[MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen Erza

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[MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen ErzaYiwen traveled through time, but Yiwen didn’t panic at all… Because he traveled with him, as well as the character template in the mobile game, and the five devil fruits obtained b...
[MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen Erza is a Action Fantasy manga created by stick to it,read the latest chapters of [MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen Erza online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 300: Yiwen: I am a dragon~

Update:2022-12-28 08:11:33

《[MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen Erza》Latest chapter

Chapter 300: Yiwen: I am a dragon~
Chapter 299: In front of the Fairy Tail founder, scold Fairy Tail
Chapter 298: The congressman is not at home, the speaker is...
Chapter 297: A wider world!
Chapter 296: Ants and Dragons
Chapter 295: I'm going to the Magic Council to sue you!
Chapter 294: Meteorite falling to the ground
Chapter 293: Holy 10 grips with bad influence
Chapter 292: Excellent seeds of the major guilds
Chapter 291: The strongest magister guild in the world
Chapter 290: Fiore Kingdom President Gathering
Chapter 289: Lacusas who was calculated by his own people
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《[MT]Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen Erza》all chapters

Chapter 1: Dragon? !
Chapter 2: Egwene's system
Chapter 3: Erza was born
Chapter 4: learn magic
Chapter 5: Erin's Personality Added Magic
Chapter 6: Erin's strength!
Chapter 7: 10 years in a hurry
Chapter 8: Panel update...
Chapter 9: Leaving town and heading to Fairy Tail
Chapter 10: The smell of scum is coming
Chapter 11: Erza and Lakuzas
Chapter 12: Rakuza's challenge
Chapter 13: Egwene vs Gildarth
Chapter 14: 8 feet Qionggou jade
Chapter 15: mighty kildath
Chapter 16: meteorite? !
Chapter 17: S-level tasks
Chapter 18: The wind has stopped!
Chapter 19: Sitting up in a dying sickness
Chapter 20: Lakuzas who was killed in seconds again
Chapter 21: The first thing a boy learns to be bad is never going home
Chapter 22: Guide Erza
Chapter 23: impart domineering
Chapter 24: Unlucky Lacusas
Chapter 25: new task
Chapter 26: The demon created by Zeref is dangerous? !
Chapter 27: Fighting Lacusas and Erza
Chapter 28: Uru and Gray
Chapter 29: Uru and Daliola
Chapter 30: Evil attribute extraction
Chapter 31: Kill Daliola
Chapter 32: interest!
Chapter 33: Makarov arrives...
Chapter 34: invite ulu
Chapter 35: Uru and Urutia
Chapter 36: The Second Hand of the Magisters' Guild Hustle
Chapter 37: fairy tail style
Chapter 38: The noisy second hand is all off!
Chapter 39: Tochi Anderba
Chapter 40: Magic Prison BLACKVOX
Chapter 41: released criminals
Chapter 42: Gildas at peace with all
Chapter 43: Destroy evil and show righteousness・1 day!
Chapter 44: leave
Chapter 45: The strongest team of the first generation assembles!
Chapter 46: Uru and Gildas
Chapter 47: kildas snatched the woman and ran away
Chapter 48: chase
Chapter 49: We are the magisters of Fairy Tail, how can we ask soldiers for help?
Chapter 50: Foss, the Western Entrance Town
Chapter 51: On the train to Magnolia
Chapter 52: Walk in the dark
Chapter 53: 0 times refund
Chapter 54: rescue
Chapter 55: queen of arms
Chapter 56: Take them all!
Chapter 57: War kills people!
Chapter 58: return to fairy tail
Chapter 59: Gray, Leon, and Uru formally join
Chapter 60: Who is the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail? !
Chapter 61: The strongest Fairy Tail is of course...
Chapter 62: Selection of the Holy 10 Magisters
Chapter 63: New Holy 10 Magisters
Chapter 64: Uru's shock
Chapter 65: 2 people who are not interested in holy 10
Chapter 66: Gray and Leon who were killed in seconds
Chapter 67: Rhapsody
Chapter 68: The task level is the 0-year task level? !
