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[MT]A Day In a Japanese Fishing VillageLu Junxi reborn in a small fishing village in Japan in 1950 and obtained the “Fishery King” system, which can help him detect the location of fish, and every time he fishes, he ret...
[MT]A Day In a Japanese Fishing Village is a Action Fantasy manga created by Sun Shuai exports into poetry,read the latest chapters of [MT]A Day In a Japanese Fishing Village online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 756: .End this testimonial!

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《[MT]A Day In a Japanese Fishing Village》Latest chapter

Chapter 756: .End this testimonial!
Chapter 743: season finale
Chapter 742: The ancestors attacked
Chapter 741: Screen female secretaries in person
Chapter 740: Don't have a boyfriend!
Chapter 739: Recruiting female secretaries in colleges and universities
Chapter 738: Surrounded by the world's largest consortium
Chapter 737: How lonely it is to be invincible!
Chapter 736: Standing on the top!
Chapter 735: Jindan nine layers!
Chapter 734: Seventh White Thirty-Three
Chapter 733: Wear help! Desperate!
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《[MT]A Day In a Japanese Fishing Village》all chapters

Chapter 1: fish king system
Chapter 2: come to say kiss
Chapter 3: Miyamoto girl looks like a maid
Chapter 4: Fishing is not easy
Chapter 5: charter
Chapter 6: General mobilization at sea
Chapter 7: First time out to sea
Chapter 8: Ability to locate schools of fish
Chapter 9: fish can run
Chapter 10: Herring
Chapter 11: fishing
Chapter 12: Bluefin tuna in school
Chapter 13: Brother is fishing for money!
Chapter 14: full load
Chapter 15: snicker popping
Chapter 16: shock fishing port
Chapter 17: 350,000 huge sums of money
Chapter 18: Village boss looking for village flower
Chapter 19: Inoue Ami was moved
Chapter 20: buy fishing boat
Chapter 21: joint fishing invitation
Chapter 22: I love king crab
Chapter 23: Everyone is catching crabs
Chapter 24: soaked
Chapter 25: a little luck
Chapter 26: fishing empiricism
Chapter 27: Confident Matsumoto
Chapter 28: a little more fish
Chapter 29: how are you here?
Chapter 30: fishing competition
Chapter 31: fishing right next to you
Chapter 32: Matsumoto vomiting blood
Chapter 33: Back to the fishing port to sell fish
Chapter 34: Planning and Procurement
Chapter 35: A group of women came to my house to watch TV
Chapter 36: Miyamoto Tamago Drunk
Chapter 37: girl picking up bread
Chapter 38: Sakai Xuena
Chapter 39: Discover Peony Shrimp
Chapter 40: Stunned shipwreck
Chapter 41: stare
Chapter 42: fishing for sardines
Chapter 43: light fishing
Chapter 44: Crazy fishing
Chapter 45: please eat tuna
Chapter 46: City braised face
Chapter 47: meidi ocean fishing co., ltd.
Chapter 48: reception
Chapter 49: red eye condition
Chapter 50: The ocean age has come
Chapter 51: Like literary young women
Chapter 52: tell you a story
Chapter 53: set off
Chapter 54: System Upgrade!
Chapter 55: deep sea hunter
Chapter 56: Failed to expel the fish
Chapter 57: great white shark
Chapter 58: foodie day
Chapter 59: yellowfin tuna
Chapter 60: The importance of handling tuna
Chapter 61: The schools of fish keep coming!
Chapter 62: Huge school of yellowfin tuna
Chapter 63: Different longline fishing
Chapter 64: spearfishing
Chapter 65: salvage the sunken ship
Chapter 66: gold!
Chapter 67: Ranking
Chapter 68: proud gesture
Chapter 69: A surprising amount
Chapter 70: Tragic Matsumoto
Chapter 71: comparison of girls
Chapter 72: Whole Fish Feast (Part 1)
Chapter 73: Whole fish feast (middle)
Chapter 74: Whole Fish Feast (Part 2)
Chapter 75: Shrimp and longline fishing boats
Chapter 76: Fortunately, I spend fast!
