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[MT]COS Dazai Osamu's I Got Into the Conan Crew[No heroine, no emotional line, no ambiguity, a lot of private settings, a comprehensive world view, I am an organization. 】 [There is a story about an undercover police officer with real wine, there ...
[MT]COS Dazai Osamu's I Got Into the Conan Crew is a Comedy manga created by Wakagentsuki,read the latest chapters of [MT]COS Dazai Osamu's I Got Into the Conan Crew online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 986: Fishing line is almost banned

Update:2022-12-23 08:07:11

《[MT]COS Dazai Osamu's I Got Into the Conan Crew》Latest chapter

Chapter 986: Fishing line is almost banned
Chapter 985: Even the crow knows
Chapter 984: annoying title
Chapter 983: Hattori: Kudo, I think I should be damned
Chapter 982: time to vomit blood
Chapter 981: Hattori: My real opponent is only Kudo
Chapter 980: treacherous villain
: author sheep
Chapter 979: The loser will bark
Chapter 978: Puzzled
Chapter 977: surf
Chapter 976: It's okay for a workaholic to fish so much, right?
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《[MT]COS Dazai Osamu's I Got Into the Conan Crew》all chapters

Chapter 1: black wine
Chapter 2: Shuji Tsushima and Split Personality
Chapter 3: Chapterysitter Gin
Chapter 4: historical scene
Chapter 5: The frail transfer student
Chapter 6: The boy who ate a bag of dog food
Chapter 7: Teiko Middle School Old Warehouse Incident
Chapter 8: Become the ace of the archery club!
Chapter 9: Junior Detective Corps
Chapter 10: People can't, at least they shouldn't
Chapter 11: Cahors is online
Chapter 12: Undercover is online
Chapter 13: Beautiful mushrooms do not eat
Chapter 14: Mission Impossible in real life
Chapter 15: Qualifying Tournament for the Kyudo Club
Chapter 16: Poirot Cafe Murder
Chapter 17: Poirot Cafe Murder
Chapter 18: Poirot Cafe Murder
Chapter 19: Questions about the fear of heights in the Central Plains
Chapter 20: Organization's side business
Chapter 21: Miss Seto's invitation
Chapter 22: Shinkansen events and the meeting of the century
Chapter 23: "What a pity," he said.
Chapter 24: About the younger generation
Chapter 25: swan song
Chapter 26: Kyudo club qualifiers have started (Mon/Wed)
: A single chapter at the request of a reader
Chapter 27: The strongest dark horse in the competition (2/3)
Chapter 28: Strongly demanded to be forced to delete the number
Chapter 29: Prelude to the Museum
Chapter 30: About Death Without Contradictions (3/3)
Chapter 31: Collectibles about wealthy businessmen being blackmailed
Chapter 32: The ending of Masked Superman
Chapter 33: Osamu Dazai, an enthusiastic citizen
Chapter 34: Saitama County Travel Notes
Chapter 35: About the writer next door to me event
Chapter 36: Details determine your future
Chapter 37: Rescue the dead
Chapter 38: Help from strangers
Chapter 39: missing underground idol
Chapter 40: About the reason
Chapter 41: Black-hearted boss Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 42: About the win rate of Bourbon Eater
Chapter 43: Experiment on organization
Chapter 44: Invitation letter from Moon Shadow Island
Chapter 45: Play Beethoven's Moonlight for You
Chapter 46: pay homage to the dead you
Chapter 47: moonlight illuminates you
Chapter 48: Colleagues always suspect that I am sick
Chapter 49: I'm trying to explain that I'm not sick
Chapter 50: About her father, who left his hometown alone to work
Chapter 51: About his siblings who left their hometown alone to work
Chapter 52: Tsushima Shuji Kidnapping Case
Chapter 53: An unremarkable day of fighting a dog
Chapter 54: Outer members killed
Chapter 55: black undead
Chapter 56: commission from partners
Chapter 57: missing child
Chapter 58: intuition
Chapter 59: unexpected murderer
Chapter 60: About my new restaurant
Chapter 61: Toru Amuro's Buddha's Cooking Intent (bushi
Chapter 62: Masquerade is so good
Chapter 63: Frail, Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 64: Havana
Chapter 65: hate dogs
Chapter 66: Meeting with Miss Diva
Chapter 67: Stone lion and handsome man and murderer
Chapter 68: Daily life in the Central Plains
Chapter 69: Zhongyuan Zhongya and the Youth Detective Team
Chapter 70: Dinner at Maeda Mansion
Chapter 71: falling from the sky
Chapter 72: Detective Amuro
Chapter 73: Distillery Orphanage
Chapter 74: funeral
Chapter 75: A chance encounter with Ginza
Chapter 76: One day when the invitation to Miss Black Cat failed
Chapter 77: Gin: Kaa likes to pick up dogs
Chapter 78: The Melancholy of Cahors
Chapter 79: Suzuki's Villa
Chapter 80: Kudo Shin 1: I feel mocked
Chapter 81: Tsushima Shuji: What can I do~
Chapter 82: Kudo Shin 1: I suspect you did it on purpose
Chapter 83: The final scene of the national archery competition
Chapter 84: The Mystery of Longevity on Mermaid Island
Chapter 85: man in white
Chapter 86: Osamu Dazai in Shirley's eyes
Chapter 87: Atobe Keigo and Tsushima Shuji
Chapter 88: Atobe Keigo and Street Tennis
Chapter 89: Atobe Keigo: I'm raising you **** in vain
Chapter 90: If you don't accept the entrustment of people, then what about the dog?
Chapter 91: Of course you can't find a dog
Chapter 92: Atobe Keigo: I don't think it's right
Chapter 93: Atobe & Akashi: Please start your performance
Chapter 94: Scotch
Chapter 95: No. 3 Nanny Scotland
Chapter 96: Ordinary writer Oda Saku
Chapter 97: Why is Kao...
Chapter 98: Today's commission
Chapter 99: People are always influenced by emotions
Chapter 100: very pure
Chapter 101: So don't be too self-righteous
Chapter 102: Mission report to boss
Chapter 103: Edogawa Conan Abduction Case
Chapter 104: Tsushima turned out to be a member of the organization!