Chapter 69: Erin competes
Chapter 70: Fairy Tail 1st 24 Hours Endurance Race
Chapter 71: Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 72: title of epic
Chapter 73: S-level magister assessment
Chapter 74: The result of Kanna's divination...
Chapter 75: Egwene in action
Chapter 76: Yiwen's preparations before the assessment!
Chapter 77: Not just 4 candidates
Chapter 78: Fifth Person Irene Berserion
Chapter 79: Erin: It's mom~
Chapter 80: The wind on the roof will be noisy this year
Chapter 81: The rules for the S-level magister assessment
Chapter 82: Egwene: Guess who the unlucky guy is? !
Chapter 83: Erin: Kildas, your luck is really bad~
Chapter 84: Let's pass the level happily together~
Chapter 85: Erin VS Kildath!
Chapter 86: Everyone advances!
Chapter 87: Grave sweepers...
Chapter 88: Destroy God's Magic
Chapter 89: death seeker
Chapter 90: 3-attribute Mage of Destruction
Chapter 91: So why don't we let them come?
Chapter 92: Huge gap in strength
Chapter 93: yes~
Chapter 94: Playing disco in front of the tomb, the first generation saw it and said it was good...
Chapter 95: harvest and grow
Chapter 96: Return to Magnolia
Chapter 97: new year
Chapter 98: Since you can't tell the difference, let's kill them all...
Chapter 99: Enter the Magic Council
Chapter 100: Yiwen, the captain of the special attack team
Chapter 101: An existence that can only be looked up to...
Chapter 102: God-like
Chapter 103: Why does that city obstruct law enforcement? !
Chapter 104: Paradise Information
Chapter 105: we need to pick an undercover
Chapter 106: In Rosemary Village...
Chapter 107: enter paradise
Chapter 108: children in paradise
Chapter 109: grandpa rob
: Testimonials~
Chapter 110: save the children
Chapter 111: master shipbuilder
Chapter 112: Sins of Paradise
Chapter 113: send you a courier
Chapter 114: That should be celestial magic
Chapter 115: Yiwen's little abacus
Chapter 116: children's placement
Chapter 117: Everyone's Choice
Chapter 118: Egwene's plans for the Senate
Chapter 119: Simon and Kagura
Chapter 120: Yiwen: I know a little about adopting a younger sister 12 (11)
Chapter 121: Disappointed Gerald and Simon (12)
Chapter 122: Return to the Guild (13)
Chapter 123: Egwene turned bad? ! (14)
Chapter 124: new councilor rob
Chapter 125: inheritance of will
Chapter 126: It was Egwene's plan to capture Brian.
Chapter 127: Brian's movement
Chapter 128: you are noble you are amazing
Chapter 129: fairy tail arm wrestling contest
Chapter 130: Is this a wrist contest? ! This is a fight meeting!
Chapter 131: 1 must be the wrong way for me to open the door!
Chapter 132: The locals already feel that it doesn't matter~
Chapter 133: cracked sky
Chapter 134: She gave too much
Chapter 135: brand new guild
Chapter 136: true or false information
Chapter 137: Brian, I'm here to catch you~
Chapter 138: Ulu, you don't want your daughter either...
Chapter 139: Look at his ignorant look~
Chapter 140: 1 Demon General and his 5 Demon Cubs
Chapter 141: Have you ever been kicked by the speed of light?
Chapter 142: ah? Do you want to compare the speed of light?
Chapter 143: power of money
Chapter 144: 1 family must be tidy
Chapter 145: Extremely embarrassing 2 holy 10-level magisters
Chapter 146: I have never heard such a strange request!
