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[MT]Absolute DealThere is nothing in the world that cannot be solved by a transaction, if there is, then make a pure (ang) clean (zang) transaction. If you say it, you may not believe it. The people who have traded wi...
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: absolute deal
Chapter 752: The Warriors are back!
Chapter 751: Strong man!
Chapter 750: 3 even stronger
Chapter 749: He turned green and stronger!
Chapter 748: "Live" only 3 days!
Chapter 747: Bai Ye teaches you "Dream Breaking Knife" (2)
Chapter 746: Bai Ye teaches you "Dream Shattering Knife"
Chapter 745: You friend, I made a deal!
Chapter 744: Peak showdown!
Chapter 743: Fulfill 100 wishes
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Chapter 1: It is impossible to work part-time
Chapter 2: Great People Gotham City
Chapter 3: Sprinkle some paper money
Chapter 4: let's trade
Chapter 5: The dignity of being a boss?
Chapter 6: bruce's demented father-in-law
Chapter 7: You can't refuse this deal
Chapter 8: Mouth of the Abyss
Chapter 9: as long as you are happy
Chapter 10: first encounter
Chapter 11: Transactions need to be bigger
Chapter 12: I'm a lunatic with a certificate from the hospital
Chapter 13: I came to the hospital
Chapter 14: let me last a second for you
Chapter 15: prison Break
Chapter 16: clown
Chapter 17: discharged from hospital
Chapter 18: Baienbei Medical Research Center
Chapter 19: Asylum Night
Chapter 20: Crazy Night's Pickup Squad
Chapter 21: final stage
Chapter 22: Let 1 let you block my bazooka
Chapter 23: new deal
Chapter 24: Titan Series Potion
Chapter 25: Create fairness with money!
Chapter 26: Start being a **** today
Chapter 27: Baienbei Medicine
Chapter 28: I've already called the police
Chapter 29: The power of the physics department mouth cannon
Chapter 30: Security Advisor Batman
Chapter 31: 1 half
Chapter 32: mask, night
Chapter 33: It's up to you!
Chapter 34: I'm mentally ill, but not a fool
Chapter 35: back to Gotham
Chapter 36: Procurement, Arming
Chapter 37: new world
Chapter 38: qualified logistician
Chapter 39: monster
Chapter 40: cryo gun, nano combat suit
Chapter 41: Exclusive purchase?
Chapter 42: Pain and happiness
Chapter 43: promotion
Chapter 44: martial arts world adventure
Chapter 45: Open the door of martial arts
Chapter 46: Selling cheats!
Chapter 47: Experience 1?
Chapter 48: national division of arms
Chapter 49: The sect master is not good, the sect is surrounded by the army!
Chapter 50: Shamelessly admitted!
Chapter 51: There are a lot of people
Chapter 52: And this kind of operation?
Chapter 53: This man 2, is there a deal?
Chapter 54: Counterattack, spare tire!
Chapter 55: Martial Arts Completion Program
Chapter 56: This is not martial arts at all!
Chapter 57: Martial Arts Completion Plan 2
Chapter 58: fangs
Chapter 59: There is no such operation
Chapter 60: Illegal assembly comes with a price
Chapter 61: Most humiliating rebellion
Chapter 62: do big things
Chapter 63: gun of goodness
Chapter 64: man who watched dragon ball
Chapter 65: can't lose
Chapter 66: security team
Chapter 67: press conference
Chapter 68: If you leak it, I will lose
Chapter 69: justice!
Chapter 70: Not Resident Evil
Chapter 71: Chaos at the beginning
Chapter 72: more pretentious than pretentious
Chapter 73: It's really exciting to run after pretending
Chapter 74: Preparation
Chapter 75: Titan Elixir and the Black Light Virus
Chapter 76: good-hearted man white night
Chapter 77: True Heaven Group
Chapter 78: Trade with me if you want
Chapter 79: Association for the Protection of Persons Infected with Black Light Virus
Chapter 80: start of research
: Testimonials
Chapter 81: Move your mouth!
Chapter 82: I have a bold idea
Chapter 83: Swallow the nuclear bomb!
Chapter 84: evolution
Chapter 85: photography master white night
Chapter 86: It's nice to be a profiteer
Chapter 87: 2 times!