Chapter 105: President is a high-risk occupation
Chapter 106: Whiskey bombing murders
Chapter 107: Another tragedy of revenge
Chapter 108: About Teikoku Games
Chapter 109: Treating as a Demon King
: Testimonials
Chapter 110: After Atobe Keigo possessed the body
Chapter 111: The most victorious
Chapter 112: Image representative of Teikoku Games
Chapter 113: Heiji Hattori
Chapter 114: Diplomat's death
Chapter 115: Kudo Shin 1: numb
Chapter 116: Title 1 day away from home
Chapter 117: unremarkable construction worker
Chapter 118: mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 119: Salted mackerel
Chapter 120: wild dog
Chapter 121: age of the brain
Chapter 122: The development of organizational radar
Chapter 123: Tequila the idiot
Chapter 124: waste - one
Chapter 125: Gifts and Group Tours
Chapter 126: sherlock holmes fan
Chapter 127: Teen detective x three
Chapter 128: Sherlock Holmes Fan Murder
Chapter 129: haunted
Chapter 130: Master Atobe wants me...
Chapter 131: The talent's... arena
Chapter 132: Obedient and obedient, Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 133: slaughter fishing
Chapter 134: Are you there? come out to receive
Chapter 135: gift for conan
Chapter 136: Havana's collar
Chapter 137: Toru Amuro: Don't send cases to Kao
Chapter 138: Jae: The dream is to be a cowherd
Chapter 139: Green is really pretty
Chapter 140: black widow
Chapter 141: at least 10 years
Chapter 142: super scary enemy
Chapter 143: Toru Amuro: Haha
Chapter 144: adult joy
Chapter 145: Death falls from the sky
Chapter 146: The Duke of Night Murder
Chapter 147: Steal the fun of a detective
Chapter 148: Kuroba Kaito
Chapter 149: With Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 150: Kaito Kidd
Chapter 151: male publicist at banquet
Chapter 152: Shuji Tsushima: Let's make your debut as detectives.
Chapter 153: Tsushima Shuji's real name
Chapter 154: Who cares what Bourbon thinks?
Chapter 155: Grim Reaper Collection?
Chapter 156: Don't be too yin and yang
Chapter 157: Hattori & Kudo: Stay Away From Tsushima
Chapter 158: halberd eater
Chapter 159: The most important thing in cooking is the mind
Chapter 160: I heard that the master can also cook?
Chapter 161: Bourbon: I really don't understand Buddhism.
Chapter 162: Popular singer kidnapping case
Chapter 163: Bear children will be educated
Chapter 164: hospital encounter
Chapter 165: The framed detective...
Chapter 166: Kind and generous Tsushima Shuji
Chapter 167: Don't run away, that thief who stole flowers
Chapter 168: Zai: another one
Chapter 169: Self-sacrifice Amano-kun
Chapter 170: Persecution makes people happy
Chapter 171: Bourbon: Run away
Chapter 172: The future of the country depends on you young people
Chapter 173: Miss Yueshui, who is rushing to find death
Chapter 174: white devil
Chapter 175: patient
Chapter 176: Under the bandage is...
Chapter 177: Simple folk style America
Chapter 178: Haruhiko Ohba
Chapter 179: kidnapper thomas sindora
Chapter 180: distance between me and you
Chapter 181: Hiroki Sawada 1 must not be like Keigo Atobe
Chapter 182: Noah is forced to open
Chapter 183: FBI
Chapter 184: 1 house favored by God
Chapter 185: Disabled and determined
Chapter 186: Zai: No one can fight
Chapter 187: painter
Chapter 188: Live streaming of murders
Chapter 189: Good people and good deeds are not named
Chapter 190: detective
Chapter 191: white crow
Chapter 192: Zai: Come and enter the water
Chapter 193: Sacrifice Dazai Osamu
Chapter 194: Detective in America
Chapter 195: Do homeless people have no human rights?
Chapter 196: Zai: Set a small goal first, lose 1 billion.
Chapter 197: beast
Chapter 198: borrow money from creditors
Chapter 199: Jai: Contracting the detective business in the United States
Chapter 200: How can you be more suspicious than the murderer
Chapter 201: Conan: I miss my brother Tsushima so much
Chapter 202: Jae: Is there anyone who doesn't admit that I'm a beautiful boy?
Chapter 203: Haruhiko Oba's support method
Chapter 204: Did Miss Mochizuki receive the flowers?
Chapter 205: About the setting of Tsushima Shuzhi Scorpio Lone Star
Chapter 206: save the heirs
Chapter 207: Akai Hideyoshi 1: There are too many doubts
Chapter 208: Jae: Be the boss with me
Chapter 209: Shuji Tsushima: The goal is to become the FBI
Chapter 210: Bourbon: Kaa actually came back? ! !
Chapter 211: Kaa: Receive my gift of sincerity
Chapter 212: Peno: I might be killed by gin
Chapter 213: Shirley ran away
Chapter 214: Conan: Talk to Tsushima about the Organization
Chapter 215: Kudo Shin 1: It's impossible for my dad to cheat
Chapter 216: Peno: I'm really not an undercover agent
Chapter 217: Soma Yukihira: Are you the boss of the black society?
Chapter 218: Jae: I just want to have a meal
Chapter 219: The beautiful owner of the gallery still owes money
Chapter 220: President-One
Chapter 221: Conan: Why are you so idle?
Chapter 222: There is a time for things that are tangible to dissipate
Chapter 223: Tsushima Shuji: I'm not a household waste...
Chapter 224: Official Tucao is the most deadly
Chapter 225: About the gender of the client
Chapter 226: Tsushima Shuji: Stun first and then
Chapter 227: About the Photography Award Winner
Chapter 228: After winning the prize, it's not a loss to die, right?
Chapter 229: Conan: It's like a dream
Chapter 230: Woke up for a long time, still very moved
Chapter 231: 19 years ago case
Chapter 232: Is the white crow a hero?
