal of 100 people is approaching!
Chapter 493: nasty guy
Chapter 494: The pills that directly break through the martial arts.
Chapter 495: Two hundred and thirty-four immortal pillars
Chapter 496: Impossible in this lifetime
Chapter 497: bunch of waste
Chapter 498: I will definitely bring the fifth brother back
Chapter 499: The top combat power of Tiandimen
Chapter 500: The customs of Tiandimen
Chapter 501: body of extreme flame
Chapter 502: two options
Chapter 503: bunch of fakes
Chapter 504: Suddenly something is wrong
Chapter 505: The last consolation is gone
Chapter 506: The trump card of extinction
Chapter 507: What's the use of you?
Chapter 508: Kindness but hardship
Chapter 509: What are you doing?
Chapter 510: find something to do
Chapter 511: The last disciple.
Chapter 512: Luck Immortals
Chapter 513: Jia Jiaqin's Filial Piety
Chapter 514: Incubation on site
Chapter 515: None of the lamps are fuel efficient
Chapter 516: totally messed up
Chapter 517: Must be rewarded!
Chapter 518: This change is exactly what I want
Chapter 519: two point air
Chapter 520: good luck
Chapter 521: Escape from the Circus
Chapter 523: (Top) At most, the head should be bigger.
Chapter 523: (below) a litter of garbage
Chapter 524: Compassion for Kubo Benwei
Chapter 525: The familiar book gang
Chapter 526: first man in empire
Chapter 527: pretty close
Chapter 528: Good brother of the king!
Chapter 529: it's him
Chapter 530: chick
Chapter 531: All dispatch
Chapter 532: beheaded
Chapter 533: dissatisfied
Chapter 534: Big brother is really resolute
Chapter 535: understand
Chapter 536: The first step to the big picture
Chapter 537: bad feeling
Chapter 538: I want to invite my master or my eldest brother to come out!
Chapter 539: That's it?
Chapter 540: Luck Immortals Change Again
Chapter 541: I see
Chapter 542: new approach
Chapter 543: Letters between brothers and sisters
Chapter 544: completely turned over
Chapter 545: Yuan Zun
Chapter 546: find out who's behind
Chapter 547: danger imminent
Chapter 548: You are suffering, brother understands
Chapter 549: Go down again
Chapter 550: then take a sip
Chapter 551: got rich
Chapter 552: Do not worry
Chapter 553: despair
Chapter 554: I have cultivated
Chapter 555: Master, that's what you meant
Chapter 556: Find someone to practice
Chapter 557: don't ask who i am
Chapter 558: shallow person
Chapter 559: go somewhere the owner won't go
Chapter 560: teleport fairyland
Chapter 561: sin
Chapter 562: wait to die
Chapter 563: It's him?
Chapter 564: mortal way
Chapter 565: sudden luck
Chapter 566: random again
Chapter 567: such a pity
Chapter 568: The future is promising
Chapter 569: still dead
Chapter 570: You also know fear?
Chapter 571: exactly one year
Chapter 572: live
Chapter 573: Come when you want, go when you want
Chapter 574: completely convinced
Chapter 575: Picked up treasure
Chapter 576: Miserable
Chapter 577: living hope
Chapter 578: Get this kid right on the spot
Chapter 579: kill him
Chapter 580: peerless genius
Chapter 581: impossible
Chapter 582: scary astrology
Chapter 583: Use a personal immortal to prevaricate me, not so much!
Chapter 584: make an oath
Chapter 585: Inexplicably cool
Chapter 586: life
Chapter 587: live well
Chapter 588: Lord of the Reds
Chapter 589: to be exposed
Chapter 590: kill you like a chicken
Chapter 591: What the **** am I doing?
Chapter 592: great thing
Chapter 593: so smart
Chapter 594: Who told you I'm just a fairy?
Chapter 595: I have seen such arrogant people
Chapter 596: Victory
Chapter 597: hide
Chapter 598: lore
Chapter 599: Outer door secret
Chapter 600: no more spirit
Chapter 601: you blackmail me?