Chapter 77: sell gold
Chapter 78: order fishing boat
Chapter 79: ship buying spree
Chapter 80: second-rate fishing team
Chapter 81: north bay bay
Chapter 82: fish roe rice
Chapter 83: ten killer whales
Chapter 84: Wild Lion Fishing Team
Chapter 85: Fukuyama fishing team was robbed
Chapter 86: Poor Taichi Fukuyama
Chapter 87: The role of pets
Chapter 88: trawler play
Chapter 89: delicious cod
Chapter 90: Typhoon is coming!
Chapter 91: deep sea fish
Chapter 92: full warehouse
Chapter 93: robbed?
Chapter 94: huge school of fish
Chapter 95: The Wild Lion Fishing Team is Coming
Chapter 96: Poke it up!
Chapter 97: Great White Shark Attack!
Chapter 98: Destroy the group
Chapter 99: Unexpected joy
Chapter 100: taste of home
Chapter 101: Eat all over the food street
Chapter 102: See a movie
Chapter 103: borrow rice
Chapter 104: women's help
Chapter 105: The noble boy really knows how to play
Chapter 106: Weird request
Chapter 107: Huge bounty!
Chapter 108: rare seafood
Chapter 109: oarfish
Chapter 110: stunned friends
Chapter 111: Spanish mackerel
Chapter 112: Is he in debt?
Chapter 113: training great white sharks
Chapter 114: What kind of crab is this?
Chapter 115: fishing routine
Chapter 116: chicken-flavored fish
Chapter 117: Discover special seas
Chapter 118: Migratory Gorge
Chapter 119: Get ahead
Chapter 120: Roaring Taichi Fukuyama
Chapter 121: Ran?
Chapter 122: mobile fishing
Chapter 123: Fukuyama running away
Chapter 124: Road Encounter King Squid
Chapter 125: forcibly stunned
Chapter 126: squid legend
Chapter 127: back to fishing port
Chapter 128: On the shelf testimonials!
Chapter 129: Seafood PK
Chapter 130: oarfish debut
Chapter 131: squeeze out Matsumoto
Chapter 132: shock the audience
Chapter 133: Not for sale for 10,000 yuan!
Chapter 134: Pit you 150,000 (seeking a monthly pass!)
Chapter 135: wait and see
Chapter 136: system level three
Chapter 137: fish farm function
Chapter 138: buy north bay bay
Chapter 139: my north bay fishery
Chapter 140: Plankton is fundamental to fishing grounds
Chapter 141: Changes in fishing grounds (please subscribe)
Chapter 142: American Fisheries Fishing Team
Chapter 143: Fish Stealing Scheme
Chapter 144: Three waves a day
Chapter 145: snap it propeller
Chapter 146: If you don't chase me, I will continue to fish
Chapter 147: satisfied to leave
Chapter 148: Oysters, nourish the kidneys!
Chapter 149: Knock at midnight!
Chapter 150: swordfish
Chapter 151: trolling
Chapter 152: fishing is an art
: : The author's thoughts!
Chapter 153: Sonar detection by American fishing team
Chapter 154: Provoked!
Chapter 155: Matsumoto's Jealousy
Chapter 156: Thousands of blind date meeting
Chapter 157: I became the most popular man
Chapter 158: can i come to your house tonight
Chapter 159: Feet are soft!
Chapter 160: arrogant fish thief
Chapter 161: shark attack
Chapter 162: The embarrassment of two people sharing a room
Chapter 163: How about 100 yuan a night!
Chapter 164: Give you a thousand and call me daddy
Chapter 165: Competition of giants
Chapter 166: Albert dumps the pot
Chapter 167: Miss Qianjin arrives
Chapter 168: The foursome
Chapter 169: Confused sperm whale
Chapter 170: Sperm whale vs king squid
Chapter 171: urgent order
Chapter 172: The audience laughed at Shuichi Minano
Chapter 173: Off to the Pacific!
Chapter 174: Equatorial seas with dense schools of fish
Chapter 175: Full warehouse, full warehouse!
Chapter 176: stunned fishermen
Chapter 177: Fukuyama: Just this tuna?