Chapter 233: king game
Chapter 234: They say the boss is a lunatic
Chapter 235: Conan: White Crow Hates More Than Kidd
Chapter 236: Conan: Tsushima-san, get well soon
Chapter 237: maybe a memory from the past
Chapter 238: I just want to get out of the hospital
Chapter 239: Even cotton is afraid
Chapter 240: Touko: I'm a bodyguard
Chapter 241: Conan: Why do I feel a little cold
Chapter 242: 1 serious nonsense 8
Chapter 243: Let the big cousin take good care of you
Chapter 244: Maeda Ritsuya: When did my cousin die?
Chapter 245: Conan: Why didn't your cousin become a detective?
Chapter 246: Sister in love with brother again
Chapter 247: Wiedale: A big task from heaven
Chapter 248: 7 Hai: Who wrote the **** script?
Chapter 249: There are many dog ​​blood dramas
Chapter 250: The brightest fireworks
Chapter 251: Hattori: I dreamed that both of you were dead
Chapter 252: Toyama Kazuha: Is your woman Kudo or Tsushima?
Chapter 253: Why did it fall again?
Chapter 254: Exactly, 1 per person
Chapter 255: Don't learn gin
Chapter 256: The Escaped Test Subject - Numbuchi Kiichiro
Chapter 257: This bourbon is a son
Chapter 258: Radio 1 Day Tour
Chapter 259: Mizuno Rena
Chapter 260: she's awake - she's gone
Chapter 261: Did you see this boss?
Chapter 262: President X Congressman?
Chapter 263: Conan: Why do you young masters understand so well?
Chapter 264: How many Valentine's Days are there in a year?
Chapter 265: Confess that this kind of thing has to be queued up
Chapter 266: Arena Encounter
Chapter 267: Hello, Haibara-san.
Chapter 268: Detective your son x 3
Chapter 269: Smart people rely on brain supplements
Chapter 270: Fantasy tennis lives up to its name
Chapter 271: Let's sit down and chat together
Chapter 272: Online dating (liar) 1st person
Chapter 273: Tsushima: Mr. Amuro... he doesn't like people
Chapter 274: Bourbon: I don't want to either...
Chapter 275: Kao: Love~
Chapter 270: It is impossible to take medicine
Chapter 277: Tsushima: A good publicity opportunity
Chapter 278: Tsushima: I don't play anymore
Chapter 279: Tsushima: Does it have anything to do with me?
Chapter 280: outskirts castle
Chapter 281: Haibara Ai: When I don't exist
Chapter 282: Congratulations to Conan for being the first to give away the head?
Chapter 283: Successfully destroyed~
Chapter 284: Tsushima-san is here to save you~
Chapter 285: Tsushima: Hey, Conan, do you think I'm the murderer?
Chapter 286: Gin: Shall I give Kudo Shin 1 another stick?
Chapter 287: guns and roses
Chapter 288: daughter of the Fujiwara family
Chapter 289: Tsushima: I always believe in the police/serious
Chapter 290: Officer Megumi: I believe in Tsushima brother
Chapter 291: Everyone is a partner
Chapter 292: Senyuan Juren: I have a good idea
Chapter 293: Senyuan Juren: From now on we are brothers!
Chapter 294: vidale and cahors
Chapter 295: Tsushima: 1 Someone must have tried to kill me
Chapter 296: Tsushima: First of all, you go to be beaten
Chapter 297: Your personal experience will be made into a TV series~
Chapter 298: 1 to watch the meteor shower/bushi
Chapter 299: Tsushima: When I say there is a meteor shower, there is a meteor shower
Chapter 300: actually 300
Chapter 301: Let's just say start the next 100
Chapter 302: Conan: How did you turn your friends into babysitters?
Chapter 303: Kaa: With the detective here, are you afraid that the task will not be completed?
Chapter 304: How can someone call a beautiful female auntie?
Chapter 305: Tsushima: The young detective with black-rimmed glasses, isn't it me?
Chapter 306: is the same.
Chapter 307: Food is the most healing
Chapter 308: Vidale: This is my first gift to you
Chapter 309: Kaa: Roll with it
Chapter 310: Bourbon: I'm happy to secretly keep things Kaa doesn't like
Chapter 311: Kaa: Didn't you keep it just for me to torture him?
Chapter 312: Kao: Don't be picky eaters
Chapter 313: Gin: Interesting
Chapter 314: Whose house was bombed this time?
Chapter 315: Trinidad: my home
Chapter 316: When will your rope be changed?
Chapter 317: I can change it today
Chapter 318: Conan: You really don't have a brother?
Chapter 319: Tsushima: Rely on yourself~
Chapter 320: Suzuki Sonoko: Call more handsome guys
Chapter 321: Bourbon: It's called Tsushima Haro
Chapter 322: Conan: It's impossible for anyone to like Sonoko
Chapter 323: Conan: There must be something wrong with this one
Chapter 324: Ninja Yuushi: The hero saves beauty, leave it to me.
Chapter 325: Yuuji Ninzu: Aren't you your first kiss?
Chapter 326: Conan: Who are these people?
Chapter 327: The hero who saves the beauty
Chapter 328: youth-
Chapter 329: paintings from across the ocean
Chapter 330: Akihiko Kayaba
Chapter 331: Sword Art Online
Chapter 332: Bourbon daily autism
Chapter 333: President Black Heart is online
Chapter 334: White Crow: Hot search was robbed
Chapter 335: About to spend a period of time in a wheelchair
Chapter 336: people who are ill
Chapter 337: Gin is a 2 swordsman (bushi)
Chapter 338: Cooperation with Feng Family and Hitachi Institute
Chapter 339: Closed beta players ready
Chapter 340: Qujing Liushui Pavilion
Chapter 341: Conan: Eat me 1 needle
Chapter 342: Atobe & Akashi: There must be something wrong with this one
Chapter 343: another gift
Chapter 344: It's impossible to get lost
Chapter 345: 2 puppets
Chapter 346: Takeda Shin 1: Come here, why not...