Chapter 88: small target
Chapter 89: persuade (physical)
Chapter 90: Chief Programmer Yagami Moon
Chapter 91: old bald empty tears
Chapter 92: 2nd employee
Chapter 93: fireworks
Chapter 94: Exploring the "Power" of Notes
Chapter 95: evil experiment
Chapter 96: Low profile life and death book
Chapter 97: From patient to dean
Chapter 98: Experimental material Ryuk
Chapter 99: Virtual and Real Evolution Black Mist Form
Chapter 100: 1 step away
Chapter 101: Promoted to Level 4 Manager!
Chapter 102: back to Gotham
Chapter 103: Tycoon Bruce
Chapter 104: buy the batmobile
Chapter 105: Demented father-in-law is coming again
Chapter 106: Want to live better?
Chapter 107: conscience merchant
Chapter 108: Opportunities abound in Gotham City
Chapter 109: The new trading mode is online
Chapter 110: I've already called
Chapter 111: Gotham's first trade store goes live
Chapter 112: return
Chapter 113: You also said that you are not a traveler!
Chapter 114: Step 1 of the Overworld
Chapter 115: A new experimental demon has been added
Chapter 116: spartan fan club
Chapter 117: 1 tree 7 kills
Chapter 118: Let's trade, boy
Chapter 119: as if the body was hollowed out
Chapter 120: but what do you want
Chapter 121: This footing was contracted
Chapter 122: young people in love
Chapter 123: Lost!
Chapter 124: legendary conscience businessman
Chapter 126: Witchers don't make money
Chapter 126: "Evacuate" Demon Sword Sect
Chapter 127: Sell ​​Nanosuits
Chapter 128: Interested in developing 1 mountain?
Chapter 129: This mountain was contracted by me!
Chapter 130: Rising winds in Gotham City
Chapter 131: Stormy Gotham City
Chapter 132: 1 The most important thing for a family is to be neat and tidy
Chapter 133: I'm Uncle Bai you've never met!
: Ask for leave
Chapter 134: The world of adults is too complicated!
Chapter 135: buy a plane
Chapter 136: fly over
Chapter 137: A must for shooters!
Chapter 138: The Supreme Elder of the War God Sect is online again!
Chapter 139: Is Saruman at home?
Chapter 140: Submit to...
Chapter 141: 1 ton tops past 5 tons
Chapter 142: I have extensive experience with mental illness
Chapter 143: After the transaction, you can be discharged from the hospital after proper treatment.
Chapter 144: My foolish son Sauron
Chapter 145: extra money
Chapter 146: Just kill you
Chapter 147: Balrog Devourer
Chapter 148: Wizards can't save Middle-earth
Chapter 149: looks professional
Chapter 150: Medicine to the disease to remove the golden kelp
Chapter 151: Chopping Party Saruman
Chapter 152: Target Rohan
Chapter 153: Your emperor is dead
Chapter 154: only 1 winner
Chapter 155: 1 Supreme Lord of the Rings per capita?
Chapter 156: Original Lord of the Rings for sale in bulk
Chapter 157: Mordor is over
Chapter 158: The 1st Supreme Lord of the Ring Holders Conference is officially held!
Chapter 159: battle of kings
Chapter 160: 2 steps to kill Sauron
Chapter 161: next thing
Chapter 162: sell sell sell
Chapter 163: agent of power
Chapter 164: It's up to you! Copperport
Chapter 165: recruit
Chapter 166: The association expresses solemn protest
Chapter 167: Sister Control's Philosophical Road
Chapter 168: special spring water
Chapter 169: peer
Chapter 170: What are your dreams? Mr Potter
Chapter 171: My child, I see that you are gifted, and your bones are astonishing
Chapter 172: Duel! Malfoy
Chapter 173: honest!