Chapter 178: He is no more than a fisherman!
Chapter 179: adult day
Chapter 180: accepted her
Chapter 181: Buy oysters to make up for you
Chapter 182: Tuna canning factory
Chapter 183: Can he also come in at this banquet?
Chapter 184: Nothing is better than your part-time job!
Chapter 185: Candidates who squeeze their heads
Chapter 186: Preliminary construction of fish farm
Chapter 187: Drop test
Chapter 188: The horror of giant fishing boats
Chapter 189: Shipwreck Treasure Rumors
Chapter 190: Big news!
Chapter 191: Treasure treasure!
Chapter 192: Heading to the Pacific?
Chapter 193: Lonely sea is fortunate that I have a woman
Chapter 194: How much can four fishing boats catch?
Chapter 195: fishing expert
Chapter 196: Differences in sea fish sashimi
Chapter 197: The first full
Chapter 198: Fish Harvester!
Chapter 199: This is all system experience!
Chapter 200: Masu tuna
Chapter 201: black Pearl
Chapter 202: System Upgrade!
Chapter 203: Big idea of ​​fishery development
Chapter 204: Choose fishing direction
Chapter 205: Tuna Tornado
Chapter 206: countercurrent angle
Chapter 207: Harvest fish on rainy night
Chapter 208: Almost an upgrade!
Chapter 209: You can really play!
Chapter 210: Get rich!
Chapter 211: Inspection of processing plants
Chapter 212: Pull into the grove
Chapter 213: Production of canned tuna
Chapter 214: business experience
Chapter 215: Trial farming of tuna
Chapter 216: catch fry
Chapter 217: No-holds-barred sea girl
Chapter 218: An embarrassing incident in the fishing village late at night
Chapter 219: buy big fishing boat
Chapter 220: gold black market
Chapter 221: Fark, so much gold!
Chapter 222: Fleet classification
Chapter 223: fishing season
Chapter 224: subspecies salmon
Chapter 225: blocked river fishing
Chapter 226: system level five
Chapter 227: The salmon market of the future
Chapter 228: Island National Treasure!
Chapter 229: Luminous Changes to Heavenly Eyes
Chapter 230: to Tokyo
Chapter 231: identification
Chapter 232: you should donate to the collection
Chapter 233: been turned away
Chapter 234: Shocked Shocked!
Chapter 235: debut
Chapter 236: crazy auction
Chapter 237: It's in the headlines!
Chapter 238: Skittles
Chapter 239: egg sum cartoon
Chapter 240: Production lines and recipes
Chapter 241: nemuro ocean fishing co., ltd.
Chapter 242: Did he meet a rich woman?
Chapter 243: winter fishing
Chapter 244: Rescue the Twin Girls (Part 1)
Chapter 245: Rescue the Twin Girls (Part 2)
Chapter 246: Follow me?
Chapter 247: Entering the wrong woman's room
Chapter 248: Why is the sound different?
Chapter 249: habits of fish
: 251. Single Chapter: Spring Festival Update Plan!
Chapter 250: first whaling
Chapter 251: The power of the whaling gun
Chapter 252: Whale ship processing!
Chapter 253: Islander's perverted hobby
Chapter 254: Enemy road is narrow
Chapter 255: Brother tell you the correct way to catch tuna
Chapter 256: Albert's worldview collapsed
Chapter 257: Where have all the tuna gone?
Chapter 258: Force away!
Chapter 259: shyly complaining
Chapter 260: System level six!
Chapter 261: Terrible place!
Chapter 262: A real estate cake
Chapter 263: Harvest
: :I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Chapter 264: Exploring the suburbs of Tokyo
Chapter 265: so cheap so cheap
Chapter 266: There are no nail households these days
Chapter 267: 250,000 suites!
Chapter 268: skirt and stockings
Chapter 269: One of the top ten actresses?
Chapter 270: Look down on the fisherman?
Chapter 271: Kneel down and sing conquest!
Chapter 272: delicious canned
Chapter 273: Ocean horses, here we come
Chapter 274: dark rules
Chapter 275: Hit a wall!