Chapter 347: This wave is called detective disqualification
Chapter 348: entangled in spider silk
Chapter 349: spider fairy
Chapter 350: disappeared person
Chapter 351: 1 everything swallowed by fire
Chapter 352: Tsushima: He and I are mortal enemies.
Chapter 353: Everyday and bourbon work against each other
Chapter 354: Kaa: Be careful I kick you out with it
Chapter 355: It's decided, send Rum to death
Chapter 356: gamer saliye
Chapter 357: Cases from 20 years ago
Chapter 358: The wise man Kaor
Chapter 359: give your life
Chapter 360: Only the strong deserve a bed
Chapter 361: Tia Marie: I heard that Scotland is ordinary
Chapter 362: terrific teenage detective
Chapter 363: Hattori Heiji: I have nothing to do with Toyama and Ye
Chapter 364: mere childhood sweetheart
Chapter 364: Do you think it's a vulgar rebirth revenge essay?
Chapter 365: Touko: Do ​​you want to act even if you don't want to die?
Chapter 366: sick
Chapter 367: Bourbon: Sure enough, Kaor still had to see a doctor
Chapter 368: black hand in the shadows
Chapter 369: God knows how he died
Chapter 370: hidden 3rd person
Chapter 371: Kao: Does anyone want money?
Chapter 372: Vodka: Kao is so good
Chapter 373: professional intelligence officer
Chapter 374: Dr. Beichuan: You are helpless
Chapter 375: Dr. Beichuan: It seems that I am not saved.
Chapter 376: No sick doctor
Chapter 377: Is Gin such a fickle man?
Chapter 378: Officer Mumu: Your wheelchair has been delivered
Chapter 379: Consultant
Chapter 380: Hope the police won't regret it
Chapter 381: always pays a price
Chapter 382: Fujiwara Ken
Chapter 383: ??Shanxian 3: The heir assigned by the organization
Chapter 384: Kaa: I don't like giving people collars.
Chapter 385: Put a collar on yourself
Chapter 386: Osamu Dazai in white and black crow
Chapter 387: ?? Yama Sosuke: Can I call you Tsushima brother?
Chapter 388: Fake 3-member group of elementary school students
Chapter 389: Dear guests
Chapter 390: Conan: What? Is the case over? !
Chapter 391: Tsushima: Shut up, I don't want to hear
Chapter 392: Kao: I'm gone, I'm alive again, hehe~
Chapter 393: Cahor and Osamu Dazai
Chapter 394: Bourbon & Scotland: It's too informative
: 395 This pair of brothers is abnormal
Chapter 396: Pisk: I'm going to make a contribution!
Chapter 397: Hardworking "good brother"
Chapter 398: Bourbon: I'm not that easy to cheat
Chapter 399: Haibara Ai and Conan eloped
Chapter 400: Conan: What about people? come and catch me-
Chapter 401: busy consultant
Chapter 402: Free Tool Man White Horse Detective
Chapter 403: "The God-Making Project"
Chapter 404: dishonest human
Chapter 405: There should be no white crows in this world
Chapter 406: Tsushima Shuji: I can't take this acting.
Chapter 407: so-called naive
Chapter 408: White Crow: Change my real person to blow you
Chapter 409: Shuji Tsushima: I really want to resign
Chapter 410: White Horse Detective: The 562nd time.
Chapter 411: Half a month after the start of the beta test...
Chapter 412: “Death and Rebirth” Haruhiko Oba
Chapter 413: Haruhiko Oba: Yes, I'm not alive
Chapter 414: Auston: Do you team up to fight monsters?
Chapter 415: Now it's all cats and dogs
Chapter 416: "Amuro Father and Son"
Chapter 417: Students' responsibility is to go to school~
Chapter 418: study well
Chapter 419: Do you all run coffee shops during school festivals?
Chapter 420: Tsushima Shuji: Do you want to be a blood clan with me?
Chapter 421: sense of security
Chapter 422: Make the best use of it
Chapter 423: jealous murderer
Chapter 424: beautiful doctor
Chapter 425: boring story
Chapter 426: idol
Chapter 427: Smart people tend to think too much
Chapter 428: the real truth
Chapter 429: :conan: i thought about it
Chapter 430: "Do you know that Osamu Dazai is watching you?"
Chapter 431: "Osamu Dazai Summoning."
Chapter 432: Conan: It's not scientific at all to organize like this!
Chapter 433: Descendants of the Eternal
Chapter 434: The rebellious brother and... the big brother (bushi
Chapter 435: naive idealism
Chapter 436: witch family
Chapter 437: Kagome: I thought of a good way for you
Chapter 438: Dr. Kamiya: I almost died?
Chapter 439: Moscato in Italy
Chapter 440: 2 successful jailbreaks
Chapter 441: Bourbon: That guy wouldn't want to be undercover, would he?
Chapter 442: Police: Do you want to slap your face like this—
Chapter 443: Tsushima Shuji: I'm here at the Cowherd shop! ! !
Chapter 444: Tsushima Shuji: You guys are playing... pretty fancy?
Chapter 445: ooc but something will happen
Chapter 446: Afternoon Tea at Sengokudi 2
Chapter 447: System: Do you want to go back?
Chapter 448: pinnacle of assassination
Chapter 449: Courtesy
Chapter 450: Momo... ahhh Momotaro
Chapter 451: So why not blow up the powder magazine
Chapter 452: Conan: I'm starting to worry about criminals
Chapter 453: Officer Mumu: What's the matter with you, Maori?
Chapter 454: Conan: Hope the prisoner is okay
Chapter 455: Tsushima Shuji: You're going to be unlucky again
Chapter 456: Osamu Dazai: I really didn't do anything this time.
Chapter 457: Kudo Shin 1: Sorry, Ran
Chapter 458: Shuji Tsushima: Of course, cut out the blue
Chapter 459: News Headlines Permanent Guest
Chapter 460: Conan: Xiaolan seems to be mad at me
Chapter 461: Limited vampire skin
Chapter 462: Tsushima: Dried this vodka
Chapter 463: It is said that a detective's emotional intelligence is 1 lower than 1
Chapter 464: Welcome to Master House
Chapter 465: Kudo Shin 1: Why is no one calling me Kudo-sama
Chapter 466: That 5-color 6-color head
Chapter 467: Tsushima: Come here, why not...