Chapter 174: Harry Potter
Chapter 175: I'm just an ordinary rich man
Chapter 176: the missing penguin
Chapter 177: half dead
Chapter 178: Harley Quinn is a cat
Chapter 179: Hogwarts' "everyday" shit
Chapter 180: Parseltongue
Chapter 181: Sign a contract with me, girl
Chapter 182: do whatever you want
Chapter 183: Just call it black
Chapter 184: Original Voldemort for sale
Chapter 185: Fantastic animals are here
Chapter 186: "Old" Spider-Man
Chapter 187: Familiar scene 1
Chapter 188: 1 other production base
Chapter 189: Collect Horcruxes
Chapter 190: This time according to the routine
Chapter 191: Lucius 2
Chapter 192: he wants to see you
Chapter 193: blood of harry potter
Chapter 194: more brutal than brutal
Chapter 195: Strong position in trading
Chapter 196: Prelude
Chapter 197: Voldemort resurrected
Chapter 198: 3 Public Principles Auction
Chapter 199: Auction Horcruxes!
Chapter 200: The first magic club in the world!
Chapter 201: Only 1 candidate
Chapter 202: transaction after another
Chapter 203: Voldemort and the Phantom Tank
Chapter 204: Kang's stealth method
Chapter 205: The magic will begin!
Chapter 206: Please respect the referee
Chapter 207: finals!
Chapter 208: final winner
Chapter 209: Another white-bearded and white-haired grandpa
Chapter 210: Ascension and Unlimited Trading Hill
Chapter 211: Monster Paradise
Chapter 212: Artificial mental retardation?
Chapter 13: Simple and rude operation
Chapter 214: Secret Skill·Goose Plucking!
Chapter 215: T-Series Market Planning
Chapter 216: he refused
Chapter 217: Might of the Wand
Chapter 218: walled city
Chapter 219: Want to rent a plug-in?
Chapter 220: domestic violence scene
Chapter 221: Learn the advanced experience of other bosses
Chapter 222: Gotham people always have weird requests
Chapter 223: the disappearing nero
Chapter 224: This generation of people in the town can't do it
Chapter 225: Blast them!
Chapter 226: Please respect the character setting of the murderer
Chapter 227: This is the real way to search
Chapter 228: enemy of civilization
Chapter 229: I won't drop a nuke this time.
Chapter 230: The correct way to fill the knife
Chapter 231: buy some nukes
Chapter 232: night smart housekeeper
Chapter 233: dead agent
Chapter 231: Lan Ruo is not a temple
Chapter 232: ice and fire
Chapter 236: touch the head to kill
Chapter 237: This Lanruo Temple was contracted by me!
Chapter 238: the legendary grandma
Chapter 239: I never thought you were such Ning Caichen
Chapter 240: Lan Ruo's Good Story (Part 1)
Chapter 241: Lan Ruo's Good Story (Part 2)
Chapter 242: Yan Chixia Lecture starts
Chapter 243: It takes a big wedding
Chapter 244: to encourage
Chapter 245: Sha Zhining Caichen!
Chapter 246: When the wedding starts, the clouds are flying
Chapter 247: My real name is against this marriage!
Chapter 248: Slaying the sky and drawing the sword
Chapter 249: i am against x three
: Ask for leave
: Updates will resume tomorrow
Chapter 250: You have to change your mind and make medicine again
Chapter 251: where the fun is
Chapter 252: 1 wand kills 1 orc
Chapter 253: The target is the head, hard
Chapter 254: Spiritual Lord God?
Chapter 255: No, it's "the poor god"
Chapter 256: No, I long for--
Chapter 257: Rush up and kill them without a piece of armor.
Chapter 258: Spell Riding Face Can't Lose
Chapter 259: Welcome to the loving BOSS team
Chapter 260: Pull big flicker and cable big flicker
Chapter 261: busy people white night
Chapter 262: Fake Reincarnation Squad Battle
Chapter 263: I don't even have money, what kind of bank do I open!
Chapter 264: hard work avo
Chapter 265: Ava is working hard
Chapter 266: Invert and fool
Chapter 267: "sacrifice"
Chapter 268: eat soil
Chapter 269: Poor quality counterfeit Lord of the Rings
Chapter 270: great wizard
Chapter 271: Butler's deal?
Chapter 272: clown bat?
Chapter 273: promotions and deals
Chapter 274: I, the Joker, beat Batman (1)
Chapter 275: I, the Joker, beat Batman (2)
Chapter 276: Gotham City, there can only be one clown!