Chapter 276: Miss Iloti
Chapter 277: Hot!
Chapter 278: she only asks me
Chapter 279: Boyfriend and boyfriend interlayer film
Chapter 280: Let him be a dad!
Chapter 281: sea ​​horse
Chapter 282: Passionate
Chapter 283: stay or i will go with you
Chapter 284: Three women in one play
Chapter 285: girls who suffer
Chapter 286: Comics also want to be in the newspaper?
Chapter 287: Rich is eldest sister
Chapter 288: Subvert the tradition!
Chapter 289: Fire
Chapter 290: It's fried, it's fried!
Chapter 291: name oneself
Chapter 292: Readers quit
Chapter 293: Invest in small film ideas
Chapter 294: Hokkaido Order Conference
Chapter 295: spring of cheap fish
Chapter 296: precious ornamental fish
Chapter 297: I like to make money from rich people
Chapter 298: Iron Butterfly Fish
Chapter 299: shit, the fish is dead
Chapter 300: Expensive fish!
Chapter 301: one is more jealous
Chapter 302: The idiots who go on and on
Chapter 303: super harvest
Chapter 304: The smug Matsumoto father and son
Chapter 305: suffocate internal injuries
Chapter 306: Men are tired!
Chapter 307: History of the Awa Maru
Chapter 308: violent demolition
Chapter 309: Gold Gold!
Chapter 310: Hundreds of whole boxes of gold!
Chapter 311: 90 million windfall
Chapter 312: Gold is gone!
Chapter 313: Angry island executives
Chapter 314: your girlfriend is so nice
Chapter 315: Are you not eating soft rice?
Chapter 316: The market is blowing
Chapter 317: The tyrants are back
Chapter 318: so angry
Chapter 319: The awesome Mitsui family
Chapter 320: cut you a gold-devouring beast
Chapter 321: It's great to serve this lady
Chapter 322: Epoch-making design
Chapter 323: maddening devaluation
Chapter 324: The first harvest from the fishery
Chapter 325: system level seven
Chapter 326: Detection function
Chapter 327: Star-assisted car show
Chapter 328: overall lead
Chapter 329: eat dirt
Chapter 330: It's time to get rich
Chapter 331: Consortiums are dumbfounded
Chapter 332: Let him have land and no money to develop!
Chapter 333: commercial housing design
Chapter 334: loan
Chapter 335: fully suppressed
Chapter 336: strong rejection
Chapter 337: Smash the pot to sell iron and sell gold!
Chapter 338: How did he have the money to develop it?
Chapter 339: Hokkaido's No. 1 Fishing Team!
Chapter 340: Changes in fishing methods
Chapter 341: find fishing grounds
Chapter 342: A wave full of warehouses
Chapter 343: Seafood Feast (Second)
Chapter 344: Gold Mine Island (third more)
Chapter 345: dog head gold
Chapter 346: The system has been upgraded again!
Chapter 347: Reborn!
Chapter 348: Try the staying power at night
Chapter 349: car plan
Chapter 350: Conquer Ocean Horses!
Chapter 351: Crown Crown!
Chapter 352: Shocking the auction world
Chapter 353: 1,000,000!
Chapter 354: Is this house for sale?
Chapter 355: continue to enclosure
Chapter 356: Sitting on the ground
Chapter 357: Too little money?
Chapter 358: I have a thousand ways to kill you
Chapter 359: I beg you to sell the land?
Chapter 360: collective dumbfounded villagers
Chapter 361: good news!
Chapter 362: Are there any high-end cars?
Chapter 363: Shocking the automotive world
Chapter 364: Fire
Chapter 365: flirting artifact
Chapter 366: Iloti was discovered by her family
Chapter 367: one dozen ten
Chapter 368: Toad wants to eat?
Chapter 369: plot reversal
Chapter 370: Give you two years to prove yourself
Chapter 371: 500 million plan
Chapter 372: Six Treasure Shipwrecks in the World
Chapter 373: Pick up a conversation with three beauties
Chapter 374: one-on-three night
Chapter 375: Lady Atoka
Chapter 376: Big Treasure (Second)
Chapter 377: Slap my father-in-law in the face (third more)
Chapter 378: Expand the car market (fourth more)
Chapter 379: Fishing grounds are cash cows
Chapter 380: Farmed tuna success
Chapter 381: red-eyed eaters
Chapter 382: System level nine!