Chapter 468: Maoriland's Menswear Experience
Chapter 469: full tool man
Chapter 470: The death halo is out of order...
Chapter 471: Cinderella Kudo Shin 1
Chapter 472: Tsushima: I won't talk, you can make up your own mind
Chapter 473: 0-year-old Karasuma Renye
Chapter 474: Conan: Protect Tsushima, please
Chapter 475: Tsushima: At first, I wanted to go bankrupt with everyone
Chapter 476: dirty tricks for adults
Chapter 477: Remnants of the old times
Chapter 478: Things suddenly get interesting
Chapter 479: Does anyone know how to coax children?
Chapter 480: Wigs are the key to changing hair
Chapter 481: Bourbon is so childish
Chapter 482: How could anyone be so perfunctory
Chapter 483: Upcoming Ghana Story?
Chapter 484: he loves her, she loves him
Chapter 485: 2 people's communication password
Chapter 486: This Gerald Pegasus is actually a fake.
Chapter 487: Shuji: I know this Gerald
Chapter 488: this intricate arrow
Chapter 489: Pseudo Gerald: You say yes, right?
Chapter 490: You are a lion not a dog!
Chapter 491: Shuji: Quiet, your thinking is disturbing me
Chapter 492: Conan: Forget it, uncle still pick me up for a stitch
Chapter 493: The sleeping detective has started to perform
Chapter 494: Pseudo Gerald: My friend, I have fulfilled all your wishes
Chapter 495: auction invitation
Chapter 496: Kao: I've slept in coffins before
Chapter 497: gift bourbon
Chapter 498: Bourbon: Guess what we...
Chapter 499: Wei Que: Only the waste will be angry
Chapter 500: Suzuki/Atobe/Akaji/Fujiwara: Do you want it? I bought it to send...
Chapter 501: Toru Amuro: You turned out to be a heartthrob of all men and women.
Chapter 502: Shuji Tsushima: Do I need to question the fact that I am a heartthrob?
Chapter 503: Tsushima Shuji: It's okay, little things
Chapter 504: Everyone: I really can't help you
Chapter 505: sudden rise in seniority
Chapter 506: Black history can't be washed away
Chapter 507: Akai Hideyoshi 1: What a seedling
Chapter 508: Akai Hideyoshi 1: It's not normal to engage in art
Chapter 509: It's a dog
Chapter 510: Akai Hide 1: Who is he?
Chapter 511: special invitation
Chapter 512: Kuroba Kaito: ? ? ?
Chapter 513: Don't look directly at God
Chapter 514: got windy
Chapter 515: Bourbon: I can never...
Chapter 516: Anorexia by Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 517: 1 part in 7 billion miracle
Chapter 518: guide
Chapter 519: Retired killer Oda Tsukuru
Chapter 520: Kao: Do ​​you play mahjong? 3 and 1
Chapter 521: Got you
Chapter 522: Kaa: Gin go and kill the traitor
Chapter 523: Hill: I'm here with Harrow
Chapter 524: Gin: No hurry
Chapter 525: Tsushima Shuji: Do you want to make an animation?
Chapter 526: Stairway to Heaven
Chapter 527: "It's just a lost opportunity to grow up."
Chapter 528: Gin: The task is up to you
Chapter 529: Butler Tanaka let you go home early
Chapter 530: madman
Chapter 531: Shuji Tsushima about to drink medicine
Chapter 532: Crush is meaningless
Chapter 533: Sayoko
Chapter 534: come and **** pussy
Chapter 535: Exaggerated crazy magic Sawada Hiroki
Chapter 536: Bourbon: What have you done to people?
Chapter 537: first this way then that
Chapter 538: The murderer is undoubtedly Ruyuefengshui
Chapter 539: cleaner
Chapter 540: Isn't carrying a bomb with you a basic operation?
Chapter 541: Is it gin? no, it's kao
Chapter 542: marionette
Chapter 543: Maorilan's highlight moment
Chapter 544: It's just a human billboard.
Chapter 545: The world of Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 546: Shuji Tsushima: Start acting
Chapter 547: Hiroki: I want to find that man
Chapter 548: Organization: I heard you are looking for us
Chapter 549: best thing
Chapter 550: DNA tracking system
Chapter 551: Peno's Ashes and Diamonds
Chapter 552: Organised Scotch Whisky
Chapter 553: promise
Chapter 554: Anyone can be a friend
Chapter 555: Communication before action
Chapter 556: Tiamary: Belmod, are you... a traitor?
Chapter 557: Tia Marie: 4 on 1 will never go wrong
Chapter 558: Kuroba Kaito: I came quietly
Chapter 559: Awakened, while hunting...wait for a mistake
Chapter 560: Suzuki Sonoko: Tsushima is like a princess
Chapter 561: Koizumi Hongzi: Did you meet a liar?
Chapter 562: Have you ever shot a bird?
Chapter 563: Officer Nakamori: I don't understand
Chapter 564: brain is really important
Chapter 565: The interrupted 7 crown journey
Chapter 566: classic plot
Chapter 567: Chablis
Chapter 568: make up memory
Chapter 569: Tia Marie: Have a dog?
Chapter 570: Chablis: bad or you are the worst
Chapter 571: Kuroba Kaito: It's my blessing to know you
Chapter 572: key
Chapter 573: BOSS: I'm such a perfect father
Chapter 574: Bourbon: I really want to sleep
Chapter 575: Paintings by Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 576: Omoda said: Isn't he my fan?
Chapter 577: Sawada Hiroki: Can you come across the case just by walking around?
Chapter 578: Conan: Osamu Dazai is a lunatic
Chapter 579: You will get caught if you call the police
Chapter 580: mission completed
Chapter 581: Today's consumption is paid for by Shuji Tsushima and Hiroki Sawada
Chapter 582: Umbrella
Chapter 583: Sawada Hiroki's code name
Chapter 584: addiction is addictive
Chapter 585: 0, none, empty
Chapter 586: bat wing under the moon
Chapter 587: Awakened Sora Sakai
Chapter 588: Bourbon: Why are you so familiar with gin?