Chapter 602: conspiracy
Chapter 603: so aggrieved
Chapter 604: too horrible
Chapter 605: Don't be afraid, I will stop him for you!
Chapter 606: What kind of cultivation are you... in the end!
Chapter 607: The furious Guo Shijie
Chapter 608: I'm going to sell my house
Chapter 609: we are being watched
Chapter 610: Kubo Benwei, angry!
Chapter 611: unstoppable force
Chapter 612: what are you?
Chapter 613: no one can stop
Chapter 614: dust falls
Chapter 615: Uncle Yi
Chapter 616: Mysterious and profound insights...
Chapter 617: Has it finally reached the first stage?
Chapter 618: put it lightly
Chapter 619: A disciple named Yi Feng
Chapter 620: same level master
Chapter 621: sublimation
Chapter 622: It's over, it's going to die.
Chapter 623: What does he look like?
Chapter 624: Let go of the conditions
Chapter 625: I would love to have such troubles!
Chapter 626: To pick shit, first meditate
Chapter 627: Dung, invincible!
Chapter 628: die waiting
Chapter 629: Mastering the stick, but aiming for the yard
Chapter 630: Pretend to fail
Chapter 631: The reaction caused by the Ten Kui people
Chapter 632: Return to Xianjiang Continent
Chapter 833: elevate their power to immortals
Chapter 634: Master's request
Chapter 635: It turned out that the poor monk was sloppy!
Chapter 636: Are they really immortals?
Chapter 637: Intermediate fairy?
Chapter 638: We don't need this thing in our world.
Chapter 639: Two immortals?
Chapter 640: Brother, don't you understand?
Chapter 641: A fire burned the Heavenly Immortal Temple
Chapter 642: You must listen carefully to Master Lu's words.
Chapter 643: If I had known, I would have eaten half of it
Chapter 644: Cultivation, luck is very important
Chapter 645: I think you are misunderstanding something
Chapter 646: Unprepared Li Hongtian
Chapter 647: In the immortal world in the future, don't mess with the immortals
Chapter 648: Are you really a scumbag?
: chill
Chapter 650: When did I call you here?
Chapter 651: Why
Chapter 652: Shaking for no reason
Chapter 653: double barrel
Chapter 654: come, go
Chapter 655: Look no further, we are fairies
Chapter 656: Young man, don't make such a fuss
Chapter 657: There really is such a holy place that is exactly the same as his description!
Chapter 658: One hundred Earth Immortals have left the teleportation formation
Chapter 659: Army attack
Chapter 660: A small restaurant quietly opened
Chapter 661: i want a bowl of fried rice
Chapter 662: This bowl of fried rice is divine
Chapter 663: Destroy Thunder Tribulation with a Spoon
Chapter 664: life should not end
Chapter 665: They're not as good as chickens
Chapter 666: men are always so boring
Chapter 667: Let this holy maiden mend the wall?
Chapter 668: I got beat up by a bunch of chickens!
Chapter 669: Senior, I'll do some errands for you too
Chapter 670: Let the seniors only favor me alone
Chapter 671: These pills, **** you
Chapter 672: Are you still in the mood to eat?
Chapter 673: break through the defense
Chapter 674: Why do you want half?
Chapter 675: do you love
Chapter 676: Secret vegetable market
Chapter 677: White Emperor
Chapter 678: The White Emperor arrives
Chapter 679: wonderful feeling
Chapter 680: human-to-human transmission
Chapter 681: Ancient Great Array
Chapter 682: The young man in white robe walking out of the valley
Chapter 683: Bao I go to avoid the limelight
Chapter 684: followed by a shiver
Chapter 685: I still know the formation method?
Chapter 686: misunderstood children
Chapter 687: Senior showdown?
Chapter 688: What does it mean to be a seventh-grade array mage?
Chapter 689: They went out to worship
Chapter 690: shameless old man
Chapter 691: Oh you?