Chapter 277: I, the Joker, beat Batman (3)
Chapter 278: I, the Joker, beat Batman
Chapter 279: I, the Joker, beat Batman
Chapter 280: me, clown
Chapter 281: final stage
Chapter 282: I, Joker, hit Gordon this time
Chapter 283: I, The Joker, Beat Batman (End)
Chapter 284: Start being a hero today (1)
Chapter 285: Start being a hero today
Chapter 286: I seek development for Zhenglian
Chapter 287: I seek development for Zhenglian
Chapter 288: The first batch of counterfeit space bags are online
Chapter 289: Target: Sephiroth the Lonely
Chapter 290: his business card
Chapter 291: Wild Sephiroth has appeared!
Chapter 292: catch
Chapter 293: precious food
Chapter 294: blood control, reverberation
Chapter 295: The first intruder!
Chapter 296: Hidden family · Bai family!
Chapter 297: First Intruder's Reward
Chapter 298: Sakurajima ghost disaster
Chapter 299: fake savior
Chapter 300: To save the world!
Chapter 301: Friends, have you heard of Quan Cai value?
Chapter 302: I'm Iron Man and I speak for the Justice League!
Chapter 303: coalition formalization
Chapter 304: Missile face
Chapter 305: Less people bully more people
Chapter 306: No money!
Chapter 307: His "sickness" is saved!
Chapter 308: Director Bai
Chapter 309: You can call me Lei Feng
Chapter 310: Ancestral old Chinese medicine, specializing in mutants
Chapter 311: looks so deceiving
Chapter 312: the organization needs you
Chapter 313: He got stronger and bald
Chapter 314: Anger Iron Fist and Friendship Poyan Fist
Chapter 315: Lao Wan can't die, but can be auctioned
Chapter 316: Doctor's parents heart white night
Chapter 317: Preparation
Chapter 318: Lao Wan auction has started!
Chapter 319: The finale auction item Laowan is online!
Chapter 320: Devil Merchant (Part 1)
Chapter 321: Devil Merchant (Part 2)
Chapter 322: After the deal, we are friends
Chapter 323: Black technology does not need money
Chapter 324: shepherd
Chapter 325: 2nd wave of operations
Chapter 326: The Savior and the Last Tinder?
Chapter 327: Qingluan Peak?
Chapter 328: your boar
Chapter 329: great inventor white night
Chapter 330: The skills of mortals can no longer satisfy me!
Chapter 331: Enter Qionghua
Chapter 332: A disciple who does not want to be an elder is not a good businessman
Chapter 333: Analyze your disease from the perspective of modern medicine
Chapter 334: 1 Go back to have a big business
Chapter 335: Eco-friendly Wolverine
Chapter 336: No. 99 Technician X Professor
Chapter 337: Qionghua School of Reform and Opening-up
Chapter 338: The distribution according to work of the Qionghua doctrine with the characteristics of Xuanxin
Chapter 339: conflict
: I have a cold, take a day off
Chapter 340: Faction mission starts
Chapter 341: Clearly marked the price, buy "Xian" and sell "Xian"!
Chapter 342: meet again
Chapter 343: controller!
Chapter 344: Something is wrong! Loki has been caught!
Chapter 345: Uncle J
Chapter 346: I'm hired!
Chapter 347: assemble
Chapter 348: Abandoning comrades is not a good habit
Chapter 349: Do you have insurance for your building?
Chapter 350: Me, Batman!
Chapter 351: Rocky is tough
Chapter 352: I want it all!
Chapter 353: The mind gem and the Lord of the Rings are better
Chapter 354: Xianxia world also has FFF group?
Chapter 355: 4 All are empty, escape into the empty door
Chapter 356: The poor monk has no flowers, he comes for alms
Chapter 357: convert you
Chapter 358: broken childhood
Chapter 359: Tauren Xiaoqing
Chapter 360: True Demon Monk
Chapter 361: Desperate Xu Xian
Chapter 362: us 91
Chapter 363: inner demon
Chapter 364: Tony Stark in poor form
Chapter 365: Ability to sell
Chapter 366: Confident Killian
Chapter 367: This is the black guy
Chapter 368: you are under arrest
Chapter 369: Participate as experimental material
Chapter 370: Asgardians have hammers
Chapter 371: It's this guy!
Chapter 372: Appointed!