Chapter 383: Build a fishing resort
Chapter 384: your boyfriend is so handsome
Chapter 385: Received Miyamoto Tamiko
Chapter 386: Buy my fish farm?
Chapter 387: A million to send me?
: : I have a private matter, please take a day off!
Chapter 388: Take fifty million
Chapter 389: crazy enclosure
Chapter 390: 240,000 acres of enclosure!
Chapter 391: The western suburbs of Osaka have been developed
Chapter 392: Why is it his land again?
Chapter 393: Shocked Mitsui Green
Chapter 394: He's so rude
Chapter 395: Being beaten up?
Chapter 396: Capsized in the gutter
Chapter 397: System level ten, sky-defying options!
Chapter 398: Becoming Superman Rhythm
Chapter 399: Mitsuhiko? According to kill!
Chapter 400: shocked the island nation
Chapter 401: Detection strength
Chapter 402: Promote new properties
Chapter 403: Colleagues watch the show
Chapter 404: 119 units sold in one day
: 409. Single Chapter: Push Book "Novelist in Another World"
Chapter 405: 3.3 billion yen!
Chapter 406: red-eyed brother-in-law
Chapter 407: Cooperation
Chapter 408: Will there be oil here?
Chapter 409: The legendary pick-up man?
Chapter 410: This man is crazy!
Chapter 411: Out of oil (please subscribe)
Chapter 412: Shocked America
Chapter 413: Crazy buying of fishing boats
Chapter 414: Your circle is so messy!
Chapter 415: The legendary white-eyed wolf girlfriend
Chapter 416: Consequences of taking the wrong medicine (first)
Chapter 417: A good show is on (Second)
Chapter 418: The fishing village is completed (the third update)
Chapter 419: Departing from the Arctic Ocean (first update)
Chapter 420: Dungeness Crab and Lobster (Second)
Chapter 426: .My new book "Food Players" is released!
Chapter 421: group of fish
Chapter 422: Discover Oil Fields!
Chapter 423: buy Sony
Chapter 424: To be a digital product giant
Chapter 425: The era of small movies is about to start
Chapter 426: The chairman is really insightful
Chapter 427: Loan for business? Find Minami Bank
Chapter 428: Form a collection team
Chapter 429: subdue
Chapter 430: Bank opening
Chapter 431: System level eleven!
: : Recommend my new book "The Big Game of Food"!
Chapter 432: open up new fishing grounds
Chapter 433: Mitsui Kurokawa's Doubt
Chapter 434: Gun God?
Chapter 435: The plan to kill the Mitsui family
Chapter 436: Longtan at night
Chapter 437: Kill Mitsui Kurokawa!
Chapter 438: Misfortune to the East
Chapter 439: Fighting consortium
Chapter 440: This is a giant leap for mankind
Chapter 441: Open a movie company!
Chapter 442: 100 fishing boats!
Chapter 443: Filming "Female College Students Part-time Hot"
Chapter 444: Home video recorder launched
Chapter 445: Movies are on sale
Chapter 446: opposition
Chapter 447: actress training class
Chapter 448: live teaching
Chapter 449: American soldier's favorite
Chapter 450: Mu Lingzi is famous!
Chapter 451: Was targeted by the rich second generation
Chapter 452: Angry Shuichi Minano
Chapter 453: Do you still have a face stand? (Second more)
Chapter 454: Than the backer! (third more)
Chapter 455: Backers are against the water
Chapter 456: Leave the third leg and go!
Chapter 457: Movies marching into America
Chapter 458: it's a tumor
Chapter 459: fisheries crisis
Chapter 460: sell to the black market
Chapter 468: .Thanks to Randy 10110 for tipping a leader!