Chapter 692: tell him to move me out
Chapter 693: Golden opportunity
Chapter 694: 100,000 table banquet
Chapter 695: Can you hurry up?
Chapter 696: I really don't know how to spell
Chapter 697: sarcastic smile
Chapter 698: Are you sure you didn't lie to me?
Chapter 699: die waiting
Chapter 700: Su rigorous
Chapter 701: What happened to this soldier?
Chapter 702: I'm just an Earth Immortal soldier
Chapter 703: I've already sent
Chapter 704: Is this soldier stupid?
Chapter 705: Is this what the Earth Immortal did?
Chapter 706: Invincible!
Chapter 707: How could it be possible to kill more than a dozen Sun Moon Wonderland
Chapter 708: Order the Heavenly Immortal Temple to arrest people
Chapter 709: relationship person
Chapter 710: all out
Chapter 711: poked the hornet's nest
Chapter 712: What the **** are you on about?
Chapter 713: Attack the fairy temple
Chapter 714: devour everything
Chapter 715: Big **** bugs can't kill
Chapter 716: No one wants to embarrass Master!
Chapter 717: Almost like a stickman
Chapter 718: All rise
Chapter 719: Aren't we the bosses?
Chapter 720: shout out pretty boy
Chapter 721: two world barrier
Chapter 722: Was it a man who flew in the sky just now?
Chapter 723: This kind of thing is impossible!
Chapter 724: What do you say, Lord Tianshi?
Chapter 725: fall from the sky
Chapter 726: just...
Chapter 727: Can you just squeak?
Chapter 728: unless……
Chapter 729: House seemingly endless rain
Chapter 730: get out
Chapter 731: He's a wastelander
Chapter 732: fit person
Chapter 733: Desolate Fortune
Chapter 734: arrogant
Chapter 735: crash decomposition
Chapter 736: Take the initiative to show sympathy
Chapter 737: This is so righteous...
Chapter 738: boundary wall
Chapter 739: Must find strong support
Chapter 740: already numb
Chapter 741: True Immortal Twenty-five Layers
Chapter 742: You don't really think shitholes have a chance, do you?
Chapter 743: it's him
Chapter 744: You can put the conditions
Chapter 745: you are so brave
Chapter 746: The Great Elder's Disaster
Chapter 747: gossip
Chapter 748: face all the troubles alone
Chapter 749: I'll pass on you a little bit of cultivation
Chapter 750: Lao Crow Soup
Chapter 751: True fairy monster
Chapter 752: eh, no
Chapter 753: old man understand
Chapter 754: Do you want to pretend X?
Chapter 755: True Immortal Tenfold
Chapter 756: gloating eyes
Chapter 757: put back the grandson
Chapter 758: Isn't this coming?
Chapter 759: too hasty
Chapter 760: It's good to see you again
Chapter 761: The dung beetle of the real fairy realm
Chapter 762: unrelated little accident
Chapter 763: stay on the line
Chapter 764: very weak!
Chapter 765: You won't be able to climb up, will you?
Chapter 766: Did you see that bird?
Chapter 767: i will follow you
Chapter 768: Does this make more sense?
Chapter 769: Strength specific geometry?
Chapter 770: pass by
Chapter 771: Has the ancestor been beaten?
Chapter 772: Just wait for him to come out
Chapter 773: I want him to die!
Chapter 774: The full formation of the underground palace - open!
Chapter 775: realize something
Chapter 776: We just... can't...
Chapter 777: Want a face?