Chapter 147: 5 Placement of the Devil's Cub
Chapter 148: New Saint Top 10 Magister Ewen
Chapter 149: Today, Yi Wen pays the bill~
Chapter 150: The Specter Dominator Who Comes to Find Fault
Chapter 151: Egwen: That, Erza, put down the knife in your hand first
Chapter 152: Girls' incomprehensible thoughts
Chapter 153: fairy tail snowball fight
Chapter 154: fairy tail style
Chapter 155: Quests related to dragons
Chapter 156: Egwene's decision
Chapter 157: The Shock of Councilor Kirtiner
Chapter 158: To the Northern Continent Kirtina
Chapter 159: man who devoured the dragon
Chapter 160: Arrived in Kirtina Continent
Chapter 161: Face the 'Sword Saint Dragon' Kurnuki
Chapter 162: Confrontation with Kurnukki
Chapter 163: gambling
Chapter 164: Warm up is over
Chapter 165: Handle Kurnukki
Chapter 166: Kurnuki: I will defeat you with swordsmanship! Egwene: Huh? !
Chapter 167: Kurnukki and Yiwen's Swordsmanship
Chapter 168: Kurkinu Apprenticeship
Chapter 169: as you wish
Chapter 170: uninvited guest
Chapter 171: ha? What did you say your mother's name was?
Chapter 172: Dragon Eater's Ambush
Chapter 173: Binding of the Dragon
Chapter 174: Do you dare to attack me? Then I will steal your house!
Chapter 175: Thunder Dragon King Alexon
Chapter 176: Are kids these days monsters?
Chapter 177: My name is Irene Berserion~
Chapter 178: "Apology Dragon" Kurnukki
Chapter 179: Turn Fairy Tail into a terrorist organization capable of destroying the world
Chapter 180: It's over, Yiwen's sister-in-law is here...
Chapter 181: fairy tail fame
Chapter 182: Jeff's mission
Chapter 183: Irene: I want to make a set of dragon scale armor~ Kurnuki: Huh? !
Chapter 184: I have something to do with your wife
Chapter 185: Don't look at me like this, I'm still 1 out of 10 today's saints
Chapter 186: magic is the power of the mind
Chapter 187: Clue to the last person who holds the key of the zodiac
Chapter 188: Destiny will always meet (Part 1
Chapter 189: Difficult situation in the senate (2nd
Chapter 190: There are 13 keys to the 12 signs of the zodiac (the 3rd
Chapter 191: Arrived in the Western Continent (4th
Chapter 192: What did you just say? I didn't hear clearly (No. 5
Chapter 193: Why is His Majesty's child not loved? (number 6
Chapter 194: You are still so young, you can't go astray! (No. 7
Chapter 195: Failed to 'catch' Wild Brandish (No. 8
Chapter 196: Return to the Continent of Ishgar
Chapter 197: Jude: I'm so sour! I am sour!
Chapter 198: The Ophiuchus Protoss Beyond the Zodiac
Chapter 199: Master and servant like sisters
Chapter 200: No, this kid has to be beaten
Chapter 201: Eric's wish
Chapter 202: Tsundere Boys and Girls
Chapter 203: bad girl's plan
Chapter 204: So excited that I lost all my fat times (4th
Chapter 205: Milaj's Ambition
Chapter 206: Milaj
Chapter 207: Who was Egwene Berserion? !
Chapter 208: Milaj's request
Chapter 209: Lakuzas: Erza, your brother is about to be snatched away~
Chapter 210: Devil training~
Chapter 211: Guidance to Milaj et al.
Chapter 212: Erza's determination
Chapter 213: Miraj and Erza confronting each other
Chapter 214: Fake wine harms people
Chapter 215: Is Kildath's **** there?
Chapter 216: fairy tail civil war mode
Chapter 217: Kildath's shock
Chapter 218: Miraj's Sorrow
Chapter 219: 1 slice orange is good
Chapter 220: Hit him now!
Chapter 221: 'No' miserable!
Chapter 222: The Growth of Erza, Miraj and Lakuzas
Chapter 223: Flower Capital Kulokas
Chapter 224: open the eclipse door
Chapter 225: Communication spanning 400 years
Chapter 226: Modern is too dangerous, I want to go back to ancient times!