Chapter 589: Kao: Come to a team building!
Chapter 590: Bourbon & Scotland: Just a Farewell
Chapter 591: explosion is art
Chapter 592: Praise the art~
Chapter 593: I hope there is one more tool man
Chapter 594: Organization's Sniper: Are you provoking?
Chapter 595: Kaa: Cheating doesn't seem to work
Chapter 596: Gin: Well done
Chapter 597: good 1 babysitter
Chapter 598: Calvados says organization is awesome
Chapter 599: Is it normal that only 2 people can cook?
Chapter 600: kind guest
Chapter 601: Layout 20 years ago
Chapter 602: Bourbon: I'm going to run anyway
Chapter 603: real wine werewolf kill
Chapter 604: 1 group of players who fish in troubled waters
Chapter 605: Cohen: Weak and pitiful and helpless
Chapter 606: Scotland: 0 is miserable
Chapter 607: Chianti: This group of people is so annoying
Chapter 608: All villains
Chapter 609: forever beautiful boy
Chapter 610: passing black porsche
Chapter 611: Bourbon: It's going to happen again
Chapter 612: Conan: Why is Tsushima here?
Chapter 613: Conan: Tsushima, cheer up 1 point! ! !
Chapter 614: more precious than diamonds
Chapter 615: sniper detective
Chapter 616: Shuji Tsushima: A Case-Solving Wizard
Chapter 617: So who is the broom star?
Chapter 618: parting gift
Chapter 619: Chablis' secret research
Chapter 620: The new babysitter is online
Chapter 621: alternatives
Chapter 622: Wei Que: Don't listen to perverted words
Chapter 623: Tsushima: I'm just a peripheral member~
Chapter 624: Conan: Should I admit my identity?
Chapter 625: Organised scientific geniuses
Chapter 626: gunshots on the call
Chapter 627: Wei Que: My netizen is not right
Chapter 628: Sora Sakai: You guys are so boring.
Chapter 629: Wherever the handsome guy goes, there will always be a riot
Chapter 630: The actor is really strong
Chapter 631: It is definitely the **** of plague who brings misfortune
Chapter 632: Classic "Suicide"
Chapter 633: Hattori Heiji: Is there something wrong with my eyes?
Chapter 634: The big net gradually revealed
Chapter 635: FBI home delivery
Chapter 636: The original Karasuma Renya
Chapter 637: Miguel's mission
Chapter 638: Kudo Shin 1's Determination
Chapter 639: Let's make a big mistake
Chapter 640: Siquan: The fool who delivered to the door?
Chapter 641: Mouri Kojiro: Why do I feel like I lost again
Chapter 642: Wei Que: A sensible good-hearted person?
Chapter 643: The legendary stealth
Chapter 644: Conan: ...why are you all looking at me?
Chapter 645: It can't really come out for nothing.
Chapter 646: Oda Kerry Min also: I am really short of money
Chapter 647: The Queen of Law and the Prince of Law
Chapter 648: Only death is always good
Chapter 649: Killed?
Chapter 650: he's coming he's coming
Chapter 651: Well-known lawyer = detective
Chapter 652: Conan: Why does it feel like anyone is better than me?
Chapter 653: How good is the 5 yuan special room?
Chapter 654: What is Belmod afraid of?
Chapter 656: The winery police academy team, all together
Chapter 657: Bronx and Negroni
Chapter 658: Just Bourbon
Chapter 659: Adoptive father: Do you want to play the forum?
Chapter 660: Domoto Tourism Group
Chapter 661: The replacement operation is about to start
Chapter 662: Raven (main line)
Chapter 663: Karasuma Renye and Hanyu Raven
Chapter 664: The long-lost noble son gathers
Chapter 665: Large double standard site
Chapter 666: The Only Child Alliance (?
Chapter 667: really big news
Chapter 668: Shuji Tsushima is always special
Chapter 669: The love of rich people is terrible
Chapter 670: have a meal together
Chapter 671: Karasuma Renye: I'm about to live forever
Chapter 672: mourner of the crow
Chapter 673: Wei Que: I have a problem with the same period
Chapter 674: self-destructive withdrawal
Chapter 675: Laphroaig's Strange Habits
Chapter 676: ashes
Chapter 677: Suzuki Sonoko's request
Chapter 678: Laphroaig: Blow it up
Chapter 679: Suzuki Sonoko is really good
Chapter 680: Master of the tea ceremony? Face change master?
Chapter 681: Lies come when you open your mouth
Chapter 682: Ah yes yes yes, suicide again
Chapter 683: Go play those undefined plays
Chapter 684: They all go to the dog blood drama for me
Chapter 685: 7 Hai Lixu: Here again?
Chapter 686: Sora Sakai: It's all trash
Chapter 687: The new game is finally here
Chapter 688: life forbidden zone
Chapter 689: Witch is a tough guy
Chapter 690: Just like 2 stray dogs
Chapter 691: Bourbon & Scotland: Run Fast
Chapter 692: Want to come back?
Chapter 693: Brandy: The scheming wild dog
Chapter 694: Wei Que: Just me, a normal person?
Chapter 695: Kaa: Don't be a dog
: 696 A reassuring "home"
Chapter 697: Bourbon: Trying to chop hands
Chapter 698: The person who came here said it was very good
Chapter 699: good brothers who died together
Chapter 700: The FBI is extremely hot
Chapter 701: Kaa: I hate this face
Chapter 702: Chablis's medical examination
Chapter 703: Phantom Thief Kid's Invitation
Chapter 704: As if I heard someone say I'm cute?
Chapter 705: Let's go in Chablis
Chapter 706: No game today
Chapter 707: 7 detectives
Chapter 708: Biting your fingers is not a good habit
Chapter 709: Could it be that the mastermind behind the scenes is Kojiro Mouri?