Chapter 778: offer
Chapter 779: why exactly
Chapter 780: Handyman blocking the road
Chapter 781: That's what happened
Chapter 782: It is necessary to plan ahead
Chapter 783: Thirteen people
Chapter 784: totally stupid
Chapter 785: villain behavior
Chapter 786: Su Bai's support
Chapter 787: It's so cold up there
Chapter 788: should be doomed
Chapter 789: House-wide encounter
Chapter 790: Nutritious joke
Chapter 791: caught off guard
Chapter 792: red letters
Chapter 793: Shi Qingwu exits customs
Chapter 794: in one go
Chapter 795: have fun
Chapter 796: But don't forget there's another me
Chapter 797: so direct
Chapter 798: Inheritance of the ancient gods
Chapter 799: Experience
Chapter 800: Flat A Sweeping Sword
Chapter 801: Mondo beast
Chapter 802: come together
Chapter 803: subvert cognition
Chapter 804: all you know
Chapter 805: garbage place
Chapter 806: you have to pay
Chapter 807: helpless
Chapter 808: have to compromise
Chapter 809: The boat is done
Chapter 810: subversive change
Chapter 811: enough
Chapter 812: Still pretty cute
Chapter 813: Let's call it a flat A.
Chapter 814: To be like this
Chapter 815: please stay
Chapter 816: why so quiet
Chapter 817: got rich
Chapter 818: come on
Chapter 819: man-made traces
Chapter 820: Let go of the past
Chapter 821: run
Chapter 822: The most evil person in the world
Chapter 823: the reason for the disappearance
Chapter 824: finally grown up
Chapter 825: Who was tempted by?
Chapter 826: I'm killing you
Chapter 827: You think too much
Chapter 828: just let people go
Chapter 829: refining
Chapter 830: totally messed up
Chapter 831: Older than me?
Chapter 832: have to die
Chapter 833: outrageous
Chapter 834: Soldiers approaching the city
Chapter 835: tonic
Chapter 836: a big buddha
Chapter 837: then take him back
Chapter 838: then except
Chapter 839: hum hum
Chapter 840: information
Chapter 841: impatient
Chapter 842: to be soft
Chapter 843: buried treasure
Chapter 844: double catastrophe
Chapter 845: look like a fool
Chapter 846: where do dogs go
Chapter 847: you too
Chapter 848: Damn it!
Chapter 849: Digging hard
Chapter 850: sword come
Chapter 851: Vigorously miracle
Chapter 852: Do you have no temper when you are a god?
Chapter 853: abducted
Chapter 854: weeping
Chapter 855: Grandpa worked hard
Chapter 856: How can there be such a good old man
Chapter 857: looking forward to
Chapter 858: three thousand avenues
Chapter 859: Wen Chengyu who was pitted
Chapter 860: white man blocking the road
Chapter 861: bad for me
Chapter 862: fairy fight
Chapter 863: Buddha bless
Chapter 864: play out of line
Chapter 865: unlucky
Chapter 866: Misty Red Conclusion
Chapter 867: protocol
Chapter 868: forbidden area
Chapter 869: engage in mentality
Chapter 870: Here comes the leek
Chapter 871: Really vulnerable
Chapter 872: Wolf, calm down
Chapter 873: whole city plan
Chapter 874: play the trick
Chapter 875: Stir-fried Pork with Chili
Chapter 876: how strong is he
Chapter 877: ask the mayor
Chapter 878: Monster lair?
Chapter 879: Thirty twin brothers
Chapter 880: Sealed Demon City
Chapter 881: Summon Companion
Chapter 882: The great fortune of the human race
Chapter 883: scary wolf
Chapter 884: what the **** is this place
Chapter 885: Yunhu Dragon Fish
Chapter 887: big harvest
Chapter 887: big harvest
Chapter 888: be snubbed
Chapter 889: Missed
Chapter 890: dying man
Chapter 891: magical place
Chapter 892: strange phenomenon
Chapter 893: this **** love
Chapter 894: virtual life
Chapter 895: death legacy
Chapter 897: Mei Fairy
Chapter 898: shoot yourself in the foot
Chapter 899: Meier is yours today
Chapter 900: scumbag
Chapter 901: game again
Chapter 902: roll
Chapter 903: domineering
Chapter 904: Is this guy normal?