Chapter 373: simple and easy he is good at
Chapter 374: Desperate Spicy Shredded Chicken
Chapter 375: The main **** space is closed!
Chapter 376: Studying medicine saves the reincarnator
Chapter 377: riding a white horse
Chapter 378: Target 5 refers to the mountain!
Chapter 379: What do you know about the dwarf Le Chang Gao?
Chapter 380: For the burial of the teacher named Tang 3
Chapter 381: The burial of Tang 3, Venerable Panlong
Chapter 382: Namo Gatling Bodhisattva
Chapter 383: gift grandpa guanyin
Chapter 384: The team has grown!
Chapter 385: Put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha on the spot
Chapter 386: Would you like to exchange the blood of a poor monk for one of your magical powers?
Chapter 387: The villain died of talking too much
Chapter 388: That man, he's back!
Chapter 389: 6 Demon Lord Bai Ye is online!
Chapter 390: Arms Tycoon White
Chapter 391: Fair and just arena
Chapter 392: 1 hit power
Chapter 393: Qionghua soars
Chapter 394: So what about the big group of Skyfire?
Chapter 395: far-reaching routine
Chapter 396: Qionghua sweatshop
Chapter 397: Weird Ginseng Fruit
Chapter 398: dig the whole tree
Chapter 399: The scene is very embarrassing
Chapter 400: Westbound is a golden avenue!
Chapter 401: Let the teacher come first!
Chapter 402: wrong way to go down
Chapter 403: The poor monk has 100 ways
Chapter 404: Insatiable greed, cannibalism
Chapter 405: Things can't be eaten
Chapter 406: Heaven is empty
Chapter 407: There is a big project to do for the teacher
Chapter 408: This poor monk is saving you!
Chapter 409: The poor monk asked you to say yes?
Chapter 410: Transaction 3 is really hot
Chapter 411: bear child nemesis
Chapter 412: Westbound Food Tour
Chapter 413: daughter country, new image
Chapter 414: queen of daughters
Chapter 415: broken dreams
Chapter 416: hell
Chapter 417: Unhappy Ruyi Zhenxian
Chapter 418: He looks like a dog
Chapter 419: true and false?
Chapter 420: I'm not, I'm not
Chapter 421: couple fight
: Sealed push comments, now!
Chapter 422: Influence the Bull Demon
Chapter 423: Lingshan is approaching
Chapter 424: I want him to have a heart
Chapter 425: very good!
Chapter 426: Revenge, you have to do it yourself
Chapter 427: Tathagata!
Chapter 428: Where are you going?
Chapter 429: disappear into smoke
Chapter 430: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch
Chapter 431: Destroy human tyranny, the world belongs to Hastron!
Chapter 432: stupid human
Chapter 433: i need a little comfort
Chapter 434: Hastron will never be a slave!
Chapter 435: man on chair
Chapter 436: Wild Hulk has been caught!
Chapter 437: Professional treatment of infertility
Chapter 438: contempt chain in dogs
Chapter 439: fried into 1 firework
Chapter 440: New Generation 1 Avengers
Chapter 441: Because the "charge" is not enough
Chapter 442: Unlimited Trading Pavilion is online!
Chapter 443: 23 things about the Trading Court
Chapter 444: Sad "Xiao Wan"
Chapter 445: Lao Wan and Xiao Wan
Chapter 446: The murderer is the gray wolf? !
Chapter 447: 108 ways to die
Chapter 448: interrupted thread
Chapter 449: Apocalypse 4 Knights 1 is a total of 8 people
Chapter 450: I am Apocalypse, who is he?
Chapter 451: been affected!
Chapter 452: Suicide?
Chapter 453: not a oriole
Chapter 454: Fewer people bully more people!
Chapter 455: we're just here to trade
Chapter 456: Ah Ye can really make money
Chapter 457: most important thing!
Chapter 458: relationship issue?
Chapter 459: The boss is really far-sighted
Chapter 460: This man is not under me
Chapter 461: Unlimited Possibilities Trading Court!
Chapter 462: I am actually a poor man!
Chapter 463: Spread the fire?
Chapter 464: unexpected
Chapter 465: I definitely support
Chapter 466: Because saving lives matters!