Chapter 227: Promise with Anna
Chapter 228: Makarov: Lakusas may not be my grandson
Chapter 229: Naz is coming
Chapter 230: Were you raised by a dragon? Lao Tzu was born of a dragon... (Part 5
Chapter 231: No, I sneaked out
Chapter 232: Natsu and Fairy Tail
Chapter 233: Natsu's advice
Chapter 234: You have my childhood, you may not be able to live
Chapter 235: targeted fairy tail
Chapter 236: Fairy Tail House Demolition Brawl!
Chapter 237: final victory
Chapter 238: Miserable Makarov
Chapter 239: Invite Senior Volod to come out
Chapter 240: You don't want Mavis to have an accident, do you?
Chapter 241: For Mavis, the man who can destroy the world
Chapter 242: Volod out
Chapter 243: Who is in favor? Who is against?
Chapter 244: Send Fairy Tail undercover
Chapter 245: On that day, the girl opened the door to a new world
Chapter 246: Urrutia's real look
Chapter 247: They don't take off their clothes casually on weekdays.
Chapter 248: Died before leaving school
Chapter 249: Thunderlords Assemble
Chapter 250: It is rare to be able to "deceive the master and destroy the ancestors"
Chapter 251: Mysterious Dragon Egg
Chapter 252: this is not a dragon egg
Chapter 253: Happy is born~
Chapter 254: The Mysterious Boy Who Invaded Fairy Tail
Chapter 255: Mistgang: It’s over, my identity hides my loneliness
Chapter 256: Why bother? Go directly to another world
Chapter 257: We can take advantage of the Astral World card BUG
Chapter 258: Visit the Hatfilia family
Chapter 259: To the Astral World
Chapter 260: Entering a different world for the first time, how do you deal with a sick girl?
Chapter 261: My sickly sister? ! (Can't hold it bro)
Chapter 262: Are you from another world too?
Chapter 263: For the sake of my sister, what about fighting against the empire?
Chapter 264: Defeat 1 Legion with 1 Eye
Chapter 265: Erza: I have 2 Brother Yiwen? !
Chapter 266: Dragon Knight, 1 punch second, what can I say?
Chapter 267: The king is disobedient, just give him a good beating
Chapter 268: It's okay, I'll do it
Chapter 269: The king was arrested for treason
Chapter 270: Erin, however, already knows everything (dizzy guys...
Chapter 271: Yiwen: Kurnuji, let's go to another world to find your mother~
Chapter 272: Natsu, you come with me too!
Chapter 273: The strong are always respected by others
Chapter 274: Senior Luna Dragon Selene, you don't want to...
Chapter 275: Only provoke women who stand on top of the world
Chapter 276: Egwene vs Selene
Chapter 277: Selene Longing for Egwene
Chapter 278: Erin: What are you going to do to my son?
Chapter 279: Crimson Maiden Irene Berserion
Chapter 280: win or lose
Chapter 281: in the hot spring
Chapter 282: Meaning spanning 400 years
Chapter 283: The sick and old dragons
Chapter 284: So love goes away, right?
Chapter 285: Pray! Pray that this country will not be destroyed!
Chapter 286: scum must die
Chapter 287: Yiwen, who was afraid of trouble, chose to be stopped by time.
Chapter 288: Fairy Tail Dragon Trainer, specialized in taming pretty dragons
Chapter 289: Lacusas who was calculated by his own people
Chapter 290: Fiore Kingdom President Gathering
Chapter 291: The strongest magister guild in the world
Chapter 292: Excellent seeds of the major guilds
Chapter 293: Holy 10 grips with bad influence
Chapter 294: Meteorite falling to the ground
Chapter 295: I'm going to the Magic Council to sue you!
Chapter 296: Ants and Dragons
Chapter 297: A wider world!
Chapter 298: The congressman is not at home, the speaker is...
Chapter 299: In front of the Fairy Tail founder, scold Fairy Tail
Chapter 300: Yiwen: I am a dragon~