Chapter 905: ten dead
Chapter 906: Fengyue Island
Chapter 907: what the hell
Chapter 908: goodbye sir
Chapter 909: A desperate bet
Chapter 910: Preparation before inheritance
Chapter 911: destroy it
Chapter 912: disappeared for 100,000 years
Chapter 913: Are you back too?
Chapter 914: invisible life
Chapter 915: The older the monster, the more moody
Chapter 916: available person
Chapter 917: dead door
Chapter 918: Heart of the Brave
Chapter 919: life without love
Chapter 920: too pretentious
Chapter 921: the only consolation
Chapter 922: Instant face change
Chapter 923: The meaning of Kubo Benwei
Chapter 924: palm
Chapter 925: will of the Lord
Chapter 926: die
Chapter 927: reminisce
Chapter 928: former boy
Chapter 929: unrelated dreams
Chapter 930: not easy
Chapter 931: saints
Chapter 932: Qin Family Zuxun
Chapter 933: fart
Chapter 934: two treasures
Chapter 935: Master's Big Chess
Chapter 936: infer the truth
Chapter 937: The best of both worlds
Chapter 938: test poison
Chapter 939: cherish each other
Chapter 940: night owl
Chapter 941: perfect person
Chapter 942: impossible
Chapter 943: different minds
Chapter 944: What a great light
Chapter 945: another dead end
Chapter 946: Hardships for the strong
Chapter 947: are you serious
Chapter 948: Jade face unparalleled Zhang Zhishan
Chapter 949: guess guess guess
Chapter 950: die to face the crime
Chapter 951: A long way to go
Chapter 952: Lao Tzu is a saint
Chapter 953: I'm a half saint?
Chapter 954: Does Night Islander drink?
Chapter 955: The world is so big, you have to see it
Chapter 956: whole new world
Chapter 957: Tianjiao is missing
Chapter 958: Willows and Flowers Mingyou Village
Chapter 959: Eat your own fruit
Chapter 960: Make Brother Yi laugh
Chapter 961: How many days is this?
Chapter 962: polite, affectionate
Chapter 963: breakthrough sanctification
Chapter 964: Nan'er is that you?
Chapter 965: Buried Sword
Chapter 966: Different from the usual Kubo Benwei
Chapter 967: their light
Chapter 968: take you home
Chapter 969: After all, we are late
Chapter 970: last hour
Chapter 971: don't die
Chapter 972: The haze dissipates
Chapter 973: A sack fell from the sky
Chapter 974: resolutely do not believe
Chapter 975: Something, but not much
Chapter 976: Father and son are blooming!
Chapter 977: Life is like a play, each other's acting skills!
Chapter 978: The White Emperor came in person, bragging and bragging!
Chapter 979: When the White Emperor appeared, Yi Feng was stunned!
Chapter 980: The way of love is so terrifying!
Chapter 981: Undefeated Juggernaut? That must be strong!
Chapter 982: The pinnacle of life!
Chapter 983: His mood is really rare
Chapter 984: Why do you care about him?
Chapter 985: Chess Saint Gu Qingcheng!
Chapter 986: It turned out to be a vinegar jar, then act as a rival in love!
Chapter 987: It turned out to be an old silver coin, so that's it!
Chapter 988: Isn't this blood pressure soaring?
Chapter 989: I thank you!
Chapter 990: I have a showdown!
Chapter 991: Juggernaut shot? I can't ask for it!
Chapter 992: With my sword, it is difficult for a saint to compete!
Chapter 993: His state of mind is unforgettable!
Chapter 994: annoying fly
Chapter 995: The joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same!
Chapter 996: The world will be in great trouble!
Chapter 997: The devil is coming!
Chapter 998: A broken finger!
Chapter 999: Do you have a girl?
Chapter 1000: This is a great opportunity for the Gu family!
Chapter 1001: Gu family ancestors are saints
Chapter 1002: Unbearable anger!
Chapter 1003: The seven saints are out!
Chapter 1004: Who is the prey!
Chapter 1005: A bigger crisis is coming!