Chapter 467: 1 middleman intends to earn the difference
Chapter 468: It's too expensive to have a relationship
Chapter 469: The organization decides to let the Winter Soldier take the blame
Chapter 470: Sing! winter soldier
Chapter 471: It's up to you! Steve!
Chapter 472: Running for President from 0
Chapter 473: A new career for the Avengers
Chapter 474: True Guan Gong and Qin Qiong
Chapter 475: Kill Tennis and Pedicure
Chapter 476: Follow the pavilion master to have meat to eat!
Chapter 477: Pavilion Master, are you spreading fire?
Chapter 478: FFF fire team
Chapter 479: It is enough to pass the Fire Legion!
Chapter 480: Burning Legion, Black Soul Warriors!
Chapter 481: White Night's Rare Talent
Chapter 482: Krypton Gold Player
Chapter 483: Demolition Corps!
Chapter 484: 1 country, 1 world
Chapter 485: curse
Chapter 486: Giant Wang Yum
: Ask for leave
Chapter 487: convention
Chapter 488: More suitable, move the whole
Chapter 489: I won't pass on this fire if it kills me!
Chapter 490: Born!
Chapter 491: Big Ivan 99 even!
Chapter 492: Endless world people unite!
Chapter 493: The Hunter of the Enemy of Civilization!
Chapter 494: The broadsword slashes at the enemy of civilization
Chapter 495: All "people" fight, start!
Chapter 496: Justice Iron Shield Steve?
Chapter 497: disappeared spiderman
Chapter 498: Pay attention to fairness
Chapter 499: A new storm has emerged
Chapter 500: Will we eventually become the people we hate?
Chapter 501: I'm not targeting anyone...
Chapter 502: The Hero Police Department is recruiting talents!
Chapter 503: Status symbol!
Chapter 504: Ordinary member great success? !
Chapter 505: Lord!
Chapter 506: The trading floor is watching you
Chapter 507: Go! The Rod of Power!
Chapter 508: have bold ideas
Chapter 509: airborne
Chapter 510: ?Glass?/a>
Chapter 511: COS wants a full set
Chapter 512: it's up to me to decide
Chapter 513: Your **** is back!
Chapter 514: Joker is back too?
Chapter 515: come to a carnival
Chapter 516: I'm not a bad guy anymore!
Chapter 517: Gotham City, your clowns are back!
Chapter 518: I love Gotham!
Chapter 519: Joker interview? !
Chapter 520: Swordsmanship Joker Limited Edition!
Chapter 521: 2 questions, I am disappointed
Chapter 522: "Falling" Joker
Chapter 523: newborn
Chapter 524: apt name
Chapter 525: I, Joker, run for mayor!
Chapter 526: recruit team
Chapter 527: I, The Joker, am saving Gotham today!
Chapter 528: in the way I like
Chapter 529: Owl court to sue
Chapter 530: Friends, have you heard of the Trading Pavilion?
Chapter 531: Never fail again!
Chapter 532: Hold on, recharge 1 point, we can win!
Chapter 533: Bat-Way's no-kill martial arts
Chapter 534: Gotham Duel City Project!
Chapter 535: BGM is standard during duels!
Chapter 536: This is not Gotham!
Chapter 537: Heaven and Earth in the Sleeve · Dig the Ground 3 Feet
Chapter 538: Lost "Youth"
Chapter 539: successfully attracted attention
Chapter 540: Trading is the only way out
Chapter 541: The hammer **** who opens the door to a new world
Chapter 542: What about my army of the dead? !
Chapter 543: Gentlemen, I like to trade
Chapter 544: this is my dog
Chapter 545: Quality assurance, player belief
Chapter 546: a distant dream
Chapter 547: I, Hela, choose to trade
Chapter 548: Thor Jinjiang Ray
Chapter 549: I have it all arranged
Chapter 550: Worth it!
Chapter 551: Good man white night?
Chapter 552: obediently
Chapter 553: Let's work! Protoss siblings!
Chapter 554: The opponent of the night? !
Chapter 555: Alien Beasts!
Chapter 556: Wander the world of martial arts again
Chapter 557: I want a cat to use martial arts!
Chapter 558: Martial arts, will belong to my King Wu Miao!