Chapter 461: Open a car finance company (plus more)
Chapter 462: skyrocketing sales
Chapter 463: go to father-in-law's house
Chapter 464: Proposal
Chapter 465: I was already excellent
Chapter 466: Trouble with Ford and GM
Chapter 467: The third-generation crown debuts (first update)
Chapter 468: Compete for market share
Chapter 469: The magic of installment payments
Chapter 470: I love blowing water
Chapter 471: Idle ball hurt fiancee
Chapter 472: Luoye supermarket chain
Chapter 473: The system is finally level 12
: Push the book "Rebirth of Loulan as a Prince"
Chapter 474: Developed the fourth generation crown
Chapter 475: The fry cultivation site is built
Chapter 476: Donate to Nima
Chapter 477: Why don't you contribute love?
Chapter 478: Huaxia National Treasure Auction
Chapter 479: Lots of thieves tonight
Chapter 480: steal right under your nose
Chapter 481: A fire, destroy!
Chapter 482: disgrace
Chapter 483: i have mosaic
Chapter 484: You can be an actress even if you are old!
Chapter 485: Survive the crisis, ignite the market
Chapter 486: they need love
Chapter 487: To the land of hot springs
Chapter 488: Spa carnival
Chapter 489: Chased by a group of beauties
Chapter 490: The astonishment of the rich
Chapter 491: The first fishery exhibition
Chapter 492: Fame soared!
Chapter 493: bundled development
Chapter 494: real estate upstart
Chapter 495: The future belongs to the age of technology
Chapter 496: Mitsui also came to buy Fujitsu?
Chapter 497: Cattle must be fed grass first
Chapter 498: Nanye Group
Chapter 499: Characteristics of island women
Chapter 500: Trinitron Display launched
Chapter 501: No comparison no harm
Chapter 502: Hot sales
Chapter 503: The Sumitomo Foundation
Chapter 504: Girls' school news
Chapter 505: The influence of small films
Chapter 506: Level 13 Grand Draw
Chapter 507: Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil Softgels
Chapter 508: The disdain of the American emperors?
Chapter 509: Father-in-law appreciates me more and more
Chapter 510: talk about consortium
Chapter 511: Future plan
Chapter 512: Finding the Father of Cell Phones
Chapter 513: Cell phone, cell phone!
Chapter 514: $140,000 monthly income
Chapter 515: Big Brother comes out
Chapter 516: Twin girls grow up
Chapter 517: one pop two
Chapter 518: the consequences of messing with me
Chapter 519: sky-high mobile phone
Chapter 520: Big brother is a symbol of the rich
Chapter 521: Pick a good hand of peaches
Chapter 522: Take the island country to pressure?
Chapter 523: Behind Lao Tzu is Morgan
Chapter 524: BP machine
Chapter 525: Sweeping the European and American markets
Chapter 526: Mobile payment in installments
Chapter 527: Southfield Insurance Company
Chapter 528: Reduced bluefin tuna
Chapter 529: Fresh Seafood Dinner
Chapter 530: arrogant redheads
Chapter 531: hit him
Chapter 532: Airlifted bluefin
Chapter 533: Development of integrated circuit computers
Chapter 534: is
Chapter 535: High-class people really know how to play
Chapter 536: Invested in Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd.
Chapter 537: 35% owned
Chapter 538: Island Country Company Strength Ranking
Chapter 539: Hit the face of the consortium
Chapter 540: Invitation to the Future Consortium
Chapter 541: I have no plans to join the consortium
Chapter 542: Four consortia feeling the pressure
Chapter 543: Introduce an automatic transmission car
Chapter 544: Ten years of profiteering BP machine
Chapter 545: It's time to have a monkey
Chapter 546: Products lead the fashion
Chapter 547: The phone booth was blown up
Chapter 548: catch commercial spy
Chapter 549: an eye for an eye!
Chapter 550: backhand
Chapter 551: steal the day
Chapter 552: take the sheep by the hand
Chapter 553: Mitsubishi is crying
Chapter 554: crazy property market
Chapter 555: 30 billion a day!
Chapter 556: get satellite project
Chapter 557: The computer is broken
Chapter 558: Visit the power station construction
Chapter 559: System level 14!