Chapter 1006: The perfect apprenticeship program
Chapter 1007: battle of wits
Chapter 1008: worlds apart
Chapter 1009: End calf, this old man is crazy
Chapter 1010: Apprentices are also introverted
Chapter 1011: Licking God Fu Nantian
Chapter 1012: lick the dog
Chapter 1013: This little friend is good
Chapter 1014: Apprentice? Ha ha.
Chapter 1015: Hometown food?
Chapter 1016: Isn't this a burden?
Chapter 1017: not dangerous
Chapter 1018: The burden is me
Chapter 1019: Return gifts can also be rolled
Chapter 1020: Don't pretend, it's a showdown
Chapter 1021: try and die
Chapter 1022: Good luck little man
Chapter 1023: 10,000 hits
Chapter 1024: have a pattern
Chapter 1025: The Mutation of the Ancient Corridor
Chapter 1026: Catastrophe and opportunity coexist!
Chapter 1027: Even a mere half-sage counts as a talent?
Chapter 1028: A trace of enlightenment!
Chapter 1029: lock throat slowly
Chapter 1030: see you again Senior Yi
Chapter 1031: It's an illusion
Chapter 1032: consciousness of the weak
Chapter 1033: They are all fat!
Chapter 1034: star gate
Chapter 1035: good luck
Chapter 1036: The demons were slaughtered!
Chapter 1037: Giant clam!
Chapter 1038: Is this still human?
Chapter 1039: Who is invading whom?
Chapter 1040: cute little toad
Chapter 1041: Terrible truth!
Chapter 1042: a little stronger
Chapter 1043: It turns out he's a senior
Chapter 1044: Is this a little stronger?
Chapter 1045: see the sun again
Chapter 1046: Isn't this the baby that was delivered?
Chapter 1047: wise father!
Chapter 1048: Old Dad's Chicken Soup
Chapter 1049: A bowl full of poisonous chicken soup
Chapter 1050: Good trick to fish in troubled waters
Chapter 1051: Older gingers are more spicy!
Chapter 1052: scary captain
Chapter 1053: you only see the first layer
Chapter 1054: witty devil
Chapter 1055: I'm not sick
Chapter 1056: Something seems wrong
Chapter 1057: Highlights of life
Chapter 1058: How can mere humans pass through the magic gate?
Chapter 1059: snail rider
Chapter 1060: Too bad he's a rookie
Chapter 1061: This trip is dangerous!
Chapter 1062: burn one's boats
Chapter 1063: Bald old man who doesn't speak martial arts
Chapter 1064: Harvest just a little
Chapter 1065: good one
Chapter 1066: Incapable of fighting, only outwitted
Chapter 1067: Heavenly Demon Race
Chapter 1068: Can't take it this way!
Chapter 1069: People are numb!
Chapter 1070: Today is different!
Chapter 1071: Know it?
Chapter 1072: win or lose
Chapter 1073: The chief ceremony is open, increase the stake!
Chapter 1074: Everything is controlled by Fu Haotian
Chapter 1075: Wei Zhenfang is against the water?
Chapter 1076: happiness comes too suddenly
Chapter 1077: brutal reality!
Chapter 1078: sensational
Chapter 1079: the dust settles
Chapter 1080: palm behind
Chapter 1081: happy troubles
Chapter 1082: Shadow Isle is home
Chapter 1083: Thirty years of Hedong, thirty years of Hexi
Chapter 1084: The savior is here, the savior is gone...
Chapter 1085: Why don't you give my husband a try?
Chapter 1086: Such a terrifying brick-moving palm!
Chapter 1087: trivial matter
Chapter 1088: giant legs
Chapter 1089: Tianjiao emerges
Chapter 1090: One thought is born, all evil is done
Chapter 1091: unforgiving
Chapter 1092: Terrible gloves!
Chapter 1093: water cold star mutation
Chapter 1094: Devil's Perfect Chicken Soup
Chapter 1095: bullying
Chapter 1096: What a treasure