Chapter 559: 3 points to return to vitality VS 7 points to rely on hard work!
Chapter 560: recognize meow as a father
Chapter 561: The little animals are you!
Chapter 562: pass on your magic
Chapter 563: Start being a swordsman today
Chapter 564: 10 successful force pull 2 ​​Hu
Chapter 565: Fengyun Collection Plan
Chapter 566: 1st experiencer
Chapter 567: Bring a sword to your door
Chapter 568: 1 success
Chapter 569: The unicorn arm is about to attack!
Chapter 570: 1 (tu) fist (zi) death step shock cloud!
Chapter 571: please enter the urn
Chapter 572: Deity, Abandoned God
Chapter 573: dying light
Chapter 574: Please listen to 1 song
Chapter 575: I call you once...
Chapter 576: Missing?
Chapter 577: Unreal world
Chapter 578: Dream Breaker!
Chapter 579: Konoha serial murder case
Chapter 580: Harmonious "Going Against the Sky"
Chapter 581: Everyone loves marijuana
Chapter 582: Opposing factions, mixed worlds
Chapter 583: Grandfather Madara and Toumi Uchiha Faser
Chapter 584: Difference Between Human and Monster
Chapter 585: Go to war!
Chapter 586: i have a proposal
Chapter 587: worst choice
Chapter 588: can't carry
Chapter 589: It's time to wake up
Chapter 590: Not for nothing
Chapter 591: "Black Light" Row
Chapter 592: catch alex
Chapter 593: "False" to death
Chapter 594: white night world
Chapter 595: White Night's World (2)
Chapter 596: White Night's World (3)
Chapter 597: White Night's World (4)
Chapter 598: The World of White Night (End)
Chapter 599: This purple potato will be the father of all of you
Chapter 600: prewar mobilization meeting
Chapter 601: save Doctor Strange
Chapter 602: 1 gang fight 1
Chapter 603: happy hour begins
Chapter 604: Despicable Earthlings!
Chapter 605: successfully aroused interest
Chapter 606: Ate the loss of the shape
Chapter 607: Thanos Transformation Project
Chapter 608: New BOSS Thanos is here!
Chapter 609: Get your hair done, change your look, and take a whole new path
Chapter 610: Awesome!
Chapter 611: Who are you and who is he?
Chapter 612: The Marvel Universe Planned Parenthood Commission is established!
Chapter 613: trading hands
Chapter 614: really incense
Chapter 615: Use Marvel's gems to fight DC's BOSS!
Chapter 616: Great deal!
Chapter 617: Your clowns are back again!
Chapter 618: Surprise your aunt
Chapter 619: It's time to show the real technology!
Chapter 620: The final winner Lu Bu
Chapter 621: I didn't do anything, you fell down
Chapter 622: The earth is finally saved!
Chapter 623: Please enter the urn, if you don't come it's a dog
Chapter 624: thank you
Chapter 625: Come out to mix, talk about credit
Chapter 626: There are bad guys in heroes!
Chapter 627: A grand finale?
Chapter 628: But he is a good boss!
Chapter 629: Judge of the Heavens White Night
Chapter 630: The world is not worth it
Chapter 631: Bai Ye frowned and found that things were not simple.
Chapter 632: Such a magpie bridge?
Chapter 633: love's grave
Chapter 634: Paradise, **** on earth
Chapter 635: The house looks like it!
Chapter 636: Unexpectedly, this person with thick eyebrows and big eyes is also a sister-in-law
Chapter 637: Be my son!
Chapter 638: 0 ancient hard only sister control
Chapter 639: Brother and sister!
Chapter 640: She is your sister!
Chapter 641: Special training! good daughter!
Chapter 642: true beauty
Chapter 643: Break up fees and filial piety
Chapter 644: brother vomiting blood
Chapter 645: familiar name
Chapter 646: Fellow Daoists, please stay!
Chapter 647: Bai Ye Di Di is officially online!
Chapter 648: I have a special survey method
Chapter 649: Western Queen!
Chapter 650: barrister basilica
Chapter 651: do not fight! Lose the hospital, win the jail!
Chapter 652: Detective is back online!
Chapter 653: Basic trading law, the murderer is you!
Chapter 654: Invincible Space Void
Chapter 655: i want to play a game with you
Chapter 656: You can't afford the price!