Chapter 560: dog food in the city of romance
Chapter 561: Money outweighs bad reviews
Chapter 562: Customer is God
Chapter 563: want to get me drunk
Chapter 564: call your fiancé
Chapter 565: Series C financing
Chapter 566: The acquisition of Adidas failed
Chapter 567: Create Nike!
Chapter 568: Knight's love affair
Chapter 569: $1 million investment
Chapter 570: air cushion inspiration
Chapter 571: Pick a place to marry
Chapter 572: wedding of the century
Chapter 573: be your angel
Chapter 574: 500,000 acres of enclosure!
Chapter 575: Eat the lower third of the West End
Chapter 576: nail house
Chapter 577: Create Lexus
Chapter 578: Play a money-burning industry
Chapter 579: Lexus F1 Team
Chapter 580: rich and willful
Chapter 581: Disgusted Lexus Team
Chapter 582: Looking for an old driver
Chapter 583: eye-popping
Chapter 584: Slap in the face! (first update)
Chapter 585: Through 1960 (second more)
Chapter 586: New changes in the system (the third update)
Chapter 587: This ability is good for finding minerals (first update)
Chapter 588: Find Mitsui to get some money to spend (second more)
Chapter 589: Win it 100 million (third more)
Chapter 590: kill him! (fourth more)
Chapter 591: playing?
Chapter 592: Welcome to the pit
Chapter 593: play till you go broke
Chapter 594: The broken Mitsui ghost hand
Chapter 595: win without dice
Chapter 596: The plague **** is finally gone
Chapter 597: Gulf of Guinea
Chapter 598: oil field discovery
Chapter 599: 1 billion barrels of large oil fields
Chapter 600: Shocked America
Chapter 601: Finding oil fields is as easy as drinking water
Chapter 602: kimberlite
Chapter 603: Set a small goal and earn 10 billion!
Chapter 604: Gold mine legend
Chapter 605: Gold Mine Gold Mine!
Chapter 606: good start
Chapter 607: Chips for the future consortium
Chapter 608: counterattack
Chapter 609: Lexus is on fire!
Chapter 610: big sale!
Chapter 611: word of mouth effect
Chapter 612: Dig a good corner
Chapter 613: R & D Walkman
Chapter 614: Inoue Ami also won the bid
Chapter 615: Two women will spark
Chapter 616: The twelve largest banks in the island nation
Chapter 617: Characteristics of a Monopoly
Chapter 627: . Push the book "Technology Changes the Otherworld"
Chapter 618: Suppressed by the Big Four
Chapter 619: Blackmail me?
Chapter 620: hug father-in-law's thigh
Chapter 621: layout
Chapter 622: 10 billion investment
Chapter 623: I am the first shareholder!
Chapter 624: Controlling upstream resources is God
Chapter 625: Sitting on 13 billion tons!
Chapter 626: No need for your investment
Chapter 627: Special pit four consortia
: 638. Single Chapter: Request for Leave
Chapter 628: Cultivating a Super ATM
Chapter 629: This is not an alien spaceship
Chapter 630: conquer the world!
Chapter 631: Innovation is the guarantee of sales
Chapter 632: System Level 16
Chapter 633: Hoarding Gold (First Update)
Chapter 634: Teaching at Art Film University (Second Update)
Chapter 635: The gate of the university where the rich second generation gathers (the third
Chapter 636: Rome Olympics (fourth more)
Chapter 637: Hit your promise with money (fifth more)
Chapter 638: Champion endorsement (sixth more)
Chapter 639: Soaring sales (seventh more)
Chapter 640: Daughter is born (eighth)
Chapter 641: Wherever the development goes, there is my land (the ninth
Chapter 642: Red eyes are useless (tenth)
Chapter 643: The background of the four major consortia
Chapter 644: Acquisition of Gulfstream
Chapter 645: Ten thousand points of damage!
Chapter 646: Mystery Auction
Chapter 647: samurai adult
Chapter 648: scramble
Chapter 649: Mantis catching cicadas
Chapter 650: oriole behind
Chapter 651: Xin secret
Chapter 652: auction!