Chapter 710: well, the debtor is dead
Chapter 711: Detectives who see through everything
Chapter 712: Detectives with great acting skills
Chapter 713: cannibalistic detectives
Chapter 714: Who are you sympathizing with?
Chapter 715: scene reproduction
Chapter 716: Let's draw blood
Chapter 717: in rescue
Chapter 718: Tsushima Shuji: We are overcast!
Chapter 719: Kuroba Kaito: This is pure slander!
Chapter 720: Atobe Keigo: Why did you enter the hospital again? !
Chapter 721: Ritsuya Maeda:……
Chapter 722: Gin: Get Out of Japan
Chapter 723: Impressed by teachers and students
Chapter 724: Who's going to catch the white crow?
Chapter 725: detective play house
Chapter 726: White horse and black cat
Chapter 727: Farewell, Teacher Judy
Chapter 728: Laphroaig has a good idea
Chapter 729: Chablis gentlemanly
Chapter 730: Kudo Shin 1 did nothing
Chapter 731: White Crow Challenges All Japan Detectives
Chapter 732: Kudo Shin 1's Dream
Chapter 733: This is so neat
Chapter 734: The Mental State of Conan Edogawa
Chapter 735: The Twilight Annex will change hands again
Chapter 736: It is impossible for the white crow to join the organization
Chapter 737: Who killed the robin?
Chapter 738: Hattori Heiji: I withdraw, you continue
Chapter 739: Shuji Tsushima: I was threatened by the white crow
Chapter 740: Has the white crow ever said that he is a good person?
Chapter 741: The title is so hard
Chapter 742: Twilight Annex is sold
Chapter 743: Tia Marie: Yes, we are good sisters
Chapter 744: Winery Sisters
Chapter 745: Laphroaig likes it
Chapter 746: About the heart of a filmmaker
Chapter 747: Peno's new approach
Chapter 748: Letter of help from Mermaid Island
Chapter 749: Qualified tour group
Chapter 750: Mermaid Festival
Chapter 751: Said that when the audience should do it
Chapter 752: Dugong Arrows? Cursed Arrow
Chapter 753: 2nd dead
Chapter 754: Come on, Hattori-kun
Chapter 755: familiar name
Chapter 756: Unqualified Detective Shuji Tsushima
Chapter 757: bitterness drama hero and heroine
Chapter 758: Personality 2
Chapter 759: The dream should wake up
Chapter 760: information on brandy
Chapter 761: Black Kate's Large Figure
Chapter 762: New urban legends added
Chapter 763: Akai show 1 is back
Chapter 764: luxurious hostages
Chapter 765: what a horrible robber
Chapter 766: Open the door, your courier
Chapter 767: The game officially starts
Chapter 768: The hospital is full
Chapter 769: Sword Art Online will not become a forbidden area of ​​life
Chapter 770: mechatronic eye
Chapter 771: How to save the player
Chapter 772: Hattori Heiji has arrived
Chapter 773: In meeting
Chapter 774: brave young man
Chapter 775: Tsushima: Killing people with games is abominable
Chapter 776: gamer migru
Chapter 777: Players with 1 blood
Chapter 778: Dead player's login
Chapter 779: Dawn has not come
Chapter 780: undeliverable courier
Chapter 781: You can go on the road... ah no, it's in the game
Chapter 782: good, found
Chapter 783: Natural disaster or man-made disaster?
Chapter 784: battle royale
Chapter 785: Professional and casual players
Chapter 786: Can't log out
Chapter 787: game public enemy
Chapter 788: external reaction
Chapter 789: system is gone
Chapter 790: survivor?
Chapter 791: parted ways
Chapter 792: Autumn famous mountain bike **** Bronx
Chapter 793: werewolf in werewolf
Chapter 794: Tower Prince
Chapter 795: Kaneki
Chapter 796: Fun is the most important
Chapter 797: Biker party?
Chapter 798: I'm afraid of ghosts
Chapter 799: legendary madmen
Chapter 800: Tired detectives
Chapter 801: Aurora Wings and the Detective
Chapter 802: reliable leader
Chapter 803: Kill those who are disobedient
Chapter 804: new features
Chapter 805: Hattori: Do you know how we got here in these two hours...
: written request for leave
Chapter 806: prey and hunter
Chapter 807: Simply terrifying
Chapter 808: Prolonged
Chapter 809: good-hearted man
Chapter 810: Find a lab
Chapter 811: enter the tower
Chapter 813: lab notes
Chapter 814: brain in a vat
Chapter 815: Welcome back
Chapter 816: Who is the audience?
Chapter 817: prince and rose
Chapter 818: Devil's Lair
Chapter 819: are kept in captivity
Chapter 820: behind the scenes
Chapter 821: petri dish
Chapter 822: Detectives are also surviving today
Chapter 823: just 1 game
Chapter 824: Dogs that disappoint owners get abandoned
Chapter 825: rose room
Chapter 826: prince
Chapter 827: let the moon fall
Chapter 828: building pass
Chapter 829: all fake
Chapter 830: past
Chapter 831: The prince chooses to save himself
Chapter 832: game over
Chapter 833: Invitation to the Wine of Eternal Life
Chapter 834: comminicate
Chapter 835: acting is important
Chapter 836: Sawada Hiroki has arrived
Chapter 837: Inquiry
Chapter 838: Peacock and red cat
Chapter 839: unexpected title 1
Chapter 840: indifferent bystander
: rotten for 1 day
Chapter 841: There is no shortage of idiots in the world
Chapter 842: White Horse Detective feels wrong
Chapter 843: what did the kitty do wrong
Chapter 844: What a coincidence
Chapter 845: There's always someone who looks like they won't live long
Chapter 846: Untitled 1 day
Chapter 847: look, he's dead
Chapter 848: Idol filter is a must
Chapter 849: Beard King Ring: I'm not I don't have it
Chapter 850: Feng Jingye: I can't bring it with me
Chapter 851: So who is the werewolf?
Chapter 852: Yuanshan and Ye: ?