Chapter 657: Sign the "Friendship and Commerce Treaty"!
Chapter 658: Trading Pavilion Chief Alchemist
Chapter 659: You and I have fate
Chapter 660: Basic operations to enhance the status of the rivers and lakes
Chapter 661: Those who cross this line, die
Chapter 662: Ding! Your taunt source has been successfully bound
Chapter 663: The strongest mocking face in Jianghu
Chapter 664: The old moon descended to the world, and the white worry flew!
Chapter 665: bad guys come
Chapter 666: Bai Choufei, a white family
Chapter 667: 3 things
Chapter 668: Uncle Bai
Chapter 669: Block my view
Chapter 670: passersby shocked
Chapter 671: The landlord's illness is finally cured!
Chapter 672: you too...
Chapter 673: Eldest nephew, I am the uncle Bai you have never met!
Chapter 674: This is not martial arts at all!
Chapter 675: Respect me as God!
Chapter 676: Bai Xiangye
Chapter 677: special skills
Chapter 678: Tang Sect "Stupid Movement"
Chapter 679: Debt can save lives
Chapter 680: Green Grass Project
Chapter 681: Home delivery good Tangmen
Chapter 682: The salted fish who will shout six hundred and sixty-six
Chapter 683: come and die
Chapter 684: Shocked 1 finger!
Chapter 685: you tried your best
Chapter 686: Cause of Death: Happy
Chapter 687: Successfully caught my husband's attention
Chapter 688: This is martial arts!
Chapter 689: Suicide?
Chapter 690: Who gave you courage?
Chapter 691: Reciting poetry indiscriminately is going to cause an accident
Chapter 692: great idea, thanks
Chapter 693: It's nice to be rich
Chapter 694: All exchanges and places are my territory
Chapter 695: Paranormal recovery?
Chapter 696: The horror live broadcast of the rich 2 generation
Chapter 697: ax
Chapter 698: death star
Chapter 699: Square Adventure
Chapter 700: 1 time for you
Chapter 701: Hammer the devil's head!
Chapter 702: I have special shooting skills
Chapter 703: Grinding ghost
Chapter 704: Cursed Goods · Grinding Ghost Series
Chapter 705: take the initiative to flirt
Chapter 706: Start doing sister-in-law today
Chapter 707: Strange
Chapter 708: Hot weapons can't save the world
Chapter 709: Large-scale ghost hitting the wall · fog
Chapter 710: Kite
Chapter 711: The old driver is leaving!
Chapter 712: The Wei Li Capture Team is here!
Chapter 713: 10 disasters
Chapter 714: Solve problems from the root
Chapter 715: real shot
Chapter 716: Evaporate the Nile!
Chapter 717: natural enemy
Chapter 718: catch it
Chapter 719: catch you!
Chapter 720: dominate!
Chapter 721: Krypton Gold System
Chapter 722: Krypton can change lives!
Chapter 723: cut the leeks
Chapter 724: Chinese cabbage
Chapter 725: Charismatic White Commander
Chapter 726: The hostages have been "killed"!
Chapter 727: To save CCG, become an idol!
Chapter 728: Beheading!
Chapter 729: Tyrant's Grave
Chapter 730: your gun dropped
Chapter 731: kindness
Chapter 732: You are too weak
Chapter 733: Unite!
Chapter 734: Baby, daddy is disappointed in you
Chapter 735: secret weapon
Chapter 736: Fisherman's Benefit?
Chapter 737: Eat my secret weapon!
Chapter 738: changing situation
Chapter 739: Qualified
Chapter 740: take away
Chapter 741: Dig a corner? !
Chapter 742: The Chosen "Child"!
Chapter 743: Fulfill 100 wishes
Chapter 744: Peak showdown!
Chapter 745: You friend, I made a deal!
Chapter 746: Bai Ye teaches you "Dream Shattering Knife"
Chapter 747: Bai Ye teaches you "Dream Breaking Knife" (2)
Chapter 748: "Live" only 3 days!
Chapter 749: He turned green and stronger!
Chapter 750: 3 even stronger
Chapter 751: Strong man!
Chapter 752: The Warriors are back!
: absolute deal
: Finish this testimonial