Chapter 653: Wave after wave of pits!
Chapter 654: Blood earned 5.1 billion US dollars!
Chapter 655: 1vs5
Chapter 656: kill you
Chapter 657: bloodstone = primeval stone
Chapter 658: practice
Chapter 659: Old man is crazy
Chapter 660: Form a consortium!
Chapter 661: stock market crash
Chapter 662: The four major consortiums that lost 800
Chapter 663: The four major consortia of blood loss
Chapter 664: a samurai
Chapter 665: spike
Chapter 666: Ninjutsu
Chapter 667: to deter
Chapter 668: hands-on teaching
Chapter 669: hot super mario
Chapter 670: This is not an easy game
Chapter 671: Hot all over the world
Chapter 672: Officially entered the heavy industry (kneeling for subscription)
Chapter 673: Seek a breakthrough
Chapter 674: set up an airline
Chapter 675: Divine Ability: The Wrath of the Sea God!
Chapter 676: train subordinates
Chapter 677: Sumitomo wants to dig ancestral graves?
Chapter 678: one pot fry
Chapter 679: Mass manufacturing master!
Chapter 680: Artificial and genetically modified foods
Chapter 681: Young people's favorite: spicy strips and instant noodles
Chapter 682: Cup noodles and bowl noodles come out
Chapter 683: Young people's lunch: instant noodles and ham
Chapter 684: Elementary school students do not like to study? Spicy Tiao Rewards
Chapter 685: Six hundred and eighty-fourth, the catering industry should thank me
Chapter 686: GMO base
Chapter 687: How do you marry an inferior man?
Chapter 688: Hit until you can't take care of your life
Chapter 689: Big fists make sense!
Chapter 690: Stunned!
Chapter 691: Start a variety show
Chapter 692: "Running Star"
Chapter 693: No TV station to buy!
Chapter 694: Fire!
Chapter 695: You always have to pay when you come out
Chapter 696: A day of the super rich
Chapter 708: .The new book "Wanjie Technology System" has been released!
Chapter 697: national male god
Chapter 698: Create a variety TV station!
Chapter 699: Female star asks me out!
Chapter 700: Call her over for a drink with me!
Chapter 701: I was arrogant
Chapter 702: Hit the face of the consortium boss!
Chapter 703: Oil Summit
Chapter 704: Pick up leaks
Chapter 705: 2 years!
Chapter 706: transgenic rice
Chapter 707: The elders came out
Chapter 708: Don't pretend to be me!
Chapter 709: System level eighteen!
Chapter 710: GMO corn
Chapter 711: Arcade: Boxer 63
Chapter 712: Start suppressing the four major consortia!
Chapter 713: The danger of the four major consortia
Chapter 714: Totally messed up!
Chapter 715: The counterattack of the four major consortiums!
Chapter 716: You don't even want to be spared!
Chapter 717: Get the upper hand!
Chapter 718: your strength is good
Chapter 719: The strength of the nine elders (the new book everyone gave me
Chapter 720: Seriously injured!
Chapter 721: Eat my palm!
Chapter 722: Beheading Operation (First Update)
Chapter 723: Shocked the island country (second more)
Chapter 724: Devouring the Mitsui Consortium
Chapter 725: One does not do two endlessly (the first update)
Chapter 726: Talk to God about the ideal of life (second more)
Chapter 727: One don't want to go (third more)
Chapter 728: Settle!
Chapter 729: call the wind and call the rain
Chapter 730: Dad has the final say!
Chapter 731: The calm before the storm!
Chapter 732: Bite your scalp and pretend!
Chapter 733: Wear help! Desperate!
Chapter 734: Seventh White Thirty-Three
Chapter 735: Jindan nine layers!
Chapter 736: Standing on the top!
Chapter 737: How lonely it is to be invincible!
Chapter 738: Surrounded by the world's largest consortium
Chapter 739: Recruiting female secretaries in colleges and universities
Chapter 740: Don't have a boyfriend!
Chapter 741: Screen female secretaries in person
Chapter 742: The ancestors attacked
Chapter 743: season finale
Chapter 756: .End this testimonial!