Chapter 853: Hattori: Be careful your woman ran away
Chapter 854: very different mood
Chapter 855: perfectionist
Chapter 856: Elementary school students start massacres
Chapter 857: untitled
Chapter 858: same swordsmanship
Chapter 859: 1 day in Miglu
Chapter 860: Really reassuring school
Chapter 861: egg of memory
Chapter 862: joke game
Chapter 863: Conan: Oh, eldest young master
Chapter 864: Too difficult about the title so
Chapter 865: Kidd's show begins
Chapter 866: Kill the Scouts
Chapter 867: Shi Kaobing
Chapter 868: dead
Chapter 869: Atobe & Akashi: Can you cover up 1 point!
Chapter 870: Kuroba Kaito: My dad he...
Chapter 871: perfunctory fraudster
Chapter 872: Rasputin
: The beautiful girl went shopping~
Chapter 873: magician of the century
Chapter 874: Those 2 bodyguards without weapons
Chapter 875: what face is this
Chapter 876: Conan: I hope Shi Kaobing is okay
Chapter 877: Scotland: I'm not a jerk
Chapter 878: interesting
Chapter 879: Laphroaig decides to go to Eastern University
Chapter 880: Moriyuan Chrysanthemum: I want to chase Miss Seven Seas
Chapter 881: Victims
Chapter 882: Moriyuan Juren: I seem to have been beaten
Chapter 883: you guess
Chapter 884: Senyuan Juren: I am 185!
Chapter 885: Reasoning genius Suzuki Sonoko (fake)
Chapter 886: Today is also a boring day
: rotten
Chapter 887: Conan: Let the culprit go, Tsushima
Chapter 888: Swimming in the morning is normal, right?
Chapter 889: Bourbon: What happened to the case
Chapter 890: Bourbon's kidnapping doesn't work
Chapter 891: Let's dig wild vegetables
Chapter 892: Vitality 4 Shots Mushroom Soup
Chapter 893: Poisoning scene
Chapter 894: Black history should also be neat and tidy
Chapter 895: 30 years old is a hurdle
Chapter 896: Dead people don't spoil
Chapter 897: no way to escape
Chapter 898: crack the atmosphere little expert
Chapter 899: Matsue
Chapter 900: Shuji: I, corrupt
Chapter 901: To live is meaningless
Chapter 902: Tou Zi: My young master is rich
Chapter 903: Baek Jae: What happened to my innocent brother
Chapter 904: Do you want the white slaughter or the black slaughter?
Chapter 905: The strongest killer is reincarnated as a teacher in another world
Chapter 906: Shuji: I choose Ichiro Koheijo
Chapter 907: humanoid bandage
Chapter 908: Pulling means
Chapter 909: Bourbon: Check out, run now
Chapter 910: Just run first
: leave stamp
Chapter 911: “Father Jiko filial piety”
Chapter 912: circus invitation
Chapter 913: Chablis: I really owe you
Chapter 914: Ways to stimulate gin
Chapter 915: Chablis: I really can't understand
Chapter 916: 3 king 8 eggs
Chapter 917: I love circuses
Chapter 918: The only thing not allowed
Chapter 919: Good-hearted passerby Amuro
Chapter 920: James:  …
: Ask for leave
Chapter 921: Police need respect
Chapter 922: It's just a small way to brush up performance
Chapter 923: The newborn brain has no past
Chapter 924: she never met an angel
Chapter 925: Consultants get to work
Chapter 926: White Crow: Wait a minute, let me...
Chapter 927: fans
Chapter 928: crazy
Chapter 929: Finished performance
Chapter 930: Absolutely not a tool person
Chapter 931: Okiya Subaru
Chapter 932: teenager under surveillance
Chapter 933: The Legend of the Men's Toilet
Chapter 934: Hattori: I suspect you are fighting
Chapter 935: Both men and women care about face
Chapter 936: Tsushima: Just let me watch this?
Chapter 937: Can you poison yourself with fugu meat?
Chapter 938: Lucky
: Put badly
Chapter 939: role play
Chapter 940: Grim Reaper per capita
Chapter 941: Greed caused by 1 treasure map
Chapter 942: squat down
Chapter 943: Master must be very happy
Chapter 944: What drives people to action is interest
Chapter 945: Thorough question
Chapter 946: police action
Chapter 947: demon king of the empire
Chapter 948: Okiya Subaru and Sakai Sora
Chapter 949: Don't tell anyone about the past
Chapter 950: 10 points are good at creating encounters
Chapter 951: Oh, what a coincidence, we meet again
Chapter 952: Feel the power of detective
Chapter 953: old acquaintance
Chapter 954: Silence is a good habit
Chapter 955: What is so special about this elementary school student?
Chapter 956: Quickly take off the vest
Chapter 957: let's go to yokohama
Chapter 958: Scotland: In fact, there is no need to make excuses
Chapter 959: Chairman Tsushima is online
Chapter 960: similar yet different places
Chapter 961: 1 jump off the building?
Chapter 962: Do you want to do it again?
Chapter 963: It's normal to drink hot springs, right?
: Put badly
Chapter 964: Chinatown
Chapter 965: Anti-Teacher Noble Phantasm
Chapter 966: 4 laryngeal cancer patients
Chapter 967: Very annoying boss
Chapter 968: Henggou reawakens: Detectives can't be trusted
Chapter 969: familiar taunting gesture
Chapter 970: It only takes 3 minutes to turn black into powder
Chapter 971: God never speaks
Chapter 972: The title is so difficult
Chapter 973: Little tail
Chapter 974: there's nothing left to lose
Chapter 975: Black-hearted businessman is online again
: addicted to reading novels
Chapter 976: It's okay for a workaholic to fish so much, right?
Chapter 977: surf
Chapter 978: Puzzled
Chapter 979: The loser will bark
: author sheep
Chapter 980: treacherous villain
Chapter 981: Hattori: My real opponent is only Kudo
Chapter 982: time to vomit blood
Chapter 983: Hattori: Kudo, I think I should be damned
Chapter 984: annoying title
Chapter 985: Even the crow knows
Chapter 986: Fishing line is